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  • santor_674 21w

    Lurking beneath the duvet; the tepid of sunbeams skim over my half opened eyes. My eyes glued to the Bombax Ceiba that was located all alone in the Garth and the komorebi passing through its leaflets brushed my hazel curls as I could feel the refreshing zephyr passing by. Flowers showering all over my withered pieces of mind having a handful of uncertainties , the lavender florets flourished after much nurture. They say , February will bring blossoms unexpectedly and fortunately for I could not perceive what it meant. Then could I contemplate of February blooming out the true reflection of one - washing away obstacles in there and all those withered petals of hope gather in with no proper contour yet they are cherished as they lay beside the wabi Sabi. Withered florals of the tree craves out euphoria of ephemeral - knowing that it won't last forever - I run behind it for it's aesthetic empathy.


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    Where Do I Find Solace?

    //February fabricates fragrant florals for fanciful fantasies fetching festal fables//

    Solace is where I disclose myself of who am I , which drowns me through the deepest point of my eyes to get rid of the shallow minds and I could find it in the riven mirror with memories beheld and imperfections grooving on to find a better person in myself.

  • the_speccy_outsider 21w

    Are fallacies believable?
    Betwixt affable verdant forest
    Enameling wabi-sabi with a vocation
    To distort clandestine abendrot
    Of a solitary soul standing
    With fulcrum of mollifying vanity

    Like opening a Pandora's Box
    Stardust breaks perniciously
    While vespertinal beings strutter
    With paucity of hope
    Zephyr kissing the dense trees
    Announcing vortex's arrival

    Debonair attribute is rare
    A dendrophile must possess
    Who is cloistered sedentarily
    In a verisimilitude abyss
    In search of utopia
    When all that prevails is dystopia

    Perfidious are those recluse
    For their beliefs are esoteric
    Impertinent to those ludicrous
    And arduous to those cantankerous
    Making convalescence a rigmarole
    When sanity is snatched scathingly

    Some roads lead you home
    And some pester peripheral panic
    Valiant are those who counterfeit the way
    Encroaching Fear itself
    Demarcating Mayhem discreetly
    Hence, eradicating nugatory conjecture

    Leading the way is The Sun
    Frolicking the rays to call a meeting
    As resilient holler is heard
    Foreseeing a prominent confabulation
    And at such rendezvous one deciphers
    The eccentric omniscience of Komorebi


    #nature #setting #combination #quesc

    Set A: Stardust
    Set B: Some roads lead you home

    @kin_jo One of the strongest person I know. You'll surely find your Komorebi.

    Edit: @miraquill Thank you so very much for the kind repost! Third POD! ����


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  • wilmaneels1 22w

    Do you believe in love?

    Yes I do
    Whole heartedly
    If not for love, I would not be here today
    You cling to what makes your soul open up
    Love does that
    It's not all sunshine and roses
    To love is to sometimes feel pain
    Sometimes you draw the short end of the stick
    It's like with all things in life
    It's joy, it's pain, it's transformation

    That is why I will never deny the existence of love
    Love makes me; me
    That I treasure, in whatever form it reveals itself

  • preetkanwal 22w

    Are your wounds healing?

    Yes, the healing process
    is written in my scars.
    Seeping thru’ the cracks of my heart
    they bloom,they heal ,they die
    they sore,they bleed, they cry
    they hide the truth with smiles
    emanating scent of poesies
    adorning fading pages of life
    they are a storehouse of stories compiled.


  • bellemoon99 22w

    Was it worth it?

    You were born with an adorable face and a lethal tongue.
    Men fell to your feet and they sang your praises.
    Walking on their skulls amused you so much!
    The red from your lips matched the stains on the floors.
    Your screams tonight let me know it wasn't. Get used to those ghosts banging on the walls.

  • bonitasarahbabu 22w

    Do you struggle with moments of envy?

    When I see lovers together,
    When I see old couples laughing together,
    The pangs of envy consume me.
    Envy will not give me what I want,
    But it still comes in waves.
    This is a hard battle,
    A battle that constantly affects me.
    One day I pray it will be done.
    This battle is exhausting to say the least.

  • miss_silentlyweird 22w

    Set A

    Set B
    ‡ She fell from the sky.

    #combination #quesc
    #wod #miraquill
    @writersbay @miraquill

    Well, this is what my friend and I conversation goes tonight. I dedicated this to her @_gloomiel

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    “Cliché pain"

    What should she write?
    Honestly, she doesn't know cause she's cover with fright.
    She is asking over a million if she should die tonight?
    Yet dying is also strange to incite

    Alone she fell from the sky
    It's too sad to cry
    While trying to live is too dry
    Is it living and dying is like wryly?

    Well, life is too cliché
    It keeps spinning in same cache
    Same content: same dismay
    The only different is the way emotion don't get away


  • ana_vah 22w

    Have I ever experienced tragedy?

    My boyfriend asked me that an hour back.
    I have been wondering what to say.
    He regrets that my tragedies haven't been enough.
    I can't truly sympathise.
    My wounds bleed a different colour, flow at a different rate.
    My wounds are shaped differently.
    I never knew tragedy,
    Fighting with molestation, discrimination and insecurity.
    I never knew tragedy better than the regret,
    At not having faced tragedy,
    By the man I loved best.


  • diyabedi 22w

    A: Wind
    B: Some roads lead you home

    Thankyouuuuu for the repost ❤(8) @writersnetwork
    Thankyou for the EC ��
    @miraquill #pod #wod
    #combination #quesc

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    Mirth in Death

    What if death was waiting for me the next door?
    I heard him pounding
    towards the door, slowly.
    He knocked on the door,
    tried to latch the door carefully
    and quietly whispered,
    "it's time to go, to flow
    like the wind, to follow
    a mysterious path."
    I sat down on the
    chair to hear my heartbeat
    for the last time,
    to think about doing
    something before death
    enters and take me away.
    I remembered the old days,
    when I smiled, cried, got excited.
    I felt empty as if there were
    still a few little things left to complete.
    I wanted to eat one last meal
    cooked by my mother, yes, I felt hungry.
    I wanted to drink gallons of water
    one last time to experience
    the feeling of quenching my thirst.
    I wanted to see the view
    from my balcony one last time
    so that when I move like the wind,
    I remember where I have to go.
    Maybe, I wanted to write letters
    to every single person, I loved in
    my entire life and tell them
    "I love you and miss me".
    I will listen to all my favourite
    songs and dance till my feet
    get tired and till I lose my last breath.
    I will laugh at my jokes
    and cry over every heartbreak once again.
    I will want to read Shakespeare
    and mock and praise his plays
    at the same time, experience
    and relive his epilogues as if
    I am saying all that to this world.
    I want to sleep like there is no
    tomorrow and move to the other
    world dreaming about the
    most beautiful memories
    I had in this short life of mine.
    Maybe, I am leaving one
    home and progressing to
    another compelling home.
    Isn't it true some roads lead you home?
    I will wait for death with a lovely
    smile on my face only after
    I have celebrated every second.

  • stelly 22w

    Are you lost?

    No, I'm not
    It's just that
    I don't like walking
    with the crowd,
    So I choose to walked
    the silent road
    Cause only then
    I can hear myself better.

  • bubbly_bluebells 22w

    Stay concentrated at one point
    And magic flows like swirling infinites

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    What is concentration?

    Continuously gazing at one point
    She found that on blue sky forehead
    A sunset dot swifts meditation
    she smirk wild at homecoming flock
    Pink twilight overlapping orange lily similes
    murky pictures slipping into forests slaps
    zephyrs are soothing lullaby laps;
    Moving snow beaded curtains
    Twinkling night over the starring eyes
    She slept lying on the cradle of Life!

  • sproutedseeds 22w

    Are you lost?
    In past or future?
    Past is a history
    Future is a mystery
    Present time "now"will give you victory.

    Wake up!!
    Keep going!! !!

  • soulfulstirrings 22w

    poets , some roads lead you home

    #quesc #combination @odysseus_2 @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    Who are poets ?

    peregrinating souls
    they are vagabonds
    wearing their heart on their sleeves
    seeking miracles in voids
    they etch this world in a million ways
    as their orbs perceive
    /poets are nomads
    just as some roads lead you home
    their home is where poetry dwells
    nowhere yet everywhere/

  • _writer_at_heart_ 22w

    Some roads lead you home

    You are actually never alone,
    There's a soul inside you,
    Guiding your body ;
    You yourself is your best companion, to go through any storm.

    Walking alone is a way to find yourself,
    Embrace your loneliness without feeling distressed.
    It may appear as if you're lost,
    But the truth is that we get lost only to be found one day at some point.

    Some road lead you where you belong,
    This road may have many hurdles which you need to cross.
    But whatever life will provide in due course,
    It is mandatory to consider it your path and bravely confront.

    Either you can wonder why you are the one to walk over painful road and not the smooth one,
    Or you can be grateful for whatever this road is going to give you,
    Since you are not here to only live but to survive learning and discovering new versions of yourself.

    Some roads lead you home.
    Each road, with each step has something to offer.
    Nothing is perfect, so do life is.

    Life is imperfect,
    And the beauty of life lies in its imperfections.

    Like a road, life has ups and downs,
    blockages, bends and smoothness.
    No matter what it consists ;
    It drives us towards enlightenment , inculcating the best we can become,
    If only you remember to shut the negativities from within.

    We all are heading towards our grave,
    We all fall down twice or thrice or for a million of times during our life cycle.
    Does that mean it is life that is to be blamed for our misery ?
    Or it is life that makes you to face such misery so that you become strong for your future ahead ?
    Nope ! None of the quest is right.
    Since life is not a tray to provide you with your favourite dessert.
    Nor life is a cup of tea that should be exactly how you want it.

    Just as we desire ourselves to be accepted even with our flaws and imperfections.
    So do life is imperfect but needs to be accepted whole heartedly,
    Welcoming the worst and the best phases it has to offer.

    Life is independent in itself to keep flowing, along with the passage of time.
    How to shape it ?,
    How to deal with it ?,
    How to live it ?,
    How to mould it ?,
    How to grow along with it ?,
    How to react in sorrow and happiness ?,
    What to learn and adapt from it ?
    and what to make it ?
    All such quest that we are answerable to muse upon,
    is our and only our responsibility to understand.

    In reality, life is just a source through which we know and get a chance to live in the wordly womb.
    Our home is this universe and each road shall lead us to our home where we make ourselves to belong.

  • ananya5208 22w

    Are you happy?

    What do I ask for?well I myself don't know ,
    Don't know what I want ,
    These wishes, these desires,
    Every little bit of them makes me nonchalant!

    I can get the most expensive robe,
    I can get apartments, I can get gold,
    But what I need to be happy ,
    Really needs to come out and be foretold,

    I am no philosopher but they somehow make sense,
    The path to happiness is so simple and complicated at the same time,
    You can pretend to others that you are exuberated,
    But this kind of joy is literally overrated,

    You and your God knows what you want ,what you need,
    You want to grow, you want to learn to become a tree from a mere seed,
    You can pretend everytime but you will never succeed,
    Trying to be as cool as others,having same interests, you are losing yourself bit by bit indeed !

    You can buy iphones, you can buy subscribers,
    You can't buy happiness , you can't buy friends,
    A mere truth you can't even afford yourself ,
    Why to lose your real interests for these so called trends?

    You are much more than you show,
    And the irony is that you yourself know,
    But such a pity you are pretending to be like them,
    So gain happiness, start new, start being you, Ahem, ahem!

  • sproutedseeds 22w

    Deposit and interest

    Are you jobless?
    No income?
    May not be earning money.
    May be serving the needy with food
    and shelter. A job for satisfaction.
    Permanent deposit of deeds
    with blessings as interest.

  • pallavi4 22w

    It’s yesterday once more

    People often ask- am I am happy ?
    I smile and tell them to live life to the whole
    Happiness is like those grains of sand that
    Slip out of the hand if gripped any more

    I am celebrating the autumn of my life
    Yet no dried golden leaves cover the ground here
    There is no cold mountain wind around
    To provide a fog over my irrational fears

    There was a time when in springtime
    February would bring blossoms new
    I was a poet who would laud the bright colours
    And write poems about the morning dew

    Stardust sprinkled was the summer of my youth
    The warmth of the sun soaked into my pores
    Stars gulped my miseries whole heartedly
    For affection I was never left begging for more

    Extremely blessed I was in love in life
    She was like an angel who fell from the sky
    Memories however have wrinkled faces
    While twice separated lovers never lie

    And yet some roads lead you home
    However alone and winding they may be
    For all autumns aren’t orange and wilted
    And laden with the dry and barren trees

    I await the winter with bated breath
    My old haggard eyes cannot wait to see
    The vast caelum split wide open
    And for my soul to finally be free


    Words used :

    Set A

    Set B
    She fell from the sky
    All autumns aren’t orange
    Memories have wrinkled faces
    Stars shall gulp your misery
    February will bring you blossoms
    Some roads lead you home

    30th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “It’s yesterday once more” taken from a song by the same name sung by The Carpenters

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  • words_flake 22w

    Why you are running away from people?
    As days passed away,
    You turn teen,
    You have experience many things till now but,
    It's a long way dear.
    Many more hurdles, many more experience you have to gain for your better life ahead.
    With gaining experience,
    I loose interest in being social &
    end up with being a introvert person who loves to keep distance from people.
    #nehabhavsar #nehabhavsar_quotes #writersbay #quesc

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    Why you are running away from people?
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  • inked_selenophile 22w

    It was in my draft :)) #quesc

    #love @writersnetwork

    THANK YOU FOR EC ��❤️"

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    What is love ?

    As I was walking on the balcony
    watching the moon's hide and seek
    I got a notification from my friend
    who asked me "what is love?"

    Ignoring her text
    I kept staring at the moon
    which was concealed
    in the womb of clouds

    The clouds that obscured the moon
    reminded me of my maa's Anchal,
    in which I hide my dark secrets
    and with which sometimes
    I try to soothe my tears

    I had a flash of the way
    she kisses me with her sparkly
    eyes to brighten my day

    I smiled and
    wondered if that was love.

    I was sipping tea while watching
    the night's hopeful stars
    and I heard an old song
    playing in the background.
    I hummed and paused 
    at certain lyrics because 
    they reminded me of my baba

    Who, from childhood to the present,
    has sung those specific lyrics 
    to brighten my mood

    It also alerted me of his gentle kisses, 
    which helped me gain courage
    and strength in my low days

    I chuckled and thought if it is love?

    As the wind passed through my ears,
    It reminded me of the sound I make
    when I run my fingers through
    the pages of my favorite novel.

    It reminisced me of my
    favorite fictional character
    Romeo and Juliet
    on whose death I cried almost two days

    I laughed at my innocence
    and wondered if it was love

    As I stared at the kept teacup aside,
    It reminded me of my first crush
    for whom years back
    I visited a tea stall every evening
    just to catch a glance of him

    I recollected the embarrassed
    uncontrolled chuckle
    which I gave around
    when he smiled crescently

    I wondered if it was pure
    innocence or love?

    As I walked a distance flower
    from my braid fell on my hands
    and I smelled it,

    The flower had imprinted
    fragrance of friendship
    And It reminded me of my
    best friend
    who asked me what is love?


  • my_tiny_chapter 25w


    You Only Live Twice

    How much time
    do I have left
    to live without you?
    Time doesn't wait
    Neither do dreams
    Time is passing
    I'm losing mine.
    Have I gone mad,
    when I chose to fall for you?
    Do you even realize 
    the amount of poems 
    that are in my head 
    that screams out your name ?
    Don't you remember,
    the taste of the wine
    sipped by your lips
    behind the exchange of our breath?
    If it is all pointless in the end,
    what is it then to be in love?
    I refuse to exist
    in temporary hopeless romanticism
    but does love
    for you have any meaning?
    If what you hear
    and what you see
    are not the same,
    what would you believe?
    Your ears or your fears?
    I don't know
    where we would meet in future,
    whether I will start the talk
    and you will hesitate to answer  
    or you would start first
    and say few words
    and again make
    my few more nights sleepless.
    I don't know,
    For I am now a stranger to myself.
    These roads I travel
    are blurred and fractured.
    We were never quite together,
    but I thought we had a spark.
    We were never meant to be,
    but you led me to believe in "us"
    And then I found out the truth....
    It was always the lies
    You told me
    with the beauty of a rose,
    has always been followed
    by stabs with the thorns from behind,
    that has killed me twice.

    Inspired by the movie :
    James Bond - You only live twice

    Being alone may leave us feeling left out, therefore don't let social media, store displays, or stories of others make us feel bad about our "failed" relationship status. In many cases, people do settle for less. They do it out of habit, or just so they can avoid being alone and feeling lonely. But I'd say, "It is better to be single and alone than to be in a half-assed relationship that leads us to the deception that we are not good enough!"
    To walk away from a relationship that isn’t making us a happier and better person, is BETTER than staying in an unsatisfying relationship that fails to deliver what it initially promised, for what we expect out of it is only going to kill us slowly on the inside. 
    The best way to manage feelings of loneliness, involve shifting our focus and aiming to be happy with what we already have and spending some time with ourselves.
    Settle for less, NEVER! Remind yourself of how wonderful you are and show yourself some compassion and self-love.

    Sending love and lights


    Image found in Google
    and is credited to the rightful owner/artist

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    You Only Live Twice

    Vows of commitment
    embedded in taste
    chocolate stained lips
    fade without a trace