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  • heartofbabel 55w

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    We pretend to look it up
    We pretend to know it all
    We pretend to have the facts
    Yet in the end we always fall
    Enamored by religion
    A Boolean of truth
    Where all other things are false

    Because science has said it
    For governmental funding
    We read it on the headline
    And that is saying something
    The CDC, celebrities
    All picturesque and stunning
    It’s the popular option
    No need to be confronting

    All other opinions foolish
    Lacking of the facts
    Watched the news for twenty minutes
    Put my faith within the act
    God, I’m so enlightened
    Nothing can distract
    Cognitive to propaganda
    Such revival in the tract

    Time to get a flu shot
    Need a new vaccine
    Funding the production
    Building a machine
    Chemicals and compounds
    Give me some caffeine
    Loving this placebo
    False securities in me

    Never question anything
    Never truly know
    Never benefit the world
    Just doing what we’re told
    Livestock in comparison
    No purpose to the soul
    Idiots politicized
    Who can barely even cope

    While truth could be discovered
    We remain within a cage
    Mentally reduced
    To the headlines of a page
    References, a feeling
    Unstable and enraged
    Offended by statistics
    With no hope of any change

    The dangers of religion
    Faith in institutes
    Unchallenged and unscrutinized
    Leaves minds of destitute
    Zealous in belief
    In an aimless, blind pursuit
    Contemplation all abandoned
    Afterthought, a residue

    Brainwashed, corrupted
    Controlled and engineered
    Influenced, deceived
    Hoodwinked and held in fear
    Deluded, perverted
    Seduced and volunteer
    All references in marionette
    The act of puppeteers


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #sociopolitical #References #News #FakeNews #Propaganda

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  • ashutosh_ratnakar 64w

    My Heart's a Ticking Time Bomb

    A piece of the puzzle,
    For my gullible self,
    Cleverly priced,
    Placed on top shelf,
    How easily advertised,
    How conveniently sold,
    To poison my mind,
    And weigh down my soul,

    To weaken my perception,
    My subjective reality,
    Validate my ego,
    Distort my personality,
    A lie laced with gold,
    So conveniently told,

    A lock for,
    Every window that opens inside,
    Every mirror that looks through my hide,
    To tame my tide,
    And make it flow alongside,
    The old banks of conformity,
    That can't wash by themselves, of themselves, for themselves,
    Thank you subjective reality,

    A ticking time bomb I am,
    Ready to explode,
    Be careful my friend,
    When you are down this road,

    Read warnings in my eyes,
    A lake so dry,
    Listen my friend,
    Not worth a try,
    Be back to your abode,
    This is not your road,
    I am a ticking time bomb,
    I'm going to explode,

    Wish I had pulled that string,
    Looked for all pieces,
    Had done my thing,
    Time's up,
    Runs out the code,
    Get going my friend,
    I'm to explode!


  • beensn 66w

    The new Emperor

    Fear is the new Emperor ruling the whole world these days,
    Till now we were scared of losing only wealth and materials.
    But now, all are worried of life- theirs and their dear ones,
    Day by day the emperor is becoming strong at a rapid phase.
    Worry was not much when the invader was far,
    Now, he has made his way upto every door.
    Fear is the strongest weapon to weaken the mind,
    When the mind is conquered, everything else is ruined.
    Propaganda spreads faster than air,
    That is the mother of all the fear.
    Please don't be carried away by the hearsays,
    Believe in good, believe in God, have peace.
    © beensN

  • jenaroaragon 83w

    Colony collapse disorder

    We’re born in hexagons of vomit.

    They see no reason or rhyme.

    Little robots collecting sugar.

    Population in decline.

    Worship, she feeds us.

    If she leaves us, elect a new queen for the hive. 

    The burden of authority.

    Civilization on the rise.

    In come the new gods, with their old songs about how we should be afraid. 

    And something that they’ve done has caused our sons to deteriorate.

    They say they’ll save us?

    They enslave us!

    Add our surplus to their plate. 

    Called it superfluous as they discussed our inevitable fate.

    These boxes might not feel like cages, but they help keep us in line.

    They stack so high.

    Fill us with pride. 

    Blind us with smoke.

    Keep us inside. 

    Thinking outside the box you might get lost, so please just keep in mind:

    Yellow-jackets and wasps want to accost our very way of life. 

    “It wasn't us, but them!”

    Fooled, we condemn

    But still don’t realize these feelings that we're pollinating grew from the seeds of a lie.

  • sarahrachelea 106w

    Secretly badass she is
    Her music is not even depressing
    She's the shooting star
    A propaganda of nebula and aurora
    She's telling her story
    With her deep and poetic art

    ~ from him to her

  • drunksquirrel 108w

    #writersnetwork #propaganda #truth��
    #art credit to banksy⚘

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    "The point of modern propaganda isn't only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth."
    Garry Kasparov

  • alias_poetry 110w


    What is freedom?
    A road crowded by the preachers of equality,
    Often funded controllers of immortality,
    travelled by many in the pursuit of humanity

    As we flow, we ask

    Why this? How that?

    Taken for granted,
    Rarely flaunted,

    The high road of emotions,
    In a part of mind, caged

    Freedom is mostly referenced as something physical,
    Sold to us with a wrapped by the arguments so logical,

    Have you ever wondered whether we are really free?

    From being opinionated,
    From being governed by our fears,
    From the make believe of having a choice, while really not having one.

    Bound by the said-unsaid rules of the society,
    Educated, but dumbfounded, loosing the sense of priority,

    Misled towards following the crowd,
    Being rude to others and yet feeling proud,

    Been restricting ourselves towards social media,
    So much that our decisions are being governed by AI,
    Like this is some kind of influencer driven mass hysteria,
    Forgetting to question the importance of "who really am I"

    Yes we have achieved freedom
    but are we really, free?
    If we can be easily enslaved by some known or unknown propaganda,
    to follow some so called trend,
    Everyone, everytime we read about is trying to push some kind of agenda,
    not sure if anyone is really a friend.

  • faulty_puppet 113w

    तुच्छ (Tiny)

    हज़ारों वर्षों पहले हुआ जनम हमारा
    अर्सों के दरमियान हुआ विकास हमारा
    क्या था इस विकास का नतीजा
    आओ सुनाऊं कहानी एक तुच्छ से प्रजाति का

    इंसान है हम, सर्वश्रेष्ठ कहते खुद को
    उसूंलों और मिसालों से जीतें है हम
    तोड़ते जोड़ते इनको जैसी हमें ज़रूरत हो

    विकास से लगाए दुनिया के चक्कर हमने
    खुशहाल ज़िंदगी कि तलाश में बनाए यंत्र
    तारों को भी ढूंडा, फिर भी प्यास ना बुझी
    तो चांद पर भी इलाके बनाए हमने

    बनाए तलवारें, तीर-कमाण, बम, बंदूकें
    जानवरों को मारा, खाल पहनी और खाए पका के
    यह कैसी भूक हमारी, न समझी मैं
    लालच में इंसान एक दूसरे की खाल उधेरें

    सोचता हूं अक्सर, क्या है पहचान हमारी
    वह प्रजाति जो दूसरे ग्रह में बसने की सोचे,
    या वह जो एक मूक और उसके अजात बच्चे को मारे?

    आज शर्मिंदा हूं मैं अपनी जात से
    ज्ञात है मुझे हमारी औकात क्या है
    हम तो है एक डरपोक और तुच्छ प्रजाति
    हथियारों और दीवारों से हम सच छुपाए

    जंगलों के बदले बना आशियां हमारा
    जानवरों को मारा क्योंकि भूक है मिटाना
    प्रकृति और पृथ्वी को निचोड़ा हर वक़्त बेवजह
    अब कौन सा ग्रह है अगला वीनाश हमारा

    सर्वश्रष्ठ नहीं, सर्वविनशी विष है हम
    उत्थान नहीं पतन हुआ है तिनका दर तिनका
    जानवर पौधे न मिले तो अपनों को ही खाए हम

    हज़ारों वर्षों बाद दुनिया अंतिम क्षण में है
    और इसको बचाने के दिखावे पर हम भी जुड़े है
    असमान सोच, साधन जब मिले अनियंत्रित
    नतीजा उसका सुधार नहीं संहार ही है


  • mydilbeats 114w

    Oh lord read this

    If God's doin all this, he ain't doin it right. If someone else is doin all this, God ain't handlin it right. So he's not doin something right for sure.


  • alxita 116w

    -- Icing of the Cake --

    The cake full of their inane, ripped-apart souls
    While the kettle whistles, it achieves what's a goal
    Aggrandizing their power for which they defy
    Abusing for what's called greed, equality's denied

    The cake, settling down from sojourning in the oven
    Cooling down the temperatures as hope descends
    Now, for time calls the end of quieting the innocents
    Since they've settled as well, sugarcoating will extend

    Now, putting the icing so later people won't know
    Of what was a debacle in which trusts have gone low
    So, they won't judge, and continue on unnoticed
    Wondering as to what it is, behind is the malice

    The icing of the cake, palliating a long history
    Now it remains hidden, cutting its transparency
    Since the latter society will not notice ever again
    Will the cycle repeat as well? Hopes may descend

    #poetry #history #propaganda #society #cake #icing #sugarcoating #hiding #secluding #dark #fiasco #life #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty #ceesreposts

    Poem no. 103
    May 30, 2020, 10:12 AM (GMT+8)

    Note: This poem is rather a continuation to my former poem "Kettle", posted here on April 28, 2020.

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    Icing of the Cake

    Now, putting the icing so later people won't know, of what was a debacle in which trusts have gone low, so they won't judge, and continue on unnoticed

  • james_taumas 116w

    War Games

    Conjured enemies
    Fear rhetoric broadcasted
    Propaganda drip fed
    Politicians and generals snuggle
    Signatures wet
    Money floods the coffers
    War machine gears turn
    Mass production resumes
    War machine awakens
    Protection behind iron walls
    Peace a lost island.


  • mydilbeats 122w

    Do Tell.

    If everyone is either Bhakts or Libtardus,
    Where are all the normal, regular Indian people?

    Well some of them got beatings and some starved to death BUT WHERE ARE THE REST??!!

    @Mydil Beats

  • mydilbeats 123w

    Ekaf Swen

    There are WhatsApp forwards reporting on covid19 cases categorizing the victims by their religions. Conveniently a few days after the "incident". These posts did not exist before. Who's creating these posts and for whom? Who's involved in this racist transaction of ticking time bombs called WhatsApp forwards? Isn't this a clear act of racism??! Clearly you figured it out looking at names, iam sure those numbers are WRONG. You are wrong.

    @Mydil Beats

  • mydilbeats 123w

    Breaking news!!

    Hi people. Saw the WhatsApp msg today asking not to WhatsApp?
    This is what happens when you raise a monster and it grows big, and you're not able to control it anymore. It's your fault this is all your fault!

    You know who you are.

    @Mydil Beats

  • alxita 125w

    "Silence is what they need, to hide their own lies and greed"

    #poetry #thoughts #silence #society #life #truth #propaganda #hypocritical #bias

    Poem no. 13
    Mar. 27, 2020, 5:38 PM (GMT+8)

    (Old poem written on Jan. 30, 2020)

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    Silence, they say

    Silence, they say
    The same ones who did such ways
    Some sweet hypocrisy they say
    Some truths won't last a single day

    Silence is what they need
    To hide their own lies and greed
    Some war will they need
    For people's attention will they mislead

    Some nice propaganda they spread
    For people to be biased as they've said
    When truth has already gone to bed
    Will chaos eventually guillotine one's head

  • near_lane7 131w

    Where are they
    Who are you

    Mystical voices
    Hidden behind towers
    Whispering sound waves
    Missing sweet scent of flowers
    Left unchallenged
    Invading populations minds
    Approvals become mainstream
    A dangerous grind

    Minorities shall rise
    convince forgive and invite
    Grow exponentially
    The countries renew
    And strong they shall heal
    Freedoms communities angst individuals pain
    To support and believe
    Respect truth and caring
    For themselves and all others
    Never in vain

  • chiranjeet 137w

    The good thing about propaganda is that it never lasts long....the bad thing is it burns the world around while it lasts

  • vainlain 163w

    survey says

    you were being taught
    and the more you knew
    the more you fought

  • chiranjeet 163w


    Spine broken, shoulders stooped
    Even voice is stumbling...
    Lord save my dear democracy
    The fourth pillar is crumbling...

  • writing_eagle_ 177w


    O! Fuehrer!

    Tell me
    Give me
    An account
    Of Happy days

    Tell me
    Give me
    An account
    Of Autocracy

    Tell me
    Give me
    An account
    Of Manipulations

    Tell me
    Give me
    An account
    Of Propaganda

    Happy Days
    Will come
    You promised
    Will come

    You came
    They didn't
    You host
    They lost

    You must be
    Last life Adolf
    You must be
    Last life Fuehrer
    © Vighnesh Shirgurkar