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  • nocturnal_enigma 1w

    * 18.1.2022; 5.56 A.M (Malaysia)

    * I played it twice at an arcade. The pros players hands tapping the 'washing-machine like thing' were so fast. Plus, they wore gloves to protect their hands.

    #MaiMai #rhythm #game #OhMy

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    MaiMai ~

    I played a Japanese rhythm game called MaiMai.
    I couldn't play fast like the pros players. Oh, my!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • 2write 9w


    As time ticks away
    Heart is beating
    Both are longing for you
    With their own kind of rhythm.

  • the_moon_kid 19w

    I've spent twilights dreaming about walking down the skyline with you towards a harbor which is probably elusive as I want to spend with you the maximum amount of time I breathe. With you, besides me, it's not that tough to walk on spinous path as I know, you would be there to heal my wound. My heart dances on the beat of your heart and somehow they get entangled amongst themselves. Some voids in between them, for us to fill in with extra warmth and trust, this journey with you has been nothing but a lesson for me to learn how two people can walk side by side forever, with intertwined fingers, palms touched, towards a dubious destination.
    On days, I would crave for you to narrate me some stories about yourself so that I could get to know you even more. On days, I would like you to play an acoustic cover on guitar and sing along with it. With you, I've learnt to live a little more than I was actually. With you, I learnt that if I don't love myself, I can't expect someone else to do so. With you, I learnt that true love does exists but it just awaits for the right person and indeed the right time. And when you, looked at me, I felt the universe noticed me.

    Singing to the rhythm of your sweet breathe, I make myself realise that falling in love with you was neither a mistake nor a choice but yes, it was destined.

    ~ @the_moon_kid

    #love #you #breathe #rhythm #poetryforyou #life #happiness #journeywithyou #togetherness #us

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    ~Rhythm of your breathe


  • pisces_corner 21w


    Poetry made me to think,
    Think through my dreams,
    Dreams that could bring happiness,
    Happiness ringed by pietist ones,
    Ones that can never come back,
    Back to ages to attain your love,
    Love that gave memories,
    Memories sojourn forever.

  • _fallen_angel_ 25w

    A "drizzle" that led
    to an incessant downpour.
    "Pitter patter" rain.

    Soil during the rains
    Rendering the earth perfumed
    Nature sang her song.

    A muddy puddle,
    The kid happily jumps in
    The sound of a "Splash".

    #wod #onomatopoeia #miraquill #writersnetwork #rain #rhythm #petrichor #haiku #poetry #poetrycommunity #repost

    @miraquill thanks soo much for EC 10❤❤❤❤❤❤
    @writersnetwork thanks for your like & support ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Haiku & Onomatopoeia
    (Edited one of my previous post)

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  • czarcasm 26w


    Countless minutes slowly ticking by and it's still morning

    Dragging on along without a song to keep it on its rhythm

    Empty words and have you heards and aimless wandering

    I'm still just as unsure on how to be but maybe by morning light

    I'll be able to see

    The truth and if it's worth it for me it still hurts me

    Endless days passing slow but fast but it's still Monday

    Dragging on without a beat

    To keep it remaining upon its feet

    Empty thoughts and ought to nots and endless contemplating

    I'm more unsure on how to see

    but maybe by morning light

    I'll be able to be

    Human and feeling the things I should

    I'm thinking in could make it up the eternity of stairs

    Don't you think I could

  • devilfish 27w

    Red Ribbons

    So inviting
    You like it
    I feel it
    See, it’s vibrant
    I’ll walk you off a cliff of reinventing the past
    I’ll be your island
    I’ll be your Midas
    I know you see me
    I’m inviting you to pull into my vibes
    And I’ll move it to you
    The feeling it struck like lightning
    Chaos and it’s violence
    They vibrant
    When we already walked and scuttled barefoot as a matter a fact
    The way they shattered you’d think we were hit by a semi in a compact
    I don’t remember exactly to a precision all the dates I’m bad at math plus my memories don’t come fast
    I’m still whip lashed by the eyelash I made a wish and I never asked to be ripped from the only things that even mattered to be burdened by life’s chaotic apathy in it’s smug shrug
    As it pulls out from me
    The rug
    My tears are filling up these pages
    These aren’t just mugs
    You fill black coffee with
    Like charcoal in stockings of Christmas
    I missed this
    But death crossed my heart out
    Like a pencil to a flimsy list
    I bleed crimson blood bliss
    I cry as I split into fragmented starlights that water rose in gardens where they were kissed by Dewey mists
    Happiness won’t ever be bliss
    If you were just here and this memory lives like It lives in me
    The same emotions that I can’t quite understand
    The same erosion the pollution of a wound they just left open
    As I was bartered by chance
    And eroded by the sand
    How much can a human life endure how much one can be capable is an evil to understand
    No man would wish to ban even the most unholy in the land
    To this dystopian romance
    Where Joanna won’t stop loving you
    A narcissistic slow dance
    We keep taking vyvanse
    Disillusionment I like it
    How the movement of your skin
    Makes me want to tell you
    To slowdown and you go fast
    I bite that
    and they keep hitting like they missed
    I kiss my cyber halo with a cold gun
    To seduce me with it’s sudden kiss
    I dance with my pain
    I sing with my pain
    I bathe with my pain
    I cycle my mind through this process stage by stage phase by phase
    Day by day
    These pills I have to take
    Or else I make bad decisions
    And I stray from my control over my past I have no debt I haven’t fully paid
    My beds are made my truth is said
    It’s no deeper than it seems
    Truth is déjà vu
    Is so weird I just can’t put my finger on it
    I don’t know honestly how I could explain
    The scars they just remain
    I’ll remain aware of my perspective
    I can’t lose it
    I can’t play
    The game
    No time to contemplate
    To revise what I have made
    These decisions in my wake
    I’m but a man
    But I can bend the moonlight and purge the world out of my veins
    As I erupt in fiery rain
    My body hurts so I rain
    My mind it runs from me
    I’m afraid in these dead bodies
    Mine start to feel that mine have hollowed out
    The same
    The dead body is me with my own face
    I’m in tune
    I’m insane

  • benhurbedford 28w

    The Dreadful Poem

    Help me write this dreadful poem.
    I feel unwise, as i jot this page.
    I even use a phone don't be outraged,
    for there is a bird that sings inside my cage.

    I can die a lonely man.
    Old and grey, with no solid plan.
    the soil looks fertile for my hand.
    the veins that pop, through the sand.

    My eyes squint into two directions.
    Left merely wrong as right.
    I give up this lonesome night,
    to the natural breeze that sparks my light.

    I am still dreadful, don't get me wrong.
    The poetic non sense I shout as I fleet
    The sailing away from docks go deep.
    my distance between my sense, I weep

    Just remember, I'm a young man.
    Feeling poetic in advance.
    Just remember, I'm a young man.
    Feeling poetic in advance...

  • scopdev_09 31w

    तेरी होना चाहती थी
    पर हो ना पाई !!
    ऐसी क्या थी गलती मेरी
    जो रो ना पाई!!
    लोग कहते हैं तुझे गलत
    ‌ क्यों मैं सुन ना पाई!!
    तेरी होना चाहती थी
    पर क्यों हो ना पाई!!

  • _fallen_angel_ 32w

    A drizzle that led
    to an incessant downpour.
    Pitter patter rain.

    Out ran a small kid
    in hurried mud splotched footsteps.
    Eager to jump in.

    Soil during the rains
    Rendering the earth perfumed
    Nature sang her song.

    A muddy puddle,
    The kid happily jumps in
    Making a "Splash" sound.

    He who dances in the rain,
    is the one, who knows real joy.

    #wov4 #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #rain #rhythm #petrichor #haiku #sonnet #poetry #poetrycommunity

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    Day 4: Haiku Sonnet

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  • ericwinnert 34w

    I've been #experimenting with #surreal poetry and rolling #rhythm. These poems should be read out loud for the full effect @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Trains go bye

    Trains clickety-clack
    Through boroughs of branches.
    Burrows pass by unexpected
    Waiting on clouds like waitresses
    Waiting for buses; coming and going
    Going through tunnels
    Ripping mountains wide open.
    In the height of daydreams
    Closing the springtime
    Amongst thistles on a low sea
    Level with moor hill
    A brick wall in drystone formation
    Is amongst bare sheep dung.


  • sonu99 34w

    #katuata, #poetry, #quotes, #sweet, #ambrosia, #soul, #rhythm, #pod, #wod, #life, #view, #poem, @mirakee,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakeeworld

    Lines of poetry
    Are sweet drops of ambrosia
    Enchanting soul with its rhythm.

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  • blossomwrites 35w


    Fine tuning your life
    You come rocking all the way up
    Might miss a beat or two but you always know to get it right
    Blending the strings of emotion and sacrifice
    Getting your inner soul connected to the music of mind
    There you get a scintillating rhythm to your tunes of life !

  • himayan_writes 35w

    Oh Summer

    Oh Summer, you used to be so kind
    With your cool gentle breeze, so soothing and sublime!
    And those sweet scented blossoms, blooming everywhere.
    Oh Summer its not like I didn't care!

    Your bright blue skies throughout the day,
    With cotton candy clouds, floating away.
    A million sparkles on your clear night skies
    The twinkling stars and the twinkling fireflies!

    Oh Summer, a lot has changed since then.
    Oh Summer, did I fail you?
    Oh Summer, I wish to meet you again.
    The sweet, sweet Summer I knew!


  • realnotreel 36w

    .•♫•♬• ��������' ���� ������������ ������������. •♫•♬•

    She sets up and dims the lights
    Her orchestra of wind blowing through lush green trees
    Builds from a whisper to a forte
    Beautiful lightening cast blinding light in a white dangerous rhythm
    Thunder drums quietly, then BOOM!
    And it stops…
    To let applause ripple through the valley which she lingers
    Until it stops in the early hours of the dawn
    With the sun peaking over the glittering hills
    Her song has finished
    She slips away and hides in solitude
    To write another song
    To shatter earthly silence
    Once again to amaze us all
    And shower us with 'Rain'

    by Catherine Defreitas

    P.C - Pinterest



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    Rain as a singer,
    performing to the world.

  • realnotreel 37w

    The Many Stages of Life.
    Shakespeare wrote: that in Life,
    we pass through seven,stages,
    and for each stage, we fill many pages.
    Recording details, joyful and sad:
    of deeds done, be they good or bad.
    Lifestyles led - be they short or long:
    a mournful dirge or joyful song?
    they’ll mark times of joy and strife
    each book recording a stage in life.
    But of all events therein, there’s no doubt,
    The Rhythm of Life, runs throughout!

    A Challenge was issued to write a poem,
    based on the theme "The Rhythm of Life."
    Herewith my attempt to describe poetically,
    the Seven Phases, of life in metred rhyme:

    A baby’s first cry, a Mother’s sigh,
    a Father’s joy, be it girl or boy!
    The Rhythm of Life - renewing.

    Tho not adept, a toddler’s first step:
    an excited giggle, a hesitant wiggle!
    The Rhythm of Life - exploring.

    A chilling dream: a piercing scream:
    a splashing bath, a show of wrath!
    The Rhythm of Life - revealing.

    It’s off to school, playing it cool,
    friendships made, twixt lad and maid,
    The Rhythm of Life - inviting.

    In the Class, shy looks pass:
    Girl dates boy, flirting coy:
    The Rhythm of Life - delighting.

    Embarrassed flush: a girlish blush.
    With proposal made, plans are laid,
    The Rhythm of Life - maturing.

    Lovers matched, a wedding hatched,
    with banns said, the twosome wed.
    The Rhythm of Life - inviting.

    Twixt a couple paired, love is shared.
    Next it’s three, maybe more to be?
    The Rhythm of Life, expanding.

    Heaven be praised, the family’s raised,
    then comes the desire, to retire.
    The rhythm of Life, now slowing.

    After happy years, and some tears,
    walk grows slow, soon time to go.
    The Rhythm of Life, is waning.

    When The Reaper calls, the curtain falls:
    being time to leave, some will grieve.
    For The Rhythm of Life, has ended!

    @pic credit: Pinterest.

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  • heyoka_warrior 37w

    The Harvest

    A seed sown in darkness of the abyss
    Grew, sprouted its leaves and blossomed;
    Flowers facing the sun—
    Who would've thought I'd turn into a tree?
    Roots deeply buried, I'm a vintage green;
    From ashes to beauty,
    From darkness to light;
    I am healed, I am revived!

    Awakening, expanding, ascending...
    My vines are reaching the heights;
    Wings breaking free from chains of bondage,
    Waking up from a comatosed state;
    My true destiny forgotten in witchcraft,
    Covered in the black veils of sin and curse;
    Door opened, light has broken in;
    Rainbow smiling upon me.

    I am flying, flying away!
    My soul sees God's face one more time
    And I shall see forever and ever;
    Survived the blazing fires of hell,
    My spirit's rising to the rhythm of my heart's song;
    The notes of music are dancing in the air
    At the sight of my Savior lover.

    The fruits are ripe, the linen smooth and white;
    Lie in wait and look up, time is little;
    The feast is bountiful, reap the harvest,
    O angels of God, strong and mighty;
    Sound the alarm, blow the trumpets!
    Your babes are coming home, Abba,
    Your babes are coming home;
    Revival to your whole house;
    The harvest is here,
    The harvest is ready!


  • himayan_writes 37w

    Wish we were in Love

    Whispers from Paradise,
    I've seen them through your eyes.
    The sweetest sensations,
    I've felt them from your hands.
    And the dripping love from your tongue,
    Reminds me of the love song.
    The one where the lovers were
    Mountains and oceans away.
    The one where the lovers dare
    To meet each other anyway!


  • sillythoughts 38w

    ❤Lub Dub❤

    Rhythm of life
    Ringtone, defines to survive
    Every second, every minute you are listening
    That's the way baby,  your body is glistening
    Melodious lyrics lies between us
    It's a boon , it's a curse, give it a big buss.

                                                   ~Srijita Banerjee

  • rhythmsofheart 42w

    The wall

    It looked alike
    From either side
    For the birds longing for feathers
    Its height does demand
    The Phoenix wings
    The normal ones are not born
    With such everlasting powers