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  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Life should be like a river

    Life should be like a river, how many obstruction may come on the way, it should never ever stop over there. It must keep flowing. If there's life, ups and downs are there. It's not anything unusual. But those who are inexperienced and ignorant about these truth of life, they tend to take the bold step. If you look at these phenomena in our life, they are just nothing. Nothing happens whether you succeed or fail because it has hardly any meaning. What more can one achieve in this ethereal world? We are all travellers. No one is here to stay forever. Everyone has the same and fixed destination. Therefore, never get worried about a petty failure ☺️live your life like a river☺️

  • loftydreams101 3w

    Down River with Hollow Hearts

    Down river,
    Friends drift with hollow hearts
    For the open sea
    As the months roll forward
    Shedding glimmers of life
    While I’m stalled in the rapids
    Left frozen in horror
    By the love bled away for the surging horizon
    When I’ve finally collapsed
    To the river’s cold wrath
    I’ll rejoin their mad laughter
    In an endless summer
    Quieted within
    Afloat in still waters
    Fast asleep
    In the shelter of a far away dream

    ©2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • selenophilic_ 3w

    #monostich @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Collaboration post ~~
    @inkandfable670 Thank you so much ��
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��

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    River bidding adieu to small streams to engross the enormity of a sea.

  • smilein_style11 4w

    Now I don't feel alone any more, even I did I know where to go and who can hold me tight. Tell me stories with detailed explanation. And I really like to hear you more and more. You are like addiction to me. You are endless. You are awesome.
    I just feel blessed I met you.❤️.
    Thank you ��

    #river #meet #happiness #rejuvenation

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    Today I have met a river, which I
    think has hardly any limits, it is
    infinite and challenging, It's better to
    drown in it than to cross it.


  • wind_chime7 4w

    Sometimes you just have to go with the flow ����.

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    जीवन के ऊहापोह में जब भी मन विचलित हुआ,
    मैंने अपना रुख नदियों की और मोड़ लिया
    और पाया की मुझे भी इनके ही तरह निरंतर
    बहते रहना है, चाहे परिस्थिति कितनी ही विपरीत
    क्यों न हो !!

    © archana

  • a_quaint_laddoo 4w

    Tickled by the scattered stones,
    the river giggled and flowed
    only to meet a sea so serious,
    that only roared to talk.


  • raman_writes 5w


    ठहरे पानी से बैर रखा चलते से हाथ मिला लिया ।

    बेचैन हूँ मैं तब से जब से तूने देखकर मुस्कुरा दिया ।।


  • yours_trulyy 6w


    "Gustave!" Amaka exclaimed in her mind as she watched her sister, Nkechi, being dragged from the banks of the Rusizi River, in the massive jaws of the 20 foot juggernaut of a Nile crocodile! She knew it was the legendary one tonne man-eater by the three bullet scars along his back and deep machete wounds on his right shoulder blade.
    He hadn't been seen for years so the locals had started to consider him dead, but, lo, there he was, thrashing her flailing sister around like a ragdoll with his immense frame!
    She had no time to think so she waded into the water after them, diving down where she saw them submerge and the water was still bubbling. She followed the underwater vibrations then felt and grabbed the monster's powerful tail, who in turn yanked them all back to the surface.
    "Amaka!" Nkechi yelled out for her as they all gasped for air. Glad her sister was still alive, yet dismayed at seeing no one on either bank of the river, Amaka now braced herself to face Gustave. Feeling something prick her thigh, she felt for her pocket underwater and said a mental 'Hallelujah' when her hand drew out a pen!
    Swimming along the reptile's body, she came to his large head then just as she lifted the pen, aiming at his right eye, the shrewd animal began what seemed like endless death rolls in an effort to tear her sister apart while keeping her at bay! The force shook her off but Amaka doggedly swam right back in, grabbing onto the rolling mass tightly. Again she felt her way to the monster's head and when they were half airborne on a spin, timed a well aimed thrust of her sharp pen right into Gustave's eye and drove it all the way in without remorse!
    The beast let off his grip on her sister and disappeared underwater. Amaka grabbed her now exhausted twin and swam them both back to the bank and onto dry land. Nkechi was bleeding badly, having lost her foot about mid thigh down to the predator.
    Gustave would later be taken out by anti government rebels in the conflict that ensued in the Congo months later.
    "I don't like it when you recount that horrific event," says the now fifty six year old Nkechi scolding Amaka, as they whiled the evening away on the front porch of their home in Toulouse, France. They are glad to be alive.
    Amaka knows she would rather have died that day than live without her beloved twin.

  • zyisha 6w

    Cause you said forever

    Cause you said forever
    Now I'm standing here
    Waiting for you by the edge of moonlit river

    We made each other complex
    Yet it felt simple at the moment
    You and me both felt
    But fear of hurt is something thatcan't be dealt

    We acted and playedalong
    Thinking we will figure itout
    cause we thought we have long

    Confused we were
    questions we both had
    Why when we aren't together
    we feel loneand sad

    Just the thought of each other made us smile But our doubts and questions were as long as Nile

    Years later we'll only have two options
    Either regret of not realizing
    or laughter at the
    thought of ever realizing

    I want neither
    So do u
    Cause you once
    promised me forever
    I'm standing at the door
    Waiting to finally find the answers with you
    Try denying it but I know
    So do you.

  • muskaanbhatt_ 8w

    So I made this poem, there is a river flowing inside me using the word emotions in it.
    I tried to write about this topic in a positive manner��❤

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    There is a river flowing inside me
    Which is soothing and full of glee

    It's taking me and my emotions with its flow
    Sometimes high and sometimes slow

    Beneath the mountains from the Meadows
    Wandering with it under the rainbows

    At times it tries to drown me in the water of patience
    But I fight back,hold the bank and highlight my presence


  • madinah_writes 9w

    This is a myth/story/forklore about how Osun river came in existence. Osun is a river found in osun state, Osogbo, Nigeria. It is seen as saviour to the people. Osun was invaded by fulanis, popularly know as herdsmen. They're immigrate from City to city around Africa. The name of the town was derived from the water which was once, a small river. Now, millions for worshippers visits her from across the world. Osun had a deep history and rich culture. It's origin is Elemi, another river from the town where my mum hails from. Elemi (The owner of spirits) is believed to have supernatural powers. As it is, fishes from there can never be cooked. So are other aquamarine that lives in the river. Africa is rich is history. Many are yet to be found.

    Osun// Our Guide


    Long ago,
    In time of war and fights between tribes. Travellers flooded in with bows and arrows.
    Taken over the indegen's land and brides.
    Citizens flee,
    Letting strangers take over their country.
    Migrating like lost lambs into thick forests,
    They were faced by a river despite the burning detest.
    Eating fruits and leaves,
    The river satisfied them.
    Every night, their priest would hear a female's voice he just couldn't condemn.
    Every night, he would walk into the water, begging it to show them light.
    The river, however,
    Had a queen with skin like moon.
    Her body truly radiant, her name was Osun.
    She then proposed to the priest.
    If your people can worship me, I would grant all your wishes and assist.
    Every night, the people would pray.
    Show us light, lead to the right way.
    Meanwhile, when the day boasters.
    The water queen sent spirits to poison the imposters.
    One after another, they died.
    All their hard work went asunder.
    Rivers flow, worshippers increased.
    They gave last rights to all their deceased.
    Food grew in aboundance, so is fish and clear water.
    With Osun's assistance, the city and population grew wider.
    Osun river,
    Till this very day.
    Has more followers,
    And expands all the way.
    © Madinah_Writes

    #Osun #ocean #river #myth #nigeria #miraquill #writerscommunity #tale #truelifehappenings #war #reality #writersbay #Africa

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    Osun; The River Goddess


  • ekjaamzindagi 10w


    अमावस से जीवन में, पूर्णिमा का चांद बनकर
    उदासीभरे वक्त में, खुशियों का आसमां बनकर ।
    बनकर के बेटी, आती हैं स्वयं मां आदिशक्ति
    अभिशापित संसार में, शुभता का वरदान बनकर ।।
    © प्रांजुल मिश्रा
    © ekjaamzindagi

  • puneetkumarpk 10w

    #puneetkumarpk #rain #nature #love #river&sky आपका बहुत धन्यवाद
    पुनीत कुमार पीके आज बने हैं भीगे कुमार
    आपके इश्क में और इस बरसात में

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    बारिश और इश्क

    बारिश, में और ये धरती और ये उसकी खूब सुरती
    इश्क और ये बरसात जैसे पानी नदियां और आकाश
    आज सब है आस-पास


  • boundless_stories 12w

    पहाड़ो को,

    बचा के रखो इन खुबसूरत पहाड़ो को,
    इन नदियो को,इन बहारो को,
    इनको इन्सानो की गन्दी नज़र बहुत जल्दी लगती हैं।

  • akoijr 12w

    Greeting to everyone.

    I need some guru to please help me with poetry writing.

  • madinah_writes 13w

    Your beauty is irresistible poem.
    Your glorious flow is joy, overwhelm.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    Your clean view I get from every stand.
    Florishing mankind with foods and fruits.
    Only those that withness this would tell the truths.
    Oh, rivers of our land!

    On your palms, you've nurtured our crops and culture,
    Only few could understand the wishes you've kept for the future.
    How much you've contributed to nature and history.
    I would tell my people this story.

  • akoijr 14w

    Only in your fragrance
    And the softness of your skin
    Does my existence ever have a minute

  • the_crazy_poet 15w

    अंदर एक नदी

    हम अपने अंदर एक नदी समा रखते हैं
    जिसे हम कभी बहने नहीं देते।
    हम पानी को रोकके रखते हैं
    बावजूद यह पता होके की
    उसे रोका नहीं जा सकता।
    वक्त के साथ नदी भी बदलता हैं
    अपना रंग, रूप और भेस।
    नदी सत्य हैं
    नदी में आदि भी हैं और अंत भी।
    अपने अंदर के नदी को
    रोकके ना रखे,
    उसे बहने दे, उसे बढ़ने दे।
    दिल के उम्मीदों को एक बोटल मैं डाले और
    इसी नदी में फैंक दे,
    कायनात चाहे तो उसे उठाने को
    जरूर कोई आयेंगे।

  • vivekjhawar 15w


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    Nadiya - Just go with the flow❤️

    Kisi ke,
    Behte ashko ko dekh
    Kabhi man me prasanta hui hai ?
    Behte jazbaato ko dekh
    Kabhi sukoon ki prapti hui hai?

    Acha chalo, thoda sa asaan karte hai
    Kabhi tumne nadiyo ko behte hue dekha hai ?
    Maano, aisa nahi Prateet hota
    Jaise, prakriti ke ashk khule me beh rahe ho
    Jinhe dekh humara man prafullit ho raha ho
    Behte paani ki awaaz prakiti ke jazbaat ho
    Jise sunn ke hume sukoon prapt horaha ho

    Paharon se , chatano se , shehero se, gaon se,
    Hote nikal najaane kitne kahaniya jeete hue,
    Kitne jharnon ka paani apne saath lete hue
    Kinaaro pe khade, najaane kitne logo ki pyaas bhujaate hue,
    Apne hi magan me khoobsurti se Beh rahi ho

    Najaane kitne anjaan logo ka Man lubhate hue
    Unka man choothe hue
    Apne bahav me behte hue
    Musibaton aur patharon ko paar karte hue
    Apne safar ko khoobsurti se jeete hue
    Apne manjil samundar me mil rahi ho❤️❤️

  • shaabie 17w

    I always struggle to write on oceans and seas. So why not start with writing about not being able to write about oceans?

    #hindi #ocean #sea #hindiwriters @hindiwriters #fish #fisherman #crab #birds #shell #waves #poem #pod #writersnetwork #hindiurdu #river #kavita #sher

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    अब तलक

    कल कलाती नदियाँ निकली कितनी सारी अब तलक,
    निकला नहीं कोई समंदर इस कलम से अब तलक।

    रेती रेती करते करते सब रेती को ही मिल गए,
    वही बंद एक सीपी थी, देखा नहीं किसी ने अब तलक।

    भोर के सुनहरी राहों में डूबे या मछली पकड़े मछुआरा,
    फ़लसफ़े पकड़ने से भला पेट भरा किसी ने अब तलक?

    भरती लहरें, झुलसाती रेत, ऊपर से चील की आँखें तेज़,
    बीच ज़मीन केकड़े मुहाजिर, कैसे खैर मनाये अब तलक?

    वो कैद आवाज़ शंख है 'शाबी', लहरें तो आज़ाद होती है,
    लहरे बटोरे ऐसा कोई पैदा हुआ न इस ज़मीं पे अब तलक।

    - शाबी