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    Nope, not good at this version of Rant either.

    PS. Valorant is a pc game.


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    Dear someone,

    They says you might not find your happily ever after if you are with the wrong person. When you find the right person everything will fit into the pieces... But what if you can't find your happy ending with the right person too. Even if that right person entered your life at the right moment. Depressing isn't it...
    Just know that there is nothing called right person, right timing, wrong person, wrong timing, etc in love. Only thing that matters is your heart and emotions! if your love is hurting both of it then it's not love anymore. If you feel like it's turning toxic, walk right away. You might be heartbroken and miserable. But trust me you'll get better. Who knows whether it's a boon in disguise, just like the moment you fell in love. It was magical irrespective of what kind of person they were, ain't it? Love is, was and will always be love no matter how you define it. Remember, forevers and happily ever afters aren't the only equations of love...

    With love,
    Someone who's unlucky in love.
    #random #rant #temp
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Forevers and happily ever afters aren't the only equations of love...


  • reetism_ 1w

    फर्क ये है की तुम जीवन जी रहे रहे हो, हम लिख रहे है।
    पता नही ये फर्क कितना बड़ा या छोटा है, जो भी मुझे दिखा ।
    हालाकि नाराज़ तुम भी हो रहे हो शिकयत करते तो तुम्ही को देखा
    मुझे तुम ऐसे अच्छे लगते हो पर तुम जैसा मैं करू तो तुम्हे अच्छा नहीं लगेगा।
    बस इतना ही फर्क है

  • reetism_ 3w

    Look it is normal for people to call us abnormal, because they don't have courage to choose conscious path.

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    I consciously chose a path that makes me subconscious to gain consciousness.

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    At first they appear amused to the personality that resides in you. It was the other thing that they are not amused rather shocked.
    This brings about the tendency to meet frequently as they wanted to hear the same thing again. And they realised what they missed and why You have it. Here the rise and raise play its part, the broader term for this is competition.
    Interestingly it was the forth and final stage when the attack comes you were not aware and not prepared for argue. This also signify that you don't want to argue as you know that they are the part of the cosmos in you. You simlpy chose to sit in silent and Let your mind rant.

    #thanksgiving #rant

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    The process

    An ally to stranger
    Yes the stranger
    In you and all of us


  • _a_black_heart_ 9w

    Dear modern diary

    His priority was talking to me, but now it is my sleep and talking to someone else.
    Life hurts. Everybody hurts someday.

    Whatever has a start has an end. And that is the practicality of life this over-emotional person has come to realise.!

  • ridhiiii 11w

    You can call me a murderer because I killed my dreams and the hopes of people adjoined.

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    I cry

    Breathing on the brink of sunshine
    Hallucinating on the edges of the skies,
    I wonder how do you,
    Find another reason to
    Make me give up my life.

    I cry.

    They say tormented souls go to hell,
    Because a lit matchstick can shatter lives,
    I'm covered in heartache and I smell of liquor,
    But what happens to those souls, who suffocate on the insides?
    They tell me to keep my troubles to myself

    I cry.

    I snort oxygen to keep my physique alive,
    Dark circles and acne are complimentary gifts to my late night adventures of sadness,
    Friends and family stink of broken forever promises,
    Thoughts of ending this pain forever, arise

    I cry.

    I cry and cry, till my lungs give in,
    Till my conscience corrupts the concept of love
    Happily ever afters do exist in fairytales, sweetheart,
    In real life, you run on corpses of people,
    Until you give in to the demons under your eyes,
    Which sneak in, when a part of your soul
    Dies, every single time,
    Another heartbreak arises.

    I cry.

  • aditiwrites 11w


    Some people have a tendency to overthink everything. And I am one of them!
    Sometimes It feels like a curse..a constant nagging of ur brain that u cant stop no matter how much you try. A small incident of your day, a minor change in someone's behaviour towards u or even the tone or time they take to reply to ur text can make ur head pop like a pressure cooker. You keep finding out reasons for this change or the incident that occured and as conclusion u end up blaming urself and it seems like u were the one lacking or at fault somewhere...and then this breaks ur heart.
    You can't even explain and put into words what is going on inside ur head and what u r feeling...and this..this chokes ur soul.
    The only benefit that comes with overthinking is u are prepared for everything..come what may...u have already expected the worst in ur mind and if in case it comes true u are just sad and not shocked
    I truly wish had god made a switch to turn off this overthinking my life would've been souch easier and comfortable

  • harsh77 11w

    Get it?
    Some time you felt something that you can't tell to anyone and it hard to suffer these days you need to find that person who means you something in your lill world but you have more trouble in life to deal with that stuff after rumbling all day at the night thinking while sleeping that person came in to your mind and smile in front of you that happiness and pain is way better and hurts you more.
    Have you ever felt like this?
    #rant #in #my #mind
    @writersnetwork @gelukzoeker @poursomeink @fromwitchpen @tinytraces
    #harddays #mind #stress #destiney

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    Humare kismat me jobhi hai
    Usko me puri tarah se palat du
    Par vo bhi humare kismat me hi
    Likha hoga ki me kismat palat du

  • silhouette_of_a_poet 11w

    Come, the flames are tame, she said
    Wearing them on her face
    Waving at me
    I tried to build an unsinkable boat
    Steadying my face
    My feet, rock twins, anchored
    An absurdity I still remember
    The wick grew shorter
    In the uncertainty of the moments
    Tame flames now tease me
    Melting into the waves
    I am taunted by the radiance
    I am tainted by my dalliance
    A breeze caresses my hair
    Maybe laced with her tears

    #temp #rant

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    Of boats and flames


  • silhouette_of_a_poet 12w

    I tried to pry open
    The pursed lips of silence
    Only succeeding in eliciting
    A dour smile
    As ink dripped from a pen
    And the papers folded
    On themselves
    In an origami fold
    Weaving patterns
    On my broken mind
    I took a pen
    And wrote what I saw
    But it clattered noiselessly
    Apparently dyslexic
    Words had forgotten
    Their meanings
    The inkblot had spread
    Beyond the paper
    To haunt my waking moments

    #rant #words #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Nightmare inc(k)


  • random__rants_ 13w

    We feel the most lonely
    not when we are alone
    rather when we are surrounded
    by friends and dears
    and all you can see is void
    all you can hear is silence
    and all you can feel is nothing.


  • vishaaaal 14w

    I wrote this on 3rd October....lol I know noone can read till the last...but stilll #rant #jee #jeeadvanced

    PS: My advanced rank is 23560...

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    Today was a very normal but still a great day. My JEE journey finally ended after almost 44 months. Yeah quiet a looong stuff. Though it never ends happily except for 120 students who get into computer science department at IIT Bombay. Everyone else is still okk. Anyways happiness is subjective (this statement helps a lot of losers like me). The journey started with massive success....I was in the best batch of my coaching institute. I had all the privileges. The faculties, other staff members and the second class citizens aka "students in lower batches" gave me ton of respect. But believe me every single time you think life is going great, some absolute shit will make sure you change your mind. So, shit happened.......my health, my anxiety and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. I learnt that you don't have to do anything wrong for things to go wrong. Inaction is also negative action. I went to that place every single day, without a break...be it sundays, holidays whatsoever....but my batch changed faster than the speed of light. I was demoted 5 times in a span of one year. Gained 12kgs of weight, had grey hairs, strech marks, health issues, mental issues. Everything felt shit. I went on to give my JEE Main exam for the first time. I was appalled....what was supposed to be tough looked very easy...Yeah, really!!.....but I guess that was the trap I should've avoided. These exams take away marks for mistakes and so it happened. Mistakes made me look like a fool....people who I'd refuse to solve doubts of scored more than me. Destiny humiliated me the same way I humiliated them. I pledged again cause the Main examination would now would happen twice a year. And then boards came up, I was motivated and I was stupid. I contemplated to death and came up with this star spangled awesome IDEA. LET'S FOCUS ON MAINS. I had plenty of holidays but I FOCUSSED ON MAINS. This is coming from a "dummy" school student. Who hasn't seen a school building for two long years. I purchased text books for language subjects. Infact before the physics exam....I didn't prepare for the exam till the last night. And this is 12th boards. The last night with almost tears in my eyes I closed them, hoping to die at 7:00 am in the morning only to wake up at 8 to give my exams by 9. Though that went extremely good. Then came Covid and stuff postponed like we had a second life to do complete everything, still it was necessary because the first one was at stake. But this is a sheer excuse....my classmates improved a lot while I was busy practising a spectrum of distractions. The exam was postponed thrice. Finally it happened but the results were horrific. The competition increased dramatically. My marks increased to twice but my score did not improve a lot. The first thing I said after looking at it was. I am gonna consider a drop year. My parents dismissed this GREAT IDEA before I could finish explaining it to them. They were satisfied, they were still happy I could get a non-it branch in some NIT or a decent state government college. Then they came up with the best question they could ask me after two years of this painful endeavour. What do you like doing??! I went like...this is the moment..... I elaborated-- I am good at poetry, I like history, I would say journalism or something to do with public speaking or literature. My parents looked at each other, paused for a second and said " no, we gonna give you "Options"..."so mechanical engineering or electronics" or you strictly want non core??!" . So, I took up admission in some state government clg then some other. But I refused to give away my JEE books, the only thing I gathered sincerely in last two years My parents were overtly optimistic to ask me for my favourite branch. But in engineering colleges you don't get your major by your "interests " but by your rank. So, the counselling happened and I got Mechanical at a state government college, then I went on to withdraw the seat. The director of the institute who also was a batchmate to my father who also was expected to go on a holiday returned to college on the last date of withdrawal. I was going to the podium to give away that seat with great honour, I was submitting my documents and boooom , the director saw my father, came up to him, asked him about me. And advised or rather ordered me to take mechanical. "I am gonna guide you. You will have a decent job....blah blah blah!!! ". Lol I didn't withdrew the seat. But the first semester I kept studying for JEE. I studied a lottt. My gpa at college suffered but not drastically. Then family issues didn't stop for a few months. And they were real, people say age is just a number but believe me. It takes you to be atleast 17 to understand family problems with clarity. Then I started to learn about geo-politics, history, political science, philosophy....My parents could not tell me to read a textbook now. College was online. I read voraciously. In one year I read about 14 biographies. And other books which I had won in certain events but never actually got the time to read them before. I suddenly lost all my GREAT OPINIONS. When I had no intellect whatsoever people took me seriously. And now that I was actually learning things...my schoolmates told me--" you've become rusty" or "you've lost yourself" . Well I can't write about school otherwise it'd be a book. Still I gave JEE again. And this year it was supposed to happen four times a year. All four performances were better than last year. Still had very few chances of improving my prospects as far as NITs or state government colleges were concerned. Then came the branch transfer thing. The opportunity every engineering student gets to correct thier mistake or most probably make them commit new ones. I stood as a fierce competitor. Believe me an extremely neglected college studies made me reach the 26th position out ot 504 students. And I was successfully transferred to electronics. But I was waiting for JEE Advanced.....YES. COMMERCE, HUMANITIES, MEDICAL, UPSC, OLYMPIADS, KVPY, GATE, CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT ARE FINE BUT ADVANCED IS THE QUEEN OF ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS. Last year due to the wonderful suggestions of my father's colleagues I didn't register for the exam....cause the state level counseling happens before them. And I must focus on choice filling and stuff. I cried like a small baby when I used to have time to think about Advanced. The fact that I won't give the examination did not let me sleep. The exam I was actually preparing for. Things changed this year. I didn't even tell my father I was giving JEE again. I gave advance on 3rd October 2021. That night I slept with the scribble pad they gave me to do the rough work. I attempted 50 questions ( I find out two wrong attempts everyday). The satisfaction at 5:30 pm that day, covered with sweat and hair oil that came down on my face. With an exhausted brain and a thirsty throat. Just knowing that I have finally attempted that exam was enough for me to feel complete, to feel enough...to feeel Vishal Parashar. I am gonna watch kota factory 2 now. I know there are almost no chances of me getting selected. I might clear the cutoff but believe me that is not even close to enough. I won't get an IIT. I won't sit for counseling for NITs. Cause wasting a year for a mediocre place( I am not talking about top NITs )I already have doesn't seem like a good decision. JEE Advance will win again like it does every year but believe me I won't loose this time. I can finally say goodbye to my books and to my dreams (this is supposed to be extremely sad but somehow isn't). The world doesn't change and honestly I am a looser, and when juniors ask me for advice especially those who are now in 12th standard(11th standard waale feel they deserve IIT Bombay and they should) I don't really say much. I am not qualified to be the advisor they want because I want them to be at IIT. Cause there are only two types of engineers in India, first who are from IIT and second who wish they were. I want my junos to be the former. I know nobody will read it or maybe I just won't post it. But humanities/commerce waale who think they are equal to us just "stfu" Period
    I am just joking they are better.

  • lovethatneverfades 16w


    Lying weakly in the bed
    With scorching bright heat
    Piercing one of my panes
    My shoulder blades blazing
    While the virus inside me
    Chews steadily on my flesh

    Insides me flames
    Like shotguns
    Fired deep into my brains
    Making me numb
    Those creatures inhabit inside
    grinning wide, floating on my face

    Pale ( not teary) eyes of my Ma
    Makes me believe
    I am still alive and left with a fight
    But the change in colour outside
    And the chaotic headstones inside
    Says the otherwise

    The sunset may seem beautific
    But for me it's a dive into nothingness
    A hollow cast cave with some leftover breaths
    I search for my sun frantically
    But seems it left my domain
    Taking away my yellows
    Replacing with its murky shades

    Ma recognises my Worldly stricken fear
    Mixes meds to my milk
    To make me return to my half dead state
    Giving me rice paper hopes of fire (f)lies
    Telling me
    our window glass is just stained
    sun is still out , And daffodils are just
    As bright as my face

    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky

    @writersnetwork #myth #wod #Rant

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    The scattered hopes in my dad's eyes
    Are like the scribbled crimsons in the sky
    Giving up easily to the darkness of the night
    Yet waking up with a bold blue gaze
    To a bright new sky


  • lostthoughts73 16w


    Have you ever had a day.. the day that goes "Enough!"
    Won't you know my face shaken won't glow up
    Trusted sidekicks villainous sometimes switch place
    Really who is me and what is day I'm tired, not okay

    Haven't you seen those lines now fading gray
    Vacation plans friends birthdays locked in again
    The whole world is a stage I'm missing the play
    Why bother I'm fodder chewed up, retired at my age

  • rani_shri 20w


    It's 03:03 A.M. and I'm still awake
    As if I have to catch the sun and moon together.
    But like my own life,
    I couldn't do that too.

    I drank my love as liquor
    That you made for me.
    That night I was the one
    Who smelled like you even more than you.
    Your kiss was more in the nerves
    Than on my lips
    Those days were pink and nights were green.
    But time is unpredictable,
    It changed. So now,
    My days are grey and nights are black
    The melancholy in night is stuck between the giggles of two days.
    I keep the crescent on my face
    And full moon on my lap.
    My moon cries and showers his lights on me
    My zodiac tries to be better
    and want to change itself.

    The lines of my hands are nothing
    but just a rope of my neck.
    The beats in my heart are nothing
    but just a knife of my nerves.
    The blood of my veins is nothing
    but the ink of your pen
    that creates the verses of my death.
    I scratch my nail paint
    which took a part of my life to dry
    I kill the sunflowers which is kissed by sun.
    I hide myself behind the curtains but
    my life spies me to live till death.
    My dreams come in my dreams to tell me that
    'Dreams are to be built not to be broken and buried.'
    Spring falls on me like the autumn leaves.
    I ain't what I had chosen myself to be.

    I have so many glances of yours
    But I'm sticked with that favorite pic of yours
    I also have so many people to stick my heart with
    But I'm sticked to the favorite person of mine
    And that is you.
    My Darling,
    My soul sleeps inside you
    And wakes up inside me.
    Someday it will stay inside me but
    Will be buried inside you....

    ~Rani Shri

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    No one knows what's it all about..

  • thenomad 23w

    There's a transparent ocean inside your eyes

    There's a transparent ocean inside your eyes , endless , one that could drown me. But the stillness of the waves and the absence of life shows me the emptiness within . You are hollow , devoid of me. But I promise , there will come a time , when another will come , and fit into your void like the missing piece of the puzzle . You will again feel the happiness , the ecstasy, the care . All I ask of you is , don't forget about me , remember me , love me as you always did , and promised , and if possible , leave everything and come running back to me . Cause I'll be waiting for you .

  • thenomad 23w

    When you find someone who loves you , hold them close and never let them go!


  • _celena_ 25w

    Fair(y) or Fair(l)y world?

    Sleepless nights
    Overth-inking minds
    Fantasies wrapped
    A cold soul inside

    Jewels n emeralds
    Tulips n tiaras
    A prince and a princess
    Joy n happiness
    Its all a fair(l)y tale tells?

    Feelings turned into scribbles
    Moments into memories
    A prince full of warmth
    Yet felt so empty
    A princess brave enough
    Yet have scar(ed) heart
    It's a world we live in, isn't it?

    Sometimes we chose to stay in it
    Most of times we embraced
    the fair(l)y world to seek comfort
    From the lonely world...


  • divya_patel 108w

    she lost someone who didn't care.
    he lost someone who did.