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    #dwale #dwalec : a soporific drink formerly made from deadly nightshade or belladonna.
    #polaroid #polaroidc : relating to or denoting a type of camera with internal processing that produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure.
    #facade #facadec : a deceptive outward appearance.
    #mirror #mirrorc #daydream #daydreamc #rage #ragec #drowning #drowningc #weep #weepc #truth #truthc #remains #remainsc #fate #fatec #lunatic #lunaticc
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    Picture Credits: Boris Stefanik / Unsplash

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    What if what remains
    Are not what you thought were important
    What if those that stay behind
    When things get tough
    Are actually the ones you never thought would
    Outcomes are sometimes surprising
    We should be okay with that too

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    All written rights reserved
    15 April 2021 4.30 am

    I don't know why I wrote this ! (◕‿◕)

    #contest_j now this kinda fits!

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    ~take control or take cover~

    We live in a world within the world
    A rabbit hole of frenzy and fantasy
    Seeking not an exit but more of it
    The same drug that made you fall 

    Senses cloudy, all thoughts moody 
    Chilly numbness taking over hearts 
    Walking, talking, working, playing, right at 
    The end of a remote control, like clones

    Netflix and playlists take over relationships
    Conversations choke in coffins of chat-box
    Multiple accounts in social media life
    Like dishes on the side of dinner plate

    Hashtags and statuses define a person
    Edited selfies hiding/holding insecurities
    Lipstick stains precede bleeding red
    Stitched up smiles fake pretends care 

    Even vibes could lie if you really try 
    Desperation overrides distance between
    Thumbs in a battlefield to lure their prey
    Teasing to threatening and then endgame

    Locked up brain and insane mind clashes
    Schemes they frame for drowning life
    One second they smile, one click they kill
    Two faced persona, lon(s)ers in real life 

    Usernames as a sticker on the forehead
    Faceless monsters shouting profanity
    Secret hideout for hideous crimes
    Headless horsemen reign the dark net
    Triggered conscience, crippled conscious
    Waging world wars within wired worlds 

    Swimming in addiction
    Drowning in obsession
    Seeking no redemption
    Finding no salvation

    Time's up, to put an end to all these triggers
    Shaming and harassing, cause of riots 
    Keep on breathing in signals transmitted
    A truckload of psychopaths overdue life

    A timer is set on your erroneous lifeline
    One snap and the whole world will flatline
    Nothing remains in the literal world to mourn
    No soul but data that disintegrated into dust 


  • bellemoon99 70w

    What is left

    Illusion shattered into reality,
    My soul was broken by self-hatred,
    My mind torn by insecurity,
    And my heart pulverized by loss.

    What you look at now are the remains of who I was, who I thought I should be.
    With the pieces I build something beautiful, a gorgeous mosaic made with stardust.

    I'm the ashes who rose from the fire,
    Magical cinders and embers filled with life.

  • bonitasarahbabu 70w

    Your departure it took me by surprise,
    You were fighting to return,
    You had promises to keep.
    Alas, you are gone,
    And here I stand, numb and sad.
    The remains of what we once were,
    That's all I've got left.

  • sproutedseeds 70w


    Time'up to break the ice and reveal the harrasment faced due to Parents selfish attitude who wanted only good life though the Father couldn't afford,
    Mother's emotional blackmail blindfolded the
    eyes of the first born.

    He is been mentally harassed for standing in the midst of debtors, unable to repay back and forced to give false hopes of returning the money be defending himself with lies and only lies.

    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    Thank you so much for the editor's choice ��

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    TIME's UP

    Break the ice, time's up
    Reveal all the locked up information
    Let the world know your real sacrifice
    Let them now judge who was wrong.

    Taking care of family is a responsibility
    But pushing the burden on the first child
    is just ridiculous
    Born eldest among 5 siblings
    Least educated among the 5 siblings
    Most dynamic in bringing money
    to satisfy the needs of the family.

    If Parents couldn't afford
    they should not have given birth
    But they needed their intimacy
    which was the burden shouldered
    On the first born and being a son
    couldn't disrespect his parents need.

    All the siblings are well settled
    but this first born child has fallen into a pit
    in midst of a vicious circle of debtors
    Money borrowed from one
    returned to another
    And kept repeating this till date.

    Today he has no peace of mind
    no sleep, living a life of danger
    when he will attacked by debtors.

    Had the Parents realised this situation
    He would not have multiples the debt.

    Now what REMAINS with him
    is only his good deeds done to his siblings
    which might protect him from all perils.

    My humble prayer to the Lord
    to be with him for he has not done wrong
    but forced to speak lies and only lies
    unable to repay the debts.

    A god sent Samaritan can only save him.

  • _mathematics 70w

    All bright and sharp elucidating the dawn of the day. And same is transpiring inside the heart, awake from the coma suffered long back in the time you drove and never came back to the lighthouse where big ebbs hit at every gone hour and minute of it with the second it comprises of.

    Still, I visit that place to theorize the love I yearn for within the big ebbs sometimes leading me to its deep core exploring the fraction of it considered as a black sea. And I don't regret doing it, again and again, cause my hourglass broke the day I confessed but then purposely seized the words. Seeing you leaving, the ink flooded the poetry with hues of blue blood.

    Hourglass made its way to freedom through shattering into pieces of possession, governing the walls choking the grit withstood with the belief that time is passing like an emotion from the melancholy to slight mirth or vice-versa.

    Remains are the barefoot walks on the green grassland that sometimes tempts my eyes, looking only for your hand clutched to mine, gripping your waist and lifting you on my arms to uncover the smile drafting endless giggles when swirled around, stealing me from me every time. But all this is just now the mirage of the memories I believe as it is what It was before?

    These are the remains
    I am still alive with to breathe
    during the times
    When the world moans
    presence with the presence

    #fatec #remainsc

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    Breathed remains

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    Remains of a Melody

    The notes I never played
    now float above me,
    sound the chords
    of what I was.

    The verses I never wrote
    fly over me,
    like butterflies made of foam,
    they just talk and vanish.

    The voice that never sang
    today sings for me,
    ghost made of pieces
    of winter melodies.

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    Remains of a Melody


  • carrie09 70w

    pic.credit to pinterest

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    Every drop of my tears are
    the remnant of your remains.


  • preetkanwal 70w

    #remainsc #writersbay #mirakee
    Thanks a lot for the❤️@writersnetwork
    Image credit to the rightful owner

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    Gusts of emotions
    broke all flowers of my courtyard.
    Throwing caution to the winds,
    carrying poetries
    on their fragile wings
    their remains adorned my paths......


  • pallavi4 70w


    No rose is born without thorny stems
    Yet no one measures them on that score
    Your refusal to see the light in me
    Leaves me aloof alone and sore

    Like a massive but broken liner
    Sinking down to the ocean floor
    Your indifference drags me like an anchor
    Never to sail and forever remain ashore

    Come hail come storm and years go by
    Time does ebb and flow
    Winters give way to summer suns
    But your heart remains shroud and cold

    It takes a wise man to know their own
    Tales of lore have foretold
    That day when you accept my flaws, my faults
    Is masked, disguised, obscured

    Broken trust is like that tea cup that broke
    You may choose to fix broken lines with gold
    Folklore says breaks history with them bring
    For me once broken is never again whole

    Some stories are not meant to be
    Sold as a book from door to door
    They are meant to live inside shut window panes
    Unseen, unspoken and remain untold


    14th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Reposted from 18th of October, 2020

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  • maanvi_bhagat 70w

    You may climb the ladder of success
    You may live the most luxurious life
    You may earn never ending money
    But at the end of the day,
    The last goodbye is
    All that remains.

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  • antarraal 70w

    Somehow my cynical heart knew
    that you will leave, but
    yet it clung on to a false hope
    blind towards all signs.
    Once you did,
    it first laughed, and then howled.
    Its still cynical but nothing
    more than a blood pumping machine.


  • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 70w

    Starlights = woman's significance
    Hyperbolic = monopolized or harsh statements .
    Furnaces = ill ideology of society
    Severe sights = the eyes of devilish person finding way to harrassment .
    #timesup #remainsc
    Don't let the negligible values pollute the heaven
    Being a woman is achievement in any succession .

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the lines of reposts ������..

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    Time's up

    Bury the devils
    In their own grave
    Wake as the rising sun
    Remember a starlights too is brave

    Trace the facades
    And make them expose
    Never let the stains reach you
    Glow with the voices making sin dispose

    Bury the sorrowful doses
    Colouring the empowerment
    Erase the hyperbolic sentences
    Break those furnaces coding the measurement

    Reform the injurious lines
    Resign old , design new castle
    Rupture the harassment in remains
    Polish the courage even bearing hassle

    Reflect the forgotten rights
    Invade over the severe sights
    Prohibit the enemy standing at heights
    Keep burning the evilness playing at nights.


  • betrayals 70w

    Time's Up

    A rebellion clamped, grew up
    like a protuberance blooming
    out of hydras, and then
    voices adjourned together
    as a refuge born of
    tyranny and outrage,
    seeking vehemences in adversity,
    and refusing the umbrella of silence
    during widespread outbreak of
    equally waged thunderstorm
    a well known disparity.

    While the minute hand converges
    to evade the gap between
    hourglass and time,
    people still tend to diverge
    on terrible vengeance of society,
    lust walks over narcissistic minds
    smiles get covered by
    facade of evil chimes,
    while desirable touches no more
    mind their own business,
    that's when seclusion isolate
    from self esteem.

    Reigns of terror are bleak these days,
    when a woman's skill are labelled
    by proximity of her body rather
    than talents,
    where smitten pioneers feed
    on her flesh and skin,
    but time's up when she negotiate
    pain for someone else's pleasure,
    time's up when she is harassed
    and her freedom is disrobed in leisure,
    but time's up when limits are crossed
    as her wounds are dug deeper and deeper.

    Now it's time to back-stab
    retaliate fierce over power,
    emphasize voice over silence
    bringing out all the hush hush,
    for wabi sabi exists
    so does women's rights,
    time's up not to bear or forgive
    but to stand for you on yourself,
    for everything is impertinent
    in this confined world,
    till all remains is your
    decisions and choices.

    #timesup #remainsc

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  • pooja17 70w

    #writingcontest #creativearena
    Thank you so much writersnetwork for your kind read. It really means a lot to me everytime. .

    We are not here
    For Forever
    We came with a purpose
    At an appointed time
    When our cycle gets completed
    We have to move back
    We must do so many good deeds
    With true believe in God
    Followed by our sincerety and Trueness ..
    Which may be conveyed by any means...so
    Something must be done...
    to remain alive in everyone's minds forever..
    Bcz then our works and words speaks for
    us. .and we remain near to our close ones


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    We are not here
    For Forever
    We came with a purpose
    At an appointed time
    When our cycle gets completed
    We have to move back
    We must do so many good deeds
    With true believe in God
    Followed by our sincerety and Trueness ..
    Which may be conveyed by any means...so
    Something must be done...
    to remain alive in everyone's minds forever. .
    Bcz then our works and words speaks for us..and we remain near to our close ones always ***

  • healing_pen 70w

    Today, free yourself from the shackles of insecurities.
    Unburden yourself and ignore the society's expectations.
    Listen to your suppressed feelings and pour them out into chords. Play it hard until your fingers hurt
    And give yourself a second start.
    Because you deserve it.


    Thanks for the read and like @writersnetwork

    Time's up

    Today I want to play
    Each note, each tone
    That mocks your legitimate and perpetuate
    Your so called masculine power
    You exhibited that night

    Today i want to sing out loud
    The song of my disturbing thoughts
    One of those feelings
    That I cannot explain or detain to myself

    Today I want to barre my guitar strings
    Until my fingers bleed
    And play out a music of my perturbing feelings
    That silenced the remains of my youthful living

    Today I want to dance in liberosis
    And sing to the tunes
    Which fits my music
    And release myself
    From exhaustive emotions
    That you injected in my nervous system

    Today I want to scream
    And no more sit and cry
    Over the sound of b flat

    #wod #timesup #remainsc

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  • leo_scamander 70w


    Whilst slumbering in the emerald womb
    Ardent dreams of adorning
    the velveteen scarlet gown trimmed in slivers of verdant hues
    And oh how they'd say
    "look at the pretty red rose, surely a harbinger of Eden's love, a chalice of brimming mirth"

    Whilst I awake, clad in
    resplendent drapes of tinted fuchsia and ambrosial scents
    heart strumming an ode to euphoria
    But oh how they'd say
    "look at the red rose, surely the petals, the frills are all too gleaning..."

    Whilst I writhe in a grimy grasp,
    silken laces unfurled
    breaths shallow, petals drooping an ashen grey
    And oh how they'd thunder
    "look at the tawdry little rose , surely she desired to be trundled, waltzing in the hedges in such showy hues.."

    Whilst I fall,heart withering
    in a steering void of blues and the remains of a faraway july
    For roses, they'd say were never meant to dance in the summer rain
    Silks our spelt salacity,
    evening dew always dripped in debauchery
    And oh how I'd say
    "Look at the emerald diadem of thorns , and they shall only gaze as the morose rosebed blooms like an eternal poesy once again..."


  • girlunknown 70w

    Those victims begs...Time's up

    I always found it quite funny,
    How mothers told their daughters to be wary of the boys,
    But never even once warned their sons to be cautious with a lady.
    Apparently flaunting the beauty god bestowed is what they call being slutry,
    But commenting and belittling it to something else is what they called disciplining.

    A women alone at night is surely meant to be a prostitute,
    And her dignity with cruel prejudiced words they execute.
    A girl brutally raped and killed,and her killers send to the jail.
    But the girl was at wrong to be out at that time, so they got their bail.

    Isn't it about time we stop?
    Of all the humanity you have tained, if somewhere within you a bit of it remains,
    All the wretched souls of those victims beseech you,
    Please teach your, brother, son and then your grandsons,
    That women are just as much a temple of god as any other there will be.
    Not all of them maybe a goodess but all come from goodness,
    Their gentleness and care the world need,
    Not illness and despair to their minds should you feed.