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  • _curse__ 8w

    My man he's the only person I can call mine and only mine . My heart melt when I hear his soft voice , I lost all my anger when I see him , you know the best part is that he never lied to me like never . With him he never made me angry and i have never been in such situation where I have to stay quiet when I feel like shouting . >>U ��

    There are few people who eat my brain up sometimes (bibek) and I really feel like shouting but I stay quite only when I am with him ��
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    The only person who makes me quite when I feel like shouting is him just him .

  • night_mist_ 8w


    I am surrounded by depression in a dark world where someone will hold my hand and show me the right direction so that I can come out of the darkness in which all my goodness was being lost one by one. Now with just one hope, I can travel or leave myself to fate, either I will survive and be at peace with this depression in myself.

  • abhayrao 8w


    The loudest sound you never heard
    A breaking heart, an unsaid word
    Anger clenched in a fist
    Eyes that can't hide the mist
    A workers pursed lips before a boss
    The silent prayer before a toss
    The depth within a hungry child
    Caged animals dreaming of the wild
    The clumsy make up loving mothers smile
    The bruises screaming deep inside
    The bullied boys with symptoms fake
    Trauma so real they needed a break
    The earnest politicians humble lies
    The unbiased news with no obvious ties
    Well wishers cursing beneath their breath
    One last battle, life or death
    Silent screams too hard to contain
    Quiet can be pretty, but mostly it's pain...

  • werda28 8w

    People who are helpless on the journey of sadness , we have put our words in a box .I don't know where  the night winds will stay with the flames of the day . When the winds of the night will hit us on the road , Some Unknown Prayers accompany us till the end


  • halcyon_sparrow 8w

    Folks chatter
    Among them the pity I
    With wobbling thoughts
    Rubble of heart
    And I stay quiet.

  • sukasora 8w


    There is no difference between being quiet or scream.
    No one understands the pain.
    Even if they do, they don't even care.

  • zing2203 8w

    It's a busy day
    Lots of errands to run today
    Each tick of the clock reminding me
    I have a lot on my plate.

    I see grey clouds on the horizon though
    There will be inevitable rain
    I wait for the downpour, cause an umbrella on a sunny day
    That'll make me look insane.

    Hours have passed and I am still waiting
    For the first drop to hit the ground
    While the clutter of my work load shouts
    "Just take the step out."

    The anticipation of the rain
    Fear of carrying an umbrella in vain
    Pile of work left undone
    While the clock ticks life away.

    Don't air dirty laundry in the street
    Muffle your scream by silence at all cost
    Never answer the banging at the back of your head
    Live like a man cause this is what being a man is all about...


  • i_shukriya 8w

    Crowd everywhere but, one I need is not there.
    Lots of stuff were pressuring from inside.
    whom to tell, no one is mine.
    smile stick over face, but crying from inside.
    like something is skidding,
    those moments are dying
    I am like collecting those,
    which was ruined, I am owning those.
    Quiet I am, but like lots, are fighting inside .
    Inside there is battelfield
    I am looking for what I missed.
    Yes I am quiet but shout is there.
    No any noise but words are there.
    Nothing is broken but pieces are there.
    Eyes were steady but finding is there.
    Time was gone but,
    waiting to live the memoir again here...

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  • jikimi 8w

    #quiet #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    My genuine life experience...

    I know it's okay if you scroll...

    If you read once, I would really appreciate ❤

    Just started this series : #TO_ANYONE_WHO_WOULD_LISTEN...
    If you like ... I will continue...do tell me :')

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (44) I am encouraged

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    To anyone who would listen, ( I )

    Sometimes it feels like lacking of strength.
    Sometimes days off in importing love.
    When that love wasn't really a love.
    Some days I feel like writing
    Tearing my heart into a thousand
    Pieces of words.
    Sometimes I feel guilty of not doing
    Something, but still I don't do it.
    Often I try to cheer myself
    By watching the skies and birds
    But even in those blue pieces
    And beaky birds, I can find skeletons
    Shrieking for life. It's hard in times
    When you can't speak.
    There may be many reasons, a
    Million reasons for why you can't
    Speak. Because you're awkward to
    Utter that single word? Or that whole
    Composition of the sentence? Or
    Does the vocal chords sometimes don't
    Show support? It's hard to speak
    Sometimes in front of boys, or at the
    Station packed with a million passengers.
    And you are forced to convince a smile
    And press your words back.

    I remember once, from my own life
    Experience. I feared speaking a single
    Term. Either vowels or consonants.
    But I couldn't. That was when I was
    A nerd, or i felt like one.
    People asked my name, and I found
    Those words jumping at my throat
    But not at my mouth. And I couldn't
    Say anything. Sometimes they asked
    Me my standard, my school, my address
    And again I found those answers lurking
    In my lips but not loudly enough
    For them to hear. And then I beared
    Mum's thousand yells and anger throbbing.
    I tried to explain and yet again found
    The explanations lurking. They were almost
    Escaping from my lips when I shut my


  • dipalirana 8w


    The chilly air
    Ebbing the crude feelings
    erupted in the day
    makes me want to dare-
    the icebergs put on my way,
    the voices in my head
    like gratuitous guests
    hymns in my nights
    like the one true friend
    who I thought was a foe
    the ghouls that made me scream inside
    Were not there anymore
    In front of my hallucinating eyes
    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
    I’m not dead yet for I don’t see shouting making me stronger
    It is the phonetic voice of my thoughts
    that undoes the tales my tongue has to bellow.


  • black_sunshine 8w


    @writersnetwork THANK you for the ♡(9)

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    Quietness of the soul

    Few years ago
    I fall for quietness....
    Please don't ask me any questions
    I love to be quiet?
    Even if the whole world changes
    I'm still the same drowning in silence
    Too much...quietness
    Can drive people crazy?
    And that's exactly how i am right now.

  • msushil 8w

    Promises I take
    Promises I break
    And anguish cries loud inside,
    But never comes outside.
    Quiet becomes lips,
    To the Failure
    That taunts
    With invisible face
    But work again gives challenge to me
    To try at it.

  • grandfather 8w

    Quiet's conundrum

    It binds, seldom grants freedom
    Only Knowledge gained by experience
    Is wisdom.
    Untainted by the greed of the learner
    Unburdened by the expectation of the teacher

    Sages would rather stay quiet,
    and watch the world burn gloaming bright
    Weapons crafted from their fountain of knowledge killed more
    Then even the ignorant mind's ore
    So mystics and Sufis would rather they choose silence of the Himalayan caves
    Over surfing the highs and lows of
    Samsaric waves


  • _broken_mirror_ 8w

    I want to know if there's still a way?
    As I'm hopeless every single day.
    It kills me to be in silence,
    But everytime I wish to scream to tell the truth,
    I believe people will think it is untruth.

  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w

    The Sophisticated Sychrony

     Today I stumbled across
    The pages of my destination
    (In my imagination, obviously .)
    The unwritten book of an ordinary dreamer
    And pondered
    What I did
    In my 19 years of life.
    Did I live those moments the way I wanted to?
    Did I make any difference to this adorable universe?
    Of course, I increased entropy
    And contributed to global warming!
    Oops me inhaling pessimism here
    But isn't that good?
    For the time being
    You should be pessimistic!
    The promoters of optimism
    Instill a sense of hate
    For negative vibes.
    But in reality
    We must be negative
    Because that's what
    Balance is all about.
    Am still pondering
    What's life?
    What's the so-called living being?
    Yeah, we have books
    Filled with infinite explanations
     Metabolism, consciousness
    And every other
    Maybe I'm unaware of it.
    But just for a moment
    Leave that bookish knowledge
    And ponder what life means for you?
    Every teenager has a dream
    To change the world
    In his beautiful way.
    With time it gets crushed
    By mere aspirations
    And so-called success.
    I mean the stigmatized version
    Of it.
    We are a generation
    Of dreamers who mostly
    Subdue them for so-called
    "Secured future"
    We are a generation
    Inhaling anxiety
    As a bliss
    Without even realizing it.
    Isn't it antique?
    We bleed shyness
    And warp ourselves
    In the world of algorithms.
    By sophisticated synchrony
    We turn to the hypnotized
    Versions of reality.
    Yeah, we are robots
    With a subconscious mind, of course.
    So ponder and give this a thought
    Did you ever felt that?
    That's a reality
    I have a firm belief.
    So try to be the version
    You wanted to be
    I know it's not going to be easy
    But yah still
    You have a chance.
    In this world of probabilities
    Maybe you achieve
    A realm designed by
    You and only you.

  • fromwitchpen 8w

    @writersnetwork teşekkür ederim ♡

    Gracias everyone .

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    A Crime Scene
    (Encountering Secrets)

    Cigarettes, mouth gaggers, coffee stains
    A cactus in throat, shards of glass, crayons
    Wires hanging from ceilings, gory staircase
    Chopped fingers, a vale of nihility, drowned

    Every wall telling a story, molested,
    murdered, tortured to death. Wine glasses
    shattered on table where at a corner
    under the wood—silence sit masticating
    angst and doldrums aborted from
    pregnant womb of barbarism
    miscarriage of punic-caterwauls

    Knives, guns, rotted flesh and
    thawed candles, exsanguinated
    floor, greased darkness, bullets,
    cloven leather boots and in the
    air I felt dimensions unknown

    Lampooned-horizons where
    that culprit plonked, oozing blood
    I descried that sight

    I felt nothing
    I was drained of sympathy
    I clamored like detonated clouds
    I saw my heart pulverizing into stars
    I peeped through the holocaust
    I was cwtched by indistinct quietude

    Around him
    a war started betwixt
    bees and ants and
    I cackled overwrought
    spitting at his death

    When a moth
    of quietened qualms
    malleated my shadow
    as if asking
    'Ain't you a crim
    as thy squawks mayhap
    became the harbinger
    of justice for these
    innocent cadavers'

    • And I shivered, I'm a poet whose poems don't bleed for chicanery viciousness.

  • greywolf 8w


    I kept my mouth shut
    When I wanted to scream
    And make everyone deaf
    So that they could stop
    And look at me for once.
    Before this lifetime shutdowns.

  • halcyon_sparrow 8w

    When the world tells a joke
    People laugh and I sigh
    When the war is fought
    Soldiers die and peace philosophy is nullified
    When the sky falls and wind roars
    Animals scream and oceans are troubled
    Then the society greed is victorious
    Folks cheer and clap
    And I stay quiet.

  • blackshadezs 8w


    Date : 23/11/2021 07:20 PM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416
    Dedicated :- silence lovers ❤️

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #silence #quiet

    ~Thanks for reading ❤️��❤️~

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    Silence Does Make Noise

    The air flipping the leaves
    Sounds exactly like the fan
    Rotating in the roof,

    The chirping of the beautiful birds
    Sounds exactly like those
    Peaceful ringtone in my mobile,

    The tick-tock sound's of the clock
    Reminds my childhood
    When my mouth used to touch the upper mouth,

    The swimming of those duck's in water
    Sounds exactly like
    The fountain dropping the drop of water,

    If I could listen those beautiful sounds
    In nature itself why would I need those fictional world.

    ' ❤️.

    Did I miss something silence lovers?
    Mention below if you have something to
    Tell about peaceful silence ⤵️.


  • liepa_malijauskaite 8w


    Silence in my throat,
    Anger in my heart,
    But your not mine,
    My words- not yours.

    I want to shout,
    I want to be heard,
    But there's no way you'll hear,
    I'll stay silent.

    It hurts me so,
    It hurts you so,
    But we'll stay silent,
    Our voices gone as we face each other.

    Guilt reaches us,
    But we won't budge,
    No one will hear us,
    No one will hear us shout.

    We are quiet.