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  • ashamurali 2d

    Why should only.men be the ones to propose? For a change let the girl take the initiative and so here she is, the modern woman who sees a young man and finds him suitable to lead her life with as an equal partner.

    Asha murali

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    The girl's proposal

    The minute I saw you,
    I knew that you were the one,
    With each day fondness grew,
    I am sure our life will be fun!

    Compassion is your middle name,
    The way you treat animals,
    Life for you is a fair game,
    Have you been sent by the angels?

    Of life, you have a balanced view,
    With a head over your shoulder,
    Oh! Indeed an honour to marry you,
    To lead happy life together.

    I promise to love you forever,
    however clouded your skies,
    Let us live with joy ever after,
    Let's reach newer highs.


  • barbatos 3w

    I know it's hard for u to accept me... But promise the time we r together I'll do my best to keep you happy n smiling... I know it's very much difficult to be in a long distance relationship but still keeping our relationship private n hidden from the world maybe we can make the most of it together... I know it's difficult to make some things go in our way but I promise to try my best to make things go... Yeah both of us will be busy but I'll try to make a little of my time to text u n know how your day went... All I ask is just one little chance... Maybe I cannot be your future but let me be your present...❤️

    #love #proposal #life #togetherness #writersnetwork

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    16:00 HRS

    ....n one evening during the CHAI break my heart spoke out to her....

  • mysticalballads 4w

    The secret message

    Wandering in my mind, you are always
    I am lost in the pearl eyes of yours
    Longing for you, my lovely sunshine
    Love you forever, my cute divine

    You are the girl of all my dreams
    O damsel, you are my joy’s extreme
    Unable to protect my little heart

    My living art, from your heist
    Adrenaline pumps to the blue sky
    Rushing high, when you smile at me
    Ramping a sonnet by seeing your lips
    Yawning cuteness of yours is a whip

    Myself, became the pilgrim of your heart
    Everything I want to ask you now is...??
    (1st letter of every line)


  • smartsam 6w

    Pic to Life!

    I saw your picture,
    it made my day awesome!

    Can you also make
    my life blossom?


  • anuradhasharma 9w

    रूमाल को तेरा वो, इत्र से महकाना।
    फिर जान के, मेज़ पे छोड़ जाना।
    उल्फातें ए इश्क़ की, शीशी में उतारने का।
    तरीका तो नहीं था।


  • barbatos 12w

    When you find your perfect partner then the words expressed have the true feelings from the heart...
    #proposal #love #confession #soulmate #partner #relationship
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    A sweet little proposal From her Kochu to his Babes...

    ❤️ My dear Babes ❤️
    I don't know about you but for me you're not just a friend or bestie but you're much more than a soulmate... I wish for once I could hold ur hand n have a long walk by the beach in the night sky... Hold you close to be... Warm you up with my tight hug and then a kiss to make you mine forever... I promise to never leave you even in the worst of the fight... No matter how far we are I've always felt close enough with me here... I wish to spend all my happiness with you... Be the reason for you to smile... Be the reason to live along... Breath my last with you... All I wish is to be that one person in your life whom you can trust blindly and share each of your very personal to private things... Everything I just want to share from normals to privates to nudes to deep honry talks to private calls everything everything I just want to do with you... I wish to be there in your gallery in the form of pictures n videos that cherishes to make u smile every time u look into it n want u to fill my gallery with yours... Things may not be as easy as it seems for there will be ups n downs every now and then but I promise to hold your hand so tight that every hurdle of the test we'll walk through and make it happen... I don't know whether the future belongs to us or not but in the present I promise to make each n every moment of time we spend together a special one... I promise to accept u the way u r n all the things u hv been through in past but for now with me alongside u I promise you won't have to face them alone... All I can ask u for is to be the person in dreams, the person I cuddle along with, the person I kiss, the person I see each day from opening my eyes at dawn to closing my eyes at dusk...
    Coz if there's only thing I could have wished for it would be u for u r my life's best part that has happened to me... N I wanna keep this best part of mine with me forever till eternity... I Love You So Very Much...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I just wanna ask u will u be oxide of my carbon to make it a complete Carbon-Monoxide bond... Will you be mine...??? ❤️

  • thewritingbunny 16w


    It's 7:26 now and it's been what.. 31 minutes since I've been having extra beats in my heart. Am I stupid? I'm standing here in a white t-shirt under a hoodie cause I spilt orange juice on my shirt like 3 minutes ago. Damn! I was supposed to do this yesterday cause the gift didn't arrive as planned. As an apology they gave me a gift wrap for free though. Ughhh!! Why are there no stars in the sky tonight!! It's dull. Should I delay? Nah.. Not again! Anyways.. Breathhhhh.. And there she was.. 'Hey' she says..Oh God♥️

    I check my hoodie pocket immediately and damn! The fancy chocolate melted ages ago! Keep it cool.. it's ok! We'll get something at the cafe. 'After You' I said. 'Um.. Where to?' She replies. Dammit!! 'My bad!' and we walk to the cafe nearby. My jokes half hit and half miss on the way and when we reach.. Surprise the cafe is closed. F**k I said out loud in my head and as if someone heard the curses in my head it starts to rain. Ofcourse a stray banner comes flying and sticks to my face. And there we were. Infront of a closed cafe waiting for it stop.. the rains.

    'I got ya something' and I get the lil wrapped box.. a lil soggy from the rain. She opens it up and I face palmed myself. It's the wrong book!! Another copy of the one she already owns! Oh why!? She laughs and dig into my pockets for redemption. It's a kinder joy. 'Also this?' accompanied by the most awkward smile ever. And as it drizzles on it's the 3 of us then. A lil elephant she immediately names counts as a person now.

    'Let's go out sometime? Like go out go out?' says me, at the end of my patience before I get struck by lightning next.
    'It's what.. your 3rd attempt now' she giggles and hands over the half the kinder joy left.
    'Yeah.. I don't count now'

    And then we laughed.. All 3 of us.. as the skies above clear over.. not noticing the rainbow above.. Cause ain't that the best? And that's how it should be and is gonna to be.. where everything is wrong but that's just right.. A blurry line that we'll walk forever.. You & me as ice bear watches over...



  • bibliophile3 18w


    There was a zephyr when the celestial sphere sobbed,
    The downfall splashed through the gale,
    To reach the mollusk,
    It entered,
    The mollusk toiled all its life to embrace the beautiful pearl,
    Which he handed out to her before she said yes…

  • miraybooks 20w

    #love #proposal
    Falling in love is magical, but only when it is reciprocated. Else, it becomes toxic.

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    Tonight, I sat up thinking
    If I showed up on your door
    With one knee on the ground
    A lovely poem
    And a shiny diamond ring.
    Would you take the chance
    Or be a coward?


  • princessfuzzy 22w

    Armys here?���� Comment below if you are one���� Read this piece of poetry to find out if the male protagonist is your bias����

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    @bts_fangirl @heart_wrenching_stories @starrytae_ @dove_wings @fellowtraveller @moon_pearl @aquapearl @taekook_maknae @taekook96 (A read?��❤️)

    ❤️.❣️ ❤️.❤️ ❣️.❤️
    ❤️. ���� .❤️. ����. .❤️
    ❤️������ ❤️ ������.❤️
    ❤️. �������������� .❤️
    ❤️.�������������� .❤️
    ❤️.������������ .❤️
    ❤️. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .❤️
    ❤️. ��������.❤️

    A purple heart �� represents sensitive, compassionate love.
    A blue heart �� represents supporting, deep love.
    A green heart �� represents close bonds, admiration and love.
    A yellow heart �� represents liking and friendship.
    An orange heart �� represents warm and caring love.
    A red heart ♥️ represents flirty, hopeful love.

    But �� is the one I love 'cause it means love will last for a long time✨

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    She stared long at the distance,
    The way he went,
    Yeontan lagging behind,
    In her hand grasped tightly,
    A fresh, red rose,
    Gifted to her by him.
    The only korean word she knew,
    The word he uttered while kneeling down,
    Offering the rose to her.
    The permed fringes that veiled his forehead,
    Assymetrical, yet entrancing twilight browns
    he had for eyes,
    His infectious boxy smile that made her day,
    All seemed so bizarre,
    Too good to be true,
    The only thought that occupied her mind
    Was to hug him tight,
    Her cute oppa,
    Her own bias.

    He had left only after asking her out on a date,
    Somewhere fun,
    Somewhere prodigious,
    Unlike the casual dinner date she always resented.
    She was satisfied that he was weird like her,
    Uncanny like her,
    To assure her that she was not alone in
    Wearing oversized clothes
    Or having a disdain for spicy food.

    He had left only after ruffling her hair,
    Towering over her short stature,
    A wide smile itched on his face
    When she had screamed a yes.
    She was happy to have him,
    And wished passionately that she could have him forever,
    The word she never understood
    for she was not a korean,
    Yet understood its concept
    The moment he proposed to her.
    All days of dreaming him,
    Bearing a wonderful fruit...

  • miabeyy 23w


    Rushing to meet the sea and watch the sun to set,
    Down the shore I feel the cold breeze of the wind,
    The sea waves and the twilight with you is perfect.

    Looking up above the wonderful color of the sky,
    A mixed of blue, orange, lavander and pink clouds,
    It's as beautiful as you, believe me it is never a lie.

    My heart is melting as I am staring at your smile,
    Your coffee-brown eyes that sparkle with delight,
    And your fragrance that you can emit even in a mile.

    I really love the scenery, seeing you in white dress,
    Holding a white rose in your hand under the moonlight,
    As I kneel on the ground with a ring and wishing for your sweet "YES".

    I can make you a thousand poems and a hundreds of songs because I love you,
    Just say you love me too and I'm more than willing to do everything for you.
    "Uri nameun salmeul hamkke bonaeyo. Saranghaeyo."

  • shanthi_yella 27w

    Vathi met Vaathi

     I recalled that precious moment when Shenoy sang for me at Candolim beach, when we all went for a picnic.

     Shenoy's Song-

    I know, who you are?
    I know! I know!

    Com'n Aha... aaaaaaa...

    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    With a Cresent-Moon Canthi,
    You are my Vathi.

    With an ornamental Acanthi,
    You are my Lecythi.
    You are my Vathi!

    You pose like a Primrose,
    In a Polyanthi.
    You are my Vathi.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say, you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You run on the beaches with bare feet,
    Sand says a flower is on the beat.

    You try catching the waves,
    Wave says, an utterly- butterfly moves.

    You move around on the Sea-shore,
    Air says, her hair is fragrant lavender.

    You giggle and do a happy dance,
    Sea says, a happy- peacock's rain dance.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You are my inside-out beautiful wife.
    You are my love!
    You are my wifey for life!
    You are my love.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!


    You are adorable…..


    For any meaning please comment

    A poetic dialogue aka song from my novel vathi met Vaathi @webnovel..

  • jules_ 28w

    I shifted my gaze away from water and looked down at my hands.

    “You have chosen this place for me just because I love it, haven't you?” I whispered.

    He held my hand and smiled looking at me.

    “I love you”.

    I couldn't hold back my happiness. I slapped his arm hard “You are so late at everything” still smiling.

    He took my face in his hands ever so lightly and kept looking at me. I held his hands with a small smile on my face.

    Minutes ticked by. I mouthed “What?” looking at him. He shook his head smiling.

    “You know I have waited twenty one years for this kiss. I can't wait any longer " I whispered while looking into his eyes.

    I feel fortunate to have this sweet yet crazy girl in my life. I will never leave you. Pinky promise?



    And then he sealed his promise with a kiss.

  • sheslamss 31w

    Will you be mine?

    "Can I call you baby?"
    Can we sit under the open sky and let our lips get acquainted with one another?
    Can I learn every nook and cranny of your skin under the sun?
    Can the tips of my fingers memorize the contours and planes of your face?
    Can my ears get addicted to the rumble of your voice?
    Can we spend hours and hours under the sheets in each others arms cause nothing else matters as long as we're there?
    Can together be the forever that I can get myself used to?
    Can I have my last breath to the sound of your tears hitting my skin?

  • poetry_fromheart 32w

    The Proposal

    Never imagined, how fast time would fly
    It feels like yesterday, when I was about to cry
    A years ago, same day we met under the sky
    Having to say a lot, I was a bit shy

    But it has to be done, before the final goodbye
    So I gained the courage, and gave it a try
    Asked you out, and waited for your reply
    With every passing second, I almost die

    Finally you said yes, my hopes were high
    Put my best dress, but I won’t lie
    The moment I saw you, I couldn’t blink my eye
    We took the cab, for the restaurant nearby

    Finished the food, I was still terrify
    How to say it, I couldn’t justify
    We took a stroll, for me to pacify
    Finally I broke down, I don’t know why

    Fear of losing you, made me patrify
    One years has passed, and I won’t deny
    Every day, my love for you amplify
    I’m still waiting for you, to be my moon pie


  • is_this_a_rhyme 34w

    The proposal

    Baby it's a long time I've written to you this way,
    I know it's the time which doesn't even stay,
    Staying alone had taken you a toll,
    I wish I'd be there with you to share the load,
    It's this time which will make you stronger,
    And we will be together no longer,
    Staying away has been a thing from the beginning,
    Why do they say LONG DISTANCE isn't a thing,
    There is no such distance between you and me,
    You always are in my heart and mind cunmin,
    Working has become very difficult lately,
    But I know you have given your best sincerely,
    Don't ever be in doubt that I don't miss you,
    Every single breath of mine is you,
    I have never realised what you have done to me,
    Made me a MAN from a BOY who was silly,
    I wish you were with me from the start,
    My failures would have been success to last,
    You've made me calm and given me strength,
    To you I am out of words to thank,
    But baby you are the most precious to me,
    Can I ask you to marry me?

  • mrspectacular 34w


    Stella chuckles at a joke Andy tells. She seems to be getting really comfortable being around him. She admits to feeling time itself halt anytime they are with each other.
    'I cannot explain why but he just makes me feel quite different, like the kind of human and woman I have never felt like before. I think he is one for me', she would say whenever any of his friends tease her about the strength of the love she shows Andy.
    They both love each other so much or so it seems. Andy, head over heels in love with her, cannot wait to get her to be his wife so they share each other's life and time like a large circle of pizza but not willing to rush things, he decides to take things slow that he may study Stella and understand if indeed she is the one he would want to spend the rest of his life with.
    He spends six months trying to understand how Stella works all round and afterwards he pops the question almost immediately after the six months as though he had been forced to undergo the six months study but only really wanted to get married to her as soon as possible believing that if he wastes any more time, someone else would come whisk her off to the altar before him. He does not want that as he sees her in his own words,
    'She is my moon
    Lighting up my darkest night
    I would be a messed up buffoon
    If I let someone else swoop her away from my sight'

    Getting himself prepared, he gets a ring, a gown and a 3-piece suit. Getting Stella to a fancy candle-lit dinner at his apartment, he is a bit nervous about the whole proposal, asking himself questions like
    'What if she does not agree?
    What if she does not like me that much?
    What if something happens?'

    He goes on questioning himself silently as he watches with a smile on his face as Stella eats, so charmingly, her food. Stella catches him in the stares and pauses from eating her food and with a smile demands to know why he is staring.
    'Uhmmm....Am I missing something?'
    'Nothing much. Except the beauty that is blinding my eyes right this moment', Andy says with a passion that causes him to freeze.
    'Awwnnn....Thank you so much', Stella replies. 'I must say I'm very flattered'
    'Stella', Andy begins again staring straight into her eyes. 'I've known for years now and I am now certain of one thing.....'
    'Hmmm....What might that be?' Stella asks with a smile
    'I love you...and', he quickly goes down on his knees bringing out a miniature glass jewelery box containing a golden ring. '...You are the one...You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So please Stella would you marry me?' He kneels patiently waiting for a response and Stella certainly delays in responding as if hoping that he would get up before the one minute she keeps him waiting knelt on the floor.
    Then with an outburst she yells with a smile grabbing his left palm,
    'Yes, yes. I'll marry you'
    Jumping to his feet joyfully, he grabs Stella in his arms in a tight hug taking a 180° turn before carefully placing her feet on the ground and giving her a kiss on her forehead. As expected, she smiles and places same on his cheek. But later on all of these would capsize.
    A few weeks later, they get married. Everyone believes they are made for each other judging from how beautifully they look together on the altar and how passionately they perform the 'You May Now Kiss' scene. Andy would not believe what he would experience later; he would eventually wish they never met in the first instance. She would turn out to be nothing but a mini-demon tormenting his very existence.
    One month into the marriage, things are still looking up in the marriage with one or two minor disagreements here and there which he makes himself believe to be normal positing that they are two different people sharing a new environment together hence were only scraping out the rough edges in order to adjust to the new environment and before long, they would achieve happily ever after.
    What he soon notices after about four months of trying to 'scrape out the rough edges' is the fact that Stella is not who he imagined she is and does not like him as much as he imagined she did. Coming out of the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon with tears in her eyes, hiding a knife behind her as she, with a smile comes to take a seat beside Andy. Seeing her as she comes over, Andy smiles.
    'Hey love. Come seat.'
    'Don't call me that', she says as tears roll down her cheek.
    'What's going on?', Andy asks confused and attempts to go over to where she is standing.
    'Don't you come near me', Stella screams brandishing the sharp shiny knife she weilds like a warrior ready to kill.
    'Honey, what's wrong?'

    She pushes him to the sofa and drawing closer to him, as if to kiss him, she gives him a cut on the face close to his nose. 'That's for this nonsense you have done to me'. Confused that she could say a thing, he makes to questions her sanity but she takes the knife close to his face again shutting him up. She raises the knife again as if to stab him but stabs the backrest of the sofa they are on before speaking.
    'I never told you I wanted to be married', she begins.
    '....bbbuuut you acc...epted the ring', he replies
    'Because I did not want to hurt your feelings.'
    'What???' Andy asks dumbfounded
    'You heard me. I never loved you. We were supposed to be just friends but you forced yourself on me.'
    'Ok, fine. You don't want this anymore. Just leave but please put the gun away.'
    'Oh this?', she raises the gun to her face as if about to have a long kiss with it. 'Definitely. I just make sure you wouldn't try to stop me from leaving. Anyways. Take care of yourself and I am sorry'
    Rushing to their room, she sits on the bed rethinking the whole thing wondering if she should renege on leaving Andy after many years of being together, first as friends then as couple. How is she to throw it all away,
    'It's been so long. How do I just leave like that?'
    Thinking a little while more, she makes up her mind to leave despite how hard she finds it to do. Walking out into the sitting room where Andy is still seated in shock, she walks up to him and squatting before him says,
    'I'm sorry but this can't work. It shouldn't have been in the first place'
    Andy both terrified and dumbfounded freezes as she speaks. Rising up from before him, seeing that he is probably finally onboard with the decision she has made, Stella walks away to door to take her leave but halting right in front of the door as though she has forgot part of her luggage, she turns towards Andy and uttering another 'sorry' beneath her breath, shoots him dead with a bullet to the back of his head before calling the police to report that someone had been shot while disappears into thin air.


  • iam_adarsht 36w

    Naazon se hai pala chahe gora ho ya kala uske pyaar me wo shamta, hai yahi to maa ki mamta hai.

  • mrspectacular 37w


    David and Vera sit at a club on a wonderful Friday night drinking in the atmosphere while sipping on drinks as their other friends party hard. In the ire of the moment, they begin to talk about a whole lot of things bombarding each other with new developments in the clique and other news. Suddenly they run out of things to talk about coupled with the fact that David has had too much booze, he asks that they share each other's secret.
    'How about this?.... Let's talk about secrets', he says with a belch
    Surprised at the suggestion; she posits that the information is called 'secret' for a reason meaning it is not meant to be divulged but pressuring her to play his game of secrets and scandals, she gives in.
    'Okay...okay', she begins. 'But you have to go first y'know.... It's only right since you came up with the idea'
    'Alright... Alright', he begins drunkingly. 'So you want to hear my secret?'
    'Yeah...I mean it's your idea', she says with a chuckle in her voice.
    He leads into the valley of secrets buried by time asking Vera to brace up for what he is about to drop on her. He seems so happy to reveal the secret or maybe it is the alcohol of which his breath reeks of. He steadies himself in his chair and taking a look into the sky as if embarrassed by the secret he says,
    'I have never had sex in my entire life so far'. Immediately after revealing his secret, as if it is what is keeping him from falling asleep from the excess booze he has so far drunk, he falls to the table in a deep sleep to Vera's astonishment.
    'Hmm... That's nice', she says as she strategizes for whatever reason to capitalize on the divulged information. Finishing up her drink and his, she beckons to Tim, one of the friends shared by David and herself to assist her in carrying him to the car so she could take him home seeing that he is drunk.
    A few minutes later, she arrives her house with David still asleep in the car and is enthralled with the fact that her plan would pull through smoothly. She has everything carefully planned and taken care of, having her bath, waxing herself, protecting both themselves. All of these brought on by a little secret game, she feels a bit horrible that she is about to violate the pure young man but has the epiphanic thought that he will enjoy the moment just as much as she would or even more considering the fact that he is the man believing he has probably been fantasizing about this moment.
    She has her way with him for a full hour undisturbed. While still in the ecstasy of the moment, he begins to wake up unknown to her as she rides him with closed eyes revelling the experience. It seems scary to David watching Vera ravish him like a plate of food because to him, they were both on board with the chastity thing.
    Vexed by the situation, he pushes Vera off of him wondering what could have been the reason for such a callous act as raping him. Picking his clothes off the floor, he runs out of the room and into the sitting room. Putting on his clothes and shoes, he storms out of the house weeping like a child as he jumps behind the steering wheel of his car which Vera had driven him in and zooms off to his house.
    Although still very mad at Vera, a few minutes after he gets home and takes a shower, he calls her up apologizing for getting so furious with her,
    'Hello Vera', he says with a calm voice.
    'Hello David darling', she says coyly. 'I'm guessing you enjoyed it and are calling to fix a date for some more. I....'
    'Come off it, Vera', he screams disappointed in her words. 'I did not. For God sakes, I was a virgin and now you have ruined me'
    'C'mon... Don't be such a child', she yells over the phone. 'You are acting like a wussy....'
    '....You know what, Vera? I can't deal with you right now', he says sounding really surprised at her character. 'In fact, I never want to see you anywhere around me again, okay? Goodbye'
    Unbothered, believing David is blowing the matter out of proportion and acting erratically, she lets go.
    David seems satisfied that he has let Vera off lest she re-enacts the awful stunt but is vexed that he has lost the chastity he had nurtured for twenty-nine years to something other than his wife, he believes he is yet to meet.
    He finally decides to move on with his life after two years of mourning his precious virginity. Vera crawls out from her hiding place into his sight while he is at the bank for a little transaction. One he could have done from the comfort of his office right on his IOS phone but probably by the working of fate, he decides to come to the bank to do the transaction. He comes upon Vera right there at the teller desk to his right.
    'Vera', he calls out on noticing her.
    'Yes can I...' she looks up from her phone and realizing it is David. She yells his name before suddenly remembering she is in the bank after one of the security guards gives her a warning stare.
    Vera feels so happy to have stumbled on David,
    'Wow, we have a lot of catching up to do', Vera says looking into David's eyes so happily. 'I'm so excited. Here's my card. Call me so we can meet up for lunch, dinner or something'.
    David feeling almost very contemptuous takes a look at the card and remembering what had happened two years back returns the card to her,
    'No-no...No-no', he objects. 'I can't have you do that to me again'
    'What are you talking about?' she queries.
    'The rape', he whispers. His voice shaking a bit as he recalls the horror. They are engrossed in the topic when the security man comes over again to tell them their lines are moving.
    'Don't be silly Dave. This is a new Vera you are talking to', she says as they move along in their lines to their cashiers.

    He ignores her words which he perceives to be lies and moves along to meet the cashier to execute his transaction leaving her dumbfounded for about a minute realizing she may have made an error approaching him in the first place.
    Parting ways again, they go on to complete their transactions and leave the bank together before going their separate ways to their cars. They both stare at each other for a short while before jumping into their cars and pulling out of the bank premises to their various destinations. Getting home, thinking about the episode that happened at the bank earlier and recalling the fact that Vera had practically raped him some years back, he has an erection thinking about his encounter with her at the bank.
    'Maybe life's telling me something. Maybe she is my wife because I had made a promise to myself to keep myself for my wife and my wife alone and I am not dead so it must mean something. Maybe she is my wife. I mean she has been coming unto me for a long time now. Maybe she is my wife hence the reason she was first and yet I am not dead'
    He ruminates a little longer before deciding he would hit it up with her the next time they cross paths. The following months, their paths unfortunately do not cross again. It seems as though fate decides to punish David for not grabbing the opportunity when it did present itself the first time. They are both miserable until on the thirteenth day of the third month after the episode at the bank, they cross paths again while both in Russia for a summit.
    At the summit, they can hardly concentrate as they steal glances at each other distractedly. Somehow they seem to have tuned out every other person and thing in the hall. It becomes a break in their stay in the summit when they are noticed,
    'Excuse me, Mr. David and Miss Vera', Professor Tamaran Gogh, the convener of the Summit calls out as he bangs on the podium to get David's and Vera's attention. 'Do you both need a break or something?'
    'Oh, me....', David asks unsure he is the one being spoken to by Professor Tamaran Gogh
    'Yes.... Yourself and Miss Vera over there', Professor Tamaran Gogh says adjusting his glasses. 'You look like you both are getting bored with the session and need to be excused to be some place else'.
    'Not really, Prof', Vera explains.
    'You know what?', Professor Tamaran Gogh suggests. 'I think we all do need a break. We have been sitting and listening for the past hour. A lunch break would not kill anyone. Let's take thirty minutes to relax and ruminate on what we have discussed so far.'
    Happy about this, David hurries over to meet Vera who is on her way out of the summit venue for a refreshing walk around the venue.
    Taking a deep breath he begins,
    'I have been acting like a kid who does not know what he wants exactly but over the past few days, I have realized that there is nothing I would want more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Going down on his knees, he pulls out a ring. 'This should have come sooner and I am terribly sorry for the delay but Vera Emerald Rudfeller, would you do me the pleasure of spending the rest of your life with me?'
    Vera pauses a bit smiling heartily as if about to play a fast one and turn down his proposal before saying,
    'Nothing would make me happier right now than to keep you as mine forever so....Yes, yes my darling David Forster, I will marry you'
    Stretching her hands out to David, she pulls him up and in for a passionate hug and kiss as a mixture of tears and smile overrun her face.


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