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    Red Queen is part 1 of the Red Queen series. This is a set of 4 book, completing the series. There are 2 short stories associated with these novels as well.
    A great blend of power, thrill, magic, betrayal, strength and overwhelming emotions. This book is grasping. It won't let you leave. You will be amazed by the twist and turns. The thing you won't imagine happening, will happen.
    You will feel living in another world, growing with the character, stronger yet weaker. You will feel love with a breath of pain. You will cry. You will feel proud. By the end you will long, for more.
    The best part is she will give you more. Three more books and every book leaving you same way. This first book is the build up of story line, interesting and un-putdownable. It will stay with you for a long time.
    I will post about it's 2nd part soon. I am already finished with it as well.
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    Book review

    Red Queen
    By Victoria Aveyard

    Book 1 of the series.