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  • devasharmapoems 3w

    It's a wall of flame
    It's a endless fountain of lava
    My rage will outlast you

    It's a storm of fire
    It's a endless pit of magma
    My spirit will make you crumble

    It's a burning mind
    It's a scorching desire
    My ambitions will melt you


  • diplim 10w

    Kab tak labzoon ko
    Bol vi doh joh jehen main
    dabi si hain

    Shama ho tum,
    Gurur karo
    Jalna fitrat hai tumhari
    Jalne se darr kaisa
    Tum koi parwana nahi.


  • diplim 12w

    Love is not relief
    Love is a tormenting creature
    holding an ugly axe.
    It tears your limbs apart
    Before burning you


  • ylviia 14w

    Ideal personality?
    You think that you're the victim
    because you gave away your child for 3 years
    and now you're complaining that I'm a fuckup?! Hahaha bitch you could have done
    everything you wanted, I don't care anymore.
    I'm so sick of fending for myself because it seems like I'm the only one wanting me alive.
    And even I can't stand myself,
    so I'm sorry for being such a fuckup.
    You should have been stricter, you should have beaten me up.
    Maybe it would have made the decision of taking my life so much easier.
    But instead I'm balancing between the fine line of death and life.
    And I'm so sick of it.
    You want to see my heart bleed? Good,
    I can take the dagger and do it in front of you.
    I can take the gun and blast my brain away
    if you want me to.
    I honestly am so sick and tired of caring for my own life.
    So do me a favour and kill me.
    Do everyone a favour and get me out of this world. I just can't stand it any longer.
    Maybe in another life you'll get the kid
    you always wanted so desperately.
    The kid I couldn't be because I ruin everything.

  • writeendlessly 15w


    A breath of fresh air.
    A jolt of familiarity.
    Destiny is calling,
    It's waiting for an answer.

  • zainab_c 16w

    silence doesn't mean coward. it is a synonym of rage too.
    when words kill silence with sword made of tongue,
    it can take a revenge; but it won't.
    because it knows, how painful it will.
    instead killing, it becomes concrete
    to stop the tears flowing from the eyes and to shout "no",
    rather than accepting evey sword's words.
    the words of silence is only knows by the Almighty!
    who will kill the sword for sure.
    - Z

  • shrestha_s 20w


    If there was a want you could ask for
    What would it be
    Something that could rage you
    Something that could set you free
    With every breath that you take
    you could be dreaming all about it
    Makes you rush your soul up
    Making you loose your sleep
    That could make you restless
    Yet alive with every passing beat
    If at all there was something you could ask for
    What want would it be

  • thehealer10 23w

    The secret to a long life is happiness
    When you let people ,places and things, determine how you feel, you are handing over control of your life.

    Sure "bad" things happen but we do not have to see things as good or bad. They just are, so choose how react and take control of the outcome. Take control over your life.

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    The Rage Trap

    The road to a Holy Life is insurmountable
    Rather you must refrain from endless tings
    Anger, obliterate delicate counterfeit masks
    Passion, glowing countenance hides Indignation.

    Resentment, vexed by Envy, Lust , and Greed
    Agony, overcome by enmity
    Glamour,bright lights and shiny tings distractions
    Everlasting, find peace and savor Life


  • srishti121001 24w


    Lied to myself,
    How far I'll go into this mess?
    Ain't it happy to be here,
    All alone and rare.
    Too much of the drinks,
    On the floor lying all the old and new rings.
    Weight off the skin,
    But still surfing in the sin.
    Nothing compares to the pole you go into,
    Laughter and jokes at you if you survive in 3 or 2.
    And when the fire tells me to go back in the game,
    That's when I start drawing unseen lines between me and you.
    Had the faith in all the wrong shit,
    Which can bring you in the nightmare that you're livin in.
    Will get better and better and embrace a thing,
    A lie for which you've been cutting all your wings.
    It's like they say you don't really belong here,
    "You were weird before and now weirdest ever."
    The bullet had been shot from the place it can't get through,
    A place where all is hidden since I was 2.
    Falling over everything it's like you've been too,
    The fiend in this tale or maybe it was meant to happen to you.
    No rain, no pain, no shame they show,
    How could you be so cruel that I never know?
    No faith in God, no mien to talk,
    To the parents who can be everything to you.
    Owning an iphone doesn't make you rich enough,
    But mein it surely tells how poor you are.
    All I know is you don't know how lucky you are,
    But aren't even grateful so I hope you lose it all.
    Maybe here you see the bad side, a more devilish from the inside,
    But that's what you did when you proved your crime.
    Full of revenge and planning to get you all the way down,
    All I can hear them say "that's not what you are."
    Maybe I kill you or change my mind,
    Sitting here surely wishing for Karma to get you right.
    The secret that I've been holding is what it's like when you underestimate your life,
    And forget what is right.
    God will come all for you like he did for me 3 years back,
    He will take everything away from you until you start following his map.
    This what is up for you,
    So I will end it between us two.
    No limits, I will show you,
    My cruelty will kill you,
    Coming for you now I am done with this flu.


  • joey_lee 28w

    This site allows me the freedom of posting the poetry that I really need to get out. The poetry that defines my soul. The words my family and friends wouldn't understand, or that I just cannot share with them. Sometimes strangers are better. And for that I say thank you.

    #angry #lettingitout #rage #hatred

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    My hatred for Logan

    I know you don't like me
    I don't like you either
    but that's fine.
    You are after all
    not worthy of my time
    Not worth a second
    Being trapped inside my mind
    You are the scum beneath my feet
    The shit you scrape off with a stick
    And fling into the street
    You are beyond worthless to me
    Never did I invite you to my life
    Yet there you were secretly creeping
    Behind me with a knife
    Stabbing me in the back
    Like you think you owned my life
    I hope you die a painful death
    I hope you die choking on your lies
    I pray that you can taste it
    Oh god I hope that you can smell.
    I hope my hatred chains you down
    And follows you to hell.

  • pallavi4 30w


    I conceal a battlefield inside
    And angst that slowly turns into anger
    Along with the simmering bubbles of tension
    That push one over the level of danger
    An incensed infuriation inwardly resides
    Below the peaceful, placid facade I hide
    The fury and incessant irritation
    I constantly feel inside
    Tranquil and quiet, outwardly serene
    I supposedly never see raging red
    People don’t ever get to witness
    The raging tempest in my head
    The innate irate temper
    That defines who I really am
    Gets perceived as subdued submission,
    Rationality and pacific calm
    The incandescent , seething frenzy
    Turns into vexed, exasperated indignation
    The fuming ranting and raving
    Changes into resentment on provocation
    There is a monster inside my head
    That changes the course of my normality
    Within the confines of the dungeon inside me
    Rarely reflecting externally the reality of my personality


    25th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner, “Small deep red, orange, black and grey squared abstract“ by Jean Soyer

    #wod #battlefield #metaphor #red #anger #rage #colour @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • loftydreams101 32w

    Tomorrow's Plains of Glory

    Burning on the brink of annihilation
    Of the blast
    Of calamity
    Of sweet savagery
    As the angels of denial
    Sing tolls of affection
    To delude our hot blood
    Surging forward to war
    Pushed and prodded by our gods
    Over mountainous years
    The fight has only begun
    In our pain-stricken eyes
    Our fatal stares will live
    Beyond the course of our stars
    In the cold hearts of kin
    Marching to their own plains
    Of sure destruction  

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • inc_thoughts 32w

    entomb me in flames
    and in rage
    i'll rise from my ashes

  • theswordandtherose 34w

    Anger lies beneath my fragility
    Waiting for it to crack
    So it can slowly seep through
    To bring forth decimation

    Rage lies patiently for anger
    Waiting for its moment
    So it can fuel the fires
    And bring forth destruction

    Violence lies taunting my abyss
    Waiting for explosions
    So it can lure me downward
    To bring forth devastation


  • swopnil_karki 35w

    The toughness and the softness
    The strom that you carry and the calmness
    Don't know if it is way too much or less
    All I can say is that I feel blessed

    I wonder what did I do to deserve you
    Everything feels like too good to be true
    Never thought that even dreams had shape
    Untill I met you babe


  • greys_and_blues 41w

    'The most terrible thing about it is not that it breaks one's heart,
    hearts are made to be broken but that it turns one's heart to stone.'

    - Oscar Wilde


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #left (?) #pain #rage #start #ceesreposts

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    //we sowed seeds of misery
    where pain ripened
    in the field of broken hearts//

    feverish bones, bloodshot eyes
    tangy tears and spruced up lies.
    couthy death, rancid lives.
    stifling breath, black blood
    sullied touches, catastrophic smiles
    volatile anger
    'a self-destruction'.

    flowers of love wilt
    when caressed excessively
    by the gardener.
    why did you choose to bloom in the garden of the one,
    who didn't even cared to water you?


  • bclark2681 42w


    Raging hate in bloom
    In strength and mood
    Human grudge in awe
    This our greatest flaw
    Altered ego on display
    Our time sinful overstay

  • our_fallacy 44w


    When the trees cast their leaves into wind
    Their branches crash and collides
    Untill they could wave them bye
    They blow into the petrichor
    And got engulfed by the tempest

    The winds argue with sophism
    Contemplating to not blow with zephr
    Only filled with blasphemy
    As they spew colours of vignette

    Purple hyacinths bows in silence
    For the halcyon they lose in the blustery
    And can only look on helplessly
    For they got caught in the argument
    Between the trees and the wind

    They cannot escape it nor run
    For i am like the purple halcyon
    That got caught in their controversy


  • starkanonymous 45w

    the cost

    the trumpets of my apathy

    sound clear across the desolation

    of the battleground of my heart

    with wars waged, both - of love and rage

    and it's cost is fear and frustration

    soon the silent nightmare will start

    my life's become a notturno

    pounding the keys of deprivation

    but I would hardly call it art

    in a moments time, life will end

    mine, my dear, with no explanation

    or consolation shall I part

    I'll just fade away to the past

    a memory, an apparition

    drifting with the lost, welcoming dark

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • alexa09 45w

    use me till you content.

    keep played at me till my
    tempered explode.

    keep hurting me till i can no
    longer felt myself loving you.

    keep going till i lost my mind
    so i have the reason to pull the
    trigger and see you bleed.

    my emotions, my love,
    is no longer be you.