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  • thesunshineloves 35w

    strange is this time, I don't know how to thank the day I joined this platform, but meeting you, and yea....armies has definitely changed my time! I'm much more in love with you.....! T ssi! I know your face (writes) but not your name! Sorry! But yes! I don't have to know! You are and you always will be my sweet sweet T ssi! ❤️❤️❤️
    @btslove ��
    Happy Birthday! ����

    I hope we celebrate more days like this! ��

    what a strange time this is - empty

    countryside westwinds blew on the fresh bellpeppers, contagious harmony, the real plaque in midsummer. dewdrops drip from almonds like new monsoon has entered and still, the village seems to be empty. dandelions sense her warmth and fly to her, reach her hands and adore her snow white wrist.

    when the world fights a war - again

    counterparts of angels, the devils meet up in synchrony. hell fire breaks out from innocent hearts. again where the ink stops, she sends those metaphors to aurora. souls bargain for happiness with winds and hide in silhouettes like a vicious circle.

    call me wind if you do please - seek

    celebrating rains, she pens about poetries like sunflowers wrapped in metaphors like a silk cloth. her wet eyes nearly adore the new write. as she hangs some of her proses for the broken hearts, onto the moon, which people seek and follow, praise and worship in their darkest times. she sends her incomplete phrases to the other side, where I read.

    I breathe, wait and hope - fear

    her silver strokes fondle with truth and lies, she wears faith on her sleeve and courage adores her crown. I wait on the other side, wishing her luck. as the black swan reaches me, with her letters, I refer to the mikrokosmos to read me those proses. she stays, until fear fades, until dawn breaks and until hope flowers breaking through it's dormancy.

    A part of me is holding back tears - halfway

    slowly dipped in spirit, the gauze covers my wounds, but how did she know my brazen and broken wings? she repairs them as I read her words, my wings solicited her soft touch. the next flight, clouds make a path for me to fly, as I wipe those grey hues from skies, and reach her window side.



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    A very happy birthday,
    to the sweetest person!
    Thanks for being born!
    I ♡ you.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 35w

    #combination @btslove HBD my love ~♪
    #thispoemc #purplefambdays
    All Rights Reserved
    19 Sept 2021 4.45 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork ����

    Love - Seek - Call me wind if you do please
    War - Fear - When the world fights a war
    Death - Empty - What a strange time this is
    Afternoon - Again - A part of me is holding back tears
    Blue - Halfway - I breathe, wait and hope

    / To My Love, on your Birthday ♡∀♡
    Everything I want to wish is HERE /

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    ✷// Bittersweet Dedication

    This is a confession
    For all the days and dreams we shared
    Together, in love

    Call me wind if you do please
    I'd chase the wings of time with my wings sewed up
    With the coccineous thread of your love
    Call me sky if you do please
    I'd stretch over the horizon spreading my dreamscapes
    With the cyaneous clouds you adorn on me
    Call me ocean if you do please
    I'd whelve deeper and deeper in mazarine drops
    With the bathic waves you ripple on me
    Call me blossom if you do please
    I'd bloom over the valleys emanating redolence
    With the porphyrous petals you wished for me

    / The Love we seek has found us while we bask in the friscalating twilight
    This is a love poem my lexicons ballet for you /


    This is a declaration
    For all the dread and drought we suffered
    Together, in war

    When the world fights a war
    You and me clutch a needle and quill to weave and write
    For a battle we fight together against wars
    When the river fights a war
    You and me melt our metaphors and offer our tears and trust
    For a memory we flow together against time
    When the rain fights a war
    You and me become a rainbow and amass hues of our bond
    For a landscape we paint together against colors
    When the fate fights a war
    You and me build symphonies and cwtch our rhymes and rhythm
    For a melody we sing together against sorrow

    / The war we fight has bound us closer nullifying fears and mallacht
    This is a war poem my vagaries holler with you /


    This is an eulogy
    For all the codes and corpses we dethroned
    Together, till death

    What a strange time this is now that tasks evade touches
    And tides embrace terrors
    What a strange time this is to play our cards
    And win coins amongst clutter
    What a strange time this is to bask in beguiling blues
    And emerge with azurite ambitions
    What a strange time this is to begin our voyage
    And embrace our paths where destiny calls

    / The death we won has no qualms to empty our bonds or us
    This is a death poem that is all about life and for living /


    This is a soliloquy
    For all the leisure and pleasure we bath in
    Together, for joy

    A part of me is holding back tears
    For it wished to be more closer to you than we ever could
    A part of me is dancing with the dawn
    For it promises another day to walk with you
    A part of me is swimming with glee
    For it paddled with the paper boats you made in monsoon
    A part of me is blooming in the shadow of peaking pines
    For you water it with your care

    / This eventide is evergreen, glaucous and glorious
    This is an afternoon poem that'd charm the dusk to daydream again /


    This is a free verse
    For all the warmth and wishes we save
    Together, for tomorrow

    I breathe, wait and hope just as you do skylines apart
    We carved a dream on rocks and wore bulletproof vests
    To travel miles together, for a destination of delight
    Let us wait for the hourglass to fill us a fortune to trade our forlorn

    / This day is marked with purple promises that'd last all our lifetime
    This is a blue poem in honour of our heart beating halfway to heaven /


  • letter_by_jelsa 35w


    Dear love,
    When I write dear love. I feel like I'm writing a love letter. Hehe, I love writing letters to the one who is close to me, and wishing birthdays is one of my favorites things. I want to see everyone smiling on their birthdays enjoying their day, staying happy, and feeling loved.

    You're precious one who is so close to me, not the kind of close where we share secrets, problems, and messy life things yet, we can light each other moods just by single hello, and girl when you text me saying 'You okay' after reading my posts, Gosh, I cry seeing the text. There's no need of sharing when you understand silence when you see the hidden truth in poems while most of the readers think it's just fiction.


    There will be a time when you'll feel so lonely,
    you hurt your mind by thinking too much, you curse many things including yourself, and then even in chaos there will be something that will calm you, there will be something that will make you feel loved, would you remember me at times? cause far from where you live there's someone who wants you to feel happy about yourself, love yourself, who thinks you are magic,
    when I think about the distance between us, I feel sad like why are we always far from the people who are special why are we far from the place where we belong. But, hopefully, someday we will meet and that day will be the happiest day of my life. I have this desire to meet everyone (mirakee armies) once in a life. You guys have taught me kindness. I never thought girls would be this sweet and kind seriously. I learned kindness and sweetness from you. I hope you know that you are loved. Your existence matter. You matter.

    I have a special place in my heart who likes my one-liner. You are one of them. I adore you. Your presence is satisfying dear. Last year I remember I was not so good on your birthday so I didn't write anything that day, so this year I started writing a poem before some days was so excited about it.
    And without writing a letter there's no satisfaction.
    How can I not write a letter to my favorite people? Enjoy your day and read when you get time, no hurry.

    Happiest birthday to you. Have a wonderful birthday. I wish you happiness, peace of mind, and lots of positivity. I wish you meet all of us someday. And we will celebrate it together. Wouldn't it be a dream come true?


    7'28 P.M

  • tamanna3 35w

    let me tell you a secret @btslove ,

    you are love.
    and I'm grateful for your presence.

    Dated : 19th Sept.

    ���������� ���������������� �� !
    You're the best sister and friend in singular, whom I've very plainly and gladly, been able to keep closest to myself. I cherish this bond and I know we'll hold onto this forever. I love you. Let's get our chopsticks on the run soon ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    P.s. Hope you find the reference to your name ^-^

    Yours Tammy.

    #purplefambdays #birthday_T

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    when the sky looks gloomy
    and rain doesn't come,
    look up at its face and smile
    so you remember how to shine.

    when the going is rough
    and the road ends in a blur,
    place one foot ahead of the other
    and create your own path.

    when the night is dark and
    stretches longer than ever,
    close your eyes and nurture
    the light within so it'll never flicker.

    when the voices outside
    call you out for your flaws,
    read them your poems so they
    can learn to accept their own.

    when the garden doesn't
    grow your favourite flowers,
    plant hope in your mind and
    see it bloom in your favour.

    when the world fights a war
    and chaos becomes order of life,
    spell your name in the wind and
    let it bear fruits of an abiding peace.

    when life brings back
    moments of melancholy,
    seek its reflection in your breath
    and strengthen your will to live better.


  • fairytales_ 35w

    Happy Birthday, Love ❤ @btslove
    This poem is for you from saloni and me.

    ������ ������ ��

    You and I are the sweet fragrance of jasmine,
    Dwelling together in the pleasant love's garden
    We catch the eyes of innocent children
    Just the way blossoms seduced bees
    There's enchantment in our scents,
    That lures young well as an old soul

    You and I are the bewitching castles of hope
    Cohering with the pale tangerine hues of sunset
    Rendering optimism, strength, and credence
    Residing in the hearts of poor souls, alleviating
    Hindrance and aiding them to accomplish their dreams
    We are soulful bestowers, kindness is our belief

    You and I are the beauty of skies,
    Carrying hope in the left
    Faith in the right shoulders,
    Rainbow dance along with the colors of trust
    When we fall freely just like a waterfall
    Away from the chaos, we run toward peaceful sites

    You and I are the beauteous sedate music
    Emanating messages and subtle emotions
    Serenity lies in our soul and our heart
    Thronged with tranquilizing peace and placidity
    Zephyr dances merrily as our tone echoes
    Soothing to the listener bestowing calmness

    You and I are forgotten poems of despair
    Written by the unheard poet in grief,
    We live betwixt unseen pages of history
    No one dares to flip omitted sheets
    We hide to live, mystery is our identity

    You and I are the ostentatious art
    Delineated on the sombre canvas
    By a zealous artist with petal strokes
    Azure benevolent magic dwells in our soul
    We evoke ecstatic and wretched emotions
    Mesmerizing the viewers by our radiance

    You and I are the epitome of sun rays,
    Furnishing warmth to the coldest skin
    Offering light to the sadness, healing pain
    Staying in the petals of sunflowers
    To give tenderness and compassion




    Ahh, It's your birthday today, so you wanna play with magic just like your quill play with words?
    Not exactly magic but let's play a game and make it memorable. At least that's a plan. We are so excited to see if you can predict it right. ( थोडा मुश्किल है पर तुम करलोगी) No pressure it's just for fun. Okay, the thing is poem above is not in a sequence or any order it's a mixture of mine and Saloni's paragraph. You read us often and I know you are a genuine reader. I feel like I'm taking your examination *__*, for the first time not an exam with compulsion...but an exam for fun and enjoyment.
    So, let's try to make your birthday more enthusiastic and enthralling.
    We both have transmogrified love into serene poetry... Exert your charm and figure out which para is written by whom.

    12'00 A.M

    @saloni__ @fairytales_

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    जन्म दिनको धेरै धेरै शुभकामना प्यारी तिमीलाई।
    सधैं हाँसी खुसी भएर बस्नु है।

    ~~ जेल्सा र सलोनी को तर्फ बाट।


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 36w

    #once #slovec #purplefambdays #sunshine_bday #ak_prose

    All Rights Reserved
    9 Sept 2021 5.55 pm

    Happy Birthday My SUNSHINE @thesunshineloves ☀️��
    / I want you to be your light, baby
    You should be your light /
    This is for you ��

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    Once when I was young, I captured the s u n b e a m s of early dawns with my iris. My rose bud heart filtered it to zealous
    z e s t of summer sun. My mystic mind would soar to the skies of azure while clouds sang lullabies adoring my dreams. My love was a crystal ball refracting vibgyor vigour and vibing to violin chords. My heart was a sanctum of solace, and my body an atelier of springfield. L o v e was the only scent the monsoon rains could leave behind. Even the autumn fall was a cloak of care, a renaissance in red. My first footprints adorned December snowfalls and few crocus petals chimed with the freezing breeze and prayer bells. Love was a softglow of a corner candle burning in the center of my world. 

    It took umpteen clouds and infinite sand grains to hide the sun from me. To nudge me in the dark with a twig of thunder and a flash of lightning. But I've sealed the  a p r i c i t y within me to shower myself with an everglow of my own sunshine. The one in my heart that never fades at twilight or sinks in sea tides.

    Love isn't soft, now that the heartbreaks are meteors falling from the sky of d e c e i t, which neither had a sun nor a moon to torch some sense upon the hearts. I've listened to the drumroll of stonehearts that never had a softedge of care or emblems of empathy. I've seen eyes that bear more gloom than tombstones could hold. I've felt the surface of sin carved with drought and dread. 

    And all I know at this point of teasing time is that, no hate can touch a heart of light, no sun can leave a heart of s u n s h i n e, no dread can stay in a heart that believes in dreams. For I'm still a child at heart, who holds a touch of love and gleam of light, deep within my heart. 

    // Cause I've been in love 
    With the l i g h t s
    Since my first sunrise //


  • tamanna3 36w

    To @thesunshineloves ��

    She's a giver of hope,
    a renderer of warmth.

    Summer lives in her veins,
    her words thaw frozen hearts.

    She tames horses of war with peace,
    sings songs of victory to her bezzies.

    Her recent verses tell her untold truth,
    pauses in between are part of her anecdote.

    An artist resides in her heart and soul,
    she wins hearts with just a graceful pen stroke.

    ~ Tam

    Dated : 9th September '21

    #purplefambdays #birthday_T

    Happy birthday to the first and only sunshine I've known! You're definitely a beautiful definition of sunshine. No matter how tough it is, I know you'll always shine.

    Wishing you strength to go through all that life has in store for you. May you always find a reason to believe in yourself and keep striving forward with a smile on your face. You're beautiful. You're precious.

    Have a wonderful day and a more wonderful year ahead! Tammy will always wish the best for you!

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 52w

    #rainbowletters4jelsa - I'm Indigo ��
    #suga2joon #angel_althea #purplefambdays

    Inspired by your post, " Hope is Infinity "

    Happy Birthday Jelsababe (●♡∀♡) @fairytales_

    " Love is Limitless "

    to fairytales (◕ᴗ◕✿)

    Its the end of May, where endless dreams are shattered in the supreme garden in the form of delicate cherry blossoms. One among those blooms are 'You'. Who takes the form of a fierce floret with the fragrance of hope. With your motto "Hope is Infinity"

    Today I realize how truth has weaved a spark of faith in a flower. You lend me a hope that there's a soul, miles and miles apart from me, who listens to the tune of my heart, dances with me in bliss and even tears up along when I shed my sorrows. Who listens to the fantasies and fairytales of my daydreams and plays along me with a charming smile. Who takes pride in traditions and cultures inherent and accepts those distant and difference. You have been a flame of eternal hope throughout the journey I've known you.

    Today, on your special day, I promise you that, I'll always cherish my dreams and desires to live, love and last as long as the light in me burns and I'll embrace the end and endlessness of my soul forever.

    Let's be brave phoenixes who breathes the very flames it burned in and flys ahead to soar high. Let's be the cherry blossoms that'll always spread the fragrance of forever faith, Infinite hope and limitless love all around.

    // For fairytales never cease to fascinate
    And folklores ensure its fantasy existence

    For Me and You will live forever
    As Daydreamzz & Fairytales together //

    from daydreamzz (✿^‿^)

    Yours Babygirl !


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  • tamanna3 52w

    Happy Birthday Jelsa love ( ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

    Dated : 26.05.2021

    I'm the happiest to wish you on your special day. Though it's my first time, but the bond we've built this year is stronger than ever. And I'm so glad to meet you, jelsa love. I'll be there for you whenever you need me, and that's a promise. Love you loads ❤️ @fairytales_

    #rainbowletters4jelsa #purplefambdays #bts_T

    Inspired by your post " I'm a burning rage "��
    Mine's BLUE ��☄️

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    ~ You're a raging love ~

    / Love is the reason of your existence
    You can kiss death for it too,
    but you won't die,
    coz you know you're worth this life. /

    / A rose blooms only once in its lifetime,
    But you rise back up, higher than ever,
    even if you fall a thousand times. /


    ✩ When they point out things you leave undone, please know that you're doing your best and a time will come, when they'll thank you for all that you've done. 

    ✩ When they call you out for saying things that aren't pleasing to their ears, please know that you're speaking your heart and oneday, they'll cherish the fact that you spoke for yourself better than they've ever done.

    ✩ When your love seems too far to hold your hand, please don't be sad, for life has its own way to bring you together for when you're to stay.

    ✩ When you can't give back love to those who give you theirs, please know that you only did the best by showing them the right way.

    ✩ When they thrust sweet words into your pockets that shed off their sugar coats after a day, please know that you helped them survive another day with their phoney tongues and be glad you didn't give in to false faces when that was all they could become. 

    ✩ When life gets harder and you feel like giving up, please look in the mirror and  be proud of the person you've become, coz you're a warrior who will never back down. 

    ~ ~

    You're a beautiful human born in the land of Nepal, and I won't be lieing if I say, you're the most beautiful person in every way possible.
    ♡︎ If love were a person, it'd be you ♡︎

  • the97_introvert 52w

    Happy Birthday Jelsa babe ❣️ @fairytales_ #purplefambdays

    Jelsa, You are a fairy tale to me, the epitome of love and euphoric imaginations. You fascinate me with your fierce and emotional words. But when it comes to love, you become the savage queen. We crafted the best friendship in two years and you have stood by me all the time, supporting me. I hope I'm worthy of being called your friend. Time will take us forward again, sometimes far away from each other. Even if promises won't keep us together, I know that our love for each other will. I remember those days we used to share our tastes in music with each other, talking more and more about it for days... I'm not able to write anything nowadays and I don't know why it happens to me. But I can't miss out the birthday of my favourite person.

    I have loved the way you portray the intensity of love and you know that I'm a fan of your # jelsaoneliner ❤️. I don't know if I have ever said this to you before ... But this is what comes to my mind when I think of you JELSA IS LOVE . And I love that thought. So I wrote a acrostic one with "Jelsa is love." I'm not very proud of this work but managed to do my best with a numb mind. I'm sorry that this might be not be a blissful happy birthday post.

    And it goes like this ~~~~

    Jasmines, lilies and tulips have shades of her skin, their petals

    Eager to be the perfect tint of the serenity in her lucid heart

    Little did they know that the amour in her rheumy eyes

    Scintillate under the twilight oblivious to their fragrance.

    Alas! another long day of expectation and faith settles into the darkness

    Ignoring her jaded slim frame crumbling inside, not ready to whimper in pain

    She knelt down watching her silhouette against the road,
    just to smile over tears.

    Love took her to scenic places, gave her one enthralling story to write but

    Ominously bestowed indelible memories, vivid dreams and a name to bury.

    Voice so toxic is yet again playing with her doleful mind luring her to succumb.

    Easy they think, but she is love, colour of those red roses reigning over the jasmines, lilies and tulips.


    May 26th 2021, 12:00 NPT

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    She is love,
    colour of those red roses

  • taekook_maknae 52w

    This is a small surprise for our taekook (himani) ,her birthday was yesterday
    Belated birthday wishes to u sweetiee
    #party4taekookie #purplefambdays

    BT21 acrostics


    Crimson chrysanthemums floods Love

    Orchards oodled euphoria

    Orchestrated serenity through zephyrs

    Keeping tears dry with aubade

    Yeah it's the birthday of a mayflower

    /belated happy birthday my twinniee /


    TATA ~

    Treats as sweet as strawberry cupcakes

    Array of stars twinkling the tinsel town

    Throws glitter confetti over the sky of dreams

    And the moon sings you a mellifluous lullaby


    Crystals shinning and enchanting lights

    High on the moonwalk with the pied Piper

    Imagine a rainbow bridge on the land

    Make it rain, make it pour, make it burst

    Mayflower is blooming with sweet fragrance

    You are the only one that shines the brightest

    /Belated Butterful Birthday My Taekookieee/



    Keeper of love in evergreen verse

    Orderly mannerisms brimming her heart

    Yonder mountains of peace her home

    Arrival of spring form her welcome song



    Magnificent Melody of Nightingale whispering in her ears

    Aroma of lavender surrounding her with fireflies

    Numerous happiness is knocking her door

    Glowing drops shining brightly in her gaze.



    Snowflakes shimmer in your serene glow as

    Halo retrace the mystery surrounding you.

    Omens ahead explore your paths in wonder

    Oblivious to the traces of placebo you left.

    Kindling the zephyr of love you blossom into

    Yarrows as the pink flowers of tomorrow.



    Rainbow of hope dancing in the grey sky

    Joyful sun rays brimming with happiness




    SARANGHAE @taekook96

    YOUR ARMY ��

    Bg by Ⓒak_anjali_daydreamzz

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  • fairytales_ 84w

    6'04 pm
    @nikithasharmabts_rare This is for you ��
    Happy Birthday Nikki, darling ❤��
    I purple you ��

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    She belongs to that night where thousands of
    stars twinkle to the fullest
    where wolf yearns for a full moon like never before
    and I will be there witnessing wonders of the cosmos
    That day hurricane, storm, rain, river will halt
    for a while just to glimpse the passionate love.
    darling, that day we will meet

  • the97_introvert 84w

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #wild #savage #purplefambdays


    She closed her mind to the scintilla of
    blemishes as the petrichor embraced
    her fragile skin,

    She felt her ground shaking, inuring to
    the ferity inside her tangled heart and
    clogged veins,

    She craved to break out of the demure
    caging her, yearning for a taste, a scent
    of her wildness,

    Hidden in the elixir of a rotten paradox
    she knew why she never found peace
    being tamed,

    When she seeks a panacea in the dusky
    silhouettes appearing in her vivid dreams,
    a sombre sky

    Pours tears of sparkling pearls wishing she
    would wake up to the euphony of the wild

    Stars behind those heavy clouds peeked to
    see her gleaming face dancing in the rain
    screaming in joy,

    As the thunder reverberated into her heart,
    she stepped into that savage night, like a
    relentless beast.

    Perhaps it's the epiphany that's changing her,
    Her name did not belong to silence anymore
    She is wild,
    She is powerful,
    She is Solitude,
    - The Daunting Solitude !!!!


    Happy Bday Nikki �� @_nikithasharmabts_rare
    Thankyou for being my friend ❣️
    Thankyou for being an army ��
    Saranghae ��

    ~Penned on 9th October 2020, 2:28pm

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    We are all wild versions of
    our demure selves, yearning
    to break out of it,

    Deep inside we all know that
    we choose to be silenced
    in loneliness.

    Silence is an illusion cloaking
    the real power of Solitude.

    Solitude is not being lonely,
    it's being powerful on our own.


  • the97_introvert 89w

    @thesunshineloves #purplefambdays

    Sengil-chukahamnida !!!!!! Sengil-chukahamnida !!!
    V Hyung .... Mianheyyyy ... Really sorry that this Kookie missed your bday ....You know that I'm always like this Hyung ... Hope you had a blast ����

    My Aurora

    I live a life.....a risky life..... thinking of a day .....
    A day that will vanquish the strange taste of my
    mundane dreams, monotonous thoughts and
    perishing imitations.

    Maybe it was the day I met you that I realised it,
    that all my fantasies were close to reality, a life
    that I wanted to live one day just like those words
    in your creation.

    Do you know that those deepest secrets you keep
    to yourself speak louder through your magic quill ?
    As if caught in a trance or enchantment, coloured
    in dark hues of ink.

    So that day when I embrace your love, I'll tell you
    how you gave me wings to fly away from those
    caged dreams of mine .....those that tried to kill me.

    Never have I met your eyes....
    Never have I heard the depth of your voice....
    Yet, I know that you have the colour of sunshine,
    twinkling in the aureate glow of your smile....

    My Aurora in Nefelibata ..........��

    Your words and your heart speaks the same...
    Love ..... Hope ..... And your life ....


    I wish you a very Happy bday dear ...��
    Thankyou for being an army ��
    Thankyou for being a writer ��
    Thankyou for being my friend ��


    ~Penned on 10 September 2020, 1:24 am

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    My Aurora,

    You were just a star
    in the beginning,
    strong enough to light
    up my heart,
    but now you are a whole
    galaxy to me,
    a magnificent virtuoso......
    - Your Tae

  • the97_introvert 104w

    @fairytales_ #purplefambdays

    Happy Bday Love �� This is for you ❣️

    She is the azure sky without the
    milky blemishes of clouds to
    hide her ethreal beauty,

    She is the verdant valley of art
    with the panorama of ranges
    awaiting exploration.

    She is the sanguine river flowing
    over the pebbles to meet her
    dream, the serene ocean.

    She is the epitome of pristine love
    that overwhelms any poet's
    passionate imaginations.

    She is the dauntless fire that burns
    icy waters of deciet like an
    unavailing extinguisher.

    She is a novel, a fairytale kept in my
    heart to go gallivanting into her fantasy
    of happy endings.

    She is the umber chocolate melting
    in the warmth of her aura that
    glisten the night sky.

    She is my friend I'll embrace forever
    even in those fading polaroids and
    dreams of fortuitous rendezvous.....


    Thankyou for being born @fairytales_ ��
    Thankyou for joining mirakee Arya's Jelly Bean ��
    Thankyou for being an army my JK ��
    Thankyou for being my friend Jelsa ❣️

    I have a million stories to share with you
    I have a zillion metaphors to describe you
    I'll definitely date you in my next life as Kookie �� ❣️
    Saranghae ��
    P.S Stay Savage Forever ��

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    A spell of friendship band,
    I'll tie in your amiable hands,
    an unbreakable thread of
    my tangled heart for you....
    For a girl who speaks love
    writes of love, reads in love,
    hopes for love, cherish her love
    and is the love .....


  • the97_introvert 105w

    #love #taekook #purplefambdays

    Lost in those futile dreams to fulfill
    We never held hands in gratitude
    for being each other's pillar.
    Years of efforts made this brotherhood
    stronger than any kinship.
    Together we have walked paths
    filled with thorns and sharp pebbles
    piercing into our skin, yet we were
    together healing the wounds
    deliberately inflicted on our passion.
    Your smile is my reassurance that
    even if the whole world obliterates
    us, you will draw a new portrait of
    our glory .....



    Happy Bday @taekook_maknae ��
    I'll pour some brotherly love of
    taekook on your bday ....
    I know that you love them...

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    You make me begin


  • fairytales_ 106w

    Her dulcet voice bestows
    Her smitten potential
    In the stage full of
    An invisible audience

    She bypasses her anxiety
    Swivelling fantasy into reality
    Gaining a victory over fear
    She boosts the vigour

    Admiring her prior scar
    She grips the mic hard
    Fastening the steps
    Back and forth

    She is willing to rebel
    The entangled voice in her
    Mesmerizing the hearts
    With her confection melody

    This is to a girl who stole my heart without even trying and keenly passionate about singers and singing!!
    Happiest birthday my kookie ❤

    I will certainly be born as a guy to date you in the next life!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE ❤ @the97_introvert

    Since our time doesn't match, I'm lucky I can wish you at exact 12 and still be the first wisher!



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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 111w

    My first birthday post #purplefambdays #bae_bae ��

    You Never Walk Alone

    We started this journey alone
    We met at the crossroads of life
    Unexpected surprises like serendipity
    Be it fate or a coincidence
    We are meant to be together
    We could share our love and joy like
    We always have known each other
    The pain we feel, our hearts hurt together
    We share a bond only we can feel
    How many hurdles have come our way
    We had each other's back all those times

    Our dream is to meet those stars we adore
    For once in our life and show them
    How much love we have for them
    How that love gave us this precious bond
    Like those stars are miles apart from us
    We are also miles apart from each other
    That never stopped us from being together
    We'll continue our journey together now

    Our hearts beat for the same love
    Our minds long for the same passion
    Our spirits united with the same chord

    Our hands hold each other
    Our hearts colored purple
    Our sky filled hopeful blue
    Our path sprinkled golden

    We have a long way to go
    We have a new dream to cherish
    We have a song to sing together

    Music of our heart... Play forever...
    You never walk alone... I Purple you...


    To BTS our love forever
    To ARMY we are together

    @aryaabhipsa - My dearie Celebrating birthday today - Happy Birthday again deariee
    @sakshi_02 - Dearie Your birthday is over still we can celebrate
    @fairytales_ - My jelsadear, finding you was serendipity, You can't just disappear girl, I can't sleep at night
    @thesunshineloves - My sunshine dearie, the first Army in my life
    @purple_ - My first and favorite dongsaeng, unlimited feelings, you are so lovely
    calsie - My second dongsaeng and favorite, where are you now ?!!!

    @the97_introvert - My baby Kookie, Army closest to my heart and me
    @btslove - My love, my dearie, I love you so much so much
    @stardustyy - My dearie, we find each other everywhere, you are stardust indeed
    @hyungrah - Dearie, you are an unexpected surprise, I love your happy good vibes
    @nikawrites_123 Deariee, you are a playful dongsaeng, so adorable
    Can't tag more than 10 !! Hmmmm

    redheart161 - Dearie, your username may have red but yours is purple
    beautywithinyou - Dearie, you are angel, we'll be there for you
    lucy13 - Dear lucyyyy Armyyy the one with all the purple hearts
    tae_love - Dearie, my Taelove, where are you, I miss you
    shiningprincess_2004 - Dear Army, you wake up too early and here's good morning to you for everyday
    heart_wrenching_stories - Deariee I purple you even before I met you
    nivisa_griffindor - Deariee, we will be together here or there or wherever we are
    meowngi - Deariee, you are special and meeting you was special too
    aldhaa - Ahh you are one dongsaeng too cute and lovely, don't overthink

    judgedjudging - Dear Army, where are you man ?! Come back come back
    afrin_k_m - Dearie, we are soul sisters, best friends forever and also yeah Armyy
    jhope - Hobiiiiiiiiiii , my dearie Army, comes and goes like lightning
    royaen and brightest_star - where are you early Armiesss v_smita_v - Dearie you are just magic, If there is a BTS hashtag, you'll always find it !
    theunexpectedmaturity - Dearie dongsaeng, you are so cute and just lovely
    seesawsuga - Dearie you are suga or I feel you are cause you have same energy
    bangtanquotes - Deariee, you have unlimited supply of quotes for BTS
    minyoongibts - Deariee, another Army, where are you ?
    nashra - Dearie Army you are special too
    rjdcreations - Dear Army , you are so fun
    someone_alive - Dear is it a coincidence that we share our names too ? I don't think so
    riri - Dear new Army, I find solace in you
    diyakhan - Dear Army you are lovely
    zoi356 - Dear Army keep writing keep posting
    lonelywhale - Dear Army, I found you, you are not lonely anymore
    taekook96 - Dear Army, keep posting amazing
    diabolic_sugar - Deariee, my special person in Mirakee and best friend, encouraging and appreciating me. I've no words to thank you all the time you give .e a comment.
    U_star - Dearie, you are really a star and so far away shining forever but I'll always meet you
    Bhavya_7 - Deariee you remind me of Tata... So you'll be my Tata Armyyy
    Salomi - Dear Army, currently drawing and dedicating it to us Army here. You are lovely
    Kitty black - Dear Army, who have a lot of merch Ahh I can't relate... You are lovely
    Bangtan_network - Dear, keep writing stories I don't know when I'll be able to read them all
    immpecably_inept - Dear we met only recently, but we are Army so will be together forever
    himuchan - Deariee you are special, your BTS posts are a variety, continue posting
    Prathikiddo- Dear Army, I found you by myself, we are gonna be together
    Alishya - Dear new Army we just met each other
    Soul_star - Army I found when I posted this !

    Ahh I don't know how many Armyyyy I have ����

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    You never walk alone

    Our hearts beat for the same love
    Our minds long for the same passion
    Our spirits united with the same chord
    Our hands hold each other
    Our hearts colored purple
    Our sky filled hopeful blue
    Our path sprinkled golden
    We have a long way to go
    We have a new dream to cherish
    We have a song to sing together
    Music of our heart... Play forever...
    You never walk alone... I Purple you...


  • fairytales_ 111w

    It's finally 12 here
    Happy Birthday, baby girl ❤ @aryaabhipsa
    Guess what we're of the same age now ❤


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    Happiest birthday, baby girl

    Her poetry heals my anguish
    Her beauty shines like kookie's
    She provides warmth to my coldness
    She is the reason I'm stayin'


  • fairytales_ 111w

    HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY, SAKSHI on jungkook voice ��


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    Happiest birthday my kookie. You're one of the few people on mirakee I'll cherish forever. When I thought of writing on you only two things came to my mind, of course, our Jk. Let's not argue over a guy. I'm giving you kookie today. He has my heart keep it safe.
    And nature when I see some nature pictures on dp I'll check thinking it's you. You're so cool when I said I'm envious you even kept my name on your bio. I was so happy
    I'm lacking words these days and keeping it simple. We'll rock bts concert together someday .Sorry, I hope you'll like it.