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  • simplymel 38w


    Before I go, "Know this" I say...

    Never once did I stutter when I confessed;
    Never once did I hesitate to put you first;
    See, I feared to "fall", you feared to "TRY"
    If there's one thing I'm taking from this, highlighted, BOLD size;
    YOU'RE NOT READY TO BE A MAN, and that's alright;


  • jai___ 90w

    #dreams #salvation #nirvana #roadtohappiness
    Mayoos - sad
    Arzu - wish
    Mukammal - complete
    Najaat - salvation
    Justujoo - pursuit

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    Mayoos toh hai dil ki arzu mukammal na hui,
    Par najaat toh use paane ki justujoo mein hi thi.


  • whatsdeeproblem 243w

    Shit Happens For A Reason

    I’ve been confused. I’ve been lost. I’ve been tired. I’ve been sad. Ive been depressed. I’ve been used. I’ve been taken for granted. I’ve been ignored. I’ve been pushed aside. I’ve been called mean and hurtful things. I’ve been rejected. I’ve lost friends. I’ve lose family. I’ve been lied to. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been crushed. I’ve been in love. I’ve been called stupid. I’ve been alone. I’ve been lonely. I’ve been in deep shit.

    I'm still young. And who’s to say that I won’t be all these things again? Life has a way of giving us obstacles to make us the people we are today. I been through so much in my life already and I know that it’s not gonna end here. I’ve been the happiest I have ever been in so long. And honestly I wouldn’t be if I didn’t go through all the shit I had. Sure shit will happen still but that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared for it.

    You see, life isnt about how much money you make or if you’re better than anybody. It’s about finding out who you are and what you’re doing to be happy. It’s about experiencing different things and growing from it. We all become the people we are meant to be. If it wasn’t for the shit that happens to us everyday, we wouldn’t be who we are today.