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  • fraz92 20w


    The moment of reckoning is here.
    The instinct to hide is futile.
    The day of judgment is near.
    For centuries we eroded the sphere.
    Spared not a foot or mile.
    The moment of reckoning is near.
    Fluids wasted, sans concern nor care.
    To the past traverses the isle.
    The day of judgment is near.
    Once relief, it now offers despair.
    Fiery chasms rise up and rile.
    The moment of reckoning is here.
    Desecrated with smoke is the air.
    It births fiends, oh so vile.
    The day of judgment is near.
    The reaper’s scythe now must prepare.
    As thought with evil is beguile.
    The moment of reckoning is here.
    The day of judgment is near.


  • claralynne 27w

    Rain And Tough Terrain

    I have grown tired.
    Tired of writing.
    Tired of fighting.
    I'm not even sure what I'm fighting to gain.
    Is it days filled with sun or rain?
    Do I desire smooth sailing?
    You don't really learn anything that way.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    That's what will cure this pain. That's what'll get me off this plane. This plateau of nothing.
    A purpose is what I seek; it's what I desire.
    I loath the day that I lost my fire.
    A perfect storm.
    It came and all turned to ash.
    Cold, wet ashes.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It comes again and again.
    And now, I just sit back and wait to see what will transpire.
    But I already know that's not how it works.
    The answer lurks.
    I need to hold my head higher.
    The Phoenix cannot rise above and fly if I'm not holding my chin up high.
    Rain and tough terrain.
    It's causes me so much pain.
    How will the Phoenix ever fly from the ash if the rain keeps falling?
    I can't help but wish the sun would quit stalling.
    I'm so tired.
    I wish the skies would quit bawling.
    At least at night.
    So that I could write. And poor my feelings out on a blank page of white.
    As I understand it, storms come and go.
    This storm is slow.
    Its hard to remember who I was when the storm began, what seems so long ago...
    I'm missing that spark; that inner desire.
    Stagnant. UnInspired.
    Rain and tough terrain...
    It ought to clear up soon, I'm sure. It just has to....
    I know there's more to my world than just cold,wet ashes. So much more.
    So as tired as I am, I will conquer this tough terrain no matter how far it may go.
    And I will charge through the rain until it clears.
    Tired eyes with tears.
    Face-to-face with my fears.
    Fighting through the storm.
    My destiny.
    Trusting the universe.
    Finding my answers through time.
    Knowing the Phoenix will fly in due time.

  • thebhavnasaxena 130w


    Innocence fed on sweet lies
    Marches to its death, not
    Knowing that the bliss it
    Wishes to stay in forever,
    Is but a bubble of ignorance
    That must burst one day in
    The hands of reality, and
    Somewhere in the shadows
    Lurking in corners, waits the truth;
    In the crimson aftermath, it must
    Pounce upon a child's mind grappling
    With loss and faithless tides of time;
    In that moment of reckoning, from
    The heart of the truest believer,
    A monster thirsty for vengeance is born

  • theinkmermaid 149w

    Reckoning. And time to forget a very bad dream. #askyfullofstars #reckoning #poem #verse #prose #poet #writer

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    It took one night of drunken stupor to finally muster the courage to tell you what I've always wanted to say. For two years, I bade my time. I didn't even know I was waiting. I must have come close a few times, I'm sure. But I did it this time. Told you I loved you, and you were my muse, that you always would be. I also thanked you for spoiling Coldplay for me forever. And your reply? You cut me off yet again. Blue ticks and a missing profile picture. Blocked. My heart sank. But it has sank so many times. Now it sank to an indescribable depth. I felt numb. A numb sort of ache. But I felt lighter all the same. Maybe I was now the water and not the ship. Maybe now, I could listen to Coldplay and revel in the music like I once did. Maybe I'll forget you finally, like a very bad nightmare.

  • ecf_poetry 178w

    Your stolen, secret glances
    Don't terrify me anymore.

    You wouldn't even know
    Where to start,

    With the woman
    I've become.


  • joker_from_the_himalayas 188w

    Sometimes we feel really lost when someone is gone. But life doesn't end there. It is but a gateway to something much larger than who we were. It is the reckoning of who will be !!
    #end #reckoning #she #friendship #love #betrayal #heartbreaks #reality #joker_from_the_himalayas @shaliya @writersnetwork

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    The End-A reckoning

    It took me a while,
    but I realized,
    She was not the end,
    Rather, she was the beginning,
    A reckoning of the journey,
    Of friendship and grudges,
    Love and betrayals,
    crushes and heartbreaks,
    She was the door to reality.

  • bragisrant 190w

    Tales of Heartache

    I sit here, looking at this screen,
    this blank screen but I dare not look away,

    I'm afraid these days, of letting my eyes wander,
    letting them wander off into the faceless crowds,

    I'll go looking for her face if I look away,
    go looking and eventually find it,

    sitting right across, too close for comfort,
    I steal a look every now and then, away from prying eyes,

    I catch her eyes and sometimes am rewarded with a smile,
    a smile that makes it impossible to look away,

    I must but tear myself away for I'm afraid,
    I'm afraid if they stay too long I might not be able to look away,

    I must but cleave myself away for I'm afraid,
    I'm afraid that they'll be the reckoning of me,

    A reckoning that's been coming to get me,
    it's been around the edges but it's found a way in,

    I'm afraid this reckoning just might be the end,
    the end of all I was and all I'll be,

    when all is said and done,
    I'll lay there bare with black in my heart,

    black that will once again bleed into paper,
    it'll bleed and as it was, it will be once again,

    I'll be filled to the brim of black ink that writes,
    writes only of tales of heartache and infinite sadness...

  • bvr_sw 196w

    these days

    these days the stars told me to break free.

    the moon says to shine my own light,
    don't be dependent towards the sun.

    its brightness will burn my wings.
    i have to learn how to fly with falling.

    these days the dark grows longer,
    time ticks slower
    fear creeps faster.

    but i have to battle them, the tarot has aligned.
    i'll need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

    i'll need to grow in a place not my own.


  • blown_logic 221w


    It wasn't the beginning nor was it the end,
    To the path of sorrows ,soon to become our friend,
    To be or not to be ,wasn't really that mattered ,
    but the hopes that had shattered ,
    A path taken so wrong bleeded red,
    From the ledger that was torn to shreds,
    The new beginning I thought was up,
    But it was a new reckoning that said wassup,
    Knocking on the doors of pain and suffering ,
    For the warmth wasn't really reccuring,
    And the silence was the only thing that then crept ,
    In the darkness with which I slept ...


  • daniellevyas 225w

    On the final day of reckoning
    I will stand confident
    I chose love over hate
    I manifest joy out of pain
    I turn trauma into dedicated healing
    I loved strong and eternal
    I built souls
    So when all is calculated
    I know I've followed my purpose
    ~ Danielle Vyas

  • lilacsandroses 230w


    Love is a powerful force to be reckoned with


  • pcbrooklynerye 233w

    Days and days
    Go by in silence
    It's hard to explain
    When you're entire
    World changes
    In an instant.
    How much it
    Affects you in
    Every way
    Lips so cold
    As your icy
    How I didn't see
    It coming
    No one says
    What they truly
    Mean always
    True agendas.
    The silence was
    Once a comfort
    Now it's suffocating.
    Nothing's changing
    For the better.
    Backstabbers by
    The dozen.
    Lies strangling me
    Pathetic deceptions
    It's frustrating that
    All of you think
    I'd fall for
    Them do you really
    Believe I'm that
    One day you'll
    All regret how you
    Treated me
    How sweet
    That day of
    Will be.