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  • hazel_nut_sucks 1d

    Rose tainted filters

    They say when when you see rose filters you should not believe it,
    I think the filter doesn't matter because even after the filter is removed the backlights still show the beautiful of pictures which you will never forget.

  • jagruti_patil30 5d

    Sudden rains always strikes something... ��

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    Rain is misty,
    Weather is sexy,
    Want to be with lovey,
    Who can be a little crazy.


  • hazel_nut_sucks 4w

    Rains after Diwali

    I thought the rains might be a peace offering for the days of commotion in these busy festival days but before the rains ended I realised may be the commotion was never outside all these days.

  • kajalpawar2911 8w

    "You may forecast the rains but can never forecast the thundering lightning."

  • vannil_y 12w

    Heaven's Annex

    The rains fell and cold came
    Showers and downpour from Heaven's gate
    For its been a while since the earth drank
    'Cos it's roots had long been starved
    But it came, that look, that touch
    Lips on lips, softly, slowly
    Then he looked into my soul,
    Bent over and whispered:' This is forever'

    Time froze and as if it wasn't enough
    The next whisper said 'don't let go'
    I was gonna jump out of my skin
    But his hairy hands wouldn't let me
    In that moment I knew this had to be real
    Cos that voice, that kiss
    My soul drank to fill its thirst

    For the heavens had just opened an annex
    Rent free in my heart
    The rains stopped with clear skies
    But I still had droplets of his taste
    And he left it like it wasn't his
    I'd always run from rains to take cover
    This time I let it pour
    On my dry thirsty heart
    Since happily ever after was written
    In dripping watermarked ink

  • abhishekkamble 13w

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    Picture credit not mine

    How June described a rain?

    "Rain please shed a (t)ear and mercy the little me, you are impostering me" - June said while sobbing sarcastically

    A stale summer traumatized by the shopping spree of sweats parched on the tan, she stammered a drizzle over the black tea's brewing aroma that just steamed in granny's balcony and granny's white hair swayed in her twenties, as if her skin was not sullen of window sills.
    June muttered to herself, when she sensed a breathe blaspheming his greyish eyes, for the drooping dark circles were peeping underneath the couch, where the door drunk closed the jagged bottle, "alas! will he ever pardon himself?", June sighed.
    A windy sky later, June's cleverish grin exclaimed, "but I guess few sandals are kept stranded", as she peaked between the silly curtains, while a girl raised her chin. "don't you be the bus stop we slipped upon, for I will again leave the umbrella lurking", the girl mumbled and the bed sheets lied over her soaked, pruney fingers but he vowed her, "I will never let your pasta packet fall off your bicycle, I know you slurp the bowl!". June couldn't be more embarrassed than the girl's cheeks were, but June's feet splashed the browny puddles as petrichor smelled the grass tips.
    One slippery noon, a snoring sky was lazier than the street lamp and a car window, whose sick wiper had her bun messy and annoyed when the rose began to bleed, she looked back huffing with her bluish eyes, "see I told you, you never loved my braids", he knew she would again cross hastily, so he waited for 5.00pm, "maybe she is just angry of you so she won't show herself", his clock told him. So he hushed and the rose fell asleep on the pedestrian.
    A traffic signal's dead sleep had June accident someone's daydream, so June asked, would there have been rains if I wasn't June?

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    A June's dilemma


  • antarraal 13w

    Yesterday I had an awful day at work, didn't feel like writing anything today. Then saw your tag, I don't know whether I deserve it or not but these lines are for you.. @bohemian_ballerina

    #rains #love #inspiration

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    Rains is not a season
    but an emotion
    every poet carries
    in his heart
    to pour on the soil
    of his notebook.


  • seraiah_smiles 15w

    I sail ahead to uncertain seas. My captain, the one that drives me, he uses his only map to navigate all throughout this journey. Sometimes, the weather is as kind as a clear, refreshing bottle of water. Other times, a gentle breeze or faster wind would compel me to go beyond my usual speed. Oftentimes, rains would meet me like a friend that's politely pouring beverage into my cup, or vice-versa. Rains can also be like friends, fighting, or actually just having a misunderstanding. Anyhow, I continue travelling in these uncertain seas. Looking back, aren't rains actually helpful? Without them, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Why? Of course, it's the water cycle. Without precipitation, these bodies of water I'm on will be gone through evaporation. There are times when these outpours become storms and waves appear overgrown. My captain looks at the map steadfast and decides where I best go according to his judgment. In a number of detours, my captain discovered treasures. However, this time, we found ourselves surrounded by mist: tiny droplets of water in the air makes it difficult to see. I have hope, nevertheless, and always will: like before, I know that this situation will turn for the better. I have hope, indeed, and always will: that my captain and I will certainly arrive someday in the Paradise that we, O, so Hope for.

    #Royal #Clipper #RoyalClipper #ship #autobiography #metaphors #simile
    #Paradise #Hope #water #air #wind #detours #treasures #captain
    #rains #helpful #uncertain #seas #only #map #navigate

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    Royal Clipper: An Autobiography Of A Ship


  • dasu24 15w

    The joy in simple things

    She stood at the window, looking out at the rainy vista.
    Rains somehow made her feel gloomy on certain days.
    Today, she didnt feel anything for she had pressing matters on her mind.
    Yet when the mind is distracted, it does the unthinkable.
    She sat down on the window sill and watched the drops splattering on the glass pane.
    It sounded like music to her in the solitude.
    She slid open the pane enough to put her palm upturned outside.
    The flecks of water felt like a friendly touch.
    She slid it open further and put her head out with her face facing the sky.
    As rain pelted her face, something erupted within her.
    A childlike glee that broke a smile on her face.
    Her spirit, which had been heavy a while ago, felt rekindled with joy.

  • kshana 15w

    Dear writer,

    Scribble all you want
    Dream what you wish
    But when rain tells you to feel,
    You must hold your heart out.


  • pallavi4 16w


    I was born on a hot and humid day
    While the sun was busy blistering the earth
    Thunderous clouds suddenly darkened in the sky
    I was grateful for my timely birth

    The sky started weeping
    Out of happiness, joy and in celebration
    Happily I poured to quench the thirst
    Of the parched lands without any inhibitions

    With my advent new blades appeared
    The mangoes became particularly sweet
    The birds chirped while drinking from puddles
    People sighed deeply out of relief

    Children celebrated my onset by playing
    In my light drizzling afternoon showers
    The trees were happy and turned a vivid green
    Such was the persuasiveness of my inherent powers

    Origami paper boats sailed in my snaking rivulets
    And overjoyed frogs jumped and croaked all the time
    My nimbus clouds covered the sun’s face
    That dutifully gave me space to shine

    Off and on for ninety days
    I wavered from a drizzle to thunderstorms
    Sometimes as hail, sometimes as deluge
    I varied and took several new forms

    While the skies bled and creatures found sustenance
    Rainbows delighted all around me
    I knew my time was close to being done
    For I slowly became sparse and patchy

    Gradually I gave way to Autumn
    Who rid my beloved trees of their leaves
    From the lushness that they had found with me
    Fall managed to bring them to their knees

    I faded away into the harvest season
    Holding back tears of grief and pain
    Who would have thought folk would be happy
    To be rid of the continuous rain ?

    Back I would be with a vengeance, I vowed
    To show them my real worth next year
    And with that my life came a full circle
    Making real all my suppressed fears


    13th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, Picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • abhishekkamble 16w

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    "Woh Hawa bhi gumsum si hai,
    shayad kisi ki khwaish Kano ka intezaar Kar Rahi hai"
    - ©abhishekkamble
    "Kuch din dhup aati hai Lekin Chhav Nahi, woh kuch aise hi dhup hai, Jise dekhar me din manta hu"
    - ©abhishekkamble

    1) the wind blows the loneliness, maybe someone's awaited wish yearns an ear

    2)some days it is bright but no clouds surround, she is such a Sun ray whom I call a day

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    Kuch alfaz


  • akankshya7 17w

    The rain romance

    Happy hymns to heaven composed,
    A bard in me stalks nonchalant.

    Of woes of those heaven made me meet,
    Drops drip or tears of past from skies eyes. 

    Opulence the father bestowed,
    Holds my body coze and coddled.

    But mind lingers at still a thought,
    Of throwing myself to the rains.

    How would my heart shy at the touch,
    Of drops of rain they cascade.

    Through every tinges of skin hidden,
    Rains touch and bend the stream.

    To peer a serpentine figure,
    The petrichor I blushed at.

    Runs through shoulders to trunk,
    What freedom rains romanticize.

  • abhishekkamble 17w

    #romance #shortstory #stories #sunflower #rainbows #music #evenings #citylove #love #life #memories #firstdate #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #rains #monsoon #oneday

    @theultimateinsane @sou_scribbles_ @_still_in_mess

    Dedicated to my love❤

    "Meri khwaishe bhi tujhme hai,
    Jo tu Mange Wahi mang lu,
    Bas Itni si khwaish ab sirf meri hai".
    - ©abhishekkamble

    Her sunflower vase

    Her wardrobe painted a blue of his denims, while she sat in her purple gown appealing to the iron board, the steam of his t shirts, it made her realize the iron swaying over the roughs when she breathed all the air in, she pinched her thoughts when she sensed her fingers shallowed over her dimple cheeks, the redness her cheeks had was the paint of red roses he once blushed with, she said to herself, "oh it's almost time", she glanced over the window pane as curtains blew the wheezing wind, "mumma! Oh mumma!" She heard a little shout, that crawled in to peep his mumma through the creaking doorway, she gasped a sigh and bent over to be his embrace.
    "Mumma papa!", The child blabbered as she looked into his tiny eyes that saw her first, she told him, "hey kid, daddy will be coming home, he works hard no, he goes office, he bring fruits, he bring toys, he loves mumma and you", the child whispered a chuckle and pointed his finger at mumma's nose as she kissed his forehead with all her affectionated motherhood, she tucked his head on her bosom, while he hung around her neck with his loosening hold, before she could sing a twinkle twinkle her son already snored a sleep. She then sat on the couch watching the munchkin and pondered how her son will be pulling his bag strap cause it might be too heavy to hung on his delicate shoulder, unaware that they are the bones least bothered about themselves and as she was grabbing her cellphone, he rang the doorbell ! She got up gradually and tip toed her slippers and opened the safety door, looking at her man she couldn't be more impatient than this, to tightly wrap her warmth around his perfumed white collared formals, he always stared at her with the face he looked at her, the eyebrows bowed upon the forehead and the lips longing to curve a bit more and the 'honey please open the door' had her sleepless afternoons evanesce in front of her sight.
    He told her, "ah it was another busy day but hey there's something I have, I have been waiting to give you this", happy at his curious girl, he asked her, "but no cheating you gotta close your eyes first", just to ensure a fair play he blindfolded her "ever waiting" questions, held her hands and asked her to keep them still, he then opened her blindfold and she got her brand new dress that she reluctantly added in her 'wishlist' cart, she jumped and clinged to him, he caressed her sweated and tensed head and rubbed her back which was tired of standing a day long with her multi-tasking, He said, "I knew girl, you waited for my paycheck but how could I wait to see you being this kid again, now you will get a day off and I will do the dishes", she slapped his cheek teasingly and said to herself, " I had never seen a skyline so starry but you gave me a different frame"
    Suddenly he banged his head on his study table, "oh when I fell asleep thinking what all I could do for you", and he sighed, there's still time we marry and he snapped back to the glass window, where he stuck his 'to do' list. He said in his thoughts, "girl thodasa wait, I am getting ready my suite!".

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  • beensn 19w


    Rains in my place during monsoon,
    Brings back all those memories hidden.
    It is so refreshing and my age forgotten,
    Feel like going back to my childhood soft like cotton.
    Those good old days with floods so often,
    Enjoying the bonus holidays 'due to heavy rain'.
    Dripping from top to bottom was not at all uncommon,
    Waiting in vein for the buses which have taken deviation.
    Due to the unexpected road blocks by the trees fallen,
    Bursting thunders so close to frighten.
    Paddy fields becoming oceans- what a scene!
    Good old days, keep coming again and again.
    © beensN

  • revathi_rangaprabu 20w

    While it rains

    Like a rain laden cloud 
    About to pour,
    I feel so heavy
    Full of little drops of love
    That I've saved;
    Let us for once 
    Stop this stupid game,
    This game of pretending 
    As if it meant nothing
    At the end of everyday;
    I lose myself,
    In your zephyr-like gentle caresses
    That send thunders across my sky;
    Everything that is me melts down,
    Tufts of grey lumps involuntarily precipitate
    And I am about to helplessly fall
    Ignoring my own senses;
    I know,
    I wasn't the first drop of rain that fell,
    I wasn't the monsoon you longed for;
    I could be the millionth rain to fall,
    But you are my only land.
    The only destiny I ever knew of.
    And so, I helplessly fall
    Giving myself up in the gravity;
    Let me rain, hold me once
    That is all I ask.


  • sarthiwrites 20w


    This is a Sanskrit Shloka from Valmiki Ramayana - writen on Rain.

    नवमासधृतं गर्भं भास्करस्य गभस्तिभिः।

    पीत्वा रसं समुद्राणां द्यौः प्रसूते रसायनम्॥

    For nine months, the sky drank the ocean’s water, sucking it up through the sun’s rays, and now gives birth to a liquid offspring, the elixir of life.

    Rāmāyaṇa, 4.27.3 – Vālmīki

  • inutansharma 21w

    हम इन बादलों को छूने की फ़िराक में तरस गए
    और ये कम्बख्त जाने किस शहर में जाके बरस गए


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 21w


    As if peeping out from it's golden veil,
    A diary beneath the heap of autumn leaves, to reveal,
    Lied silently waiting for the tranquil winds to blow,
    To catch the sight of passing eyes, under the Sun's glow.

    I felt as if it had held my feet, I couldn't move further,
    Leaving me with no choice but to stop and bother,
    I lifted and carried it along, every step elevated my zest,
    To unroll the bunch of secrets buried within it's chest.

    The moment to unleash the truth had arrived,
    To speak about the harshness of life that someone survived,
    To enjoy the flavour of those pages with a cup of coffee was my goal,
    But I damped them, reading the plight of the withered soul.

    The words tried to liberate from the cage of sorrows,
    The lines that had shaken off my soul to the core are as follows,
    "I want to kiss your forehead, O son, please come soon,"
    "The way I used to do, while reciting rhymes of the sun and the moon."

    "I want to embrace you tight, rest my head on your chest,"
    "My life sheds a bit each day, I wish to spend with you, the rest,"
    "The lullabies that you liked to listen while lying on my cradling laps,"
    "I sing them every night to summon you, to fill these lonesome gaps."

    "I have heard, my friends and others gossiping that I am ill,"
    "I hallucinate your presence, each moment I try to kill,"
    "So many calls I make to the number I scribbled on my wall,"
    "I run to the lobby every time just to learn that it isn't your call."

    "So many desires die within me each night that bloom every morn,"
    "To behold you, touch your face, kiss your forehead, once again hear the word, 'Mom',"
    "I know my son has a habit of being lazy and late,"
    "But mamma would never be too tired to wait."

    The next page was the last that bore some blur words scribbled,
    As if the ink was about to get over, the last drops struggled,
    “I feel may be you'd come after get silenced, may be then, my diary would speak aloud,”
    “I'd be still waiting for you to touch my face for the last time to cover it with the shroud.”


    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #rains #magic

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 21w


    Two red magical lines on that plain white slab,
    Her fingers quivered holding it, glowed her eyes, dull and drab,
    Garth of her womb, a year ago that had withered,
    Was to bloom once again, her prayers got answered.

    All the pain and struggles were taking her ahead,
    Towards the day when was to be blessed on delivery bed,
    The biggest sacrifice she was to give was to place a comma to her career,
    She forewent them all, sleep, diet, likes and desires, in the urge to be a mother.

    But less did she know soon she would be like a golden fish,
    In a small pot, covered with black , her aura would soon perish,
    Lockdown had closed all the doors for her to meet her beloved,
    With her new born locked inside four walls, a year felt like more than a decade.

    Post- natal depression took a toll over her calm and patience,
    But she was to bear all alone with no help, for the sake of her bundle of innocence,
    That's when while lactating she scribbled her tears on her palms,
    Still holding her bairn close, feeding him in the warmth of her arms.

    The carousel of time did revolve with an enormous vigour,
    The door of social media, to unveil the power her pen, smilingly enticed her,
    She's now connected to the people all over her country and beyond,
    So many brothers and sisters she has now to love her, apart from her blood bond.

    The applications she seldom used before due to lack of time and interest,
    Like Instagram and watsapp, Facebook and Twitter, has pulled out the best,
    Staying inside her house to safeguard her infant from the ill effects of the deadly virus,
    She no longer feels lonesome as social media has connected her with the universe.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*

    @⁨Kolli Sai Charan⁩

    #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #rains #magic

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