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  • _firefly 9w

    @_astitva_ Happy birthday bhaiya��


    PS.. Still not here. Take care everyone. Miss y'all ✨

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    His shadow is covered in the tranquility of pearls,
    His voice lined with the sweetness of peaches,
    He carries a hope in his crimson heart,
    lighting up the dark streets which hide the abandoned art.

    His eyes shine with a constellation of simplicity,
    And his hand recoil the withered poems,
    Lost behind the veil of chaos in my head
    With a gentleness of his brotherly presence.


  • lovethatneverfades 9w

    Blank I was swimming on the pages of my endless diary
    A passing stranger gave me a vocab or two
    A casual conversation turned into an amazing friendship

    A very bappy Birthday to one Amazing friend of mine @_astitva_

    Dancing vocabs on tip of his quill
    In plies and pirouettes forming an imaginary hill
    His words Romances the winter rain and embraces the Autumn leaves. Each of his words carrying seasons of his emotional wheel
    kind...mankind..love and hurt .the essence he carries , a soothing tranquil
    His thought carries profoundness unseen by human eye.
    Exploding on the canvas , taking form of a van Goghs sky
    He is one hurricane rave of his own
    // Stiching stars of soul to caress //
    Marking readers freeze in mesmerizing cold
    Flying on the whirling winds to achieve the rare dreams
    Like icy raindrops he formed crystals of permanence in people's mind
    A friend , a brother, a poetic shine.

    A Collaboration with bestest @fromwitchpen ❤️❤️
    Lines in // used from @_astitva_ write up.

    #rajeevkabirthday #friendship

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    A hailing voice.
    Soothing the bitter wind.
    So full of magnificence
    A Gem in a humankind.


  • fromwitchpen 9w

    One clap two tap shoe three cut the cake
    the fourth clap may bless you with glee
    fifth clap counterfeit thy being
    sixth clap an optimistic purlieu thine home
    seventh and eighth feel the beat
    ninth to make a wish
    tenth, have a beautiful life ahead
    In the end longevity must reap in thy soul

    The second stanza is a Golden Shovel . (The 'Y' alliteration of Rajeev are used in it)

    A very happy birthday Rajeev @_astitva_
    You are the sweetest lotus in this place always spreading love and positivity.
    Pizzas and ice creams for you ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    A collaboration with the talented @kin_jo .
    you can read the other part at #rajeevkabirthday

    Also thank you @elisabetkiss for your constant support in one second how can I thank you sometimes I lack words . Many kisses to u ��

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    Existence Of An Achiever

    A shore without combers
    refugee cologne and pearls
    so dulcet. In combination
    of gaiety and glum. He, who
    hath quaffed the undressed
    emotions from orbs of every
    person, shan't grip the balloons
    bursting into selflessness,

    Darkness, his quill is yeeping
    flakes of love— his smile yowndrift
    guffawing cruelty his persona yirds
    glint' grease of bygones yarling
    and his poems sparkle yestermorrows

    And then the Oppenheimer's mind
    suffuse into a powerful sonnet
    and a poetry he wrote with
    the scar of uncertainties.

  • dusky_dawn 9w

    Happppiest birthday rajeeeeeeeev �� #rajeevkabirthday



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    An eloquent and a silver tongued poet
    Crossed paths with me in the Jack Frost season when the words on my tongue were freezing his verses kept it warm.
    Carrying Poetries that tastes like butter spreading itself on a bread loaf,
    Carrying Poetries with sublime phrases smoothly walking down one's heart.
    Carrying poetries that can ruin the frost season's cold cunning winds by turning them warm.

    A friend who's care is as sweet as the candyfloss,A friend who's heart slips into sadness if I breathe in sadness.
    A friend who's not just a friend but
    A motivator who who's always there to guide to not to be afraid of the up"s and down's as it shall pass like the season of frost.