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  • jagruti_patil30 1w

    Is a worth race? ����
    #race #life #motive #road

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    Finding the meaning of life,
    Saying a worth lie,
    Accepting the fact that it happened,
    Taking a stroll of a road rotten,
    Remembering why this all started at a first place,
    Thinking always is it a worth race?


  • mahaganapati 2w

    Not All Roads Are

    Not all roads are highways
    Not all roads are gravels
    In your life's journey
    Steer your vehicle in the right path
    Change the direction when needed
    Change lanes if there's an obstacle
    Know the rules, break them
    Speed breakers are
    not there to stop you
    They are there to slow you,
    To keep you in pace.
    Remember to fuel your engine
    Keep it in condition.
    More importantly keep it moving.

  • incorrigible_amulya 6w

    Lonely Broken Road

    I walk this road
    I walk this road
    I walk this lonely broken road

    I pass by this road everyday
    Many passby this desolated road

    Each one has their own story
    Everyone from different caste or religion
    And yet they all passby by this lonely broken road
    Without discrimination

    Some look worried and weary
    Whereas some look sad and gloomy
    And not to forget the ones
    Who are always happy and cheerful

    No matter what happens this road still remains
    This desolated road has no companion
    No one to talk to
    This road is a mere path to reach our destination
    If not for this road how would we ever reach the other end?

    This road goes unnoticed and unheard by people passing by
    This road that helps animals to sleep when there is no human nearby
    Nobody knows the age of this lonely broken road
    If only someone cared about this lonely broken road
    Seasons change, people change and yet this road remains the same
    Unless a catastrophe takes place
    This road will stay at it's place

    I walk this road
    I walk this road
    I walk this lonely broken road
    This road has no story of its own
    But contains stories of different people passing by
    And yet these stories all remain
    Without any discrimination
    On this lonely broken road


  • shaabie 11w

    Pondering if I ever fell in love with a city.
    Have you ever loved a city? Did the city love you back? Have you ever loved a city and left?

    Tried being octasyllabic this time.

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    Have you ever loved a city?

    Ever tried loving a city?
    And ever did you long to be,
    The dimly lamp of back-alley,
    And eavesdrop illicitly.

    Ever did you fancy to be,
    An early winter blurring smog –
    Refuge for the asthmatic love,
    Albeit stingy with some cough.

    Ever did you feel playful like,
    The rain-filled wobbly pavement tile,
    That splashes the naive suede shoes,
    Paint them muck in nice earthy hues.

    Ever did you fall so deeply,
    Beloved city become you,
    And you become her gleefully.
    Have you ever loved a city?


  • sumita_panigrahi 18w

    No matter how harsh the weather is, we always try to get back home with the umbrella or raincoat or sometimes we pause to let the weather be okay. Then we proceed.
    Then why not with life??!!
    You have got a single life. If you are having a bad time just don't give up. Wait if you can't go. Just pause. Wait till the sun shines. Because sun never stops shining, not even on rainy days. It's just that it gets covered up. Then why not the same thing within our life.
    In life, incidents happen, that break us to the core. But shall we stop there worrying about people's opinion and our pain to get worsen??!! No right!
    We need to keep going. The road that you have taken leads somewhere that you literally don't know. Good and bad things are part of a beautiful life. You are beautiful alone..
    Whenever you are feeling that you are giving up on this "One life", just remember it's just one that you have got and you have travelled so long, you can't stop moving now.. believe me.. just keep going.. just keep smiling... You are important just to you, you gorgeous/handsome.....������
    #life #lessons #moveon #gorgeous #beautiful #keepgoing #keepmoving #handsome #lifegoeson #dontworry #finesoon #worryless #hakunamatata #carpediem #stayhappy #pain #road @miraquill @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Whenever you are having a hustle,
    Never stop in the mid way,
    Just pause for a while,
    Take a deep breath,
    Beleive in yourself,
    And move on!!!


  • iamsatyajitrout 20w

    Chal rha hun woh tedhe medhe raaste par...
    Na manzil ka thikana hai...
    Na rukne ka gam...
    Kuch adhure sapno ko pura karne...
    Chal rha hun...
    Chalte jaa rha hun...

    #mirakee #hindi #poetry #road #of #destinations #life #zindagi #writersnetwork

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    चल रहा हूं वो टेढ़े मेढ़े रास्ते पर...
    ना मंज़िल का ठिकाना है...
    ना रुकने का गम...
    कुछ अधूरे सपनों को पूरा करने...
    चल रहा हूं...
    चलते जा रहा हूं...

  • himashree08 20w

    The road I took was unknown that turned out to be most miserable in my life
    Going through all the phenomenon wasn't easily erased

    I kept walking to see the end
    Do you know what I earned?

    I earned a road leading to phenomenons opposing miseries


  • dnswords 23w

    Raste ki fikrrrr karenge to

    Manzzil Bura maan Jayegiiii

  • _writer_at_heart_ 25w

    Art of making choices

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    To know the outcome of my decision, i got curious ;
    Like naturally anyone would !
    So do i thought of guessing the result,
    What both roads would lead ahead, made me feel anxious.

    Which one i should travel,
    and which one i should skip ?
    At dilemma like such,
    What i should preach ?

    Should i toss a coin or ask someone ?
    Or should i research before i go on ?
    Should i stop for a while ?
    Because 'haste makes waste' is a famous proverb i believe to be often correct.

    Should i walk the road less travelled ?
    It would be taking risk but why not give it a try !
    Should i mourn and taste my tears ?
    Crying would be wasting time if i donot gather strength from thy breakdown.

    So what should i choose,
    Between the two roads, underneath the sky ?
    Wherever i go, what actually makes my life worthwhile ?

    Should i ask for help ?
    Well, asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
    So, should i trust on someone else's intuition rather than listening mine ?

    Should i stop for a while and take my time ?
    Should i analyze the pros and cons before i decide ?
    Or should i recall that there's certain decision which must be taken at the right time, grabbing the chance and leaving further worries ?

    Should i be a non - overthinker ?
    Or being a overthinker too can give fruit ?
    Thoughts can have no boundaries and limitations,
    So how to conclude i am thinking, over thinking or just confused ?

    Oh, why not listen to my inner self !,
    Why not ask myself after listening & answering to all these queries ! ,
    Why shouldn't i bother less about the wrong possibilities ?

    Whichever road i will choose,
    The gain will be mine and loss too,
    Success and failure or happiness and sadness,
    Light or darkness,
    Adventures or numbness,
    whatever will come along,
    It has to pass through me if it has to.
    Why not just think about giving my best ,no matter what !
    Why not just be the ruler of my emotions and go through what life will serve ahead !
    Why not just think about living and about the next move ?,
    Why not just do my best and learn to become better each day i go through ?
    Why not tackle the happiness and sadness with the same effort ?
    Why not just keep doing my duties and karma ?
    Why not follow my inner voice, inner conscious, righteous path & my desires ?

    I may get knocked down or i may shine bright,
    I may taste the flavour of new challenges or i may feel sometimes the flavour of nothingness.
    I may get flowers paved through my way or i may face thorns.
    But whatever i may face,
    Nothing would remain permanent or lifelong !
    So,why to fear, why to wonder ?
    I decided i will go towards, one of the road,
    Autumn leaves fallen where i found,
    with firm belief that new beggining will surely surround.
    Exploring myself will be on,
    No matter whichever road i go towards !

  • poetryverse 25w

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    And you are standing in the middle white line between the path
    Don’t know which way to go
    If only it was that easy to choose
    One path gives you desire of life
    That pleasure, everyone ever wanted
    Opposite path gives you the dream that you always wished for
    Far way you see only fog
    And some dim lights of some sort
    Sometimes it look yellow and sometimes white
    But it doesn’t matter as it is too far to reach too soon
    And you find yourself alone
    Passengers are going on both directions
    All seems in hurry of some sort
    As if there is no time to waste for
    And there you are standing all alone
    Not sure of which way to go
    Thinking about the choices you made so far
    And thinking of pros and cons of both ways
    Wishing for right way to go for
    And its about to get dark soon
    And there you are standing all alone in the middle of that busy road
    Not sure of which way to go…


  • sleepingsoul 25w


    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And in the dilemma, I stood,
    I think of traveling the both,
    But ended up stuck between the road,
    I realized that there is no endpoint where I can reach,
    My life is miserable and there is no beach,
    I killed myself in the midway,
    And the both diversions saw me in dismay.

  • soulo_scribbles 25w

    Curious young minds

    Seeking key to wayward promises cloaked truth avid.
    Tag along clique to prehend onto the roads less traveled.

  • badnugget55 25w

    The Road To Sun

    Two Roads diverged in the yellow woods, stand back to examine and maybe they both could make sense of the last five years and the next decade to come. Because both paths looked bleak, foggy and desolate of sun. The roads seemed to intertwine somehow, leading them back to the start. Both paths seemed indistinguishable, so here they'll depart.

  • hurri_writes 26w


    Too many road to future,
    In the middle I stood,
    I could not travel all,
    I'm afraid, I'm confused
    Which one should I choose?


  • little_miss_delusional 27w

    On the way to you


    The road ahead is nasty and rough
    But I'll walk it through
    If the end will be us,
    together growing old as we reminisce
    all the adventures and journeys we take part


  • stelly 29w

    Are you lost?

    No, I'm not
    It's just that
    I don't like walking
    with the crowd,
    So I choose to walked
    the silent road
    Cause only then
    I can hear myself better.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 29w

    Some roads lead you home

    You are actually never alone,
    There's a soul inside you,
    Guiding your body ;
    You yourself is your best companion, to go through any storm.

    Walking alone is a way to find yourself,
    Embrace your loneliness without feeling distressed.
    It may appear as if you're lost,
    But the truth is that we get lost only to be found one day at some point.

    Some road lead you where you belong,
    This road may have many hurdles which you need to cross.
    But whatever life will provide in due course,
    It is mandatory to consider it your path and bravely confront.

    Either you can wonder why you are the one to walk over painful road and not the smooth one,
    Or you can be grateful for whatever this road is going to give you,
    Since you are not here to only live but to survive learning and discovering new versions of yourself.

    Some roads lead you home.
    Each road, with each step has something to offer.
    Nothing is perfect, so do life is.

    Life is imperfect,
    And the beauty of life lies in its imperfections.

    Like a road, life has ups and downs,
    blockages, bends and smoothness.
    No matter what it consists ;
    It drives us towards enlightenment , inculcating the best we can become,
    If only you remember to shut the negativities from within.

    We all are heading towards our grave,
    We all fall down twice or thrice or for a million of times during our life cycle.
    Does that mean it is life that is to be blamed for our misery ?
    Or it is life that makes you to face such misery so that you become strong for your future ahead ?
    Nope ! None of the quest is right.
    Since life is not a tray to provide you with your favourite dessert.
    Nor life is a cup of tea that should be exactly how you want it.

    Just as we desire ourselves to be accepted even with our flaws and imperfections.
    So do life is imperfect but needs to be accepted whole heartedly,
    Welcoming the worst and the best phases it has to offer.

    Life is independent in itself to keep flowing, along with the passage of time.
    How to shape it ?,
    How to deal with it ?,
    How to live it ?,
    How to mould it ?,
    How to grow along with it ?,
    How to react in sorrow and happiness ?,
    What to learn and adapt from it ?
    and what to make it ?
    All such quest that we are answerable to muse upon,
    is our and only our responsibility to understand.

    In reality, life is just a source through which we know and get a chance to live in the wordly womb.
    Our home is this universe and each road shall lead us to our home where we make ourselves to belong.

  • bibhashdevanath 30w

    The road is always so straight, simple and easy to go forward in life.
    We make it complicated for ours as well as for others and we suffer, make others suffer from stress later.


  • mrstoryteller 42w


    Down the road,
    We regret the decisions taken
    That would have changed
    The now.

    But peeping in the past,
    We cant blame ourselves
    For the hesitation.
    Coz we had chosen,
    The best possibililty
    Out of the availability;
    At that point of time.
    Circumstances can't be controlled.


  • varsha27 19w

    " प्यार का साथ "

    तुम्हारा पास होकर भी अजनबी बनना बेचैन कर देता है
    हर वक्त ख्याल रखकर बेरुखी कर जाना दिल तोड़ देता है
    अगर इश्क है हमसे तो यूँ सताना छोड़ दो
    वर्ना प्यार के इस सफर में हमसफर ही साथ छोड़ देता है।