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  • santor_674 46w

    The Rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now..

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    When a Rose Bloomed in Winter!

    And when I relish about the years bygone , your phony and bland promises still dawdle in my ears. Reciting the symphonies of your ineffective melodies - I lay in search of what these resonance beholds - the whacking of my aphonic soul or the giggles of your hideous laughs. Trailing back my drawer , I found your photographs that lay deep underneath the withered petals of heliotrope that you bestowed me at the shallow lane across my residence. And that shallow lane left back memoirs that settled deep inside the retina of my eyes. All those magnolias and redbuds that showered on us ;as we dreamt of us together fluttering in a folk tale. And now I sidle down the shallow lane as I could glimpse of the trodden footprints and the scent of the florals still wavering in though winter had gathered up with it's heap of snow flakes. I caressed those fantasies I built up in my journal picturing us with a tinge of blues - which the rose petals adorn to dress themselves and bloomed out afresh. The thorns pricked my thumb which became a tranquil leading to solace over the bed of cactus. For it was the rose he lent me years ago that symbolized the hoax of our eternal love. For I went to lock the window when one of our polaroids swished to the frozen lane , which reminded me of the fact of how can a rose blossom in a winter and then I contemplated that everything you gave is just an illusion

  • deep13gk 47w

    Wondering for something new
    In space saw a lot of things
    Like colourfull stones, Planets,
    Different kind Of lights
    Different kind of things

    After sometime
    I saw a planet full Colour
    That attracting myself to their
    Ship monitor told that this planet
    Name is "Earth".
    Then i turn my ship the to way to this planet
    Place where i landed my ship
    Is look like wild area
    Full of different kind of small
    And big plants
    The sky is light blue colour here
    Mud is in dark brown colour
    I am full of excitement to see
    More things here
    Then i saw some people here
    Their body is different from us
    With the of ship equipments
    I trun myself into look like them
    I hide my ship with invisible light
    Then i visit come in between these
    They can't recognise me.
    I am running around here n their
    Then cause running i came to area
    Full of things
    Here to much little -little shops are
    Together but every shop
    Have different things here
    Some People are walking
    Some are sitting in mud
    Some are shouting
    Some are eating
    Here people eatable things
    Are also different
    Here some people are full evilness
    Some are very cute and innocent
    Like me :) :)
    I can read everyone mind
    But they can't mine
    Here people are very strange
    Laughing inside crying outside
    Crying inside laughing outside
    They show opposite reaction
    Like they are inside but don't show outside oppositivly they show false smile on their faces
    I am full confusion here people
    Are greedy to rich bully poor not like our :( :(
    Here weather also change
    Like Summer
    Rainy etc
    In Summer day become hot too much
    In winter its full of cold
    In rain drops shower start from sky
    I didn't saw Things like this anywhere in space
    Oops now have to get back on my plant
    Here a lot things still i haven't saw
    Visit here after time

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    A small trip to Earth


  • the_speccy_outsider 47w

    So distant from indigenous land, It entered a place that was yonder. Onto a voyage it had been. To visit Earth was a dream, hence It decided to do so. It had heard a lot about the human race and had thought how fascinating these beings were.

    They come together to celebrate every little thing. Like the birth of a new human, or the fact that the human had turned a year older. To carry out processes that they call rituals for a superior spirit that they worship known as God.

    All this and the scenic landscape that Earth had. So different from the planet that the one It belonged to. Earth was a place where a plethora of different organisms lived together forming a living chain, interdependent on each other.

    The world on this blueish green planet was like a dream, for the planet that It lived on seemed too false. They didn't have so many vibrant colours, myriad of smell, and most importantly the soft and mushy thing that these humans called as clothes.

    But what really flabbergasted It was that when it started to walk on the road, everyone seemed as though they had seen a ghost. They made fun of It, laughed a lot, threw all kinds of things and screamed something that by the tone of it did seemed demeaning. Someone even flashed a device that nearly blinded It.

    It had also heard of the 'types' of skin colour that these humans demarcated amongst themselves. The 'fair' ones wore the crown of supremacy and the rest were considered as inferior and subject to shallow treatment. Hence, It was glad to know that not everything was perfect between these humans.

    They recite mellifluous words of unity but when the time comes, dare to falter to keep it in place and blame their own. It was at peace to know that the land where it came from didn't have such segregation based on the appearance of each being.

    Therefore, it strode off to the bewitching caelum for this dream was not much of a good one. It hoped that maybe over the period of time things will change on planet Earth and all these humans will abide by what they speak about unity and equality.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

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  • inked_selenophile 47w

    You, me, us, and the moon ��❤
    @/squared I miss your presence here��❤


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    I will build a home for you
    in the sky beside the moon
    to let you recite the poems
    which I jotted down for
    you, me, us, and the moon


  • writers_ink_ 47w

    I recite my poetry with the memories of your love beside the facade of people lost in the daily dilemma like me...

  • puchka 47w

    Pages indexed
    You pick
    Now and then
    from your head
    Recite those incidents
    Where I'm made to look insane

  • stelly 47w

    Whether you are near or far
    I recites your names in prayers
    When I gives my blessing to you.

  • sou_scribbles_ 47w

    I don't know what was that....might delete it later����
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    @writersbay @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Little does he know...

    Little does he know, that I've safely kept him treasured in some unfathomed part of myself.....hidden from all of the world.
    He is the zephyr that takes me away from all the chaos of my storms.
    He is the balm that heals my wounds after the day's wars are over.
    Shattering all my walls with his magic spells, he has conquered every imperfect bit of me, but little does he know,
    That my victory lies in being defeated by him.
    He resides in my eyes....
    He makes his presence felt in each of my breaths....
    He reigns over my heart....
    And little does he know,
    That my heart recites his name like it is her heartbeat...

  • wilmaneels1 47w

    So you can write your lies
    Force them to recite it
    But you know the echo of those words will call you out

    Because they are just words
    They mean absolutely nothing without action

  • sproutedseeds 47w


    My life recites loudly
    to the people who
    listen and observe me
    silently to
    understand my
    Journey through
    stumbling blocks
    to stepping stones.

  • bellemoon99 47w


    I'm not fond of people who recite other people's hearts instead of showing their own.

    I'm not someone who will allow others to think for myself while I'm clueless at home.

    I'm free to be who I am, you like it? Great! You don't! Great too. After all, this is my life. This is my crown.

  • samridhi_tripathi 47w

    In the midst of despair I was somewhere within me, finding my happy place in the battlefield of self-war, making bridges out of dead past and decided I will do it for myself. I will recite my story.

    -Samridhi Tripathi

  • thoughtsprocess 47w

    Yes I think that
    I don't need to reclaim
    my heart
    I shut my ears
    Yet I hear clearly
    My heart recites
    your name only
    When I try to ignore it
    I feel that
    the whole universe
    synchronizes with it
    The valley of silence
    echoes your name
    The waves of the ocean
    call it loudly
    I can hear it in
    Chirping of birds
    I can feel it
    in the sound of raindrops
    I can hear
    the cool breezes
    of summer
    humming your name

  • consequences 47w

    "Time flies, messy as the mud on your truck tires
    Now I'm missing your smile, hear me out
    We could just ride around
    And the road not taken looks real good now"
    -- Taylor Swift, 'tis the damn season

    @writersbay #recitec #choose

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    Withering flowers and unspoken powers

    I grew daisies and sunflowers
    in your heart and watered
    them all winter only to
    lose them to the stakes
    of the upcoming spring, coz
    darling, there are times when
    flowers don't wish to bloom
    and rather wither, and you are
    so powerful my love, even
    the spring wants to wilt.

    You are a poem which
    gets more autumn into itself
    when recited, and believe me,
    I've had a 'beautiful' journey
    from lush greens till oranges
    and mere tints of crimsons.

    I'm missing the beauty now.

    ©consequences -- 23/06/21

  • bubbly_bluebells 47w

    Reciting poems is an art
    Toungue twister mingles sorrow,
    mirthful pains baking clay models hot red
    memoirs of love & faith
    cherishing minute emotions

    Feelings endure to survive
    amongst worldly affairs
    Hair entangles,swim in words to sneak
    terracotta desires in the furnace of heart

    The way they warm up happiness
    Fan history in abode of mystery
    Camaflouged in concoction
    Do you love poems? #recitec

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    I am an old soul
    Cause love listening
    Traditional tales
    Sail for village stories
    & retun to allegories
    Reciting prayers for beloveds

  • anamika17 47w

    I recited the poems of our love
    Through your deaf and blank ears.
    Though I know you're reaction- less,
    Still I poured down all my emotions
    Delineated through rhythmic force.
    Remembering those golden days,
    Harvested our days and nights
    With countless loving quotes
    Recited toward my vibrant ears.
    Can't you recognise my feelings,
    Why are you so passive and ignorant
    To my sublime joyous reactions
    To your apparently freezing cold touch.
    Allow me to ignite the hidden fire
    Lost and ambivalent emotions for me.
    Let's recite again the love poems together.
    Reincarnation is on the way,
    It's time to re-establish and reorganize
    To recognise our eternal proclivity.

  • stardust_writes 47w

    I don't know if this makes sense at all��
    #recitec @writersbay

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    I recite your name like some hymns,
    only to find the shrine in your heart is
    already taken.


  • jaya___ 47w

    Let me recite
    a poem of grit
    Overpowering resilience
    To hold her ground
    Tearing through haze
    Struggling through nights
    Still emerging strong from where
    No hope is found.
    Thoughts strangulate
    Any flickering warmth
    In the cold she fights
    Her tumultuous wars.
    She lives with grace unparalleled
    In sadness profound
    Her strength towering
    Above pallid ground.
    Keep fighting, love
    Just know you are
    not in it alone
    No bombs can stop the lilies from blooming
    in a dark war zone.
    You are a phoenix
    Who burns at its prime
    Only to rise anew
    Better, sublime.

    © Harfkaar 23-06-21
    For my sister on her birthday.

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  • bohemian_ballerina 47w

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    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart
    And watered them all winter only to lose them.
    I blew heart shaped helium balloons
    And gathered them at your feet only to see them burst.
    I painted the sky mauve with the paint of love
    And it bled red like a torn poster.
    I gathered my boat of destiny to the shore
    And found that you pushed me back into the deep sea.
    I like the moth kissed you, my candle lover
    And fluttered in happiness only to witness my burnt wings.
    I recited my wishes like an old ballad at the altar
    And wished for you to sit on the throne of my heart only to find you sitting like the King
    And treating me like your Slave.


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  • loves_passion 47w


    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and, your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now but, the memories buried in them still haunts me by making me recite the false promises in the poetries that you had made to my blind eyes with your crocodile tears for never leaving me alone in the chaos world by chaotically breaking my heart.