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  • loftydreams101 6w

    Alive in the Encircling Fury

    At the heart of a quake
    Within the tumbling waves
    Beneath the black sky’s thunder
    Is where I fall into place
    Here, ensnared by the ropes
    Of a gathering revolt
    Is where I’m meant to burn
    Within a raging mob
    Here basking in the sparks
    Of our dying machine
    In the long awaited rain
    Is where I bury my roots
    Here in the aftermath
    Of our feared awakening
    Scalding days turn to ash,
    From here I take to the breeze

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • alastair_margerman 7w


    kindness is a revolutionary act of love, in a world where greed is the crook and fear is the flail.

    kindness is the first step to seeing our self in an other. it is a recognition that we are the same kind.


  • jey_si 10w

    I have come to sing a song

    I've come to sing a song like a bird brings the message of dawn,
    I've come to sing a song in this valley of grief and anxiety,
    Where happiness has stopped flowing, kindness died in the battle of money,
    where emotions are in trade and love is forbidden,
    where people wants freedom but the meaning is forgotten.
    I have come to sing a song like a bird brings the message of dawn, but I have not started to sing yet,
    I've come too early for few people, for rest of them I've come too late,
    my feelings are searching the right words to be discovered, my thoughts still need perfect metaphor to be cleared.

    But wait, have I really come to sing a song like a bird brings the message of dawn?
    Does a bird afraid of being misunderstood, worries to be ignored?
    Then why am I?
    Because deep down I am still a man like them
    I still haven't freed my hands from the slavery's chain,
    I still haven't got rid of the disease "to be noticed" I'm still in the enigma of good and bad, the sinner and saint, the king and slave,
    I have come to sing a song like a bird but deep down I'm still a man like them."

  • ajaygupta 11w


    Pane ki khudko kabse Hod lagi hai
    Kisi ki mandap sazi hai
    To kisi ki kabar khudi hai
    Khwabo ka picha karte karte
    Na jane kis registhan me aa base hai
    Rone ki awazo ke bich
    Kitno ki baraate uthi hai
    Ki Ashman ki bhi kuch chah hai
    Zameen se milne ki
    Insaano ki basti hai ye saheb
    Yaha aas bhi lagi hai
    Bin Pani phool khilne ki
    Hasne ki keemat yaha chukani padti hai
    Darindagi basti hai yaha
    Bhar pet khane ke baad bhi
    Kaha yaha kisi ki bhuk Marti hai...

  • trulyyours1625 13w

    I am an Indian, very thankful for freedom fighters and thinkers for Democratic India with the best construction.
    #revolution #freedom

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    I think revolutionary is a drop, where everyone wants but they are silent and one person stands with no fear and push demands to the government


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 16w

    They say I am poetry
    And that's why I am different.

    Am I really?

    I am merely a bunch of words
    Strung together -
    To many, a mad man's dream
    And to a few, a revolution
    Waiting to be unleashed.

  • virkat 19w


    क्या तुम में प्रणय तत्व जिज्ञासा है
    क्या तुम में प्रेम रस की गूढ़ पिपासा है

    तो सुनो! प्रेम बिना ह्रदय रिक्त बहुत है
    जीवन का हर रस तिक्त बहुत है

    प्रेम में हर ऋतु सावन है
    ये पुण्य कर्म बड़ा पावन है

    प्रेम अविनाशी और निर्विकार प्रिये है
    प्रेम मनुष्यत्व का उद्धार प्रिये है

  • authorsahiilkatoch 21w

    The world can be scary place it will scare you but if you stare in the scare, it will be scared to scare...So have no fear of good you have done because bad will always be guilty

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    I forgive but never forget

    Lantern flying in sky
    Taking my wishes to the sea
    Rolling off the ocean
    Will consume you, for fidelity
    Sin and sinned
    You caused disharmony
    Win and won
    I am Defeated the treacherous sea
    Learn and unlearned
    Rolled down the heaven to see..
    I finally got a closure


  • darthgaaru 23w

    I wrote this as a poem of revolution, perhaps something off a fight for what we believe in. It could be something that means something to society, to a community, to a nation or maybe even to something very personal. The key thing I took away from this was that I had to fight for what I believed in, willing to put everything on the line for what I believed was right.


    #truth #revolution #strings #belief

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    Strings at Play

    Some will never see,
    The sinister strings at play,

    Other's choose,
    To simply ignore the truth,

    Some do fight,
    But sadly fall prey,

    To temptation,
    Falling deaf to their inner sooth,

    The free are those,
    Who choose the fray,

    Who fight to find,
    The truth with sleuth,

    Cutting the strings,
    They keep on their way,

    Fearless that the strings,
    May become their noose.

  • alastair_margerman 24w


    we view the world in a way that is compatible with where we believe we are in the social hierarchy. our resistance to social revolution is relative to our perceived ranking in that hierarchy. society would have us believe that we are somewhere in the middle, for the sake of maintaining social order.

  • ritik_19 26w

    Sad reality.
    Instagram Reels collection have taken such a revolutionary action that people have forgotten to check their regular feed.

  • cinimod_ofcarthach 27w

    genesis three- twenty two



    Bobbing Apples



    A Sin.

    -g-d holding court in Heaven,

    Love your Father.

  • madmans_diary 31w

    If she could put in you
    A desire for girl child

    Man ,
    She truly is your angel

  • virkat 31w

    दो लाईनें

    किया है फिर से इश्क़ मेरी हिमाकत तो देखो
    हर बार लूटने कि मेरी ये कमबख्त आदत तो देखो

  • virkat 35w


    धवल धूम्रवर्णे, अनंत सौंदर्यनिधि स्वामिनी
    मुख दैदीप्यमान कांति प्रज्वलित अंनत दामिनी
    हर्षोल्लासित प्रणय पर्व हर यामा,हर निद्रा क्षण
    बस जब भी प्रवास तुम्हारा हो हे स्वप्नगामिनी

  • samriddhi__ 38w

    We women are capable of doing so many things.
    Yet we are suppressed.
    When we voice our opinion, we are sushed down.
    We are called ill-mannered, reckless and what not.
    We talk about equality but equity is lost.

    Why is the price we pay for being opinionated so high?
    Who are we living for?
    We belong to ourselves and no one else.
    We have our own individuality.
    We have our own dreams and abilities.

    Cooking, cleaning, household chores aren't gender based.
    Its something every gender has to learn and perform.
    Women are not the only one supposed to take care of the house, children and what not.
    It's a shame that this mentality exists and that people are ignorant when it comes to this issue.

    We women aren't just meant to be confined in the four walls of the house.
    We are meant to soar high with our intelligence, resilience, perserverance, dreams, capabilities and free will.

    Why are we made to feel like the breathe we take is not even ours?
    What is exactly ours?
    We are ours.
    Our body is ours.
    Our individuality is ours.
    Our dreams are ours.
    Our voice is ours.
    Our life is ours.

    I smell male patriarchy, suppression and the dirt that one woman throws on another in the air.
    What is more beautiful than a woman lifting up another?
    Why are we so tangled that we become obstacle of our own progress?
    The last thing a woman needs is another woman degrading her.

    Men and women lifting eachother up is what a revolutionary world looks like.
    A world with voices of every gender heard is a world full of rhythm.
    Understanding eachother and their individuality, respecting it and helping eachother in the circle of life is a life indeed.
    A life with shared responsibilities, equal opportunities is a life worth living.
    A world with equality, respect and equity is a world afterall.

  • debu443 39w

    Time flies...

    I remembered exactly,
    how i used to get hurt..
    And in return---
    I replied them with anger and pity!!

    Now they hurt me
    And ends up saying sorry...
    I reply them with a smiley face,
    "Hey bro, don't worry"


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 39w


    Though it is a very tough question,
    Needs to be probed every single Indian,
    What would I do if the ropes of controlling the nation,
    Come in my hands to bring the waves of revolution.

    The first thing one must do for a tower to stay for long,
    Is to underpin it with founding stones, very strong,
    Its the 'Education System' with the aid of which an economy mounts,
    From it's quality to accessibility, each an every aspect counts.

    Our education system be changed from a factory producing job seekers,
    To an institution manufacturing job providers and entrepreneurs,
    Also, syllabus examining rote memorising power of an assessee,
    Should rather offer contents that coincide with reality.

    Another important area where modification is required,
    'Chairs of Power' to be handed over to the youth, apt qualification whose acquired,
    Moreover payroll & tax benefit schemes appropriate to their services to be drafted,
    Educated joblessness shall be sorted to a great extent, if this approach is adopted.

    There should be transparency pertaining to the funds contributed, a voluntary gesture,
    Religious structures to be less focused on, more be schools, hospitals and infrastructure,
    Voting systems to be authentic serving the very purpose of democracy,
    Media hampering our society should be penalised, exposing their hypocrisy.

    Our 'Law and Order' system that's rendered handicapped,
    Needs to be mended to free our nation, in the prison of crimes that's trapped,
    No mercy for men or women, involved in murder, rapes or like heinous crimes,
    The clips of punishment to be viralized, a lesson for all in the coming times.

    If we inject utter discipline in the veins of our economy,
    India's sure to embark on a revolutionary journey.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle: sword_of_word_86*

    *Email Id:Reshma.kausar86@gmail.com*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*

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  • devikasethumadhavan 40w

    ഓരോ ഇതിഹാസങ്ങളും വിപ്ലവ വീര്യം പകരാൻ ഉതകുന്ന ആശയ മുത്തുകൾ ആയിരുന്നു. കഥപോലെ പറഞ്ഞു പോയ പലരും ഒരു കാലത്ത് ജീവിച്ചു തെളിയിച്ച മനുഷ്യ മഹാന്മാർ ആണ്. അവർക്ക് ജാതിയുടെയോ മതത്തിന്റെയോ ജീവിത പരിത സ്ഥിതിയുടെയോ ആൾബലം പോയിട്ട് കൂടെ നിൽക്കാൻ ഭയം മാത്രം നൽകി, എല്ലാം നിർത്തി അടിയറവ് പറയാൻ നിർബന്ധിച്ച ഒരു പറ്റം ഇയ്യാം പാറ്റകളെ ഒക്കെയും നിശബ്ദരായി അവർ കാണിച്ചു കൊടുത്തു മറ്റൊരു ജീവിതം. ഭയം എന്ന വെറും തോന്നലിനെ മറി കടന്നു നിൽക്കുന്ന എവിടെയും ലോകം പരക്കെ തുറന്നു കിടക്കുന്ന പരവതാനി പോലെ വിശാലമാവുന്നു...

  • krishnaraj 41w

    Revolution Within.

    We are not ready
    Our minds not steady
    We think through belief
    And rests in relief
    Like actions did expect
    And reactions are perfect.
    Disciplined we start
    Obedience playing part
    Developed we grow
    In directions they show.
    Follow the lead
    Till we find seed
    Enumerate on our deed
    And question even if we bleed.
    Have directions turned orders?
    Have obedience turned slavery?
    Were we directed or misdirected,
    We has beliefs or misbeliefs,
    The answers reveal.
    Hold the flag or break it,
    Keep the path or make a turn,
    Be the light or find one -
    The answers implies.
    Decisions is yours
    Its never late to realize.