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  • dr_fake 25w


    Rewind the feelings and remember the flow of time, rewrite the love that shall make us wild..

    © नीर

  • priya_writings 28w


    The beat that starts ,
    Did you ever hear it .....!
    As a part that change ,
    Will the path cross again......!


  • inkofalaktaka 55w

    You write the love.
    I'll rewrite the story.


  • kikilove 59w

    Time has frozen

    I'm in a place
    Where time froze
    I know its not moving
    Because you are still
    Here with me

    You still care for me
    You are still in love with me
    But I know its my choice
    Loving you boy
    So I'm not gonna let go
    And hope I can rewrite the ending

  • unsungdreams 61w

    You can not change your past
    but you can write your future by
    focussing on your present

  • sarojinipradhan 70w

    I want to........
    Takeout all yr pain
    Erase all yr past
    Rewrite our story
    Relive without..forever..

  • wannabecreative 82w

    This is a rewrite of the song "Mirrorball" by Taylor Swift...if you know the song, read it in tune...if not, I hope you enjoy it as a poem as well
    (If you want to hear the original song, link is in bio)


    I already know, you are a mirrorball
    You can show me every version of myself tonight
    You're dancing on the floor
    Shimmering beautiful
    And if you break, I'll collect all your pieces

    Hush! When noone is around my dear,
    You can be who you want to
    Not worrying what they'll think about you, shining just so bright
    Hush! Even if the end is near,
    You can be who you want to
    Not worrying what they'll think about you, shining just so bright

    I already know, you are a mirrorball
    You can change everything about you to fit in
    You are the beauty I've never seen,
    Don't have to change anything
    Cause I've seen your every edge glisten



    (Note: this is not plagiarism, it's rewriting.....)

    I literally love her songs, and her songwriting skills are just amazing ��

    #mirrorball #taylorswift #rewrite #folklore

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    (Rewrite of "Mirrorball" by Taylor Swift)

  • restysoranges 83w


    Let's rewrite our story, the way we wanted it to be.

  • pagal_sadhvyai 94w

    जो तुम आ जाते एक बार!
    कितना बदल जाता यह मृत संसार
    अपलक तकते रहते तुमको यह द्वार
    जिनको कभी था तुमने मुँह फेर त्यागा
    करते आज वह तुम्हारा आदर से इंतेज़ार
    जो तुम आ जाते एक बार.......

    कितना विरह नहीं है हृदय ने झेला
    अब तो दीवारो का मन भी बोला
    दिखने लगे है इन आँसुओं के दाग
    तुम्हारे चरणों पर दूँ सब कुछ मैं वार
    जो तुम आ जाते एक बार........

    आँखों के मोती भी हर्षित हो जाते
    देख तुमको तुम पर समर्पित हो पाते
    अधर जो जाने कब से हुए थे उदास
    मिल उठता उनको भी हसीं ख़्वाब
    जो तुम आ जाते एक बार.......

    जो छाए हैं आज बन काले बदरा
    बरस उठते उमंग में सावन अंगना
    जल उठते फिर बुझे हुए चिराग
    देती साँसे पग- पग तुम्हारा साथ
    जो तुम आ जाते एक बार.......

  • screamymumbles 103w

    Only our efforts have the potential to
    " Rewrite The Stars "


  • the_creative_mind 104w

    #life #poetry #thoughts #diary #rewrite

    If I confuse you and your feelings then better stay away from me,
    cause nobody in existence ever became my remedy.

    That's me, an uncontrollable storm,
    so if you can't dance along
    Better stay away or
    I'll be long gone.

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    My thoughts are a hurricane
    And I always have to kiss the rain,
    But when will my time come
    When somebody will take away my pain?
    I have got fire in my eyes
    And I am scared someone may burn,
    Trying to figure out what they mean
    And break me in every turn.
    My life is a race
    But slowing down my pace for love,
    Would only do more harm than good
    To my life above....
    My eyes may not be Crystal clear,
    But they explain my story, dear.
    About the life that I left behind,
    So that nobody can ever find.
    That once I was broken and lost,
    Running from reality,
    But how long could I run from the truth
    That would always be my sanity?
    I have a ranging storm inside,
    Which I can no longer hide.
    So accept me as I am
    Cause I am happy with my so-called life,
    Which I would rather like to live alone
    Than to just sacrifice.


  • cc1994 109w

    Art of Life

    I wonder if life is like art?
    A blank canvas at the start.
    As life proceeds on going;
    Art continus flowing.
    Every humans piece is unique.
    Even when one doesn't believe so; Oneself can be the hardest critique.
    The beauty of art is even with mistakes; Solutions can be found to fix and remake.
    Results may not be as imagined.
    There still lies beauty; Do not abandon.
    If one must start over;
    There now lies experience, Just go slower.
    C. Jackson

  • pacifierpunch 112w

    Re-write life!

    Look beyond the odds,
    Smell few intelligent pods.

    Listen to your heart,
    indulge in lost arts.

    Find your emotional locus
    and restore your blurred focus.

    Recount your insolent ways
    and remove their nasty trails.

    Stand by the ground you mocked,
    and let your balance strike a chord.

    Bring together pieces of your warmth
    and connect with people dealt with disregard.

    When the time has twisted its songs,
    re-write your tale and undo the wrongs!


  • mahtobpensdown 115w


    A mere simple and famous story you might have heard or read of coming out tomorrow... It's a rewrite in my own words; not that I remember it exactly as it taught me important lessons more than a decade ago...


    Stay tuned .... Part 1 coming soon
    You will like it for sure. Encourage others to read. God bless
    Wait till tomorrow

  • _overthinker_ 124w

    A Lie

    With so many things going around,
    With so much negativity that surrounds,
    I try to look above, i try to breathe,
    But i can't, as i am already stuck in dark so deep.
    Then you came along,and i saw a ray of light,
    I walked towards you, hoping you were the morning of my endless night.

    I walked with heavy steps, I trembled then i fell too
    Jst to start scratching and crawling towards you.
    I was longing for someone like you my whole life,
    I found peace in you,you became the end of my inner strife.
    I fell in love, the moment i saw you,
    You gave the only meaning to my life that i thought was true.

    With every step that i take, you move a step away,
    I am exhausted by your games, i hate the way you sway.
    With so much pain, I am not going to thrive,
    Without you i am dying ,you are the drug that was keeping me alive.
    I kept going through the pain, as I thought the end was nigh,
    But I realise now, you were never there, you were just a BEAUTIFUL LIE.

  • broslav 125w

    Paper Cut

    Left behind
    Feels like 
    A slow death
    A paper cut
    The pain and heartache
    Stinging when
    I wake up

    I get drunk
    Meet the Day
    Fucked up
    When the morning
    Losing you
    Is still tough

    It's like a slow
    Death from
    A paper cut

    My heart
    My lips
    My body
    My brain
    Hoping to find
    A part of me
    That you didn't stain

    The songs
    The movies
    The laughs

    Seems that I just
    Didn't understand
    I was
    Falling in love
    Inside your
    Selfish land
    My heart
    With our
    Paper thin

    A slow
    Death from
    A paper cut

    You giving
    Us up
    With such a
    Careless shrug
    We were
    Some sort
    Of bad drug

    It was like
    A death from
    A paper cut

    I got drunk
    But it wasn't enough
    Cause the morning's
    Here and
    Losing you
    Is still rough


    I'll be alright
    It's not a death

    It's only
    A paper cut 

    I'll heal 
    From you
    My heart
    Closed shut

    You weren't
    A slash
    A paper cut


  • ishu_sinha 130w


    क्या ज़रूरी है
    हर मोहब्बत मुक्कमल हो,
    कुछ सफ़र
    मंज़िल से भी खूबसूरत होते हैं

  • chaiwithrohan 134w

    I see God In You

    I Didn’t Ask For Anything
    Whatever I gave you,
    I gave you from the bottom of my heart.
    The heart that beats for you, Jaan.

    I Didn’t Say Anything
    I Didn’t Weigh The Pros And Cons
    Whatever I Gave you,
    I gave you the brightest smile I can put up
    Masking My Pain
    Only so you could be happy

    Hoping that you would be
    My sun
    Who would brighten up my life
    My shelter
    Who would make me feel like home

    In this little time,
    You are my own,
    You are also a stranger
    I don't know how
    I see God In You!!

    Tell me how?
    What do I do now?
    I'm lost
    I'm losing hope...

  • jynxielynn85 141w

    Demon Lover "Second Edition"

    A malevolence lingers, filling a lust-thickened air.
    She waits, kneeled upon the hardwood floor.

    Her essence and blood drip on to the boards, she chants his sirens call.
    Her body shakes, his voice caresses her skin, sharp and sweet, it makes her ache.

    His beautiful claws, twist upturned breast. Moans of pain and ecstasy fall from chapped lips, feeding him and his hell-bent needs with her screams.

    Used, she lies broken upon the floor.
    He gently places a kiss upon her blood-stained lip, and whispers "good pet". ©jynxielynn85

  • mr_wordy 142w

    My Pair of Single Eyes

    I despise the part of me that loves my lonliness,
    That revels in the ginger tinged leaves that fall on a dim Autumn day,
    That watches those leaves succumb to the breeze, swept away with ease.

    I despise the passiveness within that lets me watch the world decay,
    The part of me that seeks solace in its rain,
    Resides within a secluded cave,

    When it emerges from its' depths,
    It steals sight, sense and happiness from the day,
    Erupting out through quivers and lost weight,
    Sending the living half of me to its grave.