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  • random_student 3d

    I realise the more visible you become in people's eye, They less importance you hold in their life.

  • the_secret_pen_style 3w

    Losing someone who doesn't love you,
    Is actually a gain not a loss.

  • thoughts__around__ 4w


    Even if I punish you
    hard, you cannot
    realise the pain I
    had, when you hurt.

  • enxzone 4w

    The Rise and Downfalls of Life,
    You called it a Learning Curve, an Experience...
    Deep down, familiar with it... I knew
    It's nothing more than the real way to live Life.

  • enxzone 6w

    We Can't Reset Our life, However We can Reset Our Connections,
    Growing Old,
    Acknowledging We have been Terrified of Losing things with No Worth.

  • souls_solace 7w

    Dear someone I love,
    I was content with what I had, and you walk in out of the blue. I either knew you for so long, or sometimes met you on the spot. In every case I be nice, and at times even fake a smile. Then one day I notice you sigh, I make all attempts to keep your morale high. That is where we beign to bond, I remove the mask I always put on. There you begin to see my scars, help me heal them under your tutelage. Then I begin to count on you, with laughs and tears and scandals. One fine day, you have a choice, of someone, something or some place nice. You break the heart that was on my sleeve, leaving me quizzing my self worth. And in that moment I realise, you were not someone I love, you were just everyone I loved. A friend, family, a relative or someone. You're not a person no more, you're just a pattern I dote on.


  • kasturik 17w


    Don't dare
    to plan a dream
    Until you have dare
    To complete it.


  • danswrang 21w


    They said, "be mature".
    Maturity is when you see others pain besides your pain;

    Maturity is when you feel that you are going behind while others are going farther;

    Maturity is when you realise that you are sacrificing your dreams for the sake of others and still smiling,
    And ain't I sacrificing mine?

    And they said that I am not mature.


  • miss_sunshine1909 24w

    One day, I caught myself smiling without any reason, then I realized that I was thinking of you...

  • moralight 29w

    #now #eternity #love #childofGod #realise #believe #live

    God speaks, you just have to listen ��

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    Give me a pen, I'll paint the mystery with words
    Give me your hands, we'll walk to the hill together
    Give me your ears, I'll speak to you of a love so great
    But Give God your now, He'll take you to eternity where you belong.

  • moralight 29w

    Does Love Bleed?

    Does Love bleed?
    Or maybe just a shade from reality
    Does Love live?
    Or maybe nature is it's boundary.
    First conceived to nature, flesh thought it knew His beginning,
    Held by the hands with fine wines, they thought they were His creator.
    Love walked in the midst of seen, though they saw Him not,
    He had a vision of "future believe" , He's the salvation.
    Words spoken before He arrived,
    Prophecy had to take place.
    Love healed, He gave all
    But still beaten.
    Love saved, He's greater
    But He took the fall.
    Happy; they killed a King
    they felt fulfilled, but there was something greater.
    Now the future rises
    We have many who believes
    And we know that Love bled and He lives.

  • moralight 30w

    Be wise to know, life is precious and not an object to destroy or end whenever a feeling crashes right before your eyes.

    #lifeofateen #lifeifapoet #realise #believe #live #light

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    So duely the present gets lost in the past
    A shade to the light ,It's a phase they say.
    Your human is going to turn you down, break you down even to the last piece.
    Lots of memories to make
    Visions to bring to the light
    You've got one life, so you either live it or leave it.

  • moralight 30w

    Be wise to know, life is precious and not an object to destroy or end whenever a feeling crashes right before your eyes.

    #lifeofateen #lifeifapoet #realise #believe #live #light

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    So duely the present gets lost in the past
    A shade to the light ,It's a phase they say.
    Your human is going to turn you down, break you down even to the last piece.
    Lots of memories to make
    Visions to bring to the light
    You've got one life, so you either live it or leave it.

  • moralight 30w


    I want to stand up against my past and win this battle of purpose, I can't let Me become the silent breeze that has no story to tell the over thinkers, or the water fall that has no beauty in it, I can't be a soil with no fertility, I can't be the bricks that builds broken homes. I don't want to be a worthless royalty,I want to stand right beside my words and fight my battles to victory.

  • moralight 30w


    You don't need to be someone else to define your worth, your beauty, you uniquely exist to play your role not someone else's

  • moralight 30w


    It's the fire I see that's making me turn back.
    It's the army behind it that's making me run from this fight.
    I'm scared to be defeated, I'm scared that I might fall.
    I don't want to take the sword of responsibility and then fail,I don't want those that expect my win to then regret their choices.
    I think it's better no one knows me,I think I better run from the face of the devil and be my own hero by sparing me the pains I'll feel if I fail .

    I think ... I think to much I guess, I'm voicing the whisperings of the dark without even realising.
    No one is caging me here but myself, I'm letting the darkest voices sway me to a cage of fears. I've got to stand up and stand tall,I don't want to be a foolish hero that takes away my responsibilities and gives me guilt and more fails.
    Though the fire's spreading, it's trying to scare me, it's crossing it's bar since it's sensing my fears and the army is holding no sword believing they can crush me with a look.
    They don't stand a chance now, I'm not going to let down those that look up to me , I'm not going to let me down above all I'm not letting my creator down.I wasn't made to be a coward but I live for my victory.

    When the dark army least expect, they didn't even see it coming.
    I came rushing like the wind of my spirit,my strength is seen, don't underestimate me.
    I walked through the fire,I gave a smile of victory even in the face of the army.
    I needed to do nothing more ,they fell to their defeat in the darkness of the tombs.
    My strength wasn't in my fighting,I just needed to face my fears.

  • moralight 30w

    #realise #believe #live #lifeofateen #lifeofapoet #light

    Realising your self worth is really a necessity in every individual's life, because only then people's words won't define who you truly are or your existence.
    You're really more than what you think, always learn to love you ��

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    I Found Me

    And slowly I faded away
    To the thoughts of always being nothing but a subject to my fears
    To the nights that cuddled with my tears
    And to the day that brought nothing but scares

    I gave in to my seemless doubts
    and everybody's words became my guide.
    Each step I took walking to school brought a long list of my actions in my head
    Not being myself became my everyday plan
    I had to stay hidden in my hoodie to keep safe from the words I might hear or the faces that became my everyday's terror.
    I wasn't me I was someone else.

    I could hide my face in that hoodie of mine but not my size,I wasn't the beauty they wanted to see.
    I was the bloated fat teenager;they hated.
    I couldn't be confident in who I was , I wasn't proud of me, I lost my images to their hate.
    There wasn't one pillar to hold my fallen castle within,I just needed to spill and be free then the wind became my diary.

    Accepting who I was became difficult but the story changed when I found out who I was.
    I realised that I am not just a worthless human or the bloated fat teenager my peers painted.
    I raised my hands against the bullying,I raised my hands against all the pictures they painted of me, I said NO to even my thoughts.

    I needed no violence to make them stop their ignorance,I just needed to be BRAVE and be proud of my scars cause my scars are the symbol of the thorns I walked through to be who I am

    I proud of who I am
    I'm proud I'm me

  • stellaire_mystique 30w

    Life mein Sai kya hai galat kya hai ye toh tumhein waqt batayega...
    Par tum sahi life mein ho ya nahi ye toh tum or tumhare halato ko khud hi pehchaanna hoga.

  • shashi6 30w

    #priorities #value of birthday #value of persons #realise

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    Remove ur birthday date from social media no one came to wish you except ur family and some friends who never forgets you forever so realise it

  • stellaire_mystique 31w

    ...Ek pal ka jeena...

    Har din mausum ek jaisa ni hota
    Sadiyaa beet jati us ek pal ko us jaisa banane mein
    Ha yakeen barso baad jake kahin hum us ek jaise pal se muktalif dor par rubaru ho pate hai....
    Or jaise hi hum us ek pal mein jeena shru kar hi rahe hote hai ki vo beet jata hai...jaise maano kabhi vo tha hi ni....fir sab sapna sa lagta hai bas us pal ki chahat mein hum apni puri zindagi bas dorne mein hi beeta dete hai....or jab us aakhri waqt pe jaake pata chalata hai ki ab ruk chahiye or zara than jana chahiye.....
    Toh ander se bas ek hi awaaz aati hai...
    " Mein voi pal hu jo sadiyo se tumhare ander hi tha....par tumne kabhi ruk ke dekha hi nahi , khabhi tham ke socha hi nahi , khabhi sabar se mujhe suna hi nahi....mein chillata raha ki jeelo mujhe ek pal ke lie kya pata kal rahu ya na rahu "
    Par tum toh apni dorne ki jung mein itne mashroof the ki tumhare pass kabhi waqt hi ni tha....or aaj jab tumhare pass aakhri waqt hai toh tum mujhe jee nahi sakte...
    ! Alvida !