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  • fz_fika 24w


    As I turn and look at the mirror,
    I came face to face with terror,
    As tears stained my reflection,
    I wiped my face with a strong determination,
    Determination to not let my current situation,
    Be my final horror that terror me.

    As I fall, I fall with strength,
    As I fail, I fail without fear,
    Because the crown of a queen I wear,
    And a queen rules without fear.
    As I rise, I rise with might,
    As I walk, I walk with pride,
    Because I know my dark nights will turn on the light.

    I look at the mirror once again,
    There and then I knew the gain,
    Of all the tears, fears and Pain,
    I will overcome the trials once again,
    Because the resilience in me,
    Is greater than the disquietude I feel.

  • fallenstaircase 194w

    The moving of the trees

    The trees do not move gently

    as the quickening wind gathers ire

    but whip branches and twisted limbs

    in rage towards that storm of mire.

    Years past they saw their brothers die

    roots torn and bark unfairly stripped

    by tempests who return to siege

    that which wasn't plucked or ripped.

    Their creaks are cries against defeat

    as like warriors fixed in one place

    one by one they snap and bend

    amidst winds without grace.