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  • miss_silentlyweird 7w

    I would like to be like bird with wings to fly,
    That is what I dreamed on when I was five,
    Without idea that reaching high,
    Cannot be easily strive,

    "What would you like to be?"
    They ask when I was in elementary,
    I look around before saying doctor with glee,
    Since known degree is complementary,

    I ask myself, "what would I like to be?"
    As everything changed in highschool,
    Giving me floods of doubt and passion absentee,
    Talent or skills I'm lacking — nothing to pull,

    Now that I'm in college
    I feel like I've been wandering
    In this life I can't find courage
    So I just wait for something

    Something that I don't know
    Something I cannot distinguish
    Maybe I just live in a show
    Where I play along in able to appear lavish

    I repent to still haven't tried anything.
    I repent picking trauma that shouldn't be mine
    Since from the very beginning
    Resulting like a fragile product design

    I still haven't touched real life
    I still don't know to be brave
    I still don't know what to want without strife
    I still want to felt to be a dreamer in crave

    #twelve #repent #reappear
    #wod #pod #miraquill
    @miraquill #like

    How people know what something they like, talent or dream?
    When everyone seems to be good at it. How come I find it difficult?

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    "I dream to have a dream"

    Comeback child version me
    Tell me how will I made you reappear?


  • sitstillinthecarplease 7w


    Snowswept chapel,
    the babel of our divine mercy stills.
    Sunlight abandons the painted windows
    and wind-songs howl from the hills.

    What ghost kneels beside me
    scrabbling for a worthy prayer?
    Pews locked in the silent dark
    as frankincense flows in the air.
    All of these phantoms here to repent.

    Slender tower,
    lonesome hours beside the bell.
    Waiting for the spectral carillon
    to sound its warbling knell.

    What fugue cries from the organ,
    what canticle sighs from the choir?
    Wordless sermons press my dreams
    with scarlet floods and cyan fire.
    Is it chanting or is it screams
    cascading from the lonesome mire?
    All of the damned here to repent.

  • meenalochani 7w


    There is none perfect in this massive world,
    Saints,Godly person falls in the same list,
    After all this is an Evil world,
    With only handful of good Samaritan,
    Even if I try to repent my flaws,
    Awful situation push me in as a culprit,
    I never committed mistakes with willingness,
    I am only a victim,
    When truth failed to defend me,
    When justice went deaf, dumb and blind,
    After a fierce battle against falsehood,
    What am I suppose to do,
    I surrender myself without choice,
    Now, I can only repent.

  • sanveda 7w

    Yeah she was swayed by his charm
    Those innocent look his eyes
    The craziness of his mind
    She liked it all

    But yeah it was one sided
    In the end she did a mistake
    Which made him suffer
    And she repented...
    #repent #wod #deep_feelings

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    Sometimes you repent over the things
    Which affected your beloved...

  • soundsofsaddness41 7w

    Seven deadly sins

    PRIDE is excessive belief in one's own ability.
    GREED is a desire for wealth and greed with a lack of interest in the realm of the spiritual.
    LUST is a lust or craving for pleasures of the body.
    ENVY is the coveting of anothers traits, situation, or ability.
    GLUTTONY is an inordinate desire to consume more than is required.
    WRATH is anger manifested in an individual, who spurns love, and opts instead for fury.
    SLOTH is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

    Repent, and you might be saved, from the ultimate choice you've made.
    Discussion is this may be the way, you find your life, is also frayed.

  • jusspeakup 7w

    There must be still time
    Maybe one more chance
    Try after try to rebuild a romance
    If it don't workout
    You can't say you haven't tried your best
    For if you have truly moved on
    I wish you nothing but happiness

  • fire_paradise_ 7w

    || Love plays for you :

    The hidden lips now shines with primroses as monologues are written in poetries on her skin , the last night sweet chaos , uttered by bitter sweet charms. The moon still blushes, while fingertips of him , moulds her body down her pathways , while her lips pants out sweet moaning lullabies closing eyes with pleasuere of souls brushing across her skin.

    The ever worn cleavage , now blushes with red marks and a bosom filled with love and the warmth of Paris romance.
    The skin still shimmers , while her eyes still shys away from his gaze through her sweet pantings. The sour thighs now utter sweet ruins of a midnight cruise headed on an aquamarine ocean , while his fingers caressses her breasts with utter petrichor hues.

    Her coffee planted arcs now shimmers with lullabies while her tightened breasts moans more through her parted thighs on a sweet fluffy cavern where intoxication got the best out of fingertips carrying each other.

    His fingertips caresses down his body still finding her sweet moaning warmth while her gaze diverts under her eyes to put a pause into their charms , on a sweet moaning day where the red wine and coffee honey spills all over their souls and naked canvases of love.

    Let the addiction be a sweet savoury morning betwixt the miseries of gazes.

    ~dedicated to a future lover ~


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    on a sweet moaning day where the red wine and coffee honey spills all over their souls


  • habibiabutt 7w


    You feel superior until you have the fear.
    May be you bestowed then you have to bear.

    Thought of belittle, betray then lament.
    You made others inferior, then you repent.

    Whole existence wrapped up in chill.
    You bow before Allah, ego does kill.

    From hair to nail, remains nothing.
    You come out of something that is nothing.


  • jennau 7w

    #repent #wod
    I know this comes off as a negative view but just like the rest of the world there is light and dark in the church as well.

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    No escape

    I grew up in and around the church
    Felt it would heal my traumas and my soul I could search
    An attempt to rid my life of its evil
    But could not be solved by that of the medieval
    I was told to look in side and repent
    Clueless of the extent of my torment
    To be a good Christian I had to forgive
    To control myself and stop being combative
    To be a sheep who blindly follow
    Set aside my needs and my pride to swallow
    Purpose and identity a book compel
    Like that of a faceless Angel
    To portray a meekness and peace
    But I do not conquer my demons with ease
    Because even within that church my life got gorier
    Everyday a battle so I became a warrior
    Subject to gaslighting, manipulation, abuse and rape
    For me when it came to evil there seemed no escape

  • abhayrao 7w


    If we knew which goodbyes would by our last, those final words not left to chance
    Will the soldier ever be present again, or forever lost in that trance
    Can humanity once lost, be found again?
    A twisted soul somehow reclaim
    Or is it akin to the blind man seeing?
    In the name of justice, no longer a human being
    God's commandments and laws of man
    Both written by all too mortal a hand
    Adjourned divine so you want to comply
    Will you repent the tenants you broke
    Will you repent those words, you shouldn't have spoke
    Those deeds and acts you wish you had
    The darkness and light, with whom did you stand?
    Did you lose your spirituality to appease your faith?
    Rethink your humanity, like it was a mistake?
    Does your compass still point North, at your journey's end
    Or are regrets all you've got, is it too late to repent.....

  • nusaiba 7w

    Repent for your sins. Repent for the pain you give to people. Repent for all the hurt. Repent for the tears. Repent!

    #wod. #mirakee #repent

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    Filled with remorse they come to me,
    In the night before I sleep.
    Gathering behind what I see,
    Drawing tears from within me.
    ‘I’ve lost so much sleep over you,
    How many nights I’d lay awake.
    With a heart that was fearful,
    Of the sun that should rise again.’
    Memories of the past come to me,
    Hoping to repent.
    For all the pain it’s put me through,
    All the years from me it took.

  • hinamushtaq 7w

    And thanks to the word repent which gives us awareness of the Almighty and his forgiveness ............

  • amy_arte 7w

    The Narcissist and the Empath
    The Puppeteer and the Marionette
    I am ever after the villian on your
    Caitiff stage, my veracity sewn shut
    With liability and blame
    As I am forced to repent.

  • happy_soul14 7w

    I am forced to repent for
    Expressing my thoughts
    My volcanoic anger towards patriarchy society
    For defining, women life is complete only if she gets married
    For wasting my salty tears for nothing !!

  • voiceofinnersoul 7w


    A feeling that every human being undergoes as a student for wasting the entire semester and repenting a day before exam for doing so.


  • random_effed_thoughts 7w

    Repentance is a form of making peace with yourself!!


  • pineapple_in_ocean 7w

    Step by step
    Layer by layer
    They peel off innocence.
    Most love to snatch light
    Push you into the gloom
    And force you to forget about your presence.
    They make you kneel
    Compel you to kill,
    The inner child your cradle.
    They come to you wearing vile scent
    Mesmerising you with malevolent charm before crushing you,
    Yet they never repent .

  • childauthor_345 7w

    Columns of eye #cees_attributes ,
    And later #repent of ungrateful route ,
    Where spring has caged itself in the prison of heat,
    Unstoppable caravan there , and are running seats.

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    Repent in my cupboard ,
    Rests taking whistles in unison ,
    Hence , I want a new accomodation ,
    In a your secured memories.

    Commotion of aches in my region ,
    Spectacle broken and highlighted blurred vision ,
    Flamingo in thy hut , nourished hope on crease,
    Lend me this optimism , or give your heart on lease .

    Aches reside in my abode ,
    Give some ointment to let it erode ,
    Deviation of time didn't allow the expedition ,
    So share a piece of telepathy , or declare a benign mission.

  • jenaroaragon 7w

    One Little Ewe Lamb

    Uriah is in my hands
    And I am on the roof.
    Does she know what we could have?
    Like the sound of the sun
    And the stretching of leaves,
    Reverberations of om,
    Her scent on the breeze.
    Creation singing in the afterglow.
    And what of it, Nathan?


  • jenaroaragon 71w


    Put no stock in diplomatic compassion. Well mannered tenderness disguising malicious, old fashion, factions, politely performing infractions on our civil liberties.

        They wear their propaganda like a Coronet, and their 16 millimeter short films echo still to this day. Their words, it turns out, speak louder than their actions. 

    So be honest with the dying, lest the kakistocracy fill their heads with thoughts of immortality. Because here at the end of days they grasp for the delusions of a mythic past, desperate to blind themselves to the suffering they’ve caused us. 

    One myth sits atop the other, however, and the blind can be made to see. What is more, they must. For what can forgiveness mean to one who refuses to accept it’s necessity? And aught we let them rob us even of the ability to forgive?


    And they call our pride a sin.