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  • nbt1999 18w

    Knight in not so Shining Armor

    Written on: 04.03.22. 1:35pm

    A knight in shining armor
    Is what many women dream of,
    Something very common in fairy tales.
    A hero who sweeps away the princess,
    The young maiden
    From the clutches of villains,
    The evil forces.
    Does such a knight in shining armor really exist?
    Did he ever exist?
    A strong knight,
    Going through all adversaries
    Fighting the enemies,
    Fighting through the rain and storm,
    Would he even have a shining armor left to behold?
    His armor would be riddled with
    Scratches, dirt and blood,
    Just like his face.
    A true knight can never be found,
    In a perfect, clean and pristine condition.
    He would not have fair skin,
    Nor an unscathed body.
    He would not be very friendly
    Instead he would give off an unapproachable vibe.
    As he would always need to be wary
    Of his enemies lurking in the shadows,
    Not knowing their appearance.
    He would be like a rose,
    Surrounded by thorns.
    Only someone who is not afraid of hardships
    Of being riddled with scars from the thorns
    Would ever be able to get close to him,
    To earn his trust and his affection.
    A fair and frail maiden,
    Without any tough bone in her,
    Can never make such a true knight hers.
    A true knight, who is without a shining armor
    Is very difficult to find,
    Even more difficult to love
    And most difficult to get close to.

  • jpwriter 24w

    Frostbitten frozen
    White lips chapped
    Colossal cold winds
    Assuring no pleasure
    Fierce fought battle
    Skin pieced in broken glass
    The sun, a warrior of warmth
    Protector of the heated blood
    Found surreal survival
    Only one show love

  • mahajantrish 29w

    "You love her?"
    "How much?"
    "Enough to let her be happy with another"

  • sakethaux 34w

    Vidya & Saket

    As a child without a mother,
    I grew up to be a wild berry embraced with thorns as ornaments.

    And she with a thirst for adventure,
    threw her little hand into the thorny bush,
    and plucked me out,
    just to rejoice my sweet & sour taste.


  • shreyansheeyadav67 52w

    Girls first hero, love #daddy #dadda #papa #love #protector #unconditional #love #parents ❤����❤❤❣️

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    I wanna hold your hand to travel together ✈️️ ,
    On the way of my entity,
    I never want to go away from you
    The love ❤between you and me have no parameters
    I always wanna stay in warmth of your arm's, with you hugging me tightly as a baby ,i have no other craving.
    Your impartial sacrifices and intense struggles , bring pride in my eyes
    You are my almighty, my inspiration, my love
    Where I can go without you dadda
    No matter where I walk
    No matter which road I choose
    I comeback to you
    I admire to Lord be your daughter in every birth.


  • loftydreams101 55w

    Ashes of the Forest Clearing

    High above a forest clearing
    Are the heedful eyes
    Of my golden protector
    A seething arrow
    Burning through the branches
    In a crimson storm,
    The broad wings of death
    In a tormentor's soul
    Too often
    I am turned to fleeting cinders
    Lost in the haze of an apocalypse
    Carried along
    In the vise of their talons
    Their eyes forever seeking
    Finding few signs of life

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • irenic_gyal 64w

    They bloom under the dark shadow.
    Inhaling hatred and suffocation in them.
    Brutal behaviour were taught to them, but by the end they fix those devasted pieces that they had destroy.
    They goes to the shallow under a dark sky searching for the star for brightest shine.
    Within an unknowing step they didn't know the star was just growing inside them between their heart.
    They weren't cruel even thought they were taught to.
    Sparkle bloom when they judge what's right and wrong to.
    Became people's shield by protecting them from bloody hue.
    As they were no one but the knights of our Kingdom.

    #knight #warrior #protector

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    Under that dark, there was a bright developing shield

  • mmbftd 82w

    Love (notes on my experience)

    Some reasons why I love you and will always love you ❤️

    The way you caught the snake in our backyard, bravely, with no hesitation to protect our little dogs and me. And most importantly, the kind way you drove to a vacant field to release it unharmed. Similarly, the way you trapped the mommy, daddy, and baby rat and drove into the wilderness and released them unharmed, and with some food to start their new lives together.
    The way you look at our first born doggy as if she owns you (which she does). The way you spend money we don't have on a tiny tiny parrot so she will have all the toys, houses and foods and vitamins and vet care she needs. How you lay there patient ly letting her pull and tug your beard hairs as she preens you with adoration.
    The way you help me when my body fails. Bring me ice packs or rub my head, back and neck in absolutely all the right places without me saying where.
    How you let me stay home while you work to support us. This is huge and so selfless of you. The way you stayed with my Abuelita, in her kitchen that year the family was screaming and scaring her. How you held her hand and comforted her and then on top of that, you stood up for me and got me out of harm's way. No one had ever stood up for me before. I will never forget those loving gestures.
    The way you drove me to all my doctor's appointments after I could no longer do it myself.
    How you told me everything was going to be ok, and it was.
    How you used to hold me through the night until your arm fell asleep and still you kept on holding me. How you hugged me and let me cry into your chest after my night terrors took my mind and wouldn't let go of it.
    How you accepted my brokenness, even though you had no understanding of the how's or why's.
    How you called me a rockstar each time I clumsily plunked out a 3 chord song on an out of tune guitar. How you then would faithfully tune my guitar because I refused, stubbornly, to learn. Maybe because I wanted that connection with you.
    How you dance with my son, the rescue pigeon, to the radio and coo at him so he has joy in his day. Or how you tenderly, and carefully trim his beak when it overgrows. Talking to him so he isn't scared. Or how you worked so hard to build him his two giant houses so he could still fly without the hawk taking him.
    How you used to run your warm fingers up and down my back to comfort and love me.
    How you never ever leave without saying you love me. How I never need to worry that you might abandon me. How you tell my insecure mind that you aren't going anywhere, you are here to stay.
    How you used to throw the ball for the puppy in the yard and watch her race to me and then back and forth. How you cared and loved my soulmate dog when we first started dating. How you still love him even though he is long passed. I never thought anyone else could love him as much as I did, but you did. How you lifted him up when he couldn't jump, snuggled him inside your sweatshirt when it was too cold in our rented room with no heat. How you woke early to lift him out the window so he could have his morning pee.
    The way you love the animals I love has made me love you more and more each day.
    The way you forgive me for getting angry sometimes. You forgive so easily. The way you have never screamed at me. You've never raised a hand to me, never once called me a cruel name or even cussed at me.
    You take care of me when I can't care for myself and encourage my creative ideas.
    You keep me surrounded with my animals because you know that is my happiness in this world.
    You listen to me ramble about the jumping spiders I love and look at photos I take and compliment me. Even though I'm aware they all must look the same to you.
    You are kind, gentle and loving.
    You are so strong, smart and handsome. You are a puzzle solver, thinking outside the parameters set by others.
    You are a creator.
    You are a lovely person. I wish we had more time to have adventures in nature. A hike a sunset or stars.
    You bought me a motorhome, my absolute dream. You worked so hard trying to fix it up. It's my bucket list. Without you I never would have been able to get it.
    Thank you, for being yourself. Thank you for sharing parts of you with me.
    I love and appreciate you sharing this life with me for these past 11 years. I could not have survived without your tender care. Thank you, with all the gratitude I have. I love you.
    For M.K.C.
    My partner in this world.

  • james_taumas 91w


    Cyclopian giant
    Elliptical path
    Dwarf all others
    Lord of Olympus
    Vigilant in the night
    Guards the sunlight children
    A debt owed
    Protectorate of our heavens
    Invaders beware
    Drawn into its cloak
    Never seen again.


  • cerulean 99w

    I always miss my shadow like I said before.. So here he is... My shadow with 1000% savage and a pure warm heart within his midget form..
    My fav person with a Beautiful heart.. I love his secret care and his love..
    I always feel a connection between us..
    Cold outside, but warm inside..
    His lyrics and his rap makes him my fav rapper in this world..
    Thanx for being there in my sad times, in my hyped days and my happy goodie days..
    Love you more n more n more ����my meowongi
    My savage suga
    #BTS #BTS_my_life #army_forever #Suga #Min_yoongi #rapper #love #shield #protector #support #agustD #my_life_myrule #words #shadow #flash #word_game #motivation #fantasy world #mirakee #mirakee_post

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    Fluorescent lights blurring her vision
    Constant clicks blazing her ears
    Cloaked crowds and their gibberish making her dizzy
    She feels her wobbly legs will give up soon
    The talk of dethroning her punched her core
    A firm grip on her waist lingered a bit
    A pale face with burning fury
    black n red hooded, more like a shadow in light
    He stood before bold and stiff
    She placed her head on his back an assuring affection was there
    Her SHIELD to protect, her armor to defend!!!

  • mmbftd 100w

    August Was
    August Is

    October is coming
    Now is the month
    July reminds me
    And here is August.
    August was a fury.
    His blue, wicked eyes
    Undressed my mind
    Whenever we'd meet
    He could read my thoughts.
    My body
    In perpetual anticipation
    Of his
    Near me.
    His low growling voice
    Pricked chills up
    On the soft nape of my neck.
    He bit there
    Never drawing blood
    But as if to carry me away
    Like a lion
    With tender cub in sway
    To safety
    Away from where I might
    Hurt myself.
    And though I have always been
    The cub to his lion-like ways
    It was more passionate
    Than paternal.
    We longed for each other
    Like the characters I scribed
    Or the lifelike sketches
    And paintings he created
    With those strong beautiful hands.
    Our fire spanned decades.
    It's orange-yellow flames
    Burned on in secret parts of us.
    We had only once chance
    Long ago
    To be together
    Age has erased what went wrong or why
    Neither of us cared. The fire, the Magnet the pull of stars and suns
    Still gravitated us to one another.
    I kept remembering the way that July sun lit up your blond beard
    Your lips within
    Buried there
    And how I wanted them on mine
    Like needing air
    I needed you.
    Ours was not a consistent type of knowing
    As years passed
    We stay vanished and silent
    Until we don't
    Then it all comes back to
    how it was
    As if I am sitting too close to you at that table
    Me in my 20's: the huntress
    And you needing fixing
    I watched you sketch
    My character
    So effortlessly
    So full of talent
    To make paper and pencil seem real
    You started with the negative space, and went from there.
    I liked the scratchy sounds your pencil made against
    The paper
    as my stomach reacted to your handsome face with such excitement and energy.
    But beyond the primal, physical wanting
    was a deep connection.
    We saw each other and then we simply became. Like links in chain, one needing the other to be.
    You have always been that to me. Over 20 years and nothing about us dims. I'm still your number one fan and you still cut me with a loving truth only you can deliver. I trust in you. More than others. I cherish you more than others. Our history is testament to our connection.
    And I'm not deluded. We know we are both disasters in different ways, and that is OK. That is called acceptance, or love, or something close enough to desire.
    It's valuable.
    August, you are breathtaking.
    I'm still in awe. As are you. I love that for us. Shouldn't we all have someone so perfectly imperfect to hold onto?
    I'm so grateful.
    Eternally yours, m.

  • trident_of_sky 104w


    Love shouldn't be exhausting. It shouldn't leave you feeling stressed out, less than and unappreciated. Love is supposed to be free, natural and almost a complete release from the monotony and routines of life. Real love won't leave you drained, it won't leave you depressed, lost or distraught. Love is a healer, love is a friend and love is a protector. Loving isn't easy, it's a challenge. But when it's good , it's a treasure. Real love won't break you, it will build you and it will bring out the best in you.

  • hha_creation 109w


    Boy is brother
    He won’t bother
    About them
    Brother is the 2nd father
    Of every sister
    Sister shares their problems
    With brother
    Brothers solves sisters problem
    Few of them will read it
    Few of them will do it
    Sisters are the fighters
    Brothers are hard workers
    In every family it will be true

  • wespadeshere 110w


    Fedora brim down
    Concealed power beneath,
    He walks, a wild card.
    Key clicks in the lock
    Though time is half past somber
    His thoughts are sober.
    An abandoned pub
    Whiskey bottle and cigar
    The chess game begins.
    Silent pawns moving
    Careful where you choose to play
    For he named the game.
    Lighting up a smoke
    He sits beside the table
    Walls lean in to watch.
    A voice with timbre
    That rumbles within his chest
    Echoes stop to listen.
    Fireplace crackles
    He hums a tune of the past
    Flames lean in to swoon.
    Goblets clink and talk
    Of black and white photographs
    While jazz and swing play.
    Weathered hands, bronze, firm
    Examine the drink, thoughtful
    Long drafts from sweet smoke.
    Black white suit and tie
    The records sway and dance for
    This mystery man.


  • wespadeshere 111w


    She keeps her heart
    Beneath her sleeves
    And trails of ink blots
    Is all that she leaves
    In the wake of her stride
    As she hops on her ride
    Zooming down the highway
    For a chance to go hide.
    But she knows her own right
    And she'll put up a fight
    And hover if she has to
    Like a nighttime satellite
    If she flashes you the bird
    She doesn't mean to be unkind.
    She's still just searching
    For her own peace of mind.
    She believes somehow
    Her feelings are inferior
    Though she hides it well
    Under that leather exterior.
    But she isn't so bad
    If you really get to know her.
    Her intentions are true
    She's a catch, that 22.


  • wespadeshere 111w

    He's stars in his eyes
    His heart a bright blue
    From fighting through the lies
    To get to what's true.
    Ambitious and bold
    Though at times, a bit cold.
    Inside him, it's warm
    At least that's what I am told.
    Yea, maybe there's
    A little bit of venom
    Hidden under
    All that denim
    But give him a pen
    And he'll write for us
    Give him a sword
    And he'll fight for us
    Yeah we know for sure
    That he's right for us
    Protector till the end.


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  • zayanacullen 116w

    Her Ruthless Protector

    Shining unseen lonely star
    In the morning sky.
    The ball of fire
    Tried burning her,
    Got burned by flames
    Stronger even than the sun.

    The moon got closer
    To make her shiver
    On the cold January night,
    Got frozen by coldness,
    Snow storm in the sky,
    By an unseen figure.

    Spectators enjoyed her falling,
    Fell on thorn bushes.
    The sweet roses tried piercing,
    Got pierced, damaging beauty,
    Cruelty unveiled,
    By a thorn stronger than any.

    Fragile flowers didn't bother,
    No one ever mattered.
    But those unseen teardrops
    Made him shiver for the first time.
    Fear in his heart,
    True identity revealed.

    Emotionless demon was hiding
    A vulnerable heart.
    Gangster was shedding
    Tears hidden from the world.
    Dirty mouth was hiding
    Heaven of lovely words.

    Everything seemed useless,
    Everyone tasted poisonous,
    She was his pious drink,
    The gifted charm
    Of stardust to be shaped
    And fit into his hollow, heartless cage.

  • rantings_of_a_distressed_soul 116w

    I don't need a guardian angel as long as I know the Moon is keeping watch over me ❣️