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  • loftydreams101 38w

    Tomorrow's Plains of Glory

    Burning on the brink of annihilation
    Of the blast
    Of calamity
    Of sweet savagery
    As the angels of denial
    Sing tolls of affection
    To delude our hot blood
    Surging forward to war
    Pushed and prodded by our gods
    Over mountainous years
    The fight has only begun
    In our pain-stricken eyes
    Our fatal stares will live
    Beyond the course of our stars
    In the cold hearts of kin
    Marching to their own plains
    Of sure destruction  

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • acksmack 51w


    Beside the lies
    That cannot be undone
    The hopes and dreams
    Of a millennia
    Already won
    People scrounge for attention
    Uninhibited invention
    Freedom of choice
    A pretentious voice
    Mind, soul, and body
    Enlightened modesty
    Cringing behind plastic
    Mirrors of vanity
    Coffins of insanity
    The blind leading the deaf
    App selection bereft
    Uploading thoughts
    Into cyberspace
    Like so many balloons
    Escaping moons
    Vast pockets of hot air
    Lifeless voids
    Of waste
    Filling up all space
    At a quickening pace
    Without emotion
    Only quiet moments
    Of memory and devotion
    They speak volumes
    Candid questions
    Humanity's last attempt
    For connections
    Beyond this mysterious orb
    Of wonder and imagination
    Lost in silent adulation
    Single cell amoebas
    Yearning to defect
    Like new existence
    Resistance unchecked


  • unveiling_thejourney 52w


    Where resistance traps you, acceptance sets you free

  • shaabie 54w

    Inspired by events - old and fresh.
    On the new drafts and notifications which flood us, one by one, so very often.
    बहुत शुक्रिया @hindiwriters ❤️

    #jungle #hindi #government #forest #rights #notification #law #resistance #people #pod #justice #satire

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    कागज़ नया आया है

    मौसम वही पुराना है, आज कागज़ करारा आया है,
    हुकमी तहज़ीब वही पुरानी है, बस कागज़ नया आया है।

    सफेद कुर्ता खाकी जैकेट और एक तरफ को चिपड़े बाल,
    कागज़ी महकमों का कागज़ी फरमान लिए नौकर नया आया है।

    "अरे! बाबू दफ्तरी,  कुछ ही जंगल बाकी हमारे, थोड़ा ही पानी बकाया है",
    "अरे! बिकाऊ है ये सब जो भी बकाया है, तभी तो कागज़ नया आया है।"

    "सोचो ज़रा, जंगल चीर रास्ते होंगे, सफर तुम्हारे सस्ते होंगे,
    नैया तुम्हारी छोटी भैया, काम बड़े करने का वक़्त अब आया  है।"

    "दरख्तों पर दर-ब-दर खुदे आ रहे किस्से, हर शाख का पंछी वाकिफ़ है,
    जंगल टूट बनती बस कुर्सियां हैं, और वही से ये कागज़ भी आया है।

    नैया छोटी सही हमारी, बड़े वायदे बस जालसाज़ी हैं,
    जेबें तुम्हारी भर के भारी, हिसाब टिकाने को कागज़ ये आया है।"

    "हाय! इतनी तल्खियां, इस आग-बगावत को ज़रा रखो संभाल,
    ये चंद एकड़ नुमाइश बस, अभी पहचान आज़माइश का भी कागज़ आया है।"


  • mazingamar 55w

    When I Was Born

    If I was born the day you came
    The memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Could surely not be the same

    Memories of home and land
    Each and every grain of sand
    The grass and field
    An olive branch and its yield

    If I was there in 1948
    I would not welcome you again
    Nor watch you come to my state
    Like the incoming tide of fate

    That was you, then
    Escaping hate with all your weight
    Coming to me by sea
    While I offer you shelter, food and tea

    If I was born today
    I would look at you and say
    There will be a reckoning
    For one day, you will have to pay

    You cannot deny my existence forever
    For the memories of my father
    His and mine, and the child I left behind
    Live on, like fire on a burner

    If I was born after 1948
    From my soul I would be torn
    But on my back, resistance will be worn
    And to it, all my children will be sworn

    So don’t ask me to wait
    Just because you call this fate
    In the end history will judge you
    For every orphan you create

    You see I was born before 1948
    Now I look back and say
    This is where my forefathers lay
    Trust me, my people know the way

    For that child I left behind
    The undying symbol of my resistance
    Has grown on my grass and field
    He lives off my olive branch, and it’s yield


  • labj_of_ak 59w


    I'm walking towards the hell
    I'm walking towards the pain
    But all you need is resistance

    I'm thinking about how I was happy
    Getting naughty with my hottie
    Enjoying Saturdays with party
    Then it comes to heartbreak
    Happy faces change into sorrows
    A fake smile is now borrowed
    That's how life goes on
    But all you need is resistance

    When life is getting harder
    When hopes get thrashed
    Dreams are shattered
    But all you need is resistance

    And there are days when you feel to give up
    Not living up to what you dream of
    Close ones start to run away
    all you need is resistance

    One day light will conquer the darkness
    Your weakness becomes power
    Your sweat and blood turns pain into the gain
    But today all you need is "RESISTANCE"

  • sarahrachelea 61w

    The path of least resistance
    Take it, it's yours

    ~ destiny

  • honeydewhymns 72w


    Our faces belie the ache 

    for change, the churning 

    of heartache and hellfire. 

    We deny our desires, 

    yet know them as true.

    Our hunger pangs ooze

    from our bones as a muse.

    Our tracheas torn, 

    an endless gust 

    of wind escaping. 

    Valiant voices 

    disperse the lies, 

    the ones they tell our young. 

    Woeful wanderers

    walk down the street, 

    phantoms of themselves.

    Our blood pays the price

    for time under the sun. 

    It's shadows erect

    plasmatic pulpits

    which siphon our hope,

    command none to run.

    Communions of passion, 

    carefully stoked 

    over cold lonesome nights. 

    Agonized hours resisting 

    the daemon of fright. 

    A renaissance of rage,

    smelter and forge

    warrior blades 

    who refract light,

    break illusions

    who dwell in the shade.

    We speak our stories

    illuminated by campfire, 

    of humanity freed.

    Oh, hallowed was the sight

    when mercy became our creed.

    And now we gaze

    at the moon's eerie glow,

    recall how blindness

    and fruition of faith

    is all we'll e'er know. 


  • deepflowsoul 80w


    My love is broad, but my heart has a lock.
    I imprint keys onto special papyrus moss.
    Observing from above, I absorb your moves,
    I allow time to show me your truth.
    If your trust is real, and your love consistent,
    I will grant you a key with some resistance.

  • deep_lu 85w

    "Rather die on my feet, than live on my knees."

  • the_unknown_writer_20 85w


    Resistance leads to persistence. Whatever you resist or push against simply persists and pushes back in equal measure. Instead, transform resistance into acceptance by practicing "Que Sera, Sera ... whatever will be, will be..."


  • black_pages 87w


    Light glows only when current pass through resistance;
    Life glows only when you defeat all the struggles ahead of you

  • aveshshaikh3611 94w

    Nothing happened

    A scream comes from south.
    A scream from east.
    Next from north
    And west.


  • oromianeyre 107w


    How could I forgive and forget when the trees dance on flames?
    Leaves hanging on the fragile wings of hope
    That screeched for the nearest sea
    Drying through the blazes of reverse card
    Drinking the droplets of rain through an empty chain
    Repeat the routine through strands of shades
    So how could I possibly forgive and forget
    When their heart aches and their souls scream with disgrace
    Searching for a platform of equal human race

  • gladiator001 111w

    A fantasy of resistance

    He brought fire from the volcanoes of hell
    Wherever he went , life turned to ashes
    Until he arrived to an eternal garden
    A view that cannot be captured by eyes

    He had fire in his eyes, in his hands
    His tongue was blue, red and yellow
    His body was an entity of fire and smoke
    He had the sword of an undying inferno

    And this garden vast as the paradise
    Where everything blooms to touch the sky
    With million flowers of unknown flora
    and fragrances that can change the soul

    He came with wrath and strength
    He burned everything that can stand
    And all the fire and smoke took the toll
    Everything blazed except one tiny rose

    That black rose lay untouched in embers
    It grew at the touch of chaotic incineration
    The black rose bloomed to become a tree
    A black tree that only grew conveniently

    This rare anomaly infuriated him madly
    He swung his sword on the bark of the tree
    Yet he couldn't cut this exceptional tree
    The sword shattered and it was end of him

    And then came the rain from heaven's cloud
    The tree burst into millions of flowers
    The beauty returned which was once lost
    The devil who died became a tiny black rose..


  • abhish_eks 112w


    Travelling through these oblivious nights,
    deep lonesome hidden thoughts surface.
    Sometimes to clarify, the vision,
    and sometime to blurr the mind.
    Moving past the foggy blur,
    with the clarity of the vision.
    One must only move forward,
    the path of least resistance,
    will guide to the bliss,
    lurking in the shadows of the solitude.


  • unexpectedwriter 115w

    Log kya kahege is a syndrome which stop yourself to being yourself

  • koattur 115w

    Morukh Biakh!

    The mother had just
    Put the babe to her bosom
    And lulled the scarlet groom
    To sleep in the grave
    Only a while ago.
    Only a while ago,
    Garments dyed red,
    A pang was born in the breast.
    All in the House were dazed.
    The air was numb too,
    When all at once,
    A tremor shook the House from within:
    From without
    An ear splitting
    Cry was heard:
    "Morukh Biakh! "

  • durangath 125w


    this world, this road is no other than a stage
    for you and your helpless mind to have a decent place
    now please the audience with your sick delusions
    decieve them, twist them with a masked face
    forget all that buried pain etched in your wretched brain
    a cripple all you are, half human and less than existence
    till you feed some freedom to your exiled resistance
    let it flow, let it rain all over this wrecked brain
    so it may find a piece of peace in this endless drain
    build an army of broken thoughts
    and lead them to the battle to fight humanity's war
    over who will rule this cruel and crueler world
    first break free from the chains
    that infect you with pure madness
    then wake up from the nightmare
    that in fact curse you with cowardness
    now it is time for you to take arms
    make the sun rise, learn to realise
    that all you have lived until now
    was just a jester's gibberish lie


  • juby2507 110w

    Breakaway bonds

    Remenicing through our childhood promises
    I came across many 'forevers'
    But with age came wisdom and a mind to think

    Each lane u chose, u drifted apart
    Maybe it was ego from a broken heart
    I could have said yes to please you
    To hàve it your way
    But i gambled a friendship, I didn't know, faded away
    You talk high but i see you low
    You wanted me to follow your religious show
    You judge me, who are you?
    You may be right, but I won't bow.
    Maybe forever is term,
    Whose meaning you don't know...