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  • creative_chanchal 1d

    सूरज अपनी शामें छोड़
    अँधियारे में छिप गया है
    गगन अपनें में मस्त
    पहरी कर रहा है
    और घटाएँ बिन मौसम के
    बरस रहें हैं
    इसे किसी का प्यार कहें या फ़िर
    किसी की नफ़रत
    जो हर गम को बहाना चाहता हैं
    क्योकि अक्सर सुना है
    कोई बारिश की बूंदों संग प्यार बाँट रहा होता है
    या फ़िर कहें कि बारिश में किसी का प्यार मुस्कुरा रहा होता है
    पर अनेक बार.....
    बारिश में कई शख्सियत को रोते हुए भी देखां है
    हर शख्स का बरसात और बरसाती दोनों से नाता होतां है
    कोई भीग रहा होता है तो
    कोई भीगने से बच रहा होता है
    वह तो हमारी आश्रिता होती है
    जो कभी चाह बनकर दिल को छू रहीं होती है तो
    कभी दिल की धडकनो को भी तार-तार कर रहीं होतीं हैं
    हर बार ना सही
    पर एक वक़्त के लिए बरखा का बरसना अच्छा लगता है
    चेहरे पर गिरी बूंदों से
    होठों पर मुस्कान की लालिमा होती है
    पर बिन मौसम कें मेंह
    कईयों की मेहनत को भी बरबाद कर देती है
    एक वक़्त था जब मेघ कभी भी बरसते अच्छे लगतें थे
    पर जब टूटे हुए घरों को देखां
    इन्सानो को बिलखते देखा तो
    हमारा दिल भी तार-तार होते हुए मिला
    और खुद से एक ही सवाल किया
    हम कब तक इस मौज़ में रहेंगे
    सच्चाई से रूबरू होना भी सीखना होगा
    ज्यादा ना सही किसी के लिए कुछ तो करना होगा!!

  • shakunthala 4d

    Treacherous clouds wound up the sky
    It felt like sun was a little shy
    Sound of thunder rumbling aloof
    Smile at the end of her lips were enough proof
    Monday morning, what could go wrong?
    Not a bad day to have rain along.


  • shoulerh 4d


    Its August and everywhere remains dry,
    They wonder what could be happening,
    As they all begin to cry
    All seeds buried,
    Heat torments everybody,
    Birds stranded as lakes went dry,
    Animals yarn to quench their deadly thirst,
    And they all await the usual blessing.

    When is it coming,
    When shall we see you
    Hurry up and come to our aid,
    We can't live without you, as they said

    And there it is,
    The liquid blessing that falls from above
    With that, joy overcame the whole universe
    As they celebrate the arrival of the Almighty's verse

    There it is,
    The source of peace and happiness,
    The hidden root of living success,
    The blessing that comes with blessings,
    And there is what they call it, RAIN.


  • alonershade 5d

    The scent of rain

    The rain can paint beautiful rainbow also the rain can dirt the whole canvas. The scent of rain isn't just the about the aroma of land that rain brings, it's about the effect that a nose smells in a way possible, for some it shimmers happiness and for some it only bring floods. 

    The rain that wets the land and give greenery, wealth and happiness in return also the rain that carry away everything, cause only destruction and give pain in return has its own kind smell has its own impact, 

    Actually the flavor of perfume of rain depends on how the everything together imbibe it. 

    Destructive rain smells like : 

    Somewhere down the lane 

    Clouds are crying out of pain

    Heavy blues thrown things into vain

    And the destruction only created disdain

    Positive rain smells like :

    Rain... You shower and wet the ways

    Dazzles like a lil smile on my face

    Depriving my wings you make me fly with a grace

    Evoking happiness you gave me a lil more solace,

    In the beautiful scenario of thee I live a lil more of life...

    And for some rain smells like :

    Either from eyes or clouds the dripping drops always feel dearer

    Not just rain every next thing in the world calls differently according to it's sync with the others things. We humans dress up things in a way we see it and for our satisfaction. 
    No things can carry a single form in everyone's eye. 


  • soulsights 5d

    Cry out!

    Tears ain't to hold
    but to glide down
    and make you shine!

    If clouds couldn't rain,
    We could never spot the rainbow!


  • fz_fika 5d


    The blissful peace,
    when the skies open up.
    The silent alleys,
    Loudened by only the cries from the sky.
    The glistering roads,
    filled with the tears of the sky.
    The welcomed equanimity of my heart,
    when the rain knocks at my window.
    The booming silence of the house,
    with my contempted soul in a blanket of joy,
    And a cup of coffee drizzled with happiness.

    The peaceful rumbling of the skies,
    Which sends downpour of calmness,
    The serenity that comes with the pluvious days,
    The peace that showers from above,
    To wash away my solitude,
    To bring placidity to the roudy alleys.
    The prodigious petrichor,
    That cuddles around the air,
    After the last mizzle of the day,
    The tranquility the rainy day brings,
    Just for a little while,
    oh! how much I love the Rain!.

  • crazynori 1w


    I take a drink from heaven's breast
    Supine on muddy ground
    I relish in this duet
    The petrichor and its sound

  • unnatural 1w

    It's just the cry of our ancestors,
    For what we have done to the beautiful earth.
    #rain #earth #mirakee #Writersnetwork #miraquil

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    Long lasting cry

    It's just the cry of our ancestors,
    For what we have done to the beautiful earth.

  • stardust_writes 2w

    On some days,
    when the grieving clouds are heavy,
    the pounding rain is a relief.
    Some say rain is nature's symphony,
    myth goes by it's a widow's tears,
    alas, even the summer weeps sometimes.
    The grey clouds are like blurred
    memories, carrying the heaviness
    within, the rains are salty tears
    wept by a lonely kid touring the sky
    and it thunders everytime those
    tears descend to the ground.
    People run for covers and shades,
    forgetting their lives are already
    battered by the unsaid silent storms
    and the children happily drench,
    dancing to the rain's song,
    unworried about the complexities of life.
    We're all paperboats, sailing in life,
    are paths may diverge, but
    destination is the same.
    Some paperboats may float,
    some may sink, some need
    a push, some seek help of the wind,
    but we shouldn't let circumstances
    define us. When you're happy,
    even the rain sounds poetic,
    but when you're aching,
    even the sound of rain seems
    like a dead music.
    Amidst the misty clouds,
    when everything is dire and bleak,
    remember to carry light within,
    to break free from the dark,
    melancholic sky.


    #rain #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Misty(Teary) Clouds

    Rain is that happy kid
    singing a weeping song.

  • _pallavi_ 2w


    We met on a rainy day and
    the raindrops witnessed our meeting.

  • thehibernatinghomosapien 2w

    The greatest happiness and satisfaction be found in the littlest of things;
    Because after all everything counts with the gaps filled in with the little things.
    #happiness_is_real #life #rain @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Happiness is real

    The smell of dirt as the rain falls,
    The feeling of rain drops on the skin,
    The scene of leaves dance with the raindrops.
    Oh such heavenly bliss!!


  • scarlet 2w

    The sky drips on to the canvas of my mind and paints it blue...

    #rain #petrichor #memories #pod #sky #blue #coffee
    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Rainy memories form an ensemble of words

    Petrichor, umbrellas, lofi and coffee

    Words echoing long lost memories

    Now when the sky turns a darker shade of grey

    And the grey clouds take over the sky

    The blue sky takes refuge on my mind

    And I feel blue as the blue sky seeps into me

    The coffee I brew fails to lift the heaviness I feel

    And the first raindrops fall like shards on my skin


  • taivell 2w


    Dark clouds in the sky
    Raindrops falling to the earth
    Superb aroma
    Nuvens escuras
    Gotas vindo à terra
    Fátuo aroma

  • unnatural 2w

    The dark cloud has his say,
    "The beauty of the earth is being ruined by you, humans. How can I stop crying. I'm in pain".

  • devasharmapoems 2w

    The rain fell with a passion, matching the fervor of his heart
    Each droplet overwhelming the streets
    Her aura overwhelmed his imagination

    The rain sang its own song, matching the symphony in his mind
    Each droplet a beautiful note of nature
    Her eyes were rich forests, she brought nature to him

    The rain brought with it a cold spell, matching the state of his body
    Each droplet colder than the last
    Her touch was warmth, she touched him and left behind a fire

  • unnatural 2w

    ಮನೆ ಖಾಲಿ ಮಾಡಲು ಹೇಳಿದ್ದಾರೆ
    ಸೂರ್ಯ-ಚಂದ್ರರು ,
    ಮನೆ ಖಾಲಿ ಮಾಡದೇ
    ಬಿಕೋ ಎಂದು ಅಳುತ್ತಿವೆ ಮೋಡಗಳು.

  • ananias 2w

    The evening delivers a doting kiss, sweet sunburst-skylight, to a daisy's bruised petal; drying each drop fallen from a troubled cloud venting its sorrow upon us and it.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 2w


    I was getting drenched,
    Walking in the rain.
    All I had was fading away,
    Even the scars I carried.
    But my love never got weak,
    Just as strong as her.


  • cutie_hedgehog 2w

    A midnight rain

    and the rain stopped
    the sound slowly disappeared
    leaving a painful silence


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    बारिश-ए-बहार, से बेतहाशा मुझे प्यार।
    मनचली बूंदें, कराती दिल-ए-दीदार।
    बेकरार सी करू मैं इंतज़ार,
    मेरा दिल जैसे परिंदा बेसबर,
    बूंदे दे रूह को सुकु के पर।
    तौफीक़-ए-ख़ुदा ये खास,
    दिलाए हसीन एहसास।