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  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Raw love is wildly the purest emotion


  • the__meraki__ 1w

    Your kiss turned me into a star.
    Kiss me more I'll turn into a galaxy!

    Let's dance while the moon is out
    And make love till the sun shines!

    Let me write a cursed poem,
    Adorned with metaphors of your love
    And irony of your betrayal!

    Darling O' darling...


  • the__meraki__ 2w

    Remember, remember!

    Remember, remember that summer morning
    You fell upon me like a maple leaf,
    The first time I melted by your warmth.
    Remember, remember that long walk to the hospital
    The pain I felt was an excuse to be with you,
    The first time I lied to get close to a stranger.
    Remember, remember that spring time
    Our love bloomed like the cherry blossom,
    The first time your gooey lips explored mine.
    Remember, remember that winter night
    You painted me with your endless hues,
    The first time my body smelled like you.
    Remember, remember that autumn evening
    You hesitated to leave me with that longing eyes,
    The last time I ever saw your alluring smile.

    You left me alone in this tedious world.
    You left me miserable with your undying love.
    You left me with a precious piece of you.
    You left us!


  • raw_writtings 2w

    When did I hurt you the most?

    When did i hurt you the most?
    Being honest, confessed all my sins
    Knowing you are way more than living beings

    You who promised to never forsake me
    Even at the cross, forgave my scheme
    The one you chose over yourself, how much worth is she?

    Just hear me clear
    Lord only draws me near
    Past life is only a nightmare
    When today isn’t playing fair
    I’m not asking my share
    Still i know only you care
    Today i was grateful to just to live
    A couple is trying hard to bring someone into the world
    There i was living so much of my life
    Thinking it’s only time that brought me here
    I’ve seen people cursing at time
    Saying it’s more bitter than lime

    She drown in her deeds, questions majesty
    When did i hurt you the most?

    Again and again it’s you who i blame
    Like from where did all this came?
    Wrong choice is all i made
    surprisingly your grace don’t fade

    You and i both were in different paths
    where you find yourself wrong in all maths
    No matter how far you try to go
    Grace,only about his grace you need to know

    we’re all broken
    Many parts are there still unshaken
    A gift called grace was given as a token
    Here i say it’s his Grace
    Behind the picture,in front of the mirror i face

  • knowingmyself 5w

    I'm back here after a whole year and this is what I've come up with. I just needed to get this out of my system because I don't know if this will make sense to anyone, this is only to get mental peace that yes I've shared it.

    16th December, 2021

    #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork #raw #hearttoheart #vulnerable

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    Rock Bottom

    Music cannot heal the cavity that is in my life. No reassurance can convince me that I'm capable of more. For months, I thought it had to get better, I hoped and hoped that there will come a time when everything will be better, when I won't be such a disappointment. And at this point, I can't think of a time when I wasn't such a failure or sucked the least among all the things I've tried in the past. I have no good reason to make you think why anyone could ever love me. And even though I have a partner who loves me very much, I think he deserves someone so much better than me. I'm such a mess, I've fucked everything up and I don't know how to pick up my pieces. Maybe it will hurt less tomorrow morning when I wake up but that doesn't make this post any less true. How can I expect someone else to love me when I don't love myself. That's probably also the reason why I wrote a post as to why you should never fall for me.


  • georgexo 8w

    Screw me holier

    Let's smoke, drink and dance,

    Eat, talk and laugh..

    69 and wine would be nice!

    Waking up to each other's arms in a bed of rose petals.

    Is this love at first sight?

    A fling or something over with a caramel flan..

    All I can say is my tooth is sweet for you..

    A sugar rush from tip to toe..

    Up she goes, down she wiggles..

    Up mines and don't fidget..

    Making us piping hot under the weather..

    Sweat, lube and thunder.

    Smack that, bounce that,

    Kiss her, lick her,

    Tease her, touch her,

    Caress, smother and taunt.

    As her fingers crawl deep in!

    And her moans echo,

    Wetter than sticky bj's..

    My tongue touches the right spot.

    Down with our lust..

    Up below me like we are downtown!

    Tomorrow is a new horizon..

    When all we both can say aloud is screw me holier..

  • joey_lee 10w

    Let the truth be free

    For years I could not speak
    Held my tongue and bit my cheek
    For years I've suffered alone
    No one to talk to in this broken home

    Who could I tell, what could I say
    It was your selfish lies that made it this way
    It was you who chose to do what you did
    Ended our love and destroyed both the kids

    Sure I stayed, but things aren't the same
    The way that I felt has long gone away
    Now just a word, a blurb in a song
    A tune of a girl who dun did me wrong

    Three long years since you broke my heart
    Discovered your secret and tore me apart
    I secretly wish you had died that night
    So my heart could view you in a brighter light

    But l try moving on one day at a time
    Each day it hurts less than it did in its prime
    Though the trust is gone, together we grow
    Where we go now I still do not know

    And still I'm unsure if I can ever forgive
    But no mater what, I'm here for my kids
    Maybe one day our love will renew
    And also the trust I once had for you


  • upasana_07 11w

    Little pieces

    The mystery in not knowing you , how raw you sometimes are but act matured . How dark it's out their ,but you have been shining like a star . You are not this brave common .. you want to cuddle ,cry out , sleep like a baby , be vulnerable . Deep down you know you hold a pride . It's like your soul is speaking metaphor . Are you worth it ? Is it really worth it ?
    Excuse me ! Should you be asking these questions ? Worth " is such a shawallo voice of your existence . You exist , you will be loved , you will be heartbroken , you will be taken care .Now just take care !
    You dream of holding it together but the plan is tomake it stay scattered . To show you your all the versions out there .
    Just stick on to the bed ,have a sleep and feel the bounce of love ❤️

  • ticklekink 22w

    Strike 2

    I had a strike 2, but I wonder why..
    The poem removed was raw and metaphorical..
    Words are a vehicle of expression are they not?
    To express feelings, emotions, raw artistic integrity..
    Whomever I offended I apologise but kindly ask, could you next time let me know direct if what I write something that bothers you in some way because a strike 2 was quite unnecessary..
    I read it and yes I use the word fuck as I have many times before in my poems and quotes, also sentences that express my own awareness that I have caused hurt to people I love and care for..
    I'm not sure what exactly the problem was..
    I respect everyone's views and thoughts, please just let me know next time.. I humbly ask..
    Mirakee, Miraquill perhaps people should be able to inform others anonymously if they feel any discomfort from someone's words too, maybe strikes can sometimes be avoided..


  • ticklekink 27w

    Love is not a transaction but a burning flame within you. When it burns the core of who you are, it is liberating.  

    - Sadhguru

  • shalu_bhati 28w


    The biggest difference between us??
    We both were the same.
    And who can defy the laws of science?
    Repulsion won over "that" attraction.


  • vishrutimanhas_ 29w

    A little more...

    I never intented to fall for you.
    The whole idea was nothing short of a scandal, that we both knew.
    You called it my delusion, an unfelt desire driven by passion
    To get you, to feel you beside me,
    but feelings ain't ideal, nor is our love.
    Like water, it flows passing every cliff and trough.
    I know that and you do too, how deeply I feel for you,
    no matter you reject or accept but it stays abreast like sun in the sky- unmoved, untouched and irreplaceable.
    You castaway this feeling, telling all the lies that even your eyes reject,
    I know this too
    you want me to reset the things
    and go back to the place where everything was unloved,
    like a question that was never really asked,
    like a moment that never really passed,
    like a breeze that never really touched your face.
    I know that too
    And trust me I do try for you.
    I know that you want me to go but
    Let me stay a little longer so that I can love you a little more.

  • sarcasticbong 29w

    The 14th celestial vibe
    With every new celestial ride, we take a jab at things people don't want to be talked about or unleashing the personalities and their imaginations.

    Here's a raw version of the conversation
    How the brain works with multiple personalities.

    #celestialvibeseries #celestialvibeseriesNgen #raw #bongsnewphase @writersnetwork @inborn_scribbler #bongspersonalities

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    (Celestial VibeNgen #14)

    The protagonists are :
    Dib the broken rib,
    Bong rather be wrong in "( )" and
    The silent rhymer in " "
    ("Bong wants me to keep a low key").

    "Red wine river Nile party night cloud nine"
    It violates the rules of laws like a playtime
    Wait, I would recall it a later time under the crew line.
    They learned something new, a nexus timeline grew
    Just like a sci-fi town near the north to the west where the wind weave, clever claws new laws.

    "How do you think all this multilayer faulty slayer salty future".
    Don't you know you are me and I is you,
    We are in the tongue twisters crew remember the clue.
    One rhymer fellow variant Oppenheimer We claim. to be admired, Alzheimer turned blue fibre, did I miss something fellow timer yellow rhymer.
    "(Add a meta-reference)"
    " I have that bot born living con ref, but won't write it".

    Slow down silly clown moving town
    The night is young, so are you
    Your long lost love will never back to you
    You possess the negative aura
    She was your red flora.

    "Why am I being a two-dimensional glitch, did you read that something else I wanted to call it a damm cliche".
    "(Add a damn fucking red room reference)"
    "What is wrong with you man, I did it
    Read again".

    Unable to write, out of sight flying kite
    Moving sky circling moon shy immune.
    Why the duck popping ads erotica scads".

    The protagonists are trapped in a dilemma
    and unable to talk any further, kindly wait for our next celestial ride.


  • taytay_nicole424 30w


    Drowning in vodka bubbles
    Incased in the dark crevices of my mind
    Forever chained
    To these merciless demons of mine

    Why is it so hard for people to comprehend
    That these slashed crimson lines upon my skin
    Are the only thing strong enough
    To keep these frigid guitar strings in my body from snapping away

    Judging me with knives and sneers
    "Attention whore" "freak" they all roar
    It's easier to critique when you aren't the one on the other end of this silent war
    When you aren't the one on the other side of this dark door

    Don't pretend to care
    There's no need to worry
    It's just a little cut
    No harm done

  • taytay_nicole424 30w

    Oh Momma

    Momma's barely making it gripping tightly to a thread made of paper and a man made of abuse hibernating in her dungeon surviving on her meds

    Oh momma why can't you see that you aren't alone, that you aren't the only one hurting why must you wither away in this false kingdom with that damn toxic prince you call a "fiance"

    Oh momma please listen to my cries. I've always been a scared, scarred little girl crying out for her momma as the wolves devours her alive

    Oh momma just feel the light I try to shed your way push open those dangerous drapes to a world you have shut off, to a world with us your kids, your grandbabies

    Momma's days are numbered if she keeps going on this way skinnier than a Victoria's Secret model cause she never eats so far gone it seems that not even hopes or prayers can get her to stay

  • heeraj 34w

    The Tree

    He dances in darkness
    With her lover on his shoulder
    The death sits in distance

    As he sat under the tree
    Eating silence of the distant dreams,
    The world seemed crazy someday,

    The black mole on her skin
    Peeps like a hungry raven
    Who delivers messages
    For crumbs

    They made promises under this tree years ago
    To remain together forever
    He is back to ask the tree
    What was his fault?

    The tree weeps
    As he hangs a rope beside her
    The midnight air sighs

    The struggle is no longer one
    The soul wisps out
    The tree bears the witness
    Of another death

  • revathychandrasekhar 34w

    Every fairytale has been told,
    Every customary folklore has been enacted,
    Every verbal folklore has been believed.

    Ever questioned the quiddity of the folklore?

    "Be generous to offer alms for the schnorrer"
    Being generous with the intention to help or just to become virtuous.

    "Be kind to feed the starving stray dogs"
    Being kind with the intention to fill the appetite of the selfless creatures or in search of virtues.

    "Don't walk under the ladders"~Who committed the sin? Neither the ladder nor did I.

    "The era of kings gone by,the age of hypocrites revived
    the say of serving people as the eternal prodigy."
    The verbal lore passed from generation to generation.

    The Tale of Mahabharata has been told as the war between Dharma and Adharma.The tale of Karna has never been told until it has been asked.If doing good deeds has been counted then the man of good deeds lost his mastery towards his art and the intent behind the mastery has been questioned atlast.

    "Every good deed counts." ~Everyone believed and so I.

    "The intent behind every good deed counts"~The folklore that has never been told until the inner spirit of one understands.

    Raw & Unfiltered
    Revathy.E ❤
    #wod #tale @writersnetwork @mirakee #raw #unfiltered

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  • manjunath_s_murthy 35w

    As it is

    I don't want
    my poems to be
    I like them
    as it is

    like a poisoned

    If I manipulate
    them to attract
    the readers,

    my heart
    calls me a
    fucking liar.


  • heyoka_warrior 35w

    The mask it keeps you
    From smelling the foul odor of this world;
    The mask it keeps you
    From recognizing the virus of hypocrisy;
    The mask it keeps you
    From contracting and transmitting diseases;
    The mask it keeps you
    From speaking truth, being real, being raw;
    The mask it keeps you
    From freedom of expression and frustration;
    The mask it keeps you
    From breathing fresh air of life;
    The mask it keeps you
    Silenced, fake, shady, but grounded;
    The mask it makes you sane and insane;
    Put it on, take it off—
    Depends on the health of your mind
    And the needs of your soul.


  • themystique 37w

    The Depths of the Sea

    Because I'm tired of being surrounded by disingenuous people who feel it is not only acceptable to tear others down but powerful.

    I'm tired of fighting to get through the day just to wake up and do the same meaningless task and routines again. Tired of selling my life to survive.

    I don't want to survive.... I want to live! I want to wake up and appreciate the way the clouds are filtering the sun. For my first breath of the day to be full and fresh. To feel as though my bones are filled with helium rather than weighed down by lead. I am no longer interested in using my happiness and time as a currency in society. I want to open my arms and jump, letting the wind pull me where I am meant to be. I no longer care about fighting against the current to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE!

    From this moment forward, I will drift through the open sea and embrace the depths and mysteries of life. I will stand at the edge of a cliff smiling, daring for someone to push me down. For even if I fall, I will still reach for the clouds.