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  • supriyamehak 1d

    #Rap squad

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    हा.!! चल माना मैने,
    अपनी गलतियों को जाना मैने,

    हा..!! तुझको पहचाना मैने,

    पर उसकी क्या जिसका रब के पास तुम हिसाब दोगे,
    क्या वहा भी तुम झूठ को सच का खिताब दोगे ?

    पर ना रब ना सुनेगा वहा तेरी झूठी बातें,
    अरे.!! जरा बताओ तो उठेगी कैसे तेरी गुनाहो वाले हाथे,

    कितना सच को झूठ बताओगे......हाँ???
    कितना झूठ को सच समझाओगे.....हाँ???

    सच से ना कोई इस दुनिया में बड़ा हैँ,
    जिसने झूठ का साथ दिया वो हर कदम पे घूट- घूट के मड़ा है

    तेरे गुनाहो को फिर से तोल दे क्या...हाँ ??
    झूठे मक्कारों की जिंदगी जिने वाले,
    क्या तेरी गलतियों को फिर से बोल दे क्या..हाँ ??

  • soliquince 2d

    What it's all about pt. 1

    Falling over myself into a crescendo;
    funny enough, I can finally let go.
    Tired of the "why can't life just be simple?"
    It's complicated, if only a little.

    Bit of a shit show, bit off more than what was chewable and pitted my soles into the centerfold. Ten seconds from being sent home with jumbled lyrics in my head cone, just another extra terrestrial who doesn't belong. Suburban flirting out of his lane with flows, out on the opposite hospital pane, looking into the same soul. Unknown terrain, my tongue treads in pain; close to pissing myself, yet I refrain, though. Lucky me, my bladder holds, pitter patter, pacing cold. The stage evokes strange emotions, takes control. I take a breath, for a second, wait, no...flash forward to being venerable instead of the vulnerable honkey fool. "This is you," finished being a tool.

    Sweat on the microphone,
    bullets pulling down;
    centering yourself to the ground.
    Pulling the crowd in
    as they crowd in,
    they're crowding round. Ripped
    voices loud,
    camera flashes' out.
    Past doubts to passed,
    some fans are passing out,
    this fucking feeling you can't amount
    to any you've had till now.
    You're all they're talking about,
    "that's what it's all about."

  • rodney 2w

    2nd January, 2021.
    1:39 p.m.


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    Patience test.

    I'm used of being on the recieving end,

    Long story short —

    I've been rehearsing on failures to fly swift.

    I'm listening to Eminem,
    Bad Meets Evil!

    People make devil out of humans who tried their hardest to hide their venom under their smiles.

    I laughed hard with people,
    My people —
    Who assassinated my character —

    Black and blue,

    I've felt the negativity,
    False life, false hopes,

    False cheers,

    False everything!

    Through their hopeful teeth,

    Through their glistening crystal clear eyes of lies.

    I fell before I knew I had grown wings.

    I was kicked in the face,

    By who I thought would kiss my tearful eyes,

    When my tears originated in my eye sockets,
    To fill my body with chills of anxiety.

    I'm learning to accept my past,
    My heart,

    That I doubted that it was all my fault —
    Never theirs.

    While on the contrary,

    It has always been me,
    Trying to do good,
    Be good,

    Hurting myself,

    With the wit and the irony in their lives.

    For I'm dark as coal,

    Sad as the monsoon devours the path when the dams that men construct with their intellect cannot contain its overwhelming amount of wrath.

    Yet I,

    What I force myself to choose is grace,

    Grace in the name of Christ,

    Grace in the name of His time,

    For from now,

    In everything people throw on my doorstep,

    Lord, you've made me wise.

    I'll let You take my anguish that they cause and turn it into their salvation of their mortal lives.


  • soliquince 2w

    Peppermint Stick

    I don't know how to break it to you,
    but I don't have the time, money or energy to drop clues
    or hints.
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick
    or a mistletoe present.
    I hope you get it at some point.
    you don't have to say a word,
    just flip me the bird
    and I'll flip it right back,
    don't give a fuck what you heard.
    Make a poster or a plaque
    on how I'll never get you back in my arms.
    No sexy Santa down the chimney,
    I already set the alarms.
    The Ho(e) Ho(e) Ho(e)
    won't sound off, red nose
    left in the cold. a no show
    on that white and red pole.
    I already said
    I'm not your Christmas peppermint stick.
    Don't give me that schtick
    on how much I meant
    or what I could've been.
    (I could've been with friends
    but you bent
    my ass over and fucked up my common sense.
    No oversaturated compliments,
    sugary condescension,
    honey that ruins your complexions.
    But for who? I guess it
    changes per 6 foot something condiment.

  • soliquince 2w

    Righteous Slice

    Slide side to side, pantomime a play like you're a friend of mine, pretend you're fine with a poor man's life. Money doesn't define except when you eat out every night at Righteous Slice. Ain't that a plight to eat ramen how your leaders eat raw men? Having a broad sense of tragedy based on Christ, that's nice on paper, but how's that translate later when a young man caters, you spit in the face of your waiter. A Judas with silver cufflinks, follower but also a traitor to the way of God. When you get a lay off, stay on a diet of peons; prey on naivety and pray off your sins.

  • shayari_culture 3w

    Kaise ho!

    Alfazon mein tera zikr kaise ho,️
    Saath ho tumhara to fikr kaise ho,
    Jinka haal bta skte hai hm Bina dekhe unhe!❗
    Vo aaj puchte hai hmse, kaise ho,

  • soliquince 3w


    It comes to you in the mirror to see roaches,
    rolling roaches up snow covered hills to bloated
    job coaches more worried about Covid than coats and gloves. But you know this already. Service industry's corroded since the beginning of time, so we'd sit in the car developing rhymes like pictures and I'm sick of pulling up negative. It's institutionalized sedatives, can't fight the repetitive. It comes around, goes around but I let it live, impressed not, I guess not, cause it's the have or have not. I have not the patience to sit in a waitlist for paychecks but it is what it is. The 9 to 5, bone fide boondock ride. Hear the train rattle the roof over your eyes. But realize that I have no hate, no irrational anger over conditions commonplace. Y'all got your parents money to spend, I said you've got your parents locking you in and it ain't fair. No nobody understands what 1 class and volleyball stand sitting means; it ain't fair, where you live with no job and no fears living day to day, monetary conscience is clear. Having a dear honey of three months to love thee, spiritual connections are so above me, bishops warehouse gatekeeping the hungry unless church and the spirit of God burns your chest, to "understand how you've been blessed," and you already know the rest...

  • rachelezell27 3w


    Fuck the future,
    Fuck the past.
    Fuck the present,
    This shit won’t last.

    Fuck your dirt pot,
    I’ll smoke some gas.
    Fuck a bunch of titties,
    I wanna see some ass.

    Fuck the coronavirus.
    Fuck all these masks.
    Fuck your vaccines.
    I think I’ll pass.

    Fuck your benzos.
    I wanna go fast.
    Fuck your whole album,
    That shit was trash.

    Fuck your tequila.
    Your tiny-ass flask.
    I’m sipping on Hennessy,
    A whole fuckin cask.

    Fuck your ten minutes.
    Your fame won’t last.
    I stick around like a tumor,
    A cancerous mass.

    Fuck your comments and questions.
    Don’t even fucking ask.
    Fuck giving you advice.
    It’s something you can’t grasp.

    Fuck your bitch-ass knives.
    I’ll come swinging an axe.
    Fuck doing shit for free.
    I charge a fee plus tax.

    Fuck your lies and bullshit.
    You’d better check the stats.
    While I’ve been working night and day,
    You’ve been taking naps.

    Fuck these pathetic wannabes.
    Fuck the posers and the hacks.
    Fuck all the “just-for-show” gangsters,
    Their fake chains and their gats.

    Fuck all the loser-ass pussies,
    You’re the pussy, but I’m the cat.
    Keep talking and see what happens,
    When a cat meets a fucking rat.

    Fuck your chump change,
    I’m banking stacks.
    Fuck all the propaganda,
    I’m stating facts.

    Fuck being calm and civil.
    Fuck being told to relax.
    Fuck all these self-righteous assholes,
    Buzzing around like fucking gnats.

    Fuck all you toxic bitches,
    Fuck all you duplicitous rats.
    Run your mouth with my dick in it.
    Let’s see if you can manage that.

  • terbell 4w

    He likes my weird
    I flip them tarot cards
    It gets real
    When I talk about his zodiac
    He don't think I'm wack

  • authorsahiilkatoch 4w

    The song/rap/poem dedicated to my friend Neha.d.sharma


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    Her birthday bash

    Guiding fire and furious flames
    Carrying tide, A touch insane
    Brooding wind, Purifying sins
    A goddess reign,
    Commanding saints

    She knows how to be on sheet
    Beat it till drum it calls legacy
    Reign on Reign ultimate queen
    Let the party be the scene

    Tonight on Instagram
    Let me post her birthday bash
    Lady has her own
    She doesn't need your cash
    Wish her a birthday bash
    It's her birthday bash
    It's her birthday bash
    Bash bash bash bash
    Birthday bash

  • llander 5w


    1989 - 2022

  • wabantu 5w

    I have trouble letting people inn.
    Double cup when I need a shoulder to lean.


  • consciousteja 5w

    Mistakes are natural so is trust
    Things change but trust is must
    Grudges happen but good if its clear
    Priorities change that's what everyone fears

    Don't keep things in heart say it loud
    Even if people are hurt and they shout
    Stay clear on things express it out
    Let them leave if they have a doubt


  • neelamsharma1 7w


    हादसे इतनी नजाकत से होते गये,
    हम पुराने और जख्म ताज़ा होते गये।


  • hawaii 9w

    When I die put my ashes in the trash bag
    I don't care where that goes
    I'm more concerned about my soul


  • soliquince 10w

    Tough Job

    I don't know what it's like,
    it must be difficult to fight
    back the forces of evil with the might
    of backed up diarrhea.
    Cause in that chair you're the mitochondria;
    if you left, chaos would climb ya
    like a tree.
    And I'm too small minded for that to
    bother me.
    Typical, right?
    How could I conjure a lie
    saying you're not the pinnacle
    of self made struggle?
    I must not have spent much time
    out of my bubble.
    While you constantly beat
    back lawsuits so 42 year old freaks
    can be free to follow me to stalls
    several times a week.
    Oh no, now I'm in trouble
    with the man who files paperwork
    where the weight of that stapler hurts.
    It's a tough job, I know,
    to attach sticky notes;
    gatekeeping someone who's caught Covid 19
    and maintaining a 5 o'clock shadow.

  • faceless90 11w

    Word Vomit

    Otherworldly concepts encircle my conscience rebirthing unwanted recurring responses from personal pontiffs resurfacing cognitive terms I've adopted while serving the godless.

    Imperfect concoctions of earthly despondence reverberate comments of hurtful respondence unworthy of conscious concern; in synopsis, I thirst to be thoughtless as words are now nonsense.

  • thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 11w

    If u have GOD with u

    U have no reason to fear death

    For its only a step to heaven


  • jigyasha_ 13w

    Tried writing a rap type poem for the song "deathbed".. #rap #music #inspiration #heartbreak #love #lost

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    For ones who were left.

    You wished those blinding lights do not ever fade away
    the stars on the roof, they were gonna make him stay

    Cz the harder that you cried the lesser you do show
    And the smell of him in shirts will never let him go

    You stay there in the sheets holding closer to your chest
    But gone is he forever and you're broken to the best

    Living like this for eternity has hollowed you slowly
    And nothingness from corners has eaten you thoroughly

    You sitting on his chair rocking like he did and cried
    Only emptiness in heart heck the tears they were dried

    There's a hole in that chest will never fill you know it
    No happiness surrounds you and Neither do you show it

    Heart slowed down and the beats, you cant hear it
    And what the fuck is life you not wishing to bear it

    I live in your heart he said when he was going
    And you got now machines to make your blood keep flowin

    Hah look at you now your reflection satired
    Brain now frozen amd heart is now so tired

    Yes youve got nothing to make you stay
    Cz he gone forever, he is gone far away

    So you tryna sleep and sleep as you cry
    And the breathes of your life.. ohh you've Let it die..

    Dont stay awake for too long
    Dont go to bed
    Ill make a cup of coffee for your head
    Ill get you up and goin out of bed.....


  • x_suvak_x 15w

    I dunno why I'm putting this up but it was asap's bday on 3rd and I've been busy (so busy I ain't got time to appreciate my lord). His songs have been constant elixir to me following my passions and stand tall for what I stand for. I'm just a small fan in this big world but I appreciate his work a lot and my best wishes with him. Here are some lines which are probly my favourite ones from his work.

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    Praise the lord

    My shades Dior, my pants velour
    Create, explore, expand, conquer
    I came, I saw
    I came, I saw
    I praise the Lord, then break the law
    I take what's mine, then take some more
    It rains, it pours, it rains, it pours.......