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  • madinah_writes 1d

    How miraculous is it,
    That tomorrow comes everyday.

  • lunatic_pen 1w

    To apologize in your eyes would I appear weak?
    Would my saying I’m sorry to you, be the ultimate sign of defeat?
    If I told you I never meant to hurt you, would it be so hard to believe?
    That every time I see pain in your face my heart begins to grieve.
    I do not wish to upset you or insult your intelligence.
    I only wish to somehow justify, in your life my existence.
    The pain you feel I wish I could remove from your heart.
    I strive to undo the damage I’ve caused that’s tearing you apart.
    That which you feel for me, may be justified but still it hurts.
    So my attempt to change your opinion of me starts with an apology for all it’s worth.
    I only ask, don’t judge me by my past mistakes but rather study me till you’re sure.
    Despite my wrong doings my intentions were true, and the love in my heart is pure.
    So against all odds I stand before you now, humble and wholly exposed.
    I know who I am and what I’m capable of, I only pray that your heart isn’t closed.
    You have no reason to give me a chance, you could turn your back and you wouldn’t be alone.
    I don’t expect you to forget the trouble I’ve caused, just allow me to prove I’m much better than I’ve shown.

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  • smilesofwhiles 1w

    Love was always a question for me....
    Until you became the answer for it...

  • claralynne 2w

    To Be or Not To Be

    To live, petrified; pushing onward.
    Or to die, stagnant. Fear soothed.
    That is the question...

  • charlieka 2w

    Does It?

    I don't sleep well
    The nights are long and grueling and filled with dreams and fits of wakefulness
    I came to know you through poetry read in the dark
    When I say know you I mean know your style of course
    Just because you write about hate or fear or the pain of love doesn't define who you are or what drives you to be a poet...or does it?


  • angeljohn 2w

    Why, How, When and What?

    Why aren't mortal creations
    living and acknowledging other's life?
    They seem to have, no blood
    with their entire emotions; dead.

    How is the authentic judge- History's
    moral acts denied and made totally voiceless?
    Presently active Court- phase's
    pronunciations are ignored and
    all the cruel cases are being set-aside.

    When was the destiny erased
    and turned into a blackened fantasy?
    The script writer, God's
    manuscripts are pilled up and burnt
    with the oil of greed and fire of ego.

    What is the theme of all the heart's
    genuine drama, that's; to be presented soon?
    For the artists exhibiting, their expressions
    in the worldly drama are by self,
    unbearably cruel and deadly.
    Also the clock-count and the spot
    of their surprise presentation is
    not yet announced by the divine Director.

    Ever, will the mortal creations
    learn their lesson?
    Ever, shall the history attain it's award,
    for the provisions of experiences, it delivered?
    Ever, would reality have its freedom,
    from, the comical and the fantasy filled globe?
    Ever, could the character true,
    return to wash away the sand of devilish-sire?

    Why? How? When? What?
    Each actions and reactions,
    give the breath a new query
    and the answers, for the same investigations
    are no reply, but are questions; yet deeper.
    Thus, they are accepted as the final-answers.
    Cause, it provides no further options to choose,
    only to secure our lives, that we are about to loose.

  • cutie_hedgehog 2w


    we always hope to meeting our younger self, to say something
    Whether it's advice, regret or just a word of longing
    Have you ever thought, if we meet your older self
    What would she /he say to you?

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    What would your older self say to you?


  • cutie_hedgehog 2w

    There will be no longer you standing behind me
    Encourage me to keep going
    There will be no more me who can calm the storm in you
    There will be no longer us who share dreams, sorrows, fears and hopes.

    If i let you go, are you ready to lose me?

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    If i let you go,what will happen to us?


  • kunjjiquotes 2w

    Do you have anyone to share your lust feelings?
    Anyone without judge you?
    Respecting you?
    Asking proper consent.
    I love to share my lust feeling with these

  • yamirajam 2w

    When you are too bad in facing the person of our interest
    We just feel cool with friends and buddies and opposite of that we turn too clumsy in front of...
    You know love or something more than love
    I don't know


  • rehnumai 2w

    Why she needs someone's support everytime Why she can't go to school alone Why she can't choose her college that is far apart from his hometown Why she can't remain unmarried and cherish her dreams like the most precious flowers and fulfill them Why she gets confined by the contours made by our society Why she can't be just herself Why everytime she has to become someone's daughter , sister , wife or mother to maintain her existence Why she keeps on yielding to what people want her to become without asking "why"

  • blue_nib 2w


    If we meet again !!!
    At the same street-corner ...
    Where "our" stories came to halt...
    After half - marathon of togetherness...
    Where, still awaits those...
    Unfulfilled dreams , half promises...
    Which our eyes are signatory to...
    Will you sit there again?
    Will you recall all the unbridged gaps??
    Will you able to recognise...
    My left over scent????
    Will you wait extra-time for us???
    Will you still hope to...
    complete our half done novel????
    Will you again give it a try???
    If we meet again
    At the same street-corner ¡¡¡¡


  • mariswritings 2w

    What is love?

    Is it that feeling of warmth when you look at someone smile eye to eye?
    Is it that sensation of tingle when your crush touches your hand and wraps it in a handshake?
    Is it that hot & soft first kiss?
    Is it those late night long talks or seaside long walks?
    Is it the first rain or the first snow?
    Is it the small blooming daffodil or bright beaming sunflower?
    Is it sweet as candy or spicy as jalapenos?
    Is it like a spider's web or a witch's magic?
    Is it the flames of fire or freeze of snow?
    Is it smoke from a hooka or steam from a fresh cup of coffee?
    Is it you or is it them?

    What is love after all, if it's so many different things?

    Why do we have so many different perspectives on a silly chemical reaction in our brain? Why do we exaggerate a simple feeling of warmth to so many different spaces where nobody can reach yet everyone yearns to?

    Well, love is love.

    Flames or Flakes; Sunflowers or Daffodils; Coffee or Hookah; Candy or Jalapenos; Late Nights or Beach Dates: Love is Love.

    If it's given to someone valuable, it should be received in the same worth. Love crosses all laws, all genders and all wordly things.

    Love exists & it doesn't. It's a void and it's a complete world.

    No matter what it is. It is so. And everyone deserves it, evil or good.

    Well, just some thoughts.
    One last question- Is love the clouded sky or a dry desert?

    #questions #question #wod #love

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    "Flames or Flakes;
    Sunflowers or Daffodils;
    Coffee or Hookah;
    Candy or Jalapenos;
    Late Nights or Beach Dates: Love is Love."


  • winter_moon 2w

    It's ok to become numb, to die and to be peaceful. It's ok to be a part of the misfortune, it's ok to cry, scream and let yourself hurt.


    Thank you @writersnetwork your ♥️ motivates me; 😝
    thank you readers for pouring so much love. 🍁
    It's been too long, I'm trying hard to be consistent about my posts. Keep showing your love. 🥀

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    Why did you sob while talking to your lord
    And tell Him to make your heart a rock?

    Why Didn’t you ask Him to rewrite your fortune
    Why after so long did you ask him to give peace in whatever it was?

    Why didn’t you scream when you tumbled from the zenith of love;
    Why did you not complain about being an autumn leaf?

    Why didn’t you say your tale of what you felt,
    Or why didn’t you feel what you had to feel?

    Why did you sow all those sagas in your chest,
    Why did you become so peaceful like a corpse?


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    Why did you sow all those sagas in your chest,
    Why did you become so peaceful like a corpse?


  • fesa163 2w


    The quest of earth,
    Is the holy life.
    Will it survive to the edge.
    Well, what is the edge?
    The end of this mankind or this lavish abode.
    None seems immortal but
    An absolute grace watches us forever.
    Are the journals of us early written,
    Or is it us who would end up writing it.
    We quest this existence,
    We got big bang by the way,
    But still we doubt.
    So this is the neverending quest, it seems.

  • cutie_hedgehog 2w

    Though love is dagger
    Still we play with that
    Why... Why we willing to get hurt and bleed for love?


  • cutie_hedgehog 2w

    Beautiful goodbye

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    why the sunset looks beautiful?


  • themoonandthesun 2w

    I wonder where thoughts come from?

    Is it the hallway without corridors
    Or mountainous echoes of valleys
    That nourish a thought or two?
    Do collective unconscious exist,
    The one we share with apes and monks?

    Munching on facts from the new God
    I gather fun about processing thoughts
    Few think in pictures and few in sounds
    Dreamers though, think in words aloud

    Ever explaining where they come from?

    Escaping into a question
    About existence
    A crisis called life,
    Poet lives in poesy,
    Digging nightmarish nights,
    Don't they?

    For poesy, a half drunk sailor, sailing snow,
    In paper boats; these thoughts came to me?
    Tangerine day sweeps frost of November,
    For what, Spring blooms within wintered desert?

    Thoughts like wildflower flowering amidst weeds
    I uproot my brain to plant seeds called thoughts?


  • shradhanegi 2w

    I was wrapped in the sheets of silence
    covered with a thick fog of stress
    waiting under a hopeless umbrella
    where were you when i needed you?

    My heart settled, craving beats of vigor
    my lips shut, mind empty like a vessel
    hopelessness enchanting like the devil
    why didn't you sprinkle hope's glitter?

    storms whirling within, hitting my calm
    you chose to stand apart with the mass
    i chose to walk down the lane of self-care
    should i blame you or credit that i dared?


  • _ritwika___ 9w

    A rope?

    Utter silence in her room
    "Them" questioning the reason.
    Some with sorrow eyes
    Out of pitty
    Some still trying to understand
    Out of empathy
    Some standing Still with their answers
    Out of jealousy
    The only one who felt her pain,
    Was in the corner of her room
    Standing and blaming himself for nothing
    A sweet aroma all around her room
    Paiting of hopes all over the walls,
    " no no I'm not suicidal"
    Was the last thing she laughed about