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  • loftydreams101 1w

    Snapshot of a Coastal Village

    Forever framed in my mind
    Are the flowing colors,
    Coursing through the city
    Through the neon-blazed dusk
    Along with every curse and complaint sung out
    Into the steam of summer nights
    Before their parched words combust
    Even fists swung in rage
    The moving parts of humankind
    The strained words lovers leave
    Before they fray apart and shout
    I miss the chatter of caravans
    Of poets in exile
    Their curved words dancing
    Over shared sacred ground
    Forever framed in my mind
    Are those juvenile years
    That long ago fury
    Sprawling wider everyday

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • andreakulove 5w

    A distant future

    We will meet again in the future, 
    with you and me at different stages of life, and we will smile at each other to acknowledge our memories,
    about how our love stayed,
    and we parted....

  • danie_af 8w

    It's Been A While

    It's been a while
    Since I gave you a retrial
    And felt the sweet cling
    Of your vial
    The needle sting
    Oh, it makes me smile
    Pulls on my heartstrings
    Oh, it's been a while

    It's been a while
    Since you pulled
    On my heart stings
    And made me smile
    I want to take a swing
    Oh, go grab a vial
    To feel the sweet cling
    Oh, give it a retrial


  • chaos_under_calm 32w


    I know it was our last but,
    I can still smell the fragrance of your hair,
    when we sat there on the precipice,
    Your eyes on the horizon, mine on you,
    Breath still ragged from a climb
    so wearing yet elating,
    Heart pounding in my ears like it's the last,
    all the while your irises reflected the moaning valley.

    I know it was our last but,
    I can still feel the first rush of tingle,
    when your hands brushed against mine,
    While you hopped alongside
    without a care in the world.
    I swear time stopped in that fraction of a moment,
    And I promised the heaven
    I would make you mine.

    I know it was our last but,
    I still remember the way
    your fingers pulsated in my palms,
    all the while my mind raced to the first day of fall,
    two decades later,
    The two of us on a walk,
    Autumn leaves caressing your delicate cheeks,
    You ranting while I listen enraptured.

    I know it was our last but,
    I've felt no other high like the one you gave
    when you rested your head on my shoulder,
    and my whole world collapsed beneath your feet,
    Euphoria engraved into my whole existence,
    Memory latched onto my consciousness,
    as stubborn as the lump in my throat,
    that resurfaces with every winter morning.

    I know it was our last but,
    I still crave for a little more of our lasts,
    your disarming smile,
    and the softness of your hands,
    so that I could carry with me the remnants of our lasts.
    I know I could conquer the world with it,
    But what good is the world to me
    without you by my side.


    #lostlove #unrequited #reminiscing

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  • ananya_writes_ 38w


    Ah another new song
    To write to once more;
    Ah another broken heart,
    I’m upset again, something you adore

    Here’s to another risk,
    I take in name of our story;
    To forget how you hide,
    Crawling out when you like; it's that easy?

    Through those mixed signals,
    Are you trying to lose me too?
    Promising me again and again,
    Are you trying to love me? Be true

    Had held onto your hand,
    To smile more, to craft few more dreams;
    But this game of hide and seek,
    I am so lost, where do you run to, whose realms?

    Shadows circling my sky
    New fears every day, ever again
    Are those echoes of my past?
    Or are they sirens of your game?

    Frozen at your indifference
    Melting with songs you sing;
    Where do I go now?
    How do I escape this boxing ring?

    I can see you honey,
    For a change, I’ll be your villain,
    I’m tired you see, waiting,
    So I’ll be playing with you, your own game..

  • czarcasm 41w

    What if

    Al the promises I promised you are going down the drain
    These memories I can't think of because they cause me pain
    You're gone and I feel as if I'm dying inside
    This life has been a hell of a bumpy ride

    I'm not saying that I need you
    But what if that was true
    Would you attest to the stars about what you would do
    Within my heart yes you rest as if inside my bed
    And yet you're gone and I still long with you inside my head

    I thought about what life without you is like
    And I've realized that is just an endless neverending hike
    Without your smile I don't have the light that I need within the dark
    No fireflies for me to chase when I visit our old park

    I see you every where I go
    I just wanted you to know
    With these two hands I gave you my heart
    And Im reaping what I sew

    But even gone you're still beside that tree
    No matter how blurry or if I can't see

    I always feel your arms around me


  • stella_writes 42w

    reminiscing about our times together and apart!

  • anon8795 46w

    Your pillow talk

    Do you talk about me to your girl?
    About those habits of mine.
    How I use to like the smell on your neck?
    How much I like it when you kiss my sweet spot?
    And how you would sneak in my bed just to cuddle me?
    Do you remember those?
    Do you talk often?

  • ikamal12 48w

    Not a day goes by without reminiscing your beautiful smile I used to crave for just like rain needed to quench the thirst of dry land, now it's like a barren land longing for that cloud which already left somewhere else for someone else.


  • heyoka_warrior 51w

    I just grab a pen and paper or a notebook
    If I wish to write poems, quotes or lyrics
    Or I use my phone's notes and social media
    If I wanted it virtual and modern;
    Then I feel the rush of thoughts
    Going with the flow of emotions,
    Listening to my intuition—Spirit voice,
    And following the rules of the club;
    Reminiscing my experiences,
    Putting creative art in writing—
    Direct, simple yet deep enough
    To capture the heart of the soul
    That is doomed by the shadows of sin,
    Or awaken the dormant thinker
    That is veiled by the hypnotizing covers
    Of this world's scheme of things;
    Besides, little things matter
    Like the present moment's wonders—
    Appreciating and delighting in the senses
    And the outside world from where borne
    My internal motivation to write;
    These are just the tools that I use
    For my soul's relief, learning, and poetry.


  • jan_balan 70w

    Love can happen as many times it wants. Because it is love, not a single time card. But when it does it should not be the effect of previous break over. Never start a new relationship with a previous relationship baggage. That will not create a good journey. Not to forget, every Journey is a new song.

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay @love_whispererr #melody #wod #love #reminiscing

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    You are like a song

    You are like a song
    Reminiscing about past.
    Whereas mind requesting
    Not to repeat that fast.

    You are like a song
    Holding the joy
    Through hip and hand
    Tightly along the coy

    You are like a song
    Love or hate, maybe
    Bundle of together
    Best to get in world.


  • mahaa_na 71w

    Why do you make me sick Mr Moon?
    All I do is look at you, then I think of him.

  • bhaskar_vashishth 73w

    Far away a star shone

    In that moist rainy night
    On that lengthy lonely road
    It has always been tough walking
    Where clouds cried but never snowed.

    Far away a star shone
    In that fuzzy freckled sky
    Nothing seemed important then
    Only I couldn't laugh just echoed cry.

    But everybody was gone
    Turned to waste within a minute
    In your arms I bled and leaked till death
    It was all that innocent moonlight yet astute.

    In that clear azure sky
    Something was always missing
    Still flowers of hope were blooming
    And my story was somehow breathing.

    Reminiscing old days
    Lived a life full of regret
    Even time couldn't heal some
    How could I then simply forget.

    Wait is all now remains
    Biding time to hang my soul
    Drenched in red it won't easily soak
    Not everyone gets all that copious dole.


  • mrittika851999 75w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

    I am trying to get back to writing things. I know I might not be good, but can I get some support as a token for encouragement and trial? ����

    Please like, share, comment your feedbacks and follow me if you like my posts so far!

    Lemme know any kinda suggestion for improvements������

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    What I Never Had

    I recall of never having a friend. Yes, even though I made some over the years, however, I never got to befriend with my parents. Parents are supposed to be the ones closest and dearest friends of a child and I never experienced it because I never got them with me. They were busy, making money for me and my future. I am grateful of the result but yes, this is something that I deeply felt and still feel.

    I never received or had support from my support system- my family. Whatever I did was a matter of joke to them or an act and product of immaturity. Whatever I did was meaningless and ordinary. If asked about it, I got the behaviour that it was too precious to be wasted on somebody like me, as precious as the time and energy, as precious as the money and precious metals.

    However, my closest people leaving me in the times of crises, and ceasing to love me, are also some things that I never had. Whenever something happened in my life, I found them, their shoulders to cry upon and laps to fall asleep. The consolations that never sounded like pity but were empowering in every manner. The qualities that inspired me to be a better human being in every aspect, every day. The qualities that are rarely found in these days. I found a lot more than what I never possessed.


  • _infinity_writer_ 82w

    Second chances

    How do they look exactly the same...?

    Her hands were soñ and small. Just like she used to have when  she was young, He thought, holding her fingers. They were sitting on the patio steps playing with  chalk. She was making silly drawings and blabbering in her own language. He was clueless about what she was saying, nonetheless it was music to his ears.

    He had held her when she was first born. At that moment, now her grandfather thought about holding her mom in his arms. He could tell the difference. His granddaughter is way more beautiful than her mom.

    He remembers. He thought he could never hold his daughter in his arms again when she got married. He could never feed her; never teach her; never play with her again. He thought his chance was over. It feels like I’ve got a second chance, he smiled down at his granddaughter.

    “Dadadada....”    she poked him and showed him her scribbles. It was art to his eyes. “What is it? What did you draw for this old man?” he asked. “B” she giggled. He laughed at the toddler who forgets ‘A’ and jumps ‘B’ always. “ It looks good. Now write AAAAAA” he dragged. “BBBBBB” she dragged and scribbled again. He chuckled at her antics and looked up...

    Thank you for a second chance...


  • batulvohra 84w

    Time was running out.
    They knew very well.
    Letting eyes speak those
    Thousands of feelings
    Their mouth couldn't tell.
    Her hands entwined in his
    Sharing one last kiss
    Relieving all those moments
    That they'd miss.


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  • pranalishah 85w

    - For Old Times’ Sake -

    What’s missing is an old habit
    A habit that was a part of everyday
    Now lives down a memory lane.

    It’s that memory from yesterday,
    that recalls every now and again,
    Of the company that we kept everyday
    and crave for those days to relive again,
    With the comfort of no judgements
    and nonsensical conversations
    Tears of joy with smiles of failures

    It was a journey of miles —
    that’ll forever reside
    that’ll draw dews and chuckles in the mind
    Every time one rewinds


  • shreyakheal 89w


    Everyone have good and bad personalities but we should know that we can't go on if we even let one of the personalities die or suppress. We are the owner of our personalities but sometimes it's ok to let loose your personalities and give them space.
    A happy person is not always happy and a sad person doesn't always like isolation.
    Give your loved ones space but not that much that they forget about your existence and start to think that nobody cares.

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    I just let myself
    Drown in the deep ocean.
    On the path of those memories.
    I reminisce myself,
    What I did
    Was gone,
    What I had
    Was gone.
    But what I am
    Is the result of what I did,
    What I had
    Isn't really gone
    From this good old
    Memory lain.
    I know that there's still
    A whole lot of empty pages
    To fill.
    It's not that easy,
    It's not that hard,
    It's not impossible
    And even if it is
    I still wanna try..

  • stayoung 92w

    We weren't even that close to be together all time. I can understand that so well. So I don't hate you for whatever happened. I wish it didn't though

  • prajukti 94w


    Life was good
    Back in those days
    When the littlest things
    Brought me the greatest joys.

    I think about those days
    When everything in the world
    And everyone around me
    Seemed so simple and kind.

    Maybe one day I'll learn
    To appreciate the present
    Maybe one day I'll stop
    Reminiscing what's already gone.