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  • roseanna 24w

    Anna Come Back

    Mold Anna
I am Anna
But Anna feels so far away right now
Anna hasn't been to her core in a very long time
Anna doesn't even know who she is
And maybe because she has caked on so many different things
But to peel them off feels empty
But when Anna can breathe, she is then free
And secure
And satisfied

  • roseanna 24w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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I have given you
    everything in me
    to keep you
    I spend my time searching for
    pieces of you
    the tiniest amount
    just to feel the loss of you
    a little less

  • roseanna 24w


    My love
It’s not your fault you don’t know
    Or see,
You see
This drug has a mind of its own
    Making my mind

  • roseanna 24w

    It’s painful to explain why I relapse, but this was the best way I could explain. #addiction #relapse #addict #cocaine #drugs #drug #abuse #recovery #aa #coke #thoughts #rehab

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    Lost on Cocaine Highway

    I don't know how to tell you that Izzy has came back, my dear
    She whispers things in my ear
    Tells me she's so sorry I'm in pain,
    And reminds me of those beautiful times, we kissed in the rain
    She looks me in the eyes, and tells me she just wanted to see me again
    Take me on a ride to get away for a moment, just like old times
    But the old times to reminisce on are never truly that far away
    But time away with her feels so much longer, so I try not to focus on her
    To keep the longing at bay
    No matter how long our times been away,
    She insists again, again, again
    But the screams aren't in anger
    They are in a rush of pleasure
    Of the thought of us together
    She makes things so exciting, my dear
    She comes to me frazzled, excitement never lessened,
    Boasting about the world, and all the joys that are near
    There are new peaks to reach, she says
    A better feeling to feel,
    We get in the car, and step away from the fear
    I tell her a short drive, remembering her lack of care
    But I trust her way of knowing the perfect way
    And we start driving so fast
    That I can't remember where we even started
    Going so fast, I am forced into the moment
    Holding on to that moment
    We speed through the lanes,
    The world is moving so fast,
    I look around to see beauty,
    Colors, faces, nature,
    The beauty of the world will last
    But I'm amazed at how everything I see as beautiful,
    Also quickly moves past
    Izzy asks you why I'm so depressed
    I look at her and tell her my life has darkness
    That I can't surpass
    A life of confusion and wistfulness,
    That is only escaped at home by sleep
    Or a slow paced walk, to calm my head
    Can we not think about it right now
    And stay in this moment
    That gives me a glimpse
    out of my mental torment
    Izzy starts to sing
    A loud beautiful song, meant only for me
    Making me feel so special, she kisses my cheek
    And tells me there's no reason to weep
    For she is there, with me, and will show me all the beauty to this life
    Going so fast, feeling so happy,
    Hearing her sing, and watching life go past,
    Makes my heart skip a beat
    The police pass, and I realize they aren't watching
    Us go flying through the road,
    No paranoia
    The rush is incredible, every cell letting go
    No sad thoughts anymore, I am never alone
    We drive so far
    That I don't know where to go
    But I do know, we need to get on the road
    That will lead us to go home
    My eyes are tired, my head is spinning
    I'm getting frustrated I don't see an exit 
    No wonder I feel burning
    In my chest, anger boiling
    Izzy keeps trying to comfort me, but nothing is working
    Izzy understands, and tells me she understands I have to go home
    I ask her what way, and she tells me to listen to the sound
    of my own intuition
    She reminds me I know God is near, 
    And he knows the way, off the highway
    So I can get home and pray
    As i start to pray, there's a deer in the way
    In the middle of the road, calm as could be,
    I'm trying to get home, can you just let me be
    A sudden slam on the breaks
    And know this is part of God showing me the way
    All at once I am still
    And Izzy looks at me confused
    I hate that we are still, 
    But will sit there until, the deer goes away
    And I feel the movement of no choice go away
    Izzy tries to leave the car
    But I can't stand to watch her go
    How can she leave me here all alone
    When my head is still
    Stuck in its own loop
    But doesn't want to stop the thrill

    I sit their nauseous, and think about going home alone
     reality starts to hit
    And maybe she's right,
    These are the moments I can't quit
    I look at the deer, and see it's simple life
    But I can't escape my own head, 
    And will never be that type

    I shouldn’t have let Izzy
    Get me to cave in
    Every ride with Izzy
    Leaves a hole in my heart
    Making it a little harder
    To say that final goodbye

    I should have learned
    The ride is too much

  • behrupiyaa 69w

    I’m sure I’ll do my living well
    Even if I don’t
    I won’t sell Coc and meth
    Yall have any idea
    What happens to that homes
    When their daughter is snorting meth?
    For the grams how many times
    Did she slept?
    How many times
    She herself drowned by the guilt
    And got slapped?
    I’ve seen the folks claiming they are khandani
    Flaunting their Armani
    Poor they sold their morals
    And whisper vanda nahi?
    Tu banda nahi
    Bandi ko band karke
    Tu insaan hi nahi

  • rodney 70w

    22nd September, 2020.
    11:23 p.m.

    If you know someone who needs help with their addictions. Help them with kind words not with rude confrontations. We all suffer from addictions. We claim theirs to be bad? Yes, it harms their lives and the people around them. But that doesn't mean an addict isn't suffering. They all need another chance, someone to reach out to them and lift them up from their pit. Recovery is hard but the will to become sober overshadows it. Right? Hope we could atleast help one soul to give up on their addiction by being nice to them.

    #addiction #druguse #rehab

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    Audacious addiction's intervention.

    Please, don't leave.
    Please, let me in.

    Please, give me a chance to prove you wrong.
    I promise, this won't end like our favourite song.

    I need your help to extract my pieces out of this loop.
    I don't want you to carry me around the block.
    I don't want you to stay in all around the clock.

    I need you like the bird needs trees.
    I need you like the earth needs gravity.

    I need someone, someone to guide me around.
    Say hi and not get buried in the ground.

    I need you but my addiction needs me.

    I love you but my addiction melancholically intoxicates my body.

    The ways we both were raised are bipolar.
    While mine was diabolical, yours was uncannily dissimilar.

    Yet we fell in love with eachother.
    That's why I need you to walk a little further.

    Help me to stand up without emptying these bottles,—
    They've become my walker.

    I need you, I need to feel love a little more sturdier.

    Maybe then, maybe you.

    Or maybe it's just me.

    Just me who could help myself to think clearer.
    And, see my life a little more brighter.

    Maybe only I can maker myself better.

    Maybe, just maybe you could just stand there in the corner.

    Like, the teardrops running down my face like ocean water.

    I could wash away my sins and rinse myself in holy water.
    And, finally live together.



  • poison_girl01 82w


    Why do you keep telling sorry to her.?

    ~because she matters to
    me more than my own

    Came the beautiful reply..❤

    "Never let your ego/attitude get the better of you.. Because it can definately ruin you best kind of friendship/relationship."

    Sometimes a sorry doesn't hurt..


  • introspective_kumar 93w


    Some habits just dont want to get off our back.
    We can do it, just a bit of determination we lack.
    Let it not get the best of you, stand firm.
    It makes you restless initially, but benefits in the long term.
    Talk to yourself, treat yourself, provide some motivation.
    The results will come, you will win over your addiction.
    Good Luck!


  • cheypoursout 95w


    A game played by millions, but there has yet to be a player who has won or who will ever win.

    At first embrace, it envelopes you in the warmest, most comforting hug. When it comes to saying your goodbyes however, a fight..
    kick, bite and shove.

    When it comes to bittersweet, there is zero comparison.

    It is the coping skill for the many who were never taught to cry. For the people that thought strength meant to keep a quiet, dry eye.

    It is the the toy for the child that tried so hardly to impress. The kids with the the parent that couldn't have cared less. The parent who didn't intentionally damage. Because they too, were emotionally famished.

    It is always a taker, never does it give back. Unless, its something you would much rather lack.

    I'll give it one sitting ovation and to experience it so, I give you all no invitation...
    But only the strongest survive this monster, disguised as that single missing piece.
    The hole you've longed to fill, ever since you realized your soul wasn't alive like everyone elses;
    Instead it derelict & deceased.

    Surprise, surprise us sad little guys. There is light at the end of this tunnel. So little light, I should call it a funnel.
    Ha, how cliche. Do it now before its now at the price of your families dismay.
    I Implore you to fucking help yourself..
    because like from the beginning,
    Nobody else will.
    You are even bigger than this monster, your strength will do the kill. No matter how deep its teeth, no matter how shrill.

    Some may have slipped up.
    Been fooled by you once before, maybe again. That doesnt mean that you have to do it without help, maybe even# a friend.
    If you are struggling out there...
    My name is Cheyenne, these are my hands that I extend. ❤
    Please follow me, ill stay until youve beat this. Until the very end.

  • colorizer 98w

    The mask

    The mask that I'm wearing isn't just an echo of my past.
    It is the antique that I've held onto
    So that
    One day I'll get back to you
    And hence myself.


  • ala_the_wolfie 112w

    I keep imagining things
    Things that aren't okay
    Like I just thought about me getting hit by a car and going into physical rehab
    I don't know why, but I think about things like that a lot
    I wonder if people would even care


  • shriti_das_ 116w

    Your love for me is like intoxication
    And I'm sorry
    I'm on rehab!


  • orange_by_design 117w


    I would do anything to get you back
    I would go any lengths to get you back
    My heart still races when I see your face
    But i don't think I can clone my mistakes
    Kept Harming myself
    Till I stopped all your thoughts
    My cuffs hide the scars
    From your bluffs that i caught
    Consoled my heart you'll come back to me
    Told myself that I should just let you be 
    Cz you'll be mine soon whence come the night
    Sharing my bed and holding me tight
    When you'd not return for days I'd be waiting
    Until I crumble and then start relapsing
    Till at your convenience, you do come back 
    With wounded soul and broken arms,
    I would still take you back 
    I am not the same, the one you left behind
    I've been to rehab and I have tried 
    Tried to get over you, Yes I have 
    Stories made up of you in my head


  • _poetry_queen_ 121w

    I Am Sorry..

    I’ve tried to take it all on my own
    The lies, the truth….the reality of your words
    But something inside me has changed
    And I don’t recognize the reflection that knows how to hurt

    I’ve done things that I shouldn’t
    I’ve hurt myself in a way that I didn’t deserve
    To the person behind that dark soul
    I’m sorry that all I did to you was made you hurt

    I’m sorry, But I cant pretend this is me
    And I’m sorry that I couldn’t remain strong
    I apologize to all the boys that I have deceived
    And I’m sorry to the soul filled girl who is long gone

    I’m sorry that I did this again
    I’m grateful to the ones who has tried to heal my stabs
    But there is nothing more anyone could do or say
    So I think its time my heart met rehab

  • israel02 127w


    If all you had to offer was friendship,
    Who'll still be around

  • exquicite_jaymee 130w

    SHE IS

    She is his deadly addiction yet he never wants to go to a rehab


  • iam_varun 138w


    Something missing in the inner me
    Like it's my inspiration..
    Like it's my passion..
    Like it's my obsession..
    .. that defines you.


  • peniel 142w

    Back Again

    Two weeks after a 'successful' rehab.
    She heard the sound of unexpected visitors' car drive into the compound and looking through the window were familiar faces - guardians came visiting.
    Wrong time!
    In a dash, everything was arranged! But who would not recognize a clumsily arranged room and the smell of deodorant fighting hard to kill the stench of weed?

  • belongs_to_the_creator 152w


    This is how the concept of rehabilitation
    for rape victims will look like;
    far beyond restoration;
    yet they press forward to thrive!

  • arenegaines 155w

    She never knew addiction until there was you.