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  • shinyindeed 4w

    Dealing With Pain, Or Leading With Pain..?..

    No blow is so big that it can't be gotten over.. No pain is so small that it doesn't teach us something..

  • rakriz 5w

    The shapes made him mad
    The sounds even madder
    A silent scream
    A feeble whimper
    Thousand drums
    All in his head
    All only he heard
    His voice gave up
    His memory betrayed him
    Dread downed on him
    As he drowned in his own heartbeat
    Gasping for breath
    Wishing for death
    Sweat formed on his temple
    Tears rolled down his dimple
    Enough is enough he thought
    It was time he thought
    Time to descent
    Time to walk back
    And try again next time


  • sicklypoetic 9w

    Her shadows danced
    in hope of leaving
    her obstinate spirit
    that refuses to die out.


  • darared 9w


    I think we live with a lot of closed doors. These doors are connected to our fears and our pain. They are connected to what we believe to be true about ourselves. They are connected to what we believe is possible for ourselves. They are things we treat as if they are dead and buried. They are our wraiths of hope and love. They are our demons of self-doubt and recrimination. If we can open and step through those doors, we can engage and become comfortable with what lies behind them.

    By not opening those doors, we are limiting our existence to one of reduced dimensions. We are narrowing our vision and allowing our world to be defined only by the things we choose to look at. If we are willing to embrace the idea of being open, and that by being open, new existences may become possible, we can radically alter the scope of what we feel is possible for us.

    theClearOut.com, October 2020

  • darared 10w


    Not an engineer
    Not an architect
    Not a builder
    But bricks of understanding
    Girders of will
    Mortar of blood and tears
    Have made the many bridges
    I have walked upon
    Peered across
    Leaned over
    Passed under
    To get to my many selves
    And you
    And her

  • darared 10w

    Storm Warning

    The further out I went, the more vulnerable I felt, but I kept throwing one arm over the other, trusting both history and the mechanics of my body, even as my brain objected, triggering a contradictory fugue state of heightened awareness and total dissociation.
    Upon my return I rose and fell as I urged myself onwards, buffeted off-course constantly and constantly correcting for it.
    I reached for the vertical steel steps that allowed me to pull myself up out of the water. I looked back out at the churning, slaloming sea. It had drawn me under its spell.

    theClearOut.com September 2019

  • trulyamazing 16w

    Of a Day in the Life

    Each day is a new chapter
    In the hefty tome of our lives
    Even a small piece of news
    Can upset the schemes
    Perfected over years

    Like the roof of
    A centuries old house
    That caves in one day
    Having witnessed years of
    Joys and fortitudes

    Causing a maelstrom
    Of dust and debris
    To settle over all things
    Old and New
    And invoke disbelief

    The dust settles
    But the walls stand tall
    As silent proofs
    Of the layers of history
    Visible on their visage

    And then a beam of sunlight
    Kisses the floor
    That hasn't seen the sky
    For as long as it can remember
    The trees and sky beckon above

    Life like the centuries old house
    Finds a reason
    To hold on a little longer
    Because the ray of light
    Had found its way through the cracks


  • monette 22w

    Why... because you've healed‚̧

    Why do I still look out for your messages
    Why am I still open to having you as a part of my life
    Why do I still smile with glee when I see you happy
    Why do I feel like celebrating your success and achievements

    I could have looked back and marinated in the pain and injustice
    I could have hated and blamed you and refused to heal
    I could have chosen not to forgive
    I could have wished for you to feel my pain


    I learnt to dance with loss and pain - I've always done so, but the melody changed
    I learnt to embrace the feelings I never knew how to - anger, fear and shame dont scare me as much as they used to
    I learnt that love resides in me, in spite of pain and loss - just like the little roses in my garden that seem to blossom through all weather, there is an inner light that trickles through, lighting my own path and radiating for others
    I learnt that in a world that is not always kind, for me, love always trumps all - it is in caring for the wellbeing of others, that I've grown a deeper love and acceptance for myself‚̧

  • 17musancwadi2003 23w

    The Rise of the Sun

    I was born on the land of great rivers.
    I grew up between the roots of salvation
    Deep down protected from the rest of the world.
    The only light I could see was the dawn of the sun.
    The only book I could read was my father's words of wisdom.
    Wisdom that made me believe I was a warrior.
    But,Oh.Life proved me wrong.

    Taught and spit out from my forefathers tongue my hair grew and
    so did my thoughts.
    My mind wandered endlessly through the roots of salvation.
    Over the great rivers into the mountains.
    From the mountains to the horizon beyond my imagination.
    I never knew my imagination would take me on a journey of redemption.

    Crossing the grasslands of where I was born,
    Revolution and resistance filled my mind.
    Warrior I was turned me into man.
    Man that knew nothing of the dangers of the world.
    Father's words of wisdom flew west with the wind.
    But my mind threaded east
    where the sun rose.

  • supasesh 24w

    ive stopped trying to fend off my depression,
    its freeing knowing youre sad solely because of a mental illness,
    and in ways i respect what dealing with depression has taught me; strength and resilience, and a refusal to quit, we both share that one

  • 17musancwadi2003 25w

    Sticks and Stones

    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.
    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger

    Being strong makes you stand pain
    One day you will be stronger than any fighter.
    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.

    Fight and fight,
    You will gain your right
    To stand tall through fright
    Fight and fight,
    You will gain your right
    To stand tall in might.

    Rise and rise,
    You will see the light
    That sticks and stones strengthen your life.

    Sticks and stones may break your bones
    But you will remain stronger and stronger.

  • queerchildzw 28w

    Writing prompt: I am tired of being strong.

    I do not belong yet I am one of them.
    All my life I've had to struggle.
    Struggle to fit in.
    Struggle to understand myself.
    I've had to fight for my right to exist.
    Each day has been a constant battle for my life.
    I've had to justify myself.
    Serve my life up for scrutiny to gain acceptance.
    I've had to build and create space. Burn bridges to be free.
    For all this I've had to be strong. I've had to be fearless like a lion. I've been hunted like prey. Forced to hide in the closet to stay alive and be treated as an equal. To be normal.
    For all this I've had to be strong. They say we are a resilient community because of it.
    I'm tired of being strong.
    Tired of living a half-life. Tired of lying. Tired of negotiating. When is it my turn to be free?
    I'm tired of being strong just so I can walk out the door.

  • kaiotyk 29w

    At times, you see the things you‚Äôve missed out on and you crave the reassurance of being there. You could be in too many places at once, seeing every person and attending every event‚ÄĒbut by far, the greatest challenge will always to be accepting and forgiving of yourself for not being able to be everything we dream of. There is always a time, a place, and a friendly face waiting behind some distant corner; all you must do is practice resiliency until the sandpaper rub of bad days shaves down the mold so you may grow into a newer, ever-evolving version of yourself. Mistakes teach us that recovery is possible.¬†

  • journeyhale 33w


    I became so wrapped up in expectation and running forward that I forgot to look before I leapt.

    I stumbled, tripping over good intentions, and fell into a mess of my own creation.

    Brushing the mistakes off my knees, I stand up to begin again, because this time I know where to step.

  • sonu99 36w

    #mask, :#mirakee, #identity, #future, #life, #ambrosia, #illusion, #deceit, #concealment, #pride, #resilience, #safeguard, @writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld,@writersbay
    Humans have to wear the Mask,
    And then can perform their duty and task.
    The Mask is the only protector for the time being,
    All should abide by the rules and wear this Mask for well-being.

    This mask casts a veil to the true identity,
    Hides our pain of suffocation and deprives from basic amenity.
    Eyes are the window to the soul,
    Mask creates a shadow and is a illusion to all.

    Masks,playing the double game,
    Of concealment of true selves and revealing of false frame.
    We are masked not to deceive,
    But to stop the entrance of corona virus and survive.

    Mask is being seen as burden and torture,
    But it is the tool of ambrosia to save our future.
    So let's all wear it with pride and resilience,
    And safeguard our world without any recreance.


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  • gwencanfield 39w


    But seasons old come as life goes on.

    Generations before now begin to wane and show thru.
    Waxing sanguinely, like a rose's soft petalled hue.

    The blooming of such nervous energy
    is seen only in springs ball and chain.
    Hanging on from winter, locked up tight.
    But getting smaller, daily with each passing hours few.

    The colors of birth are bright synergy.
    Cascading on the canvas of life
    by its mascarade of innocence.
    Winter's crystalline suppressed brevity
    Is finally exhausted and left in memories.

    Bringing with it the blossoming of the new.

  • unapologetic_grumpy 41w

    I wish my anxiety had a voice
    to narrate the terror of my thoughts
    and rebuke anyone who said,
    "It is all in your head".


  • unapologetic_grumpy 42w

    In this chaotic bubble
    I hope you find those words
    that gives you strength,
    I hope you find the care
    that soothes you,
    I hope you find the embrace
    that warms your heart,
    I hope you find the love
    that walks the extra bumpy mile with you,
    I hope you be your own sunshine.


  • soultee 44w

    Love Rose Out of Concrete

    In the middle of the concrete
    Where the rock guarded its hardest
    Against any life hoping to transcend
    Beyond the restricted gardens

    A tiny little crack
    Finer than a strand of thread
    Began to form within the concrete
    Where no light was allowed to shed

    The crack grew thicker
    It began to widen as a smile
    And the concrete started to rumble
    As defeat fumbled in the ending mile

    The Earth quaked
    The garden stirred
    As something as grand as the day erupted in the dark
    A feat that was impossible to achieve (they said)
    Gained flame as a match strike would spark

    One day that crack broke open
    Not to where a passer would stare
    Only enough to see a warrior emerging
    Beneath the burden which it bear

    In the hour of that day
    When life was fresh and new
    When the birds sang with gladness
    When the grass was wet with dew
    A creation boldly formed
    That could only be divinely designed
    Stood remarkably glowing, in truth

    There was a will
    Creation made a way
    A rose grew out from concrete
    No restraint of weight could make it stay
    Within the soil of confusion, selfishness, even greed
    Likewise, love always finds its way
    And blossoms the soul from which it seeds

    Love is the solution
    Love takes care of all the rest
    No weapon formed against it will prosper
    It will forever pass the test
    Timeless, endless, bottomless
    Its power is like none other
    It is the holy ingredient that binds every man to his brother

    Love is not ill
    Love seeks to give
    Be that it is instilled
    In all human will

    Till the day when He comes
    With crowns for every doer
    And this love is all that exists
    And eternal life is granted to its pursuer

    Love will always find a way, I say
    Love is the only path
    A rose grew out from concrete
    Love was the aftermath


  • ms_mellie 46w

    Depressed? What is that?

    I lost my mom when I was 6
    Then I was molested by a neighbor
    Then Dad remarried
    Then got molested again in a new place
    Took a course I didn't like but hey it was free
    Skipped too many breakfasts and lunches
    I only have money for transport to and fro school
    Dinners are the best at home
    Left 1st bf because I was told I was still young
    Was on a rebound by the 2nd bf
    Then a bf who would not let me breathe so we split
    Then a bf older by a decade, but didn't want anything to do with me.
    Then another bf came now husband..
    Nice and good but I still want to experience sweet things.. Never mind atleast he's good
    Financially derailed but happy
    The Lord is still good.
    Now you have a job a husband who treats you well yet you need a me time
    A job that pays you more than your mortgage
    Still you post #depressed #needMEtime
    I was wondering.. Should I be depressed?