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  • husnachikwela 5w


    I am Chikwela grands daudghter,
    Am I a good writer?
    My poems are they better?
    Like other my fellow poeter?

    When studdying at St. Peter,
    Reading one poem of poeter,
    I like to become writer,
    Magazine show me other poeter.

    Kazima I was a sister,
    My writers were not greater,
    I could not reach meter,
    I stop being a creater.

    New student when she inter,
    She was having a suppoter,
    Her first submission were sweeter,
    Her works were in printer.

    She works up me letter,
    After I have got neswlater,
    Dew to her good poster,
    I become again a writer.

  • jojos_tiny_chapter 5w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #end #feather #refrain

    Two souls lost in the vastness of space,
    Together amongst
    the impossibility of existence,
    They somehow found each other.
    Every abandoned hope
    hides, behind these eternal feelings.
    Like marvelous sunsets
    behind those black trees
    filled with hues of pink
    and orange and purple
    and yellow and blue
    all mixed together
    into one thing that is
    much too beautiful to even be real
    But it was real !
    And so,
    all they wanted to do
    Was save it and hold onto it forever
    but we all can't.
    Eventually the sun will set
    and we will be left with nothing,
    wishing for all those hues to come back.
    Like falling feathers
    we glide -- we clock,
    we watch, the hours fade.
    Wishing wells forever echo our wishes
    painted with feathers of lost memory.
    Like falling feathers,
    floating with the delirious winds
    I wished to be together
    Yet, I've lost all my kins.
    And just like another plundered lover
    I am watching the world move on
    without him.
    Dancing in the dark,
    hiding all freckles and moles,
    I expected this loss 
    could make me stronger
    but in truth,
    I break at the very 
    sound of goodbyes.
    As, I undress his memoirs
    in the monochrome of secrets,
    just like those colorful palette
    that will always revert back to gray,
    no matter how many rainbows are above.
    Shadows feel hot beneath my hand,
    and slip from sweet to salt-
    Easily ,
    I let trivial things transcend me
    to the point I'm either enraged
    or in tears feeling this annihilation,
    while clinging
    to the potential you and us
    I see in my mind.
    How arrogant is the night
    in its possession of the moon?!?
    How do I reject this jealousy
    when it wants to comfort me?
    I am just a part of someone
    whom I've lost in a matter of time.
    I thought that love would last forever,
    I was wrong.

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    Falling Feathers

    I clawed at a feather
    in a bid to catch the poor thing
    yet the more i tried,
    the further away it flew.
    I questioned myself over
    why i wanted
    to catch it in my hand?
    I realised
    I desperately needed
    something tangible
    to hold on to.
    Like the night
    in its possession
    of the moon.

  • cutie_hedgehog 5w

    If it's not you
    why is your name on my mind all the time

    If it's not you
    why only you can calm the storm inside me

    If it's not you
    why did God brings you to me


  • euphoriccree 5w


    You promised to never leave but you left.
    Maybe someday you'd realise you broke all your promises
    Because it broke me too but I just had to leave you.
    Maybe someday you'd stop acting like you've moved on,
    All it does is make me sad and feel like I was never important and I'm mad.
    Maybe someday you'd realise I still want you,
    Because it's still you I think of when I fall asleep and when I wake up.
    Maybe someday you'd realise I'm scared to move on,
    Because I have this hope and still feel uncertain if this is really the end of us.
    Maybe someday you'd realise we weren't meant to part,
    Because I still love you and my heard aches for you like it was pierced with a dart.
    Maybe someday you'd realise we could last,
    If only we could come back and understand what we once lacked
    Maybe someday you'll realise my worth and come back
    I just feel this way even if it could be untrue I'm still not through with you.
    Maybe someday you'd come to me and say "Hey, I want you back because it is you I've ever lacked."
    Because that's my only hope and I know it is dope.
    Cree Sameon♡

  • gaurangig 5w

    #refrain #wod

    We live in a world of peace and war! What is someone's peace, is someone else's war! Tried to show the contrast here!

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    In places far away

    Love blossoms
    In places far away
    Hatred erupts
    In places far away!

    Red brings life
    In places far away
    Red spills blood
    In places far away!

    A soldier martyrs
    In places far away
    An enemy dies
    In places far away!

    Peace is beautiful
    In places far away
    War is plentiful
    In places far away!

    Playtime is toys
    In places far away
    Tiny hands hold guns
    In places far away!


  • emptypen 5w

    By the lakeside, the moon adorns the sky. The cool breeze adds to the unreal beauty. She let her head full of thoughts on his shoulder. “What is happiness? What is peace?” she thinks to herself. She has spent a quarter of her life in pursuit of happiness and peace like every other human being.
    Noticing the chirpy bird silent for several minutes, he questions it with a blank face. She continues to treat her eyes with the ethereal sight of the moon shying away behind the clouds; just like she avoids eye contact from him due to shyness. That is when he places all his affection for her on her forehead. While she is trying to calm the butterflies in her stomach, she gets her answer.
    Maybe, happiness is being in a safe and secure hideout, out of the chaotic world. Maybe, peace is having a companion, not a master. Maybe, it is about being in the moment. It is forgiveness and letting your heart fall in love again. Happiness and peace is his presence here and now, beside her.

    #refrain #wod

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    Maybe, happiness is being in a safe and secure hideout, out of the chaotic world. Maybe, peace is having a companion, not a master. Maybe, it is about being in the moment. It is forgiveness and letting your heart fall in love again. Happiness and peace is his presence here and now, beside her.

  • an_empty_chest 5w

    #refrain #wod #pod

    ����//It's sad that I'm slowly forgetting these memories but more worst that I can't erase 'em completely from my brain//����

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    I don't feel you anymore
    But sometimes...

    While crossing the lanes we once walked together
    I remember.

    On those fallen flowers that you picked and sprinkled over us
    I remember.

    Between those sleepless nights and doomed days when I close my eyes
    I remember.

    I do feel you some more.

    Around my chest when your hands were enveloped in bear hugs
    I remember.

    When that strand of your long black hair was left on my white tinted T shirt
    I remember.

    When my leg stumbles on stones by the roads and I don't find your helping hand
    I remember.


  • silhouette_of_a_poet 5w

    My song hovered
    Like a capricious summer breeze
    Over your slump shoulders
    A tiny mound of despair
    While the warmth seeking winds
    Played blues on repeat
    As the sky painted silent hues
    Winter pouted her lips and turned her heel
    Seeing a scar on her flawless face
    As your lips sprouted a tender smile
    I don't know if you heard me

    My serenade frantically searched
    For your warm smiles
    Trying to fill a perceived absence
    The skies shared my hopes
    The winds sung mellow tunes
    And wafted them up into your room
    You wore a smile like
    Your favourite dress
    I don't know if you heard me

    It was difficult to sing a reprise
    I was parched yet I sang
    The breeze brought tears
    And pleaded the scalding skies
    To share your sorrow
    The melodies were drowned
    And my voice trembled
    And met you soaked in the rain
    I don't know if you heard me

    I heard my days were numbered
    And wrote a ballad
    The skies were vibrant
    Like the embers of my love
    The gales cleared the way
    And the song met you
    At a grove
    Dreaming in white
    On a love that may ripe
    Wearing a smile no one could swipe
    I don't know if you heard me

    #refrain #wod #love

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    I hope this makes sense


  • mangowrites 5w

    Act of treachery

    What am I doing?
    I know not myself
    Chasing after a dream I know I cannot reach
    Hoping for a fantasy that I will never support to turn reality
    For my own sanity I should have left
    Yet here I am
    Still unmoving
    Still relentless in my chase
    Still struggling to put an end to the feelings
    People change
    Relationships change
    Seasons came and went
    The only thing that does not change is my treacherous heart which continues to grow towards the forbidden region
    What am I doing?

  • nibras 5w

    The mountain trail unfurled in front of me
    Sun speckled, beaten, trodden
    And decked with leaves
    In the midst of noise, a patch of peace!

    The other world around me warped
    Into a haunting, shrieking mystery;
    But my heart was oddly at ease
    For the mountain trail unfurled in front of me

  • nostalgia 5w

    #refrain #wod

    In a parallel universe,

    G O O D B Y E S

    Don't sound like a death sentence
    Whispered by your French lover
    When he kissed you for the last time
    Under the street light last night

    In mornings you wake up to skies
    Painted by Van Gogh's prodigy,
    You step out the door
    Humming Hozier and Eminem
    Looking like
    A million-dollar movie star
    Straight from the pages of Vogue
    Walking in the streets of New York City

    In a parallel universe
    Where farewells
    Aren't mass graves,
    You're allowed to heal and
    Lick your wounds in silence
    And stitch piece by piece
    Your torn spirit, 'cause

    In a parallel universe
    There are no goodbyes
    And love never dies


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    In a parallel universe,
    don't sound
    like a death sentence.


  • _firefly 5w

    Her soil is pursed with the
    brightness of the dazzling
    moon and it's stars, who
    danced joyfully in darkness.

    Her soil is pursed with the
    sanctified souls, running free
    under the vast azure compiled
    with serenity and hope.

    Her soil is pursed with the
    scents of fireflies singing
    beguiling aubades of beauty
    when sun kissed the ocean.

    Her soil is pursed with the
    metaphors drawn out from
    Shakespeare's sonnets, now
    inspiring newborn poets.

    Her soil is pursed with the
    beauteous tranquility stolen from
    the sunflowers and butterflies
    who reside beneath saffron sunset.

    _firefly // An imaginary city.

    #refrain #wod @writersnetwork thank you for❤

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  • veronica099_ 5w

    #Mirakee #refrain #wod #pod


    The aroma embraces our home as incense burn.
    Candles, Diyas everywhere,
    Fairy lights hanging from balconies.
    While the Moon flashing it's brightest smile,
    The fireworks adorning the sky, amazing little children.
    Conchshell and the bells playing a choir,
    welcoming the Goddess.
    They say, she will bless you with prosperity.

    While I, sitting by my glass window,
    Staring at the lit up road;
    Laughing, embracing, sharing joys.
    I remember we talked here
    My voice all shaky, sweats dripping.
    But you, calm, determined, like a soldier.
    You knew your aim, what to concur.

    I refused, that I won't fall.
    That the wound would be eternal,
    When the leaves dry, and the Sun sets,
    And suddenly, we would be strangers.
    Huh! As if I have ever listened to any.

    Months passed, memories made,
    Thousands of butterflies took flight.
    Even in the middle of the nights,
    When the short arm of the clock,
    Crossed way past one.
    Millions of dreams, numerous promises.
    That I forgot to take the Poets' Lane, for weeks.

    You say the chances are bleak, odds are many.
    And the rules which we ought have broken together,
    Has fastened our ankles.
    You say you heard my silence,
    And I, found my world in those shining eyes.
    As we are here today, all those unfinished talks,
    Reduced in a mere full stop.
    And you failed to read this Silence.
    "So you lied", I smirked.

    That little girl on the streets,
    Screeching on the highest.
    The Lotus, she's been cherishing,
    That she didn't let anyone to peek,
    Dried; the petals grown pale.
    Her cry rising high, cheeks more red
    I'm smiling, like that Moon;
    Imperfect, flawed, wounded.
    My cheeks wet, eyes red,
    Yet this voice couldn't make a sound.
    My hush flowing through her shriek.
    I see myself bleeding, in blue.
    But today, I refused to fall.

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  • sproutedseeds 5w


    3rd line in every stanza is a proverb
    and " not" my own.

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    ENJOY LIFE (refrain)

    Every Morning sun rises
    with a day full of hopes
    Make hay when the sun shines
    Don't die before death comes!

    Love, laugh, live this one life
    before moments become memories
    Time and tide waits for none
    Don't die before death comes!!

    God has scheduled our life
    there is a timing for every miracle
    Do not push the river it will flow by itself
    Don't die before death comes!!!

    What has to happen will happen
    blame game is a waste
    Patience is the mother of virtue
    Don't die before death comes!!!!

    © sproutedseeds

  • treble_clef 5w


    Ever wondered why since ages people have been looking for elixir of youth.?

    Well thank you @writersnetwork for this pleasant surprise ������������������ #wnluv

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    Just a number?

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the receding hair
    that's rapidly changing color 
    and now can be counted on fingers

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the gathering wrinkles 
    which once were called soft and supple
    now wilting on the shrinking muscles

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the slowing wobbly gait
    needing a stick to share the weight
    Or two extra hands to keep you straight

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to the ever weakening senses, 
    the hours of the nights spent sleepless
    the tremble, the tremors, the uncalled penance

    Age is just a number you say? 

    Tell it to your ignorant future self
    that one day will sit alone wishing longingly
    for those wasted good ole merry days. 

  • hoorbanu98 5w

    Refrain you♥♥

    Everyone is break
    Once sun is rise then their is sunset too
    Nobody, on time flew
    You me everyone wants to grew

    Everyone is break
    Moments are true
    All of them knew
    While some are new while others are blue
    Everyone is break
    Don't be scared you can take a break

    《 20-10-2021 》

  • crystal_snow 5w

    #refrain #wod #stormc
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN(17)

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    I wish I could wear a royal cloak of golden hope.
    I wish love would streak my hair red with baby hearts and braid it.
    I wish I could hold hands with faith and walk on a carpet of October leaves.
    I wish yellow flowers of happiness grew next to my pale lips.
    I wish baby pink blossoms of kindness would weave a dress for me.

    All I never wished to see was a storm of hatred evolving in my eyes.


  • _ritwika___ 6w

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @miraquill_assistant
    #wod #refrain

    :) well it didn't came out as I wished...
    Here you go ♡

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    Her eyes look like unheard stories;
    Stories of fairies and witches
    Dark sorcery and delight magic
    Of the pirate sailing over the world

    Her eyes look like unheard stories;
    Stories of pain and sorrow
    Darkness of the walls with a pinch of hope
    Of miles unheard from the distant shore

    Her eyes look like unheard stories;
    Stories of love and faith
    Dwelling through pain
    Of bliss she would never face

  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    * 13.10.2021; 8.06 P.M (Malaysia)

    #refrain #wod @miraquill

    #ConcretePoetry (Hourglass) #NuEmConcrete

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    For awhile ~

    Wild eyes searching me for awhile.
    While my eyes don’t smile.
    Smile of my lips...
    is seen from a mile.
    Mile of distance.
    I force a smile.
    Awkward me.
    I’m so weird.
    Odd circumstance.
    My teeth are seen...
    while I hide my fears.
    and wipe my tears.
    It’s not long; Just for awhile

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • vegiisaur 53w

    I know

    Don't worry I'm fine
    Don't worry I'm okay
    Don't worry I'll smile
    Don't worry it isn't fake
    I know you do love me
    I know you're not lying
    I know it was a mistake
    I know you'll keep trying
    Don't worry I'm not crying
    Don't worry I don't care
    Don't worry I'm not hurt
    Don't worry it's not fair
    I know I'm your only one
    I know you'd take it back
    I know we can't be done
    I know... I won't pack.
    Don't worry I'm right here
    Don't worry I'll forget
    Don't worry dry your tears
    Don't worry I'm over it
    I know you still need me
    I know that was all
    I know it's the truth
    I know I've heard it all
    Don't worry I'm fine
    Don't worry I'm okay
    Don't worry I'll smile
    Don't worry it isn't fake