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  • jasthics 14h


    One step,
    for a selfless cause
    may touch lives.

    One step,
    in a path unwalked
    may make wonders.

    One step,
    that destroys none
    may leave no regrets.


  • caughtoncamera 1w

    Sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan them. It tend to put a lot of pressure on us. If I could turn back time, there are people I would kneel at their feet and cry out sorry. There are many times where I ask myself “ Will I fall? Am I going to fail?” the pain of realizing how much you hurt someone who really cared and did the most for you can be unbearable. You know how the seed of discord can linger on your mind. You wish you could just hide your face in the mud but you wake up everyday thinking about them. You miss their warm hugs, their beautiful smile, you wish you could run to them and say I am sorry. You wish you could say to them “it’s been a long time since I have felt this way but now, I’m controlling my mind, the days are young, the nights are cold, I’m found and even the lord knows I need something to fill this void” but these thoughts tend to vanish because your ego wouldn’t allow you vomit it.
    This regret can force you out of your comfort zone but in doing so gives rise to a more complex problem called change. Change as we see can be the toughest thing one can decide to adjust to which is perfectly understandable. No matter what stage of life we are in, we are bound to make certain mistakes but it is down to how we treat those mistakes. Are you going to live all your life regretting that mistake or you are going to take charge and make sure you don’t repeat that mistake again. I remember listening to one of Oprah’s podcast where she read a quote out “ if you know better, you do better.” Life is a learning process.


  • debangana_gogoi 2w

    Honestly all I could think of writing in mirakee in Love. I have no idea why! Happy Reading ��

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    Are you my mistake?
    My mistake which I would regret in life?
    I who am lured by your personality
    I who stand awed, enthralled by your charm
    As if bewitched.
    It's addictive
    The peace which I get while talking with you
    I share minute details of my life
    Even at 3 am in the morning
    Why do I do so?
    We're nothing more than friends
    We're nothing more than just friends.
    Then why do I find peace with you?
    Why do you mean so much too me?
    Am I making a mistake?

    By loving you so deeply?
    Yet not confessing it?
    Am I making the mistake of my life?


  • risefromash16 3w

    The reflection hurts

    When you look at yourself long enough, you see lifetimes of decent

    In a time I should be wiser, I fail prey to the savage I call my mind

    Broken roads and wretched paths led me astray

    So into the void, we go! Dark and grey

    Tell me the solution and this tongue will cry a river of excuses, tell it lies and it will shed tears of joy

  • geeeeeethasri 3w


    Putting extra efforts on a heart which is not meant for u...!?

    OK fine the extra regrets will be yours
    Very sooooon```


  • stellaire_mystique 6w

    Samajh Aae Toh Samjhana...

    Kuch chize na samjh se bhut upper....
    Or practicality se bhut bhar hoti hai.....
    Bas shayad voi chize hai jo hume kahi na kahi ek dusre se jode rakhti hai...
    Pta hai dosti , pyaar sabko hota hai or sabke sath hota or shayad sabse difficult bhi yhi hota hai.....par jab hota hai na toh jo uss moment ke lie sirf ek second ke lie jo pride wali , top of the world wali feeling aati hai na.....kahi na kahi hum is zindagi ki race mein sirf ek uss pal ke lie hi bhaag rahe hote hai...par bhaagte bhaagte hum ye bhul jate hai ki hume rukna kha tha.....ab zindagi m U - turn ka option toh hai ni toh ek station nikal jane ke baad hume agle par hi rukne ka moka milega or hum ye soch kar aage badh jate hai ki agla station isse bhi jada khubsurat or sukoon bhara hoga...par hota toh kuch or hi hai na hum aage ke sawalo ki chah mein peeche mile un jawaabo ko bhul jate hai....jo ki hume kahi na kahi humari hi asliyat bata rahe hote hai....par ab kyaa fayda hum bhaagne mein itne majboor hote hai ki raste mein khud hi khudse kyun na mil jaee....par hum fir bhi khud ko kuchal ke aage badh jate hai....

  • poetically_yours 7w

    Feelings fade, so does memories.
    What really stays with us,
    Are regrets; for not living the moment.

    © Poetically Yours

  • fzr_0618 7w

    Endless regrets

    There's a place I know all to well
    A place of nothingness with crowded shelves
    Lined with books filled with all my regrets
    Of all the things I never said
    The opportunities I let go to waste
    And all the memories I was scared to make
    When nights are quiet and I'm all alone
    My mind wonders off to this dark place I know
    To reread all the words engraved to those pages
    That reminds me of all the what ifs
    And robs me of my dreams
    This regret never seem to fade
    And my fear is the only one to blame

  • himayan_writes 7w


    It's been ages since I heard from them.
    It's just the autumn breeze now, whispering their name.
    Sometimes I wish I'd run into them down the street.
    But then I wonder "Would they be pleased to meet?"

    I dream up scenarios in my head,
    I speak up and say things that I never said.
    We sort things out and we start hanging out again.
    My chest feels lighter and I'm free of pain.

    I miss my friends. I wish I stayed in touch.
    I wish I hadn't left and they loved me so much!
    I guess this is the price to pay,
    To be The Doctor from Gallifrey!


  • solus_thoughts 8w

    My availability is my choice...
    My choice is also my choice...
    No regrets taken...


  • nivedha99 8w

    Wondering as I go.....ages as it passes
    Still I be the same....


  • isidoredelpierro 9w


    When we were little we were taught,
    to think before we spoke,
    and plan before we acted.

    We didn't learn till the day came.
    We were behind enemy lines,
    full of regrets.

    Oh! The monsters we'd woken.
    We couldn't put them back to sleep.
    Could we?

    Oh! The ginnie we'd let out.
    We couldn't put him back in the bottle.
    Could we?

    Oh! The crying baby reaching out for air.
    We couldn't turn her back into a foetus.
    Could we?

    Oh! The words we'd let slide off our flippant lips.
    We couldn't unsay them.
    Could we?

    Oh! The cum we'd jerked off.
    We couldn't put it back into the pipe.
    Could we?

    Oh! The souls we'd slandered with our evil tongue.
    We couldn't un-kill them.
    Could we?

    Plan, learn, let sleeping monsters lie, wish good, teach the children, be kind, think healthy, be truthful.

    You can sink in regret,
    Or just do the next right thing.
    But you won't, will you?

    Or you can try to run away from nemesis.
    Run like you've always done,
    like the little girl you are.

    On your mark! Ready! Go!
    Alright, champion.
    Let's see you run from your shadow.

  • lostthoughts73 9w


    Random costumes Dancing ballrooms
    All these memories made we forget
    Lace your arm you Palm to palm you
    Lock my fingers cuff me to the bed

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm chasing
    I've come up to breathe
    Your touch becomes my Greed

    Dwelling sighs Peace inside
    Empty rooms full of regret
    Was it a part A broken start
    What could I amend?

    A kiss in the night I've found you
    Close off the blinds No one around you
    Wake me inside I'm waiting
    I'm begging on my knees
    Your touch becomes my Greed


  • afifafouz 9w


    All i want is to breathe......

    After lot of stupidity finally i realised that I ruined my life.......
    Can't speak to anyone about everything I faced.........
    Heavy heart mind block.........
    I felt as if it's the end of everything now there is nothing left to get up and walk again........
    Thinking to end up life because can't explain what just happened..........
    Mind is full of guilt......
    Thinking of parents to talk but can't.......
    I just broke there trust I just broke them in to million pieces don't know how to explain them the same thing just got me to death.........
    Just like them I too trusted some of my friends and ruined my life and there trust thought.......... For the last time I want them to understand me forgive me....
    I want to go out of this guilt and broken soul.......
    Want to start something fresh out of toxic friends family and the past The guilt is killing me inside........
    Now it's just I want to breathe.............

  • hash_sassy 10w


    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by emotions.....
    Do you ever regret you were born........
    Do you ever wanted to off your emotions , like the vampires do......
    Than this is for you,
    You need someone's shoulder to lie on......
    You matter....
    You can go through your hardships with your friends........
    You matter to them........

  • the_sovereign_poet 11w

    I started exhausting myself,
    to keep me busy,
    to forget you,
    To live my life freely again...

  • k_kshitij 11w

    I imagine the last day of this life and wonder whether the regret of silencing the voice I loved the most would haunt me till that day !?


  • suprajaasubbu_94 13w

    Sometimes I sit by myself and think that humans are weird either they want to win the race or else run the race. No one wants to walk allied segregate unity.

  • akshay_vasu 13w

    Birth and death of a leaf

    #akshayvasu #birth #death #life #regrets

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    They were all searching for death and life in different places. But there they were sitting on the same branch of the same tree while looking at the same leaf. Every time death let out a breath, the leaf gave away life. And every time life took a breath, the leaf pushed death away. Someone found this tree and let the ones who were searching for these two know about it. And they came in search of this tree and stood in front of it. They saw the life and death on that branch and began climbing that tree to seize them. The moment life and death gazed at these people, the tree vanished and placed itself as a reflection inside each one that tried to climb. Since that day, the birth and death of the leaf have been happening inside each one of them, and every moment they wish, if only they hadn't touched that tree.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • meline18_hk 14w

    Of many things that
    we don’t own in our lives,
    Let our regrets be ours at least.