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  • wordsbybleak 3w

    Only one

    Please cite a female, only one
    surely, who hasn't been harassed once

    If it’s their sister, they will ashen the world alive
    then why they are keened to ruin other girls' lives?

    Females who held their dignity and pride
    Are now living with deep sorrow and fright

    Is it the fault of the lustful boy who went violent 
    or of the family who feared pride and kept the girl silent?

    The lustful boy turned to a grown greedy man
    and several lives of girls came to an end

    Abduction, extortion, rape, and futile rage 
    Are these the things that teens heritage?


  • say_das 6w

    Dark Figures

    Walking by the dark shores
    I heard a voice bitter and harsh.
    I suddenly saw some dark figures running after me.
    I was running by the shore like a lunatic.

    Their shadows were like humans but these were something else.
    They were human indeed but were false.
    I looked back there they were coming nearer
    I suddenly started to shiver.

    I saw some houses with light.
    I thought I get help there might.
    I banged door after door.
    But no one looked out at the shore.
    Some looked but never opened the door.
    The figures came close.

    I cried, I died but no one came.
    It rained both from sky and from my eye.
    Next day may they talked about me,
    And after that I was taken by the sea.

  • say_das 6w

    'Love' of You

    Oh baby I don't need your lust
    In the name of love, stop yourself must.
    No baby I am just not a ice cream to lick
    Believe me this 'love' of you makes me sick.

    Save me, save me from you.
    I thought it's love for a few.
    But it's not that
    It's your hunger, your nasty desire.

    It's not love of you when you penetrate my body
    For me really you are nobody.
    You just touched another piece of meat.
    But it's not my soul, it's just a illusion you shit.

    Touch me whenever you want.
    Eat my body climb over me whatever you want.
    Remember you touched my body which has its limits, you fool.
    But alas never you can touch my eternal soul.


  • say_das 6w

    I Am a Girl

    I am a girl so I need to be molested
    I am a girl so my body needed to be tasted.

    Our parents teach us to come home early,
    But the boys' parents forget to teach them it surely
    We are taught how to be 'safe' from the monsters
    But the boys are not taught how to keep safe 'the others'.

    Yes, in ' modern' times society treat us like objects
    We need to be perfect?
    But will this perfection save me from your boy?
    Did it save you when your husband treated you as a sex toy?

    I just want to throw my every body part which attract those beasts
    Why they want our meats?
    Their hunger makes me cry
    The thought of survive in this society makes my thorat dry.

    Yes, I am a girl who is strong enough to survive in this society.
    We are those migrants whom our husbands and inlaws torture every day probably.
    Yes I am a girl who in front of you is raped and killed.
    But this cold body of mine has more voices than those silent living deads.

  • ananotherindiangirl 6w

    @kkbiswas apnar kotha te at last likhei fellam ����
    #rape #girl #women #womenempowerment #strength

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    আচ্ছা!! ঠিক কোন শর্তে একজন
    নারীকে ধর্ষণ করা যায় ?
    ঠিক কত মূল্যে কেনা যায় তার স্বীকৃতি ?
    ঠিক কোন পরিস্থিতিতে অধিকার পাওয়া
    যায় তার অনিচ্ছা সত্ত্বেও তাকে ছোঁয়ার ?
    বিবাহিত পুরুষ কি অলিখিত অধিকার পায়
    নিজের স্ত্রীর ইচ্ছার বিরুদ্ধে তাকে স্পর্শ করার ?
    বিয়ে কি তবে স্ত্রীকে ভোগ করার অলিখিত চুক্তি ?
    কোনো নারী অন্তঃসত্বা হলে কি ধর্ষণকারী
    আলাদা কোনো ছাড় পায় , নাকি তার
    অপরাধ কমে যায় ?
    সম্পর্কে থাকলে কি কোনো প্রেমিকা
    তার প্রেমিক বা সেই প্রেমিকের বন্ধুদের সঙ্গ
    দিতে বাধ্য থাকে ? তাদের ভোগ্য হওয়ার শর্তেই
    কি স্বপ্ন বোনে ভবিষ্যতের ?
    প্রশ্ন অনেক , কিন্তু সবাই আজ গান্ধীবাদী !!
    উত্তর নেই কারোর কাছেই ...
    নারী হয়ে নারীর পাশে না দাঁড়ালে
    ঘরের মেয়ে , লক্ষী কিংবা সাথী হয়ে ভিক্ষাই
    গ্রহণ করতে হবে , দেবী হয়ে অসুর নিধন আর হবেনা ।।


  • silvern_art 8w

    This poem is inspired by an Indian movie "Highway".

    The movie was beyond words to explain and I could relate a bit to her.

    Now after months of courage, I've finally picked up my pen and write down the emotions of the girl from my perspective.

    #secret #fear #courage #hindi #love #devil #rape #girlchild #abuse #forcarolyn #ceesrepost

    To everyone, male or female who has a secret that keeps our soul from breathing. I hope one day we'll find the courage to take a step and find our air.

    @miraquil @clichepenname

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    A little girl she was
    Whose eyes twinkled with curiosity
    And who's soul radiates innocence
    But life cruelty befell her
    Before she learnt to bare her hope
    On the wings of the wind

    At first he approached with a bright smile
    Eyes that scream love in pretence
    And hands he can't seem to keep to himself
    But she was still little and innocent
    To see the deceit that lurks in his soul

    It started with a bit of innocent
    Just a uncle with his niece on his lap
    But slowly his hidden hunger began showing
    His little angel he'd call her
    As his hands roam around her dainty form

    What she failed to see was that
    Only the devil needs a little innocent angel
    To own and taint at his pleasure

    Slowly his excuse to have her close began running thin
    His tainted little angel has begin to grow
    No longer does she have a reason to be seated on his laps

    Now the scenes in her memory became more deafening
    "Shhhh... don't scream my little one"
    "Don't tell anyone and you'll be safe"
    "You're so beautiful my angel"
    The words he'd whisper to her
    As he found his way into her bathroom
    With legs silent as the calm breeze
    Only he brought nothing but destruction to her faint soul
    As he took her soul into his every chance he got

    At night she dreams, gazing beyond her window plane
    Of a life free from the devil and his vices
    Of life where she finally tells her mom
    The secret that keeps her awake at her

    Oh her mother,
    A soul dainty and frail yet strong
    She was nothing but what is left
    Of an Indian housewife who's soul, body and mind has been subjected to the harshness of society

    But her daughter was her pride
    And her pride shall not be trampled upon
    So like a fierce volcano ready to erupt
    She approaches her dear brother
    Broke off his horn and pride
    And he became a devil without honour

    If only her dreams were reality
    And her mother had stood right behind her
    Like she did in those scented dreams of hers

    But instead her mother pulled her closer
    Wrapped her hands around her mouth
    And whispered words that shattered her every being
    "Shhh....keep it a secret forever. Never tell anyone"
    It hurt to live a life with such cruelty
    But it hurts more to see her mother
    Living her life in pretence
    Not wishing to face reality or stand by her
    But instead scared of the society's backlash on their family's honour

    But oh she grew blessed and well
    With the devil looming just right behind her
    Ready to stick his fangs in her delicate skin
    And suck the rest of her hallow soul

    Sometimes you become numb
    And become addicted to your pain

    One day her respite came
    It was a mistake it seems
    But to her it was all the freedom she needed
    Who knew being kidnapped will bring so much freedom and joy
    For the first time in years
    Her broken soul learnt to smile and dance
    And once again she's a rhapsody of dancing dandelions

    But all good things comes to an end
    Or maybe her fate doesn't just let it in
    And every mistake is rectified
    Only this time it took a life
    The life of someone who taught her to live
    Someone who taught her soul to breathe once again
    Someone who though remained aloof all through
    Taught her heart to beat the verses of love

    But once again for the people who claim to love her
    But never once showed her how that felt that
    She lost the tunnel to her ray of hope
    Amidst the crashing waves of life

    She's had enough she realized
    And finally she lets out the secret to everyone
    Making them see just how broken she was
    How she'd never heal from their rash actions

    But she gave them no chance to apologise
    For their apologies means nothing to her again
    They broke her soul and made her lost
    And right when she found a ray of hope
    They ripped her off her joy

    With a soul broken yet still living
    A heart dead yet beating
    And a body tainted yet beautiful
    She walked away to form her path
    Lonely but filled with faith
    And she never once turned back
    Least she see the faces of the devil
    And never get to walk earth whole again

    But she's sure her soul will learn to breathe again
    And her heart with bloom with love someday
    Till then she'll continue to grow
    Like a flower bud under the loving gaze of the sun

    #the girl who's soul searches freedom

  • wisdomwords_ 8w

    Do cloths invite rapes...?

    She wore a short dress,
    Her long hair swaying till her skinny thighs!
    Her eyes were dripping love,
    She was looking like a hot chick!
    If the above lines are a way how you describe any girl,
    You are too very sick man!
    You really don't know,
    About what to think what to say and how to express or describe a girls beauty!
    If these continue to be a part of your thoughts,
    One day you will end up using your own daughter too!
    It's not about clothes my dear,
    It's about the way of your thinking and your words!
    It's you who should be ashamed,
    Not she who wears short dresses!
    She is also a living being who is free to do anything she wants to,
    She is a free bird allowed to fly high in the unending sky!
    So not clothes but your thinking is what invites rapes,
    So before judging the girls who got reped for once ask the males of the society's


  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 8w

    Winning After Trauma

    Eventually time will tell, so I won't have to. I seem to be a walking traumatic event. How the hell does that happen. Very carefully. I need to be able to say the past is the past be able to forgive myself then put it behind me. Never looking back. Forgive myself? But, forgive the ones that has done the damage to me. That's where I have trouble. It is not so easy. It's said to be a long process. It is. I'm just gonna say now. Its difficult. I don't know about which is worse, seeing your rapist, or being drugged and knowing afterwards. I have had both happen to me. I wake myself up. Crying. Not remembering why or how it started. We need to be able to help ourselves, to overcome the traumatic events. I guess facing them head on, I don't want to do that. Seems that would be more difficult. I am not sure of the right time, or the right way. We decide for ourselves. We have to do what's best for us, as an individual. Only we can decide.
    It wasn't our choice to be traumatized, but its our choice in choosing how we heal, after. That's our choice, and on us. It has taken me at least 2 years to walk into a psychiatrist office to be assessed.
    I realize that until I took the first step I could not do anything in this process, at all. I mean maybe you have already started your way to forgiveness. And I'm going to say to you, keep doing you!!! Keep making yourself heal. That's what it's about. That healing victory!!! We can do it!!

  • works_of_imagination 8w


    Her eyes looked like unheard stories.
    That night, she heard their footsteps.
    She started running and kept on running,
    but could not get rid of those vicious.
    She knew that these will be a long fight.

    A body covered with scars and blood
    abandoned by the roadside or hanged by the roof ;
    burned in the dark or battling for life in a hospital.
    They took her innocence.
    They took her life.

    Wearing short clothes was not her fault.
    Coming home at midnight was not her fault.
    Believing someone was not her fault.
    The fault was in their evil eyes.

    Call her Nirbhaya or Damini
    Name her Asifa or Priyanka Reddy
    Thousands like her living around us.
    Her horrendous scream ;
    trying to express, trapped by fear.

    Her soul yearning for justice not for the
    protests or candle march.
    The society scrutinized her and criticized her
    No one heard her howl behind silence

    Are they meant to be unheard & ignored again
    and again living life in a pity ;
    Without any justice?

    ~ Kankana Roy


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  • scrazyand 8w

    And she bears it believing it happens......

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    They said its okay dear , it happens
    Nevertheless whether you wore saree or hotpants
    She grew up thinking your stereotypes will be justified
    Once she shut herself and while her body was tied
    Surrounded by the manhunting eyes..
    She was scared and speechless
    Never asked for a consent but brutally be beaten
    When it finally over
    She realized she yet not died.. &
    All she heard was, it shall pass it happens


  • angels_halo_shines 9w


    I know what’s ahead
    A blow to my head
    Might as well be
    Then I could see
    When my vision is blurry
    I try not to worry
    As might sight will remain
    Making me want to refrain
    My memory is not so great now
    My therapist says I’m sick that’s how
    My therapist just sees me when cry
    I apologize, he says he knows why
    With all the nightmares he’s there
    His face, his evil face he didn’t care
    He was in it for my pain
    What did he have to gain?
    His grubby hands, on imagery alone
    Why I taken to the steps and shown
    I mustn’t have been the only one
    Me, I was on my own and done
    I hope you took everything you could
    You will be paid in full, karmic rules
    The stakes are high for you
    Doubling up not a good idea to do
    With no place to hide or run
    Signing your name as you were done
    Hoping you choke on your guilt alone
    I will take that credit, karma’s a bitch


  • vishnuuu_x 10w


    If women were characterless,
    Then the rape would have been of men.


  • dnswords 11w

    ती रडते , ती पडते , ती गुदमरते , ती किंचाळते

    तेंव्हा कुठे असतो हा

    Women's day


  • madinah_writes 18w

    There is a pain, growing inside me.
    Shooting out thorns, right out of me.
    Blinding my sight, burning my happiness.
    Taking another bite, pulling me to drowsiness.
    Your love is gone,
    Your hate is toxic.
    Once again you won,
    Making me acidic.
    Yet, I can't love, I can't hate.
    Anyone but you, with no cure but you.
    Dear rapist, I still hate you.

    #pain #rape #hate #sad #lonely #miraquill #writerscommunity

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    Dear Rapist


  • taytay_nicole424 18w

    *Sexual Assault Trigger Warning read at ur own risk*

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once harbored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #painter #wod #ruinedcanvas #rape #feels #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill

    *I want to give a very grateful thank you to @writersnetwork for reposting my poem, it truly means so much to me<3

    *Giving another grateful thank you to everyone who reposted my poem, just knowin that y'all enjoy my poems enough to share them just makes my day:)

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    Ruined Canvas

    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • dosbambi 18w

    Still on my quest to let in the world on the effect of rape on victims, especially girls...

    With so much having done concerning the right of the female gender, it's so unfortunate to know that, rape cases are still a thing around us, today.

    So, this is my contribution to the fight against rape. Writing in the third person to show the pain these victims have to suffer because one male human put his pleasure over the pain and person of another female human.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #rapeculture #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #africanpoet

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    Tolani, the damsel every eye wanted to keep in sight,
    every hand longed to feel and hug tight,
    with the skin the sun never set eyes on,
    beauty with good brains, everyone
    followed her to have a pick on.
    Calm like the dove, humble like the lamp
    everyone's favourite, with smile that's heavenly.
    ...until she was robbed of her innocence,
    dragged out of her heaven into misery
    by a boy who refused to beckon on discipline
    to help him put his manhood under the hood,
    and teach him to put his ego in check.
    Her big NO was a slap on his handsome face,
    and all his empty head could come up with, to keep face
    was to force himself on her and put her in a phase.
    A phase that forced her into the family way,
    the way she diligently refused to tour.
    Each night, sadness beats her heart to tears,
    the stars cry every night seeing her this way,
    in the day, her broken spirit continues to grieve,
    misery has come to dine with her, promising not to leave...
    Oh! Sweet Tolani! I curse the day that boy crossed her path,
    boy who took away her colour, and left her on a colourless path.

  • akoijr 37w

    Greeting to everyone.

    I need some guru to please help me with poetry writing.

  • nocturnal_enigma 39w

    * 29.8.2021; 5.56 A.M (Malaysia)

    * NOT about me!


    #Object #Challenge by @Miraquill (2 weeks ago)

    * Get away = Escape

    * Last line of 3rd stanza refer to the victim's inner voice. She tried to scream to make the pervert perpetrator stop the abuse. It also refers to what she want to say to those who like to victim-blaming. Blaming the victims means they have the same mindset as the rapists. Plus, worsen the trauma!


    #NuEmRape #StopRape #Rape #Stop

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    A rape victim's old bed ~

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was red.
    Blood stain of period remind her...
    when it bled, after being raped.
    She hoped that, she passed away.

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was being fed...
    with the rapist's lust...
    plus the victim's struggle to get away
    from the beast's thrust.

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was not for a newly wed.
    Lost her virginity, to a pedophile and she...
    lost her sanity. Report can't be file to police.
    No one to trust. "Stop it, please! Go away!"

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was a very bad bed.
    Old bed & mattress has been thrown away.
    She uses new ones instead. She still have...
    same old nightmares. Wish, she was killed.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • nocturnal_enigma 39w

    * 29.8.2021; 5.51 A.M (Malaysia)

    * NOT about me!


    #NuEmRape #StopRape #Rape #Stop

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    -ped ~

    Long ago, she was raped.
    No way to escape; Trapped.
    Her body couldn't be scrapped.
    In shroud, she'll be wrapped.
    Will her soul rest?; Draped.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • akoijr 39w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute