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  • mehna_2006 49w

    At first purple meant nothing to me.
    Just a mere colour in my view .
    A colour in the rainbow.
    There was always something that I was oblivious of.
    Sometimes good things.
    But when I knew that purple wasn't just a mere colour.
    It wasn't just something.

    Purple ,
    The colour that balances two colours.
    The colour that is calming.
    A colour that is said to be imaginative.
    The colour that connected me to some people I cherish till today .
    The colour they gave to me.

    Purple gave me peace when I needed it.
    The purple sky was what I yearned to see.
    The purple ocean was something I missed.
    The colour doesn't just mean something.
    It means everything for my people.
    Purple was our colour of love.
    Instead of red we did purple.

    Purple hearts filled my vision.
    Purple lights comforted themselves in me.
    The colour that once meant nothing to me were the colour that meant the world to me now.

    Purple is something that gives you calmness.
    Something that is a mystery unseen.
    Like a truth untold.
    A colour that is believed to be magical.
    It is indeed.

    The people who gave me the colour and meaning.
    Will be the people I remember.
    The people who thought purple deserved us.
    The people I purple .
    They were the one to show me how much one colour meant.

    I don't know when I became someone who writes such big poems for just a colour.
    But this purple deserves it.

    You see purple is not just a colour.
    It is much more than you think it is.
    It is just more than something.

    ' Once you open the door,
    The place will await. '

    ' So show me!
    I'll show you '

    Once you know the meaning of purple .
    You will be too awestruck to let go.

    This is what purple mean to me.
    To us .

    Purple isn't just a mere color in the rainbow.
    It's the colour that starts the rainbow.
    The colour that started my rainbow.

    A mere colour can do miracles of magic.

    @mirakee thanks .��❣️✨
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    The purple that showed me the wonders.
    Purple skies and purple oceans is what I see.
    The purple hue which left me in awe.
    Everything about purple touched my heart.


  • tamanna3 91w

    Our magic shop

    With a heavy heart,
    I'm waving you goodbyes.
    Not more than a fraction of a second,
    Do I want to let go.
    My breath crumbles away,
    With every sob I let out.
    A part of me fading away,
    Every moment I see you leaving.
    No I can't let go,
    Never will I.
    We will go on this way,
    This magic shop shall always be open.
    Our runs and our stops are here,
    Right within our empty hugs.
    The purest emotion in this Galaxy is this,
    This love that we can't see.
    The flashlights reflect back our smiles,
    Every day will be bright with you by my side.
    The flower path may be filled with blood,
    But I promise I'll not let go.
    We'll are a part of our own world,
    A world where we'll stay young forever.
    This purple heart shall beat,
    For eternity shall we live.


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  • nevermore827 213w

    Tattoo My Passion Purple

    Purple kisses seduce the sorrow of twilight, soon after the sun sets
    And I am weakened by the tone of the world as we know
    Afraid of the unknown, so I display what I feel in purple undertones
    Imagining how it would hurt with immense pleasure as the ink pounds deep into flesh upon flesh
    And how it remains... like a soul trapped in the afterlife, only I am not dead
    I am not dead and neither is my desire
    Although nothing can take away the pain of the broken hearted, it would serve as a reminder
    ... Like the image on a photograph
    Captured in purple ink, burnt crisp by the fire
    Words only bring to life the urge to make this ink drip lavender until the sheets are soaking wet
    And stain the plush canvas of my admissions until my cheeks are flush and somewhere deep inside, something flutters as I squirt
    It is a grape Koolaid-kinda soaking wet... a purple lullaby in your mouth
    Lilac splashes upon wild dreams of fucking- saturating the air as my behavior is outlined in purple pulsations
    There is no doubt and,
    There is no shame...
    Something keeps pushing past the walls I have created
    Scares me on so many levels but no one's to blame
    Because the truth of the purple ink can only be found in purple dreams
    And dreams are so far from reality
    ~Purple tears are hidden by the new fallen rain~
    In and out, I feel the trembling but can't seem to get my thoughts straight
    In and out... fingering myself until all that's left of my ego is self-hate
    I will gravitate these libations until my addiction satiates
    If only to drown in a bath of purple ink, wishing that love would ravish the barriers that I have created
    Leaving purple ink-stains in the place where a broken heart remains
    Pain is the substitution for love especially since there is such a thin line between love and hate
    Think I'd rather tattoo my passion purple instead