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  • tessapoetessa 1d

    Is a game
    Played by fickle
    Using people
    As tools
    And pawns
    Once yawned
    And fawned
    And loved
    Kid gloved
    Raising high above
    Now gone

  • era_writes 2d

    Everything around me ,
    Appears to be grey.
    In the faces of people rushing
    Their way through the day,
    In the cries of an abandoned child,
    In the silent screams of those
    Fighting against their own self,
    In the broken heart of a lover,
    I see Grey and melancholy dripping..
    Unhappiness prevails in the world
    around me in the shade of Grey..

  • pyro_sagen 1w


    I feel better today
    Pick my self up before I fray
    Bite their hands when they tell me to pray
    You're not my martyr
    You're a disgrace

  • hans11 8w

    Favourite colour

    If life is all about colours, then my favourite absorbs them all.
    It makes me feel complete, anytime, everytime.

  • amj_poetry 9w

    loving you, my serendipity,
    losing you, my daydream,
    moments, memories, mysteries..


  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 20.9.2021; 12.34 P.M (Malaysia)

    #argument #wod #challenge @miraquill

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * I use the 3 words: TIME, HEART & BEHAVIOUR based on my favourite quote “TIME decide who do you meet, HEART decide who you want to be with, BEHAVIOUR decide who will stay in your life.” - Ziad K. Abdelnour
    #quote #prompt

    2nd in #NuEmTimeHeartBehaviour

    * If you want to use the same quote as prompt that you include in your post OR include just the words Time, Heart & Behaviour; add #TimeHeartBehaviour I'll read them. ~

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    Time, Heart & Behaviour ~ (Part 2)

    Once upon a TIME.
    I opened my HEART...
    to a guy; His BEHAVIOUR...

    changed one day.

    I stole his TIME.
    He stole my HEART.
    It’s in his haviour.

    I’m willing to stay.

    He committed a crime...
    by breaking my HEART.
    It's harden like a paviour.

    I’ll fight for my way!

    The clock’s chime.
    I think; “I’m smart.”
    Allah is my saviour.

    I say prayers; I pray.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 20.09.2021; 12.33 P.M (Malaysia)

    #argument #wod @miraquill

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * #Acrostic of TIME, HEART & BEHAVIOUR
    #NuEmAcPo 1st in #NuEmTimeHeartBehaviour

    * I use the 3 words: TIME, HEART & BEHAVIOUR based on my favourite quote “TIME decide who do you meet, HEART decide who you want to be with, BEHAVIOUR decide who will stay in your life.” - Ziad K. Abdelnour
    #quote #prompt

    * If you want to use the same quote as prompt that you include in your post OR include just the words Time, Heart & Behaviour; add #TimeHeartBehaviour I'll read them. ~

    #concretepoetry (look like a hamster) #NuEmConcrete

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    Time, Heart & Behaviour ~ (Part 1)

    “Time decide who do you meet.”
    I want to meet you, one day.
    Meeting there; We will greet...
    each other; There’s so much to say.

    “Heart decide who you want to be with.”
    Either her or me. Who you rather be with?
    Are the old pictures hints? I ask to be sure.
    Really? It’s her, huh. Hm...I don’t know.
    Tell me, please. Cuz’ I need to know.

    “Behaviour decide who will stay in your life.”
    Excuse me. I want to be your future wife.
    Hubby of me. That’s who I want you to be...
    and you may call me ‘baby’; I love you...
    very much; I hope, you also love me.
    I want to spend my whole life with you.
    Oh, my dear crush! I wonder about ‘WE’.
    U are the only one for ME, till Hereafter.
    Real-love lasts for forever ever after.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • abinaya14 12w

    Things that fill my heart

    I could say the palpitations of anxiety,
    The fear of being forgotten,
    Flood of emotions leading to satiety,
    And the thought of slowly getting rotten.

    At times the acoustic alteration of the rainfall,
    The stain of rainbow on the cloudy sky,
    The leftover memories to recall,
    Watching my love walk towards me as the clouds pass by.


  • rashiiiii 13w


    Whenever it Rained I missed you even when you were not there...
    Missed you even when you were there..
    Even when you were gone and still miss you when you have stayed gone...!!

  • nemesis_here 13w

    A Cue for You

    The closer you'll come
    The more you'll get to know me
    The better you'll cognise me
    and here's the irony
    The more distant I'll become
    I might be insensible to whatever may come
    But just hold on for that stage
    and believe me it's more than just a phase
    And you don't have to approach me
    but look like you're approachable
    And you don't need to be swift
    but enduring here
    All you have to do is stand still
    I'll extract your feelings as if from a Coffey still
    At first, this might appear as an impasse
    At variance, it's more like a chassé
    'Cause it has the power to
    vaporise those coercive gates
    that are blocking this path
    to my demolished self
    Be with me, show me patience
    Just for a little more time
    That's when I'll finally open up
    And you'll have me for the lifetime.

    ~ Anushka Verma

  • am_alive 14w

    // #gogyohka #wod //


    I know we haven't talked in a while

    I know you've scrolled my number with hesitation to dial

    Fearing a left message becomes a bottle in the ocean

    Hoping we connect through the Ether or I set motion to the ball .

    But I never hung up on our last phone call.


    #mirakeewriters #prompt @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Just alive

    Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.


  • rachelfredericks 14w

    To bless the weary heart...

    To bless the wounded, weary, world-torn Heart, I feel the need to find myself in its midst. To enter into darkness and submerge myself in hopelessness, to feel the weight of the world, aimless as one bereft of light to follow, or guide to lead them, or companion to relieve the breaking of their bruised and battered neck.
    And to enter takes almost nothing at all at the same time it takes everything I have. To sink is effortless and to feel the weight of drowning somehow comfortable. But to emerge with words of inspiration, or of some half-true hope for healing, takes more effort than my arms have ever trained themselves to muster. I realize, in the din and overwhelm of deep, that I was never truly out of it. I have never truly left. Unable to swim I have taught myself to breathe underwater and pretend that this is where my home has always been. Only, it is the surface and the light I long for. And it is the deep that disconnects me from the land where hearts are gaily going about their ignorant bliss... we, down here, who have learned what breathing feels like without air, cannot afford the same ignorance. We are crowded here as well. A city of cynics and empaths. We feel everything, because water does not disappear as air pretends to. When we move, it is water that glides across our skin, fills our noses and our ears, shifts and sloshes in our mouths and in our shoes, ripples to the edge of someone else who cannot know from whence *this* ripple came. There is no silence, but all music and laughter is muffled. There is no stillness, but dancing is harder than before. Resistance is all we know now, and we see how it tortures and how it inspires and how it overwhelms and how it strengthens. We are all here for different reasons. We are all aware of what's at stake. And I have never left because - well I don't know. But to bless the wounded, weary, world-torn heart, I needn't travel very far to be right there in its midst.

  • fizahfiz_ 15w

    Not all poems are written to be read

    Not all poems are written to be read,
    Some are written as a journal of memories,
    To hold the past as hostage;
    For the future.

    Not all poems are written to be read,
    Some are written to express the feelings left untold,
    Whose habitation is in the heart and fate unknown,
    Whose borderline is in the mouth and future shattered in the tongue,
    And can't be shown to the world.


  • rashiiiii 15w


    I still remember our last glance,
    You were still smiling and I was still withholding..!!

  • rachelfredericks 15w


    As long as time and breath
    connect us and constrain us,
    there is hope for new tomorrows
    that honor and reframe us.

    As long as my humanity
    is still tied up with yours
    there is a future for the human race,
    so long as love endures.

    As long as there is beauty,
    and as long as poets bleed
    their broken hearts on lettered lines,
    I will imagine Goodness freed;

    I will imagine that the world
    we all expect to claim
    is turning as is ought to
    and churning towards its aim;

    I will imagine with the poets
    and the prophets they all are
    that love and hope and oneness
    are nearer than are far.

    For what else can I imagine
    when their words, they sound so true
    as if I could have written them,
    as if it were me instead of you?

    The poets and the prophets,
    they touch hearts they'll never see,
    move mountains that they'll never climb,
    by tears or hope or tragedy.

    Keep speaking, writing, dreaming,
    trembling, waking, beaming.
    Keep us guessing, keep us waiting
    for the wisdoms we're abating.

    Oh we love the words and rhymes
    and the patterns you create
    with your pencil, we adore each stroke,
    but our attention's always late.

    And our vices, they do not permit
    our consciousness to waver.
    So write your poems and cry your cries,
    we'll tap "like" on that shit later.

    But oh, as long as words are scrawled
    and there is magic on the page,
    I'll imagine that we're all as one,
    and that will satisfy this age.

  • dcgarriott 15w

    #prompt Writers Block

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    When I can't write
    I sit alone with my thoughts.
    I allow creativity to spread across my veins
    Like yellow paint on white walls.
    In hopes for an early spring
    Then I patiently wait for blooming flowers.


  • musings26as 16w

    Her bright eyes
    F L I C K E R
    as if
    she swallowed
    The Sun.


  • musings26as 16w

    Your bright eyes
    make the night in me
    look beautiful.


  • rachelatherton 16w

    We are lonely and empty somedays.
    But remember I love you all.