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  • astha07 2w


    Dear Mom,
    Today I realise that mothers are more than anything soft drizzles that kisses a child in both failures and victories.
    Well no child can forget that dangerous look of yours and your eyes when you are angry but you know what.. Yours this look also brings a smile on my face.
    And what to say about your love maa..
    Any space is little to occupy it.

    Mom When you were a child, may be You too did not want to sacrifice anything for others,
    you too did not want to lose from others,
    but the same girl after being a mother she is so transformed.. that now she can lose and sacrifice anything for her child happily.

    If I am sad her single hug makes me so calm and relaxed because
    she is the shade in warm
    she is the rain in dry
    she is the lucky charm in battlefield
    & brings happiness when we cry.

    What to say more about this angel nothing is enough !

    O God.. beyond the nature's rule her child is wishing something ..
    ''May she never close her eyes forever '' because these eyes says everything !


  • eccentric_eesha_06 2w

    Love is eternal when
    you believe in the
    purity of it.

    © Eesha

  • eccentric_eesha_06 4w

    Fire reminds me of
    light and purity.

    © Eesha

  • dr_scolly 6w

    Like a stone is broken
    Due to constant flow of a stream...
    The impurities of our minds
    Can also be broken
    By constant reminders
    Of the true nature of materialism

    © The Poetic Doc

  • m_machahari 14w

    Life as a Newborn

    " It's really riotous how we get driven by our ego, and get controlled by the boundaries of moral, as we grow up...

    We used to live the days, when there was nothing enticing us, more than our parents hug...

    Where there was only a bit of thirst for my mother's love, and the whole world in my parent's arms...

    When there was no dismay of failure, and no pride of achievements, and neither had any fear of being incompetent...

    There was no hatred, and no seeds of greed...
    I miss those days, when I was just a newborn and I used to possess a heart pure as fire, which was burden free...

  • realityvision 14w

    What are the benefits of purity of thoughts?
    #motivation #happy #purity #thoughts #realityvision

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    What are the benefits of purity of thoughts?

    We look for purity on air, water, food, gold etc in same way start purity of thoughts, words, speech, pure people starts coming in your environment, already existing people also start behaving pure with you. Have a nice day

  • kingdomdelight 27w

    Love beyond words

    Social media and movies make eyes desire with luring eyes
    Social media and movies make people believe sex is true love
    Oh that will be such a big lie, just to caught beautiful people like butterflies
    Trapped in an eternal firework of sinful habits, soul tearing hurts and dreadful lies

    Oh, Mom used to say the "brutal truth" in such a non-appealing way
    But I did listen for I feared God!
    Oh, we teenagers ears didn't wanted to hear it in such a distasteful way
    We wanted to hear all about loves melody, the stomach that gently leaps with joyful turnin'
    We wanted to hear that magic of the moment
    We wanted to hear about the Prince ur Princess in white
    The never-ending happy-for-ever-livin' beautiful story-endin'
    Just like all teenagers does ... we all wanted true love, don't we all?

    There is a hole in us all
    The hole we all want to fill with love
    But the truth ...the hole we need to fill with God first!
    God makes us whole and when we are whole we can truly love!

    God is love
    The one who finds God, finds love
    For it is been written:
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strenght
    Love your neighbors as you love yourself
    Be holy for God is holy

    Mom said: "You can do it, "feel free" to go ahead, but you'll regret it you whole life"
    Why? Oh, dear teenagers, don't arose ur awaken love 'till it desires
    Like an unforbidden fruit like "a banana of lust" it 'll slip cunnin'ly in
    but like the fruit of "an unwanted pineapple of sin" it will come hurtful out of darkness ...
    Just like the serpent of old in the garden of "eden"
    Truth hurts ...don't do it to yourself?
    That's not love!
    Wonderfully and fearfully you have been made, believe God!
    Treasure God's commandments always and you'll find that rare special love
    God will harbour it in your heart and in all who put God first
    Expose in the light, so many is been tortured in life by "free will"!
    Feel "free" but with " a high cost" in a bag of brokeness and feelin'unloved

    The blessing of the Lord rest in that "special night of oneness" with the one chosen ...first love
    The blessing of God is really something everone should want
    The blessing gives joy and love
    Don't follow your own "free" stubborn rebellious ways
    The worlds ways is not love, even if you feel that think-lin' in your stomach
    If we are not yet in Christ,
    the devil will use all your emotions to make you regret while your soul he longs to kill
    Repent if you did fall in sin, for God truly forgives all who are remorseful
    washes you whiter than snow
    The flesh is the one who needs to "die" not our "souls" for God loves us so!

    Dad said: "If they really loves you, they'll wait "
    The world was never "loving" givers but takers
    They'll take what is most precious
    Throw you away like a squeeud sucked out orange
    They'll suddenly feel discussed and hatred
    They'll might even throw you with stones and claims you have given it to everyone els!
    "If you love me ...you would ...what nonsens and rubbish they tell!"
    Oh, don't fall for that evil lifestyle
    Oh that is not love at all!
    That is so cruel, while rippin' out the innocent soul of many boys ur girls
    Don't let this world fool you ... let us bring the world to the light!
    Don't let the devil hook you with "quilt" to be his slaves of porn, maturbation, self seeking love, sleeping around ur anything out of God's will !
    The devil a liar, who wants you to feel empty, unloved, quilty, unworthy of true love!

    1 Corinthians 13:4-8
    Love is patient, love is kind.
    It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
    It does not dishonor others,
    it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
    Love never fails!

    God is love and love is beyond words
    If you have found God and a partner that loves God above you
    You have found a gift from God ... love
    Your marriage bed will be blessed with God's love
    You'll pray in the spirit while making love
    This may sound insane but love is beautiful sane
    Loving every little part of the one God gave you to love
    Every stoke you'll give with honor, respect and love
    You'll praise God for His workmanship and His great gift to you
    In God's image He have created us
    Vowed before God in union with Him
    we can make beautiful pure, holy love
    Capture and wrapped in God's pure holy presence of devine beautiful love
    Blessing our loved ones, with the love God poured out in our heart
    We can not love if we don't have God
    God is love
    The key that unlocks the love is first of all holy, pure, and so beautiful!
    Love eternity long!

    But I tell you the truth
    If you are still in the flesh,
    when it come to love,
    you have never tasted real love before!
    Never awaken love, if not ripe,
    it will hunt you down, kill your soul!

    Love can be hard,
    in the beginin',
    if you still have a lil flesh to the bone
    While one are still maturin' and growin'in God's love
    love is a "verb" word
    Love feels hard, when all is not in the right standing with God
    But love surrenders, gives everything of "self" freely up
    Oh, dear teenagers,
    don't arose ur awaken love 'till it desires

    Seek FIRST God kingdom and His righteousness
    and all els will be added
    Stay pure
    pray to God for the right love
    And God will bless your love
    with His devine presence of amazing love


  • jyotsanaanand1999 28w

    एक कसम,
    सारे रस्मों पर भारी पड़ गई।

  • moonbow_quotes 28w


    Your blind writing what's in your heart,
    Make me amorist too..
    I know,i'm imperfect..
    In front of aureate You..


  • beensn 29w

    Makes your
    Heart feel heavy.
    Feels better
    Only when pure.
    Of heart
    Demands more sincerity.
    Comes from
    Innocence and selflessness.
    Away from
    Sin and sinners.

  • peterneil 30w

    I love you

    I love you!

    I still love you in the darkness

    Where you couldn't even see the light

    I will be your ray

    Together, let's betray darkness

    For in love, there is light.


  • madinah_writes 36w

    What is life without colours?
    What is happiness without smiles?
    What is memory without mine and yours?
    What is joy without exposed lies?

    What is enjoyment without money?
    What is aboundance without water?
    What is sweetness without honey?
    What is purity without the hater?

    What is news without truth?
    What is music without vibe?
    What is love without youth?
    What is life without colours?
    What is death without life?

    © Madinah_Writes


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    What Is Life Without?


  • boundless_bound_ 37w


    What is love,
    Where all are hurt at the end?
    Where all become strangers from being close friend?
    When all laugh together and cry alone,
    Cause this is where fake care and affection is shown.

    What is love,
    Where everyone's eyes are full of lust?
    Where they broke each other's trust?
    Where sweet words come out from poisoned lips?
    When one should be in revealing dresses and open zipes?

    Oh lord, if this is what so called LOVE is,
    Just make it disappear from the world please.
    Cause this is not true love but so called sexual desire,
    And all these relationships end after one's purity disappears.

  • unsaid 44w

    #eid #unsaid #kashmir #sacrifice #obedience #purity

    My prayer for you in Eid nimaz :
    May Allah bless you with the answers and solutions you need.

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    Eid mubarak mirakeens.


    This eid also, belong to SOPs.
    (Sacrifice, obedience, and purity.).

    Sacrifice and obedience of Ibrahim (a.s) to Allah,
    and of Ismail (a.s) to his Father Ibrahim (a.s),
    and purity of Allah towards both of them.

  • boundless_stories 45w

    Generosity reflects the level
    of purity of heart.

  • sonalnaik30 48w


    Let go off all the toxicity that has damaged you already, just to heal back forever.

  • rukhmini 49w

    The essence of purity lies in authenticity


  • karenallen284 49w

    It's hard to forgive someone who stole what I would describe as my pure innocence.

    22 years later, the thoughts of being touched and used over and over again, shoots daggers through my heart.

    The questions that replay over and over in my head are - Why did I not keep away? Why couldn't I stop it? Why did I keep going back?

    Then I wonder, after all these years, am I struggling to forgive the monster for doing those things or am I really struggling to forgive myself.


  • labib_h_srabon 50w


    You look beautiful into any dress
    Why change everytime? Don't take stress
    No matter what my memory won't be faded
    How beautiful you looked when you were naked

    You ask me every time "am I beautiful?"
    In my eyes you beauty is immutable
    I like every inch of your skin if you want to ask
    If you don't believe tell me why we play till the dusk?

    Let's be on the bed let sunlight stop us
    We may become tired may become unconscious
    Let the love flows in you, feel the warmth
    I am so dizzy that I think I'm swimming in swarms!

    The sun goes up we stop being laid
    This doesn’t mean our faith Isn't paid
    You're amazing and you'll be everything I need
    I love you and I swear to it to my every deed

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #love #poem #purity #Labib_H_Srabon

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  • inking_vivo 50w

    Love Is powerful, But;
    Purity (innocence) makes it more powerful .
    Love is everywhere, But ;
    Innocent love is rare

    #love # innocence #purity

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    Try not to Find me in Her

    Days will pass on
    Seasons will change
    Time will make an age

    Being loved by her eyes
    Is nothing else
    But the moments
    Get stamped on heart

    Even after births and births
    My pure love for her
    As love in first sight
    Soul is so smart
    As it literally can't deny
    That we have met
    In heaven

    If you see her
    Try not to find me in her
    And absolutely you will get
    The Failure

    As love exists forever