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  • sheez_happiee 8w

    LOVE is sensitive to TRUST


  • sheez_happiee 8w

    Life gives you many chances, we are too numb to discover 'em


  • monsoonpaul 14w

    When your mind is blocked & disturbed
    You start posting illogical stuffs ��

    #randoms #ceesreposts
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    7th Feb 22'

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    What a stupid I was
    When I said "I'll die without you"
    I've been living all these years so better
    When there was nothing a thing like 'YOU'

    - Monsoon

  • bhagyshre 15w


    ¯_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

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    फरेब के इस बाज़ार में अपने ईमानदारी को तुम्हारे पास गिरवी रखा है मैंने,
    उसका उचित मूल्य अदा ज़रूर करना।


  • sheez_happiee 16w


    He became her enchanted paradise, she, explorer


  • bhagyshre 26w

    तुम , तुम ही तोह अचे हो !
    वो क्यों होते जा रहे?
    एक बात कहूँ तुमसे?
    कह ही देती हूँ...
    मेरा तुम्हारा साथ तुम्हारे तुम होने की वजह से ही है
    तुम वो होके न,
    मेरी ज़िंदगी के हिस्सा नही रह सकते
    एक बात मानोगे मेरी?
    तुम , तुम ही रहना
    तुम, वो मत हो जाना ..)

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    Tum, tum hi to ache ho !
    Vo kyu hote jaa rahe?
    Ek baat kahoon tumse?
    Keh hi deti hoon,
    Mera tumhara sath tumhare tum hone ki vajah se hai
    Tum wo hoke n
    Meri zindagi ka hissa nahi reh paoge kabhi
    Ek baat manoge meri ?
    Tum , tum hi rehna
    Tum, vo mat ho jana ..


  • kanikachugh 29w

    Time for my #randoms
    #Krandom probably I'll record all my insane posts

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    They say you are here
    to waste my time.
    I say,
    "Honey, waste it wildly."


  • shivani_angaria 46w

    Maybe, love is not meant to be chased for. It usually comes if it's there.


  • the_charismatic_soul 47w

    Darling, do you miss my scars and cry underthe night sky alone???

    When stars fall, I shaded tears in search of you...

    I have nothing left in me but I have you ...

    There is jut a void mind with a soul in love with
    you ...

    At night when stars light up my room
    I open those diary and touch that maple leaf
    Which you once used...

    Sprinkle your love on me
    And I'll be divine

    One kiss of yours makes me immortal

    You are home
    My alchemy


  • broken_figments_of_imagination 53w

    Men, and their car zoom by me.
    With electricity bills,
    Speeding tickets,
    And the hold of an occasional lover
    Clutched in their hands.
    Cats, and scrawny lil orphaned kids scavenging thru dumpsters,
    The city chokes,
    as the smoke hides the stars that always made me think of you,
    I sigh.
    Atleast we are under the same sky.



    (Picture credits : me:) )

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  • dhawankush 56w

    Same place, different feelings

    Same place different feelings,

    It used to be the place of hopes, i used to come,
    Come, and Hope to see someone, meet someone,
    Meet someone and, talk to that someone,
    Talk and sort out all the fights in between
    All the fights we had after last time i came here,

    Someone, who used to be so special,
    I said used to be, is it, She still,  is special,
    But now, things have changed, and so does that someone,
    So does that someone, and so did i,

    A place where I used to sit and wait
    Wait, and hope to see her face
    A face, that used to make my smile wide,
    Smile wide, and bring glitter to my eyes
    A hug, that used to define my joy of life,
    From someone, i used to call my 'to be Wife'
    And with that joy i used to walk back,
    Adding one more memory on the rack,

    Now, i still sit here and wait,
    Wait in hope, still  to see her face,
    But knowing for sure, thats just a mistake,
    A mistake that i do every evening, everyday
    Now i walk alone, without no one worried,
    When did i leave and when will i reach
    Having thoughts in mind, memories that sting,
    Looking for peace, hoping for nothing

    Nothing, because i know, and she does too,
    Nothings gonna work out, but i still love you

    Love you to the moon, to the moon and back
    Reliving every memory, from that memory's Rack.

    Wondering how, a place can be so different at times
    When it once used to make heart beats so fast
    And now, it defines the meanings of pain so vast

    Same place, different feelings
    Or may be same place but different me


  • shreyakheal 61w

    No meaning

    Needing somebody
    Is I guess a selfish act
    When this act grows
    You like them
    With every passing day
    To the core
    And when the one denies
    The abandon sea
    Awaits for you
    To submerge somewhere
    Where no one knows
    But please
    Don't do it
    As it has no meaning.


  • shreyakheal 61w

    Rescued form

    Tremendous amount
    Gathered in
    For one thing
    Tremors are sounding
    So clear
    The people in far
    Can hear the vibrations now
    The river is not in shape
    But the people
    Not going back
    From where they came
    Could see
    How much do they love it
    Maybe love it more
    Or it's just another thing
    For the worshippers now
    The chantings will start
    Anytime now.


  • shreyakheal 61w


    I see
    That you have
    Changed so much
    I see
    That so do I,
    The time
    When we complimented
    Now far gone,
    So many things
    So many sights
    Have been removed
    Or have been replaced
    The flowers have bloomed
    On the once were empty sand
    Seems like atleast
    Something good has happened
    In the past days,
    The flowers will die
    And will bloom again.


  • shreyakheal 62w

    Let's just say
    Something without a meaning.


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    Intentional lie

    Imagine being lied
    About the stories
    Once were legends
    And now are as fantacy tales,
    Where once was a history
    Now host of the town
    Don't know about a thing
    Let's just say
    It is a mystery.


  • shreyakheal 62w


    Saving memories
    Of every sight
    I guess I have done it
    A thousand times,
    Maybe I forgot
    To compile this moment
    Or maybe I have already
    But not a risk taker
    So I'll save it again,
    I find myself
    Going through the images
    Of so many years
    From past
    Experiencing a
    Pseudo moment
    Of the same day same time
    As the time passes more
    I click some more.


  • _mysoul 73w

    One liner

    (Check my last post) ;)

    In frame: *JK*❤

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    I wont ask you to stop by,
    But if you,
    Please S-t-a-y.


  • broken_figments_of_imagination 90w

    The withered roses clutched in his cold hands
    Were red, once upon a while,
    As red as the blood that coated his chest,
    Flowing from a gaping wound in his heart,
    The heart that she stabbed over and over,
    Before carving out her name on the still beating organ.
    The rusted dagger had glinted in the moonlight,
    Once, twice, thrice….
    A countless number of times.
    But the glint wasn’t one of hesitancy,
    It shined with the luster of love.
    Or was it something more cynical?
    Obsession, that’s what it was.
    Not a desire, never a necessity.
    But a cacoëtheses.
    An insatiable urge to claim his heart.
    She had fulfilled it too
    For one could ever keep the queen waiting…
    The queen of hearts.
    The queen of hearts, who, on a night that smelled heavily of passion
    Captured his heart, while keeping hers locked
    Snatched it out of its cage
    Claiming it as her own,
    Before walking away with it.
    And perhaps,
    he had called out her name weakly
    for one last time,
    Before coughing up blood.
    And perhaps,
    before every single drop of his blood
    pooled around the scattered rose petals,
    He had opened his eyes for one last time.
    His sub-conscious barely registering the slight flutter of her robe
    that disappeared into the corner,
    Barely making out the flutter of blue silk amidst all the redness.
    The flutter of unattainability within love.
    But nobody lived on to tell their story
    Everybody just deduced the rest.
    Leaving it untouched, this tale of a forgotten history.
    For the queen had disappeared after taking his heart,
    And the king was dead.


  • thepoeticdisguise 103w


    I'm your oasis yet I'm the one that's thirsty for you.
    It's weird, ain't it!


  • ga_bree_lla 112w

    Move on

    Six letters
    Two words
    Difficult to explain
    More difficult to do