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  • aadil_sadiq 2d

    "Tha shokh iss faqeer ko bee bohot us Rub ki itaat ka
    Par koi aisa ne mil sakha jo is ruh ko kalima Padhaye"
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    تھا شوق اس فقیر کو بھی بہت اُس رب کی اطاعت کا،
    پر کوئی ایسا نہ مل سکھا جو اس روح کو کلمہ پڑھائے۔

    صوفی عادل صادق قادری

  • ciara1 1w

    When we see Jesus, we see the father. By Ciara Webb

  • ciara1 1w

    The warnings for the coming of Christ was that the son of God was about to come and prepare those to the right path which is mentioned in Mark 1:1-3. By Ciara Webb

  • ciara1 1w

    Mary and Joseph By Scripture

    What do you know about them from Scripture? What I know about Joseph and Mary by scripture is that they are both brave. Mary was young, and God had chosen her to be a mother of Jesus Christ. Mary was blessed. By reading those passages, I can tell that Mary's characteristics were trusting, loving, and attentive. Joseph was chosen as well by the Lord to become a father of Jesus. God knew that Joseph was going to be a great father to Jesus. By reading those scriptures, I can tell Joseph's characteristics were very much righteous, honest, faithful, committed, and forgiving. Out of a number of people in the world, God chose Joseph and Mary to be the parents of Jesus Christ. Joseph and Mary were both blessed. "The Lord bless you and keep you; Numbers 6:24 NIV

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    Mary and Joseph By Scripture

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    making ready for the coming for Jesus Christ. Jesus died for our sins. By Ciara Webb

  • ciara1 1w

    Mary and Joseph

    I imagine Mary and Joseph being like most normal couples. I believe they had a lot of disagreements just like any other couples would have. But the difference is that I believe Mary and Joseph always fought their way out of any problems and disagreements because Joseph was a righteous man who did what the Lord commanded him to do. According to Matthew 1:19-20 states, "Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly. But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit." In reality, most men would not comply with that. Most men would make a scene exposing that woman in public. Also, they would become skeptical of the fact of asking where that child came from? In reality, many men would not understand or believe that the child came from the Holy Spirit. They would think that child came from another man. But Joseph, "A righteous man" and a faithful man who wanted to do the right thing by following the Lord's law. So "When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife."
    Matthew 1:24 NIV

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    "Isaiah the prophet: as it is written in Isaiah the prophet: “I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way"Mark 1:2. The messenger is preparing the people for a path of righteousness, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins. John the Baptist is preparing the way for the messenger. By Ciara Webb

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    What I am dreading now is the safety of my daughter. I had a couple of dreams that my daughter had gone missing for days. Me and Bernard had been looking for her for days and she never came back. 
        The last nightmare I had was letting Kiara run in front of the house and she ran off and I could not seek her. I had to go out and look for her by myself. I was so petrified that I had a group of unknown strangers  help me. I found her lying face down on the side of a bydock covered in so much dirt and leaves that she looked dead. When she felt me and the group of strangers presence, she looked up and saw me and started smiling and ran up to me and hugged me. After having those two nightmares, I had to rebuke them because I was starting to feel like I should shelter and overprotect Kiara forever and not let her go out at all. But I know that would not be a wise thing to do because we all need to let our children experience the world  on their own. I have to always keep telling myself that the Lord "hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7. I ask God to always give me the strength to raise her wisely and pray that she will always obey me as it is stated in scripture to "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." Exodus 20:12.


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    What am I Dreading in This Season

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    Set . Wait.
    And manipulate.

    Trap is the plan.

    Pray. Wait.
    And trust.

    God has a plan.

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    Irrespective of religion, everyone has faith and hope. The difference is the approach to it. It could be either blind or intellectual. We Muslims ought to have the latter one in this regard.


  • ssunayana 3w

    Please Don't Quit!

    The day will come, sooner or later.

    It will happen one day,
    That we'll choose to look beyond
    The religion, the cast, 
    The nationality, the gender
    The race, and everything else.
    You'll see.

    It will happen one day, Dear Humanity,
    That we will stop failing you,
    That we will choose you,
    Above everything else.
    You'll see. 

    Till that time, 
    Please don't quit on us.

  • ulalume 4w

    stale communion wafer

    I’ll pick up the unsharp pieces

    of the porcelain cross I broke when 12

    I did it out of anger

    I hid it out of guilt

    In a cardboard shoebox under my bed

    not enough to hide from God’s eyes,

    but my parents never saw

    so that’s close enough, right?

    I cut my palm on the sharply broken clay Christ

    an accidental stigmata on my hand

    God’s will too sharp

    God’s work too cruel

    I dispose of Him and all the other painful parts

    11 years later than He expected

    I take the smooth white and gold pieces

    and I rearrange them into something beautiful

    it isn’t a cross or a fish

    or any shape seen before

    it is something of my own

    it is something beautiful

    I wouldn’t have been able to at 12, 13

    at 14 this art would have become sacrilege

    a way to spit in God’s face

    a way to defy the faith

    it has wounded me and the cuts were healed

    by no miracle or laying of hands

    but by my own holy needle and thread

    blasphemy is old like a stale communion wafer

  • varunasopa_ 4w

    #Religion ❤️��

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    What is a religion ?

    A religion can be described as a human being doing good deeds , respecting and honouring his /her parents , has a pure soul , feathering his /her wings to produce a helping hand for needy people in their tough times and last but not the least worshiping the almighty God devotionally and by dropping his / her heart out irrespective of cast , creed , religion ❤️

  • tonyfresh 6w

    Jumbled thoughts

    This pen is not trying to make sense of the world
    Just a jumbled scribble of rumbling thoughts
    About God:
    I think we are livestocks of God.
    'Unfortunate Livestocks' suits better
    Livestocks get eaten by their rearer.
    But God doesn't eat nor drink.
    He is not carnivorous nor cannibalistic
    He doesn't eat his own.
    Sometimes, he just leaves them to dry up alive
    like a leave.
    Othertimes, he feeds them to nature...or self destruct.
    Whichever occurs is neither bad nor sacrilegious.
    I thought, why do we eat animals and plants too?
    They do not feel bad about it.
    Maybe we shouldn't too.
    About humans;
    I think we are just helpless.
    Whether sons, chickens, slaves, gods
    or whatever names we christen ourselves.
    We are attendants of cycles, slaves to the struggle in our mind, minions to mysteries.
    However, we are gods.
    Millions of selfish gods scheming ways to kill each other daily.
    Ironically, ways to save each other too.
    Well, maybe they save each other to save themselves.
    I think we are gods.
    More like gods who are made to forget the powers they wield.
    The successful ones who find out, whether through weapons or enlightenment become the right hand of God here.
    And they leave legacies.
    Legacies that become religions
    Religions that become weapon of destruction.
    About Good and Bad:
    They say we are to be good not bad.
    Good like God who created the bad.
    Oh, we are creators too.
    Oh, We invented robots, maybe we invented Bad too.
    We are God's image and likeness
    but we must kill that bad in us.
    Well, I think that's murder too.
    Good murder I guess!
    Or Is murder not murder?
    The bad I inherited.
    The Genes I carry.
    Life I do not want to live.
    That I cannot leave either.
    I inherited the worst and the best.
    To escape these questions, they say we shouldn't think
    but follow one man's thinking.
    And when we do, they say we have gone crazy.
    Maybe the brain is just a basket of cucumbers and potatoes.
    Meant to get rotten.
    Very rotten that it strangles us.
    About Religion:
    Religion is the way to find God.
    Oh, God is like Rome, uncountable roads lead to him.
    I thought: God is not hiding himself?
    Why is he not physical?
    Something whispers he is scared that his creature will find him and kill him for breathing life into us.
    I shut that something out.
    That's not supposed to be funny.
    Of course, nothing scares The Almighty.
    He is not human.
    The Omnipotent that puzzled all things: life; thoughts; philosophies; and religion.
    Religion is a way to God, or maybe more like a barrier to remain humans.
    Remember the story of Babel.

    This is not a satire.
    Just a jumbled scribble of a rumbling troubled heart
    seeking liberation from all these befuddled thoughts.
    In this jumbled thoughts.
    I find one worth keeping.....
    We are fucked.

  • ciara1 7w

    As I look up at into the blue sky,
    And see the clouds moving in it's potion.
    I always ask what, why
    What is my purpose here to be living?
    It's my purpose to be a follower of christ, and not following the enemies path.
    So stop asking and always remember
    Give your very best do good whenever, wherever. "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ."
    1 Corinthians 11:1 NIV
    © All Rights Reserved

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    Move Forward

  • miss_architect 7w

    Stone Gods

    Stone Gods

    There is a house on the west end this city, one built out of bricks, mortar, power and plunder. One that is large and filled with intricacies, it's walls have seen chariot riding kings and they have also seen the humble birth and childhood of the one that wields the pen that writes these words. It stands, independent of neighborhoods and unshaken by the changes of time, amidst a luscious green field large enough to echo within it fables of brave warriors and silence within it the heart wrenching cries of slaves.

    There was an omnious serpentine forest that curled around the plot , filled with darker and more vile secrets, threatening to swallow up my ancestral home. Somewhere within it is the alter of the sacred groves (kaavu). Men don't dare build roads there, so the way to it is through small mud trails, moulded by pious feet, through the forest floor. The largest tree with the most overhanging roots, decorated with little red scraps of cloth all in varying stages of distress and little metal bells that chimed as the wind blew through them. This tree had nestled about its trunk the sacred stone alter. Upon it stood the proud stone Gods of Kizhekattu Tharavadu.

    As a child I always stood with tightly shut eyes and small hands pressed together as I prayed for childish things. I was careful though, even then I knew better than to invite the wrath of the all powerful stone Gods. I wonder sometimes would it not be better for Gods to be warmer like the clay pots that I drank hot porridge from. The smooth surface and the cold of stone was far less comfortable. But Gods lived forever and clay pots don't. Moreover, they liked to keep you slightly uncomfortable to remind you of their might.

    Despite all the reverie they received, the Gods never listened. As I cried or screamed my voice would ring through the forest like a jeering crowd, now, if the stone Gods had really listened, would they have not absorbed every syllable uttered leaving behind only silence?

    The glowering yellow and red powders of turmeric and kumkum that bathed the stone Gods warned me not to question them, just like the colourful, bulbous mushrooms found deep within forests warned me not to eat them.

    The iron gates that defended the stone Gods from filthy human hands is worn in places from the burden of passing years. Gods have always been worried about being polluted or maybe they were afraid of being exposed as false Gods should they be touched. Maybe they liked to be just out of reach so they can pretend to not have heard the most desperate of pleas. Maybe they were not powerful after all.

    One unremarkable day I trod down the mud trail that led to the stone Gods and stood silent without prayer. I retracted my steps not knowing it would be the last time I'd visit them. Maybe the forest has reclaimed that narrow path, and now, both the stone Gods and I can live undisturbed.

  • pyro_sagen 8w


    I feel better today
    Pick my self up before I fray
    Bite their hands when they tell me to pray
    You're not my martyr
    You're a disgrace

  • ciara1 9w

    The spirit of God lives inside of us. By Ciara Webb

  • ciara1 9w

    We are creations of God
    Described as human beings
    We possess different emotions
    And gifted with rationality
    We can feel pain and sufferings
    Often brought by our struggles
    All of it were experienced by everyone
    Because we are all alive. By Ciara Webb

  • anuradhasharma 45w

    कुछ बेवकूफ़ , मस्ज़िद की गुंबद रोंधते है ।
    कुछ अक्लमंद , मंदिर की शिखर गिराते है ।

    अव्वल दर्जा पाने की इस हौड़ में ,

    उस अल्लाह , को जाने कितने आंसू रुलाते है !