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  • sunidhiraiya 106w

    Red Queen is part 1 of the Red Queen series. This is a set of 4 book, completing the series. There are 2 short stories associated with these novels as well.
    A great blend of power, thrill, magic, betrayal, strength and overwhelming emotions. This book is grasping. It won't let you leave. You will be amazed by the twist and turns. The thing you won't imagine happening, will happen.
    You will feel living in another world, growing with the character, stronger yet weaker. You will feel love with a breath of pain. You will cry. You will feel proud. By the end you will long, for more.
    The best part is she will give you more. Three more books and every book leaving you same way. This first book is the build up of story line, interesting and un-putdownable. It will stay with you for a long time.
    I will post about it's 2nd part soon. I am already finished with it as well.
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    Book review

    Red Queen
    By Victoria Aveyard

    Book 1 of the series.

  • queenofhearts1491 112w

    The Red Queen is a Symbol for a Strong Woman. She can be good or evil, it all depends on you.
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    Beware of the Red Queen

    Beware of the Red Queen,
    She has endured so much already,
    You won't be able to hurt her,
    Not with words,
    Not with deeds.

    Beware of the Red Queen,
    She can be both,
    Sweet but angry,
    Innocent but cruel,
    Charming but merciless.

    Beware of the Red Queen,
    She can be a great support,
    To give you strength,
    To give you hope,
    To give you love.

    Beware of the Red Queen,
    She can take you down
    In the blink of an eye,
    So watch your step,
    It might be your last one.

    Beware of the Red Queen,
    She can be your most powerful ally
    Or your worst nightmare,
    So tell me,
    Which side will you choose?


  • random_rubbish 181w

    Book hangover

    I tried hard as I could
    I swear I did
    I drooled over the last chapters
    Read, Reread... Over and over again
    I thought I could somehow stop it from ending
    But I also wanted to know how it ends
    I dragged my self
    Gathered all the courage I could acquire
    I grieved over it
    But it was worth it
    Immediate regret
    I was struck by what I did
    There were no pages left anymore
    Those fictional characters I had grown overly attached to
    It's all over
    No it isn't... I cry
    I ended it
    I hate myself for it
    I wish I could whisper in her ear...
    " can't we start it all over again, from the beginning, can't I relive it "
    But I sigh...
    She is just a fictional character
    I start fantasising like the little girl
    Who thinks all her fictional friends still do exist. Somewhere. But they do.
    I go back to her for that same comfort.
    Yes they do. I assure myself.
    I have send them all to a better place.
    "They are real.
    I'll be there someday "
    I tell my self, as I shut the book.


  • trinhd 199w

    Inspired by War Storm by Victoria Aveyard.

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    Behind the Glitter and Gold

    Do you ever wonder if something goes so well, that you question that maybe it could be planned? As if it was a trap. If...getting something you wanted, something you have been longing for, without even trying, you might think yourself lucky, grateful even. Too easy. Seducing you by your desires. Blinded by your happiness for obtaining it. Perhaps it was all a plan- you getting what you want, then being tested, and ultimately being used. All because it was glitter and gold- so pretty.


  • trinhd 200w

    Mine is Maven. I know he is the antagonist but he is such an interesting character.

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    Red Queen Series

    Who is your favorite character?

  • trinhd 200w

    Red Queen Series

    Mare x Cal(Calamari) OR Mare x Maven(Marven)

  • girl_with_the_pink_phone 215w

    Love makes you weak. And she's right. I learned that before I even knew you."

  • writer_chick 257w

    Sometimes his silence is better than anyone else's words