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  • simplewords 4d


    And someday
    I'll see you walk past by.
    No names, no ties.
    Just a flash of memories,
    Promises that died.


  • adilnissar 4d


    Everyone's a book, everyone has a story. So do you want to tell your's or you want it to be read?

  • arkashis 2w

    Ever wonder???
    Most people ask answers of questions,
    they already know?


  • ronins_blade 3w

    An eternal second

    The hands turning round froze.
    A perfect preservation.
    It almost felt like death.
    Yet, momentary.
    Where do I go from here? How do I fare?
    Lost in the deep, my mind sinks.


  • anathreek_jey 3w

    I believe questioning one is a kind of love where one asks to know what the problem is. When one has a real concern, they definitely will question you, will worry about your inner thoughts that kills you. Questioning one would make one better, making one understandable.
    Love has doubts and questions cause that assures you more loved.

    #questions #pod #love #pain

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    I want to question,
    Won't my silence bother you when I'm fighting within ?

    I want to question you seeing straight,
    Don't you get angry for my purposeful attitude?

    My tongue urges to ask you,
    Do you still love me ?

    Sometimes my heart doubts,
    Am I really your happiness?

    I want to know more,
    Sometimes feel like asking you,
    Won't you question me atleast for once?
    Then realized that's a question too.

  • kauthar 3w

    So many questions, unquestioned
    All need attention,in each section
    It causes tension, in aggression
    Waiting for a confession, Of the unquestioned...

  • profuselypoetryly 3w

    #questions #wod
    Pic found on Pinterest…credit given to artist unknown

    Hypothetical Queries🤔

    How many poets can easily vent on paper than verbally?

    How many poets have cried when scribbling?

    How many times felt less alone after relating to someone else poetic verses?

    “I am weeping because of these things; my eyes flow with tears.” - Lamentations 1:16a

    “TEARS are how our heart speaks when our lips cannot describe how much we hurt” - quote Unknown

    How many of us cover behind carved masks that holds our tears until we remove and just write and write, etc?

    How many writers are extremely grateful they discovered their God-given gift of words?

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    She drips poetry from her
    debilitate frame,
    perspiration and verses furiously rolls
    from her heaving chest
    Scribbling caught in several mid sobs
    before blotching paper into
    distorted lines like contorted limbs
    of harrowing times
    Intense reactions that needs
    temporary diminishing within after composing outwardly on unblemished sheets


  • mahtobpensdown 3w


    If there was no comparison of unworthy things, would you have gone a step ahead of others to achieve better? Or else would have lived in dearth for the fear of life ?

    If you had not been able to have any one of the five senses, would you appreciate the specially abled more or else would put in extra time to make them feel a part of this wonderful earthly family?

    If you were not suppressed by *what will world think* would you give a fightback to achieve your dreams? Else maybe because you accepted the God's plan of action for your life and let things take their course !

    If you had wanted to catch a train of thoughts and hold on them to not reveal it in the world through metaphors, what would they be? Else, will you unleash it fearlessly to stupendously savour own intelligence?

    If the sky and sea meet each day maintaining borders, would you want to be in a place that has no line or else would want to redraw the entire drawing of universe and place favourite at close and objects you dislike at far away places?

    If you want to be reborn again and redesign your life as per your wish, will you die now ? Else , let's take efforts to enjoy the NOW and turn it into something extraordinary!

  • shabz_felix 3w


    If life is so beautiful
    Why do people go of wandering
    In the soul of sunset graves ?

  • rlandry 3w

    How long can we hold onto this edge?
    Are there lines we won't cross?

    Would we have been right if I found you first?


  • anthonyhanible 3w


    Please no questions
    I don't think you handle the answer

  • nocturnal_enigma 3w

    * 11.11.2021; 4.27 A.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    #questions #wod @miraquill #NuEmQuestions

    * From 29th November, the border between Malaysia & Singapore will be re-open. I'm going to Singapore to meet him, there. Actually, he was the one who promised to come meet me here, 2 years ago. But, he couldn't fulfilled his promise. So, I'll go there instead.

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    Will you?

    Will you wait for me?
    Will you be at the airport?
    Will you meet me?
    Will you accept my gifts?
    Will you forgive me?
    Will you give me a chance?
    Will you want me to stay?
    Will you be there for me?
    Will you remember me?
    Will you be glad to see me?
    Will you talk with me face to face?
    Will you take a picture with me?
    Will you fall in love with me?
    Will you loving me?
    Will you want to be with me?

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • euphoriccree 3w


    Why did you hurt me when all I did was love you?
    Why would you make promises you will break too?
    Why did you say forever when you would be gone in a minute?
    Why did you make me obsessed with you when you weren't gonna last?
    Why did you lie that you love me when you didn't?
    Why did you say you'll catch me when I fall when you were gonna be the one to make me fall?
    Why did you break my heart when you knew it was broken before?
    Why do you still stare intensely at me and make my heart beat fast?
    Why do you give me goosebumps and make me miss the past?
    Why do I still laugh, smile or blush at the memories we made and moments we shared?
    Do you miss me?
    Do you still love me?
    Cause I do but not for long. . .
    Cree Sameon♡

  • beleza_ 3w

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost❤️

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    What if
    someone screams in
    pain and burns as an ointment?

    Maybe every punishment has no reason left.

    What if
    after being burnt
    to ashes from a wound?

    Maybe for every wound there is a hand of love.

    Where do
    faces stay for a long
    time even in broken mirrors?

    Maybe the reflection of one's character remains in the eyes.

    What if
    someone caught in the tainted
    pages makes a terrifying screaming voice?

    Maybe someone can find a sympathizer to hear that scream.

    What if
    the sky kisses the ground
    and the raining clouds become mud?

    Maybe what never happened becomes possible.

    What if
    the garden with whom you have
    loved the shadow becomes autumn?

    Maybe in that autumn the flower of two hearts will bloom.

    There is
    no scream in the lap
    of every silence between

    Maybe sometimes the last scream becomes the expression.

    What if
    someone cries after the
    soul's death, leaving it in agony?

    Maybe someone knows some importance after death.

    What happens
    if the person who does not
    achieve life becomes someone after death?

    Maybe in that moment someone will understand life.

    What if
    the person who is destined for
    heaven after longing for love sleeps peacefully?

    Maybe someone falls in love with the loneliness of life and death.

    One who
    is dear yet cannot be
    concerned with the heart

    Maybe one cannot be of love even by drowning in love.

    What if
    every corner of the heart
    becomes a painless stone for someone?

    Maybe in these rituals again some stone becomes God.


  • zhayden 3w


    Tens and thousand of words swallows and eats me inside and out,
    The things you've said versus the things I wanted to hear,
    Were not even an inch close
    You've given me reasons, and yet what I want are answers,

    Shut up! if you will.
    Because none of your words are the truth
    Unmask yourself, lest we even be naked
    Cause what we wear are nothing but lies we used to deceive even ourselves

    Who am I? It seems I've forgotten
    My years spent wanting to know what I mean to you
    Made me lose focus of what's important
    Wasting my time to person who's actions were like tazers shocking me
    Words like knife that stabs me
    And love that is no lesser than poison killing me slowly


  • minutiae_in_metanoia 3w

    #questions #wod
    Thanks for the EC����

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    Ask those villains
    Who roll lies on their tongues
    Like a scented cigarette,
    puff out elegance and fake class,
    and then posh out their way
    Of a conversation:
    What do you taste—victory or vengeance?

  • nemesis_here 3w

    B2 Let me say today all that I couldn't before.
    You... just shhh... and hear me out

    Would you hear me out just once?
    I'll write all I couldn't speak
    All that I felt but could never confess
    Would you give me some of your time?

    I remember vividly how I met you first
    Replaying those moments in my mind
    I remember how you teased me then
    Feeling that's strong this time
    I look for you in everything I have
    Do you look for me
    in a forgotten, blurred part
    of your memories too?

    I did my best then
    To not to give you pain
    So I endured all that alone
    I always wanted to see you smile
    That cheerful girl that I always saw
    Maybe I concealed it really well
    But couldn't you even for once
    See what kind of place I went to?

    When I go to sleep or wake up
    I think of you
    When I cut my nails
    I think of you
    Everytime I see the mirror
    I see you around
    You are always on my mind
    Don't you think I'm being crazy now?

    I carry strings and bandages
    Wherever I go all the time
    Maybe I could be of help to someone
    'cause I remember I never had any of this
    When you needed them the most
    These days when you need them
    Is there someone else
    to treat those wounds now?

    I was caged for a long time after that
    I had neither willpower nor resources
    To see you somehow
    I agree I drifted apart this way
    And you tried to make amends
    But that monster inside shunned you
    Why then why didn't you try again?
    Why did you leave me, longing for you?

    That day when I called for help
    I really needed you
    Something was drowning me
    And I had to hold back
    Why did you turned me down?
    Did you really not cared for me
    Do you now hate me
    Or was it something else?

    You said 'I love you' to everyone you liked
    That I hated the most
    I asked you what does it matter then
    You said it was different with me
    Did you really meant that?
    What happened to that now?
    I'm calling you again
    Won't you come, rescue me now?

    Maybe I've ruined it all
    But there hasn't been a single day
    That I didn't think of you
    Everyone who knows me well
    Has at least once heard of you
    But do you no more want to see me?
    Do you not for even a moment
    think of me?

    I wrote so many letters to you
    First one you remember I gave to you
    Rest... I burnt them all
    I don't even remember what I did
    or didn't write in that one
    I loved you then, I love you still
    Always have, always will
    Did I ever tell you that?


    Friend... your friend is calling you back
    Would you give me one last chance?

  • thorvi_mule 13w

    What's happiness?

    It's the most satisfactory experience of all the happenings!

  • thorvi_mule 15w

    Ever witnessed?

    Sometimes you can't forget a few things! The more you try to get away from them, the more you become- a part of them.

  • thorvi_mule 17w

    Ever felt like this??

    The thing behind which you ran for your whole life, actually never existed!!