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    अपना हक अपनो पे जताए रखना।
    रिश्तो को दिलके हवाले रखना।
    डुबोने बहुत आएंगे किनारो से लोग,
    तुम बस कश्ती सीधी संभाले रखना।


  • vy_thoughts 9w

    ना मुझे खुद का
    ना मुझे खुदा का पता है,

    ना मुझे मेरे सच का
    ना मुझे मेरे गुनाहों का पता है,

    नही बाकिब उस से
    ज़माने से और खुद से
    मैं आजकल

    तो इसमें मेरी क्या खता है - 2

    कहने को मेरी न कोई खता है
    फिर भी उसके लिए गर ये खता हैं

    तो फिर मंजूर मुझे वो इंसान
    वो इंसाफ
    और वो सजा है...!

    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"


  • ayushelusive 9w

    A woman sacrifices her body parameters for the wellfare of her family.
    She bleeds every month for her man to give him the delight of being a father.
    Even after birth,she nourishes her baby from her body.
    Not only this!She fulfills the duty of "pure motherhood" through her whole life.
    Then what is the use of a man's strength?
    Men have strengths to support women in every way they lack.
    Androgen is made to fill the gaps that estrogen creates.
    And to all men i say-"If your body strengths can support women then only you can live in their hearts."
    For a woman is such a divine being that you could never imagine.
    She may lack in her body but she never lacks in the purity of her heart.
    She is truely devoted to whatever touches her heart.
    And this is the quality which builds up your family.
    The only currencies to live in her heart are love and respect.
    Save them from all the dirty gazes of the society and respect them.
    Don't give a dirty look to a woman,for your eyes were also sprouted out of a woman.
    Don't judge them for their dressing sense,for you won't be called a gentleman by having standard clothes but only by having standard thoughts about women.
    If you can't estimate the heaviness of their bangles then you don't have the right to give them the load of your wicked words.
    Woman's status in society is actually the mentality of a society.
    Your behaviour towards them describes your character.
    Women can easily spoil men for their dirty deeds,as you will be seen as the same dirt that you give them.
    Only standard view points and healthy thought processes can standardize a society and not the luxuries.
    Our society needs healthy minds to stand for the rights of women and not the judgememtal words of people who consider their right on everything.

  • divyanayak 12w

    #humanright #animalright #rights #animallover
    Respect the animals and birds

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    We all respect and fight for human rights what about animals and birds rights ?


  • jpwriter 12w

    Texas Tears

    Dried tears for year
    In this desolate dry land
    I make the best of it
    Do what I can
    I'm man who's land
    Is not even mine
    They ran their clan
    In coming behind
    The Texas tears
    Won't turn to fear
    Dissolve before they saw
    One things clear
    They're raw beyond the law
    With their gift to gab
    Uncalled for us to fall
    Shit hits the fan
    So I call to all of y'all
    When it gets bad
    Stand tall
    Or don't stand at all
    This I can


  • raghavendrabs 14w

    Where do I belong ?

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a man, slap a woman, I’m behind bars!
    If a woman slaps me then I’m definitely in the wrong!
    The former would be national news, the latter, a farce!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a poor guy, end up in an argument with someone richer!
    The eyes around me would find me guilty all along!
    Regardless of my plight, I’d be called a “victim-card” player!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, a Hindu, try to argue about my rights!
    The media, the law, the silently watching government would just declare it’s a fake rhetoric on which I throng!
    Irrespective of the victim, except when it’s from my religion, the world would wail at the barbaric sights!

    I am not sure where I belong?
    God forbid, I, an Indian, try to express an opinion on world affairs!
    I would be schooled in the lacunas of my country all day long!
    I’d be asked to shut up and blindly agree to any opinion of theirs!

    Forbidden to take the name of my country, religion or God,
    Dare I do that, I’m labelled an oppressor with staunch views that no one could get along!
    An unforgivable financial position and by gender I’m automatically assumed to be flawed!
    I keep asking myself “Where do I belong?”

    So, I, an Indian Hindu poor man, look around and seek answers!
    If I’m wronged, no would care and no one would conduct a candle march singing many a song!
    No would cry and no celebrities would hold a placard, no honoured artists would return their awards!
    So, I ask again, where do I belong?

    Raghavendra B S

  • bena08 17w

    #हक #rights #इज़ाजत #Miraquill #love #philosophy

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    तेरे हक का हक अदा कर सकूँ
    इतना तो हक दे मुझे,
    तुझ पे खुद को खर्च कर सकूँ
    इतनी बस इज़ाजत दे मुझे


  • trulyyours1625 20w

    They did more worse than hell people's life,
    History is very bad but the present is the worst.
    #equality #freedom #women #rights #justice

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    The mirror


    These are known, Arm seller,
    These are known as the origin, of tension.


    These are known as Arm buyers,
    These are known as so-called protectors of Islam by "Jihad".
    These are known as Devil
    Seria as hell, Afghanistan as hell.

  • vibingsoul 21w

    Woman In Pain

    To the woman in pain,

    You have the right to talk
    You have the right to work
    You have the right to hangout
    You have the right to make friends
    You have the right to express your opinion
    You have the right to grow with your career and achieve fame
    You have the right to speak against the humiliations you've to go through
    You have the right to be unapologetic for the mistake you did not make &
    You have the right to punish the demons you nurtured

    And against all the odds you're facing,
    with heavy heart,
    I insist you now, to think about yourself.
    You deserve to be treated well;
    You deserve to live your life with your own terms;
    Open up your heart & share your feelings,
    Release all your pain & Let your soul heal.

    And I know you can make through it as you're strong enough to fight it for your self. And I am with you. More power to you!


  • ronron269 21w

    i be mood swinging
    changing faces
    changing places
    to different phases



  • agyaanee 21w

    संविधान का पावन पर्व तुम,
    कुछ इस तरह से मनाना
    चर्चा चले अधिकारों की तो,
    बात तुम कर्तव्यों की ले आना


  • queen_imagination 25w


    New Year: New Beginning

    Part 2

    Today's topic is about men's rights and how kpop changed my views towards men.


    Even if I am not a boy I still understand their pain. Because of Women Discrimination people are paying so much attention to women that they don't realise men are being discriminated too.

    Lemme give you an example:

    When girls dress up as boys, cut their hair short and behave in manly way they are considered brave and bold.
    Those girls are called tomboys.

    But when boys wear makeup and jewellery they are considered too girly and people react like it's a bad thing.
    People call those boys 'GIRLS' most of the time.

    Honestly there's nothing such as 'like boys' or 'like girls'. Because of majority girls love makeup and jewellery doesn't mean boys can't use that. That doesn't make them girls.

    How kpop changed this side of me?

    I used to judge boys the same way because I never saw these types of boys. After stanning kpop I realised makeup and jewelleries look good on boys.

    BTS is hated a lot because some people think they are like GIRLS. I used to think that too and now I feel so embarrassed. After stanning them I realised they don't look like girls....they just look like cute boys.

    Girls always get to be better:

    I saw in a lot of women's rights vids that girls are always better than the boys only to prove 'Girls are equal'. Honestly we girls only want to be equal not better. Nobody needs to prove boys weak only to prove girls strong. Both gender are equal. We all are human.
    Nobody is better than anyone because nobody is perfect.

    We all have flaws but to prove we are worth being respected equally doesn't mean we have to point out the flaws of others.

    What were my views about boys ealier?

    1. Boys don't cry

    2. Boys can't wear makeup

    3. Boys can't wear jewellery


    5. Boys can't dance as good as girls.

    6. Boys don't have a melodic and angelic voice / Girls sing better than boys.

    I didn't realize I was discriminating too. I was a kid though and I am not a grown up yet but I still understood my mistake early after stanning BTS. I used to hate bts and won't even bother listening to any of their songs as I thought they were too GIRLY because I heard people saying that.

    My views about boys now and how kpop helped me to be a better person:

    Now I totally changed. After stanning BTS I realised they are super talented and super cute. They don't look like girls honestly. They look like Ka-Ute Korean boys.

    I saw them crying in a lot of videos and it broke my heart but I also realised it's ok to express yourself. They deserve love and affection not gender discrimination.

    Also makeup and jewellery looked good on them and I became habited to seeing boys with makeup and tons of jewellery that everything seems normal and okay to me now. And the earings made them shine.

    Their dance....what do I say....SUPERB�� Now I won't say boys can dance even better than girls, I only wanna say anyone can dance no matter it's a boy or a girl. We only need some practice. Practice makes perfect ��

    Jimin you're our ANGEL�� and of course you have an angelic voice. Not only you but lots of boys have. Every guy can sing beautifully even if they have a very manly voice. Look at V. He has a deep manly voice but he sings so nicely. BTS changed me a lot.



    Others ways boys are being discriminated:

    Still today, somewhere in the world, some people might think boys can't or don't do house chores/ they shouldn't do it. Let them be independent and do their chores by themselves and cook their own food. Boys can be good at household works too.


    Let this new year be a new beginning for boys; a bit more beautiful beginning

    #bts_talks #kpop #kpop_talks #new_year_yee_haw #men's_rights #rights

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    New Year

    New Beginning

    Part 2

  • missveen 29w

    Every girl deserves a happy love life
    No matter she had a bad past
    She have a bad figure

  • creative_chanchal 33w

    सच कहें या झूठ
    क्योकि सच तो यह है
    आजकल प्यार बाँटने के साथ अपने हक के लिए
    अपने कैरियर के लिए लड़ रहें
    और झूठ यें है कि जिंदगी में बहुत कुछ कर रहें हैं!!

  • dr__aditi 44w

    Yesterday when I was tucking my 6 year old daughter in bed, she innocently asked,
    " mumma, what is world?
    Kissing her forehead I said, "like you are my world baby" it's everything you see, the land, tress, birds, rivers.
    "Yes pihu"
    "Mumma, what is- this world is ending"?
    "Where did you hear that?"
    "Nanu said it to nani in evening when we were in the park."
    "Umm , it's nothing you need to worry about pihu, it means everything has an end one day, and that day is very long time after".
    "Mumma, but why nanu was so angry today?"
    "Pihu, no more questions, sleep"
    Pihu continues with the worrying look on her face, "is something bad happening to the world?"

    "Nanu is just upset with the news these days, nothing is ending. Don't you worry"
    "Now go to sleep"
    Pihu frowns.
    "Ok mumma"
    "Mumma he was really upset about some talian"
    "Baby, it's nanu, he gets real sad when he watches something bad in news, but he is fine now"
    "But mumma I never seen him angry"
    "Nanu got too angry"
    "Pihu nanu got angry, because there are bad people who want girls to not read or work or have freedom to go out alone."
    "Like I am not allowed to go to the Park alone"?
    ""No pihu, you are little baby that's why you are not allowed to go the park, but you go to your school, right? But girls over there are not allowed to go to school."
    "But why mumma, school is good."
    "Yes pihu, but some bad people don't understand that, they aren't smart like you."
    "The bad people should let little girls to go to school. Everyone should go to school and park too"
    "Nanu will not be angry then"
    "Yes pihu"

    "Mumma is nanu ok ?"

    "He's okay baby"
    "He is not angry anymore".
    "Nanu is fine now"
    "Let's sleep"

    The same night I had nightmares about being born in a country under terror. And it got worse when I saw pihu there too even in dreams it made my heart sink.

    It always amazes me how fear of losing freedom, is an another level crisis for women.
    And this fear is real for some because there are many women and daughters facing that fear right now, which is no less a nightmare that I can only imagine from comforts and freedom of my home.

    It makes me count my blessings as a women and to be living with the people having equal rights. A blessing indeed.

    Basic equal rights are really a blessing everyone deserves, every human deserves, which includes women too.

    #Rights #life #musings #writersnetwork #miraquill

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  • sumeyadav_ 47w


    Wt is life?
    It's between B & D
    D- death
    So what's between them it's C!
    Yes the Choice's you, me or We make.
    Making A right choice for 1's life.
    Life is short but choices can lead you make it bigger and have great experience
    Make right Choice it's Your life and your rights

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 52w

    faiR winGs . . .
    fRee wiLLs !!!

    In that wide open crust
    there's all the where
    just those fences
    dividing the humanity,
    loosing all the sanity
    for morality and ethics

    Sheer tyranny of shackles
    the roots of liberalism

    The overhype of
    pseudo realism
    blowing in the air
    those manipulative chips
    within the psyche
    of beingness,
    the very inner domain,
    the voluntary senses
    those recessive genes
    of involuntary servitude

    This hosting of
    parasitic webs
    often thus
    ignorantly creates
    a self-restraint cage
    the conscience
    to enslave
    the fair and free
    wings of will !


  • shaabie 52w

    Inspired by events - old and fresh.
    On the new drafts and notifications which flood us, one by one, so very often.
    बहुत शुक्रिया @hindiwriters ❤️

    #jungle #hindi #government #forest #rights #notification #law #resistance #people #pod #justice #satire

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    कागज़ नया आया है

    मौसम वही पुराना है, आज कागज़ करारा आया है,
    हुकमी तहज़ीब वही पुरानी है, बस कागज़ नया आया है।

    सफेद कुर्ता खाकी जैकेट और एक तरफ को चिपड़े बाल,
    कागज़ी महकमों का कागज़ी फरमान लिए नौकर नया आया है।

    "अरे! बाबू दफ्तरी,  कुछ ही जंगल बाकी हमारे, थोड़ा ही पानी बकाया है",
    "अरे! बिकाऊ है ये सब जो भी बकाया है, तभी तो कागज़ नया आया है।"

    "सोचो ज़रा, जंगल चीर रास्ते होंगे, सफर तुम्हारे सस्ते होंगे,
    नैया तुम्हारी छोटी भैया, काम बड़े करने का वक़्त अब आया  है।"

    "दरख्तों पर दर-ब-दर खुदे आ रहे किस्से, हर शाख का पंछी वाकिफ़ है,
    जंगल टूट बनती बस कुर्सियां हैं, और वही से ये कागज़ भी आया है।

    नैया छोटी सही हमारी, बड़े वायदे बस जालसाज़ी हैं,
    जेबें तुम्हारी भर के भारी, हिसाब टिकाने को कागज़ ये आया है।"

    "हाय! इतनी तल्खियां, इस आग-बगावत को ज़रा रखो संभाल,
    ये चंद एकड़ नुमाइश बस, अभी पहचान आज़माइश का भी कागज़ आया है।"


  • keithallencovell 55w


    Leave their abortion rights alone, you imbeciles
    Ya think the Earth appreciates overcrowding?
    Ya think God loves rapists, the enslaved??
    You think wrong, God loves freedom

    Leave their sexual preferences alone
    Ya think the Earth discriminates its plates?
    Ya think God adores totalitarian scum??
    You think WRONG, God demands plasticity


  • charithaburri 57w


    Vo tho bin bulaaya mehman tha, na jaane kis haq se aaya, aur kis haq se chala gaya, ab ham roke bhi tho kis haq se....