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  • _mathematics 25w

    Heavy rain pouring outside the apartment, which I noticed later after a few minutes gap. Have you experienced the same, I hope you had?

    Many say they hate rainy days, like why? doesn't that seems rubbish just cause it gets roads crammed and blocked then same do the guilt or wound or injuries giving a lot of suffering and discomfort.

    It's a tragic time for all of you ( including me), remember you are the richest within your orbit. Your galaxy is your mind, not the right part or left rather the whole little brain embedded from birth to assist and assemble the tragic and roar, together forming numerals of significant meanings in every room of emotions one dealing with at a time.

    // roar, an upthrust
    burdened with
    of the audience
    hunting for the
    roses without thorns//

    Not a lullaby, I am trying to descant neither a love letter but something to deal with before it gets too late.
    suicidal thoughts stabbing up the subtle heart along with
    endless sleepless nights stalking the pumping heart and narrating the conclusive qualms of past nights

    "And how odd it is to be haunted by someone who's still alive?"

    #tragicc #woundsc #roarc #newwayc #lineinspc

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    बावरा मन

    यह ठंडी पवन
    लहरें मध्दम
    उलझती शाम
    ठहरे क़दम
    एक तरफा मोहब्बत
    या बिकता वहम।

  • zehrish_ 28w

    I heard the sky roar,
    in the late hours of the night
    to break the shackles of freedom.

  • bellemoon99 28w


    Born out of curiosity my voice asked many questions. As society made me self aware soon it turned into a shy squeak.
    Mumbling, whispering, and keeping silent.
    Today I return to my initial joy for life. I want to scream and I want to shout.
    The timid squeak is now a roar.
    I'm stronger than those who want me gone.

  • bclark2681 28w

    *This is truth. An ugly secret that was once buried in an unmarked grave that has been finally dug up from beneath and been brought to public light.
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    #sad #furious #disgusting #sorry #horrific

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    Ugly Secrets

    Chaotic roars from
    Disturbed childern
    Beaten and abused
    Within forced school
    Coerced family loss
    By hand of religion
    By hand of government
    Indigenous way of life
    Grasped and snuffed
    Promises of a return
    To family of founders
    Yet disgustingly, young
    Lives ended before return
    Lost to unmarked graves
    Countries horrific truth
    Is revealing ugly secrets

  • thefakesheikh_ 28w

    the house of us was burning
    i sat, staring at the roaring flames
    our lives, were on fire
    and yet my eyes were fixed
    at the heart of it
    not wanting to believe
    what was happening in front of me,
    hoping against the winds
    waiting for a miraculous rain


  • miss_silentlyweird 28w

    Quickly written.Too busy and I'm running out of time to write...

    #roarc #imagery
    #mosaicc #wod
    #miraquill #cage
    @writersbay @miraquill

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    H̴e̴a̴v̴y̴ ̴C̴l̴o̴u̴d̴s̴

    A storm in her head begins to arise
    Thunder roaring high with cries
    The clouds in her heart continuously weigh down
    And so on— flood of anxieties makes her drown
    She wondered why her sky was always in a dark atmospheric,
    Will her destroyed soul can be put back in piece like mosaic?

    “T͢h͢e͢ d͢a͢y͢ b͢i͢r͢d͢s͢ f͢r͢e͢e͢d͢"

    Even after letting go the last bird
    There's something in this empty caged occurred
    The memories of fearfully trill remain
    The leaping and trying to fly yet bar constrain

    Thinking the memories left inside
    Make the thoughts in my head collide
    In this self-caged that makes my heart bleed
    I become a bird waiting when will I become freed


  • bohemian_ballerina 28w

    #imagery #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #roarc #writersbay @writersbay

    Thank you WN for the kind repost!!
    I'm overwhelmed...This piece will stay too close to me always!������

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    The wilderness bewildered me
    With its massive green land
    And humungous wildlife to see
    Just like some movie in demand.

    The constant flute like chirpings
    The cavernous trees resting like dome
    The distant but fierce roarings
    All makes me feel I'm home.

    A swift movement of a wild macaca here
    While a lazy stupor of the bears behind
    Leave me in a sense of awe and tear
    Making me never to return to a place confined.

    Further ahead I witness a graceful fawn
    With its friends, wild crow, rabbit and fox
    Having a gala time enjoying the rise of the dawn
    While I stare at them like a corpse.

    A happy space I thought I found
    When I saw a herd of elephants rushing
    But soon ran towards home bound
    Lest I get to see my bones crumpling.


  • stelly 28w

    The storm may roar lounder
    But then like lightening
    without fear I'll strikes every barrier.

  • pallavi4 28w


    I come riding on a high tide
    To kiss the white sandy beach
    Foamy, frothy billowing in the wind
    I roll away slowly out of reach
    Jewel toned and freshly salty
    Every drop of me is wet as the rain
    Sea shells, fish, crabs and turtles
    Life teems in my every grain.
    Blue my heart, blue my soul
    Blue the depth of my salty waters
    Blue the sails of the boats that float
    Undulating till the wind turns them into tatters
    I tip toe in the daytime and make my way
    Gently to the grainy sandy beach
    With the moon I ride hard and roar
    In the quiet of the night hear me screech
    Carefully I plan my every ride
    Sometimes I’m low , sometimes high
    Crashing down to melt into the soft sand
    My waves slowly turn into the tide
    The heart of me stores schools and shoals
    All manner of fish and creatures of the deep
    Coral and seaweed bloom and multiply
    Rocks of all kinds cover my floors in heaps
    Drop by drop I am the ocean vast
    In the sea shells hear me climb and vane
    I am in the calm waters of the deep in the sun
    And in the high tides over the night I reign


    8th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so very much for the repost @writersnetwork!

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  • blinganshu 28w

    The clouds floated over the canopies of trees
    The canopies green in color under the white and blue
    Canvas of the sky
    Painted with Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple
    Flowers growing on the green trees
    Under the green tree slept a spirit fiery and dark
    The spirit roaring louder than the dark clouds in the sky
    #roarc #imagery #wod #blinganshu #louderroar

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    Louder roar

  • bonitasarahbabu 28w


    Thank you Writers Network for the repost. I sincerely appreciate it. ❤️��

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    What I am incapable of voicing,
    For fear of the consequences,
    The world finds out through my writing.
    My words, they are my strength,
    My words, they give me relief.
    God only knows,
    Only knows the intensity of my pain.
    It's through my writing,
    You hear me roar.
    I may be silenced,
    But my words, none can stifle them.
    I will not allow them to stifle that,
    For I pray that someone will learn from my life.

  • anshika_winks 28w

    #modnar #roarc #imagery

    Am Locked up. Tired up. Fed up. Stuck up.
    Thank you.

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    As I rised above the sorrows of my life
    Melancholy still roared in my heart
    I told you, I'll never leave

  • magical_poems 28w

    Fields of lavender and tulips reside
    Surrounding that old cottage
    My heart roaring it's approval
    To visit it, getting the knowledge

    The cool Zephyr swishing past my face
    And the euphoria of pleasures emotion
    Covering happiness in a tight embrace
    Feeling ,standing in the middle of an ocean

    My senses falling back in past
    Images of the vivid evocation of my childhood
    Bringing a grin across my face
    Just by remembering that jolly days

    The scarlet moon hung low today
    Emitting a fierce red glow
    Lifting the track of my heart's way
    To become ebbullient below

    The night wore on
    And the fields lighted
    The flowers looked memorising upon
    With the cottage so excited

    This scenic beauty
    Imprinted, carved filled inside
    My lonely empty heart
    Crying with pride,
    "Here, I am to reside".......

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #roarc #imagery #wod #pod

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    The night wore on
    And the fields lighted
    The flowers looked memorising upon
    With the cottage so excited

  • the_speccy_outsider 28w

    Amidst placating clouds of caelum
    With Piquant foreclosure of reveries
    One seeks for a palpable landscape
    About Mosaics of mitigating beings
    Who wander imperviously
    As if a servitude is preached beseechingly
    While pristine buds roar out of prolixity
    For the blooming is impeded perversely
    As the constructor of this world
    Disguises as a Poet
    And through the quill
    Speaks about the empty cage
    The heart holds dearly
    That could be filled with
    Inherent incumbent emotions
    And allegories about Life


    #imagery #cage #roarc #mosaicc

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��


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  • themoonandthesun 28w

    Inspired from the two beautiful writers on Miraquill @fromwitchpen and @love_whispererr I wanted to write something with a different style. Hope you guys don't mind. ��

    I promised I would write something on the Maple leaf.(in my last #notsodeardiary) So here we are. I know this is abstract and weird. But I tried. Hope you guys like it

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #imagery #roarc

    @miraquill thank you for EC ❤❤❤


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    A First of many Firsts to the Nexus~ By a Maple Leaf


    "She was my first love"
    Lines echoed in the heart
    With a laminated Maple leaf
    That rested amidst the pages
    Of the old journal
    Replaced the rotten roses
    The first love of many more firsts


    Sun on the green leaves
    Left a golden hue
    As if Loki painted them anew
    The flutterings kissed by the breeze
    That carried a single Maple leaf
    From a far away kingdom
    One that promised love
    The eternal forever shining love


    The only Maple leaf
    That followed the breeze
    Had a thin thread on its end
    A token of promise from the painter
    To the dying girl
    A dream of life with colours
    Thread that broke with the first ray of light
    Puddle of golden orange on the pale snow


    Red replaced golden orange
    Blood replaced the wine
    Vampire on a white horse
    Who suck the life from the maiden
    The promise of eternal love
    With the face of eternal beauty
    Love long forgotten
    Blurred with the pages

    //THE NEXUS//

    The scrap of recycled paper
    Birthing the clouds of choking emotions
    Thunder roared in me
    Without the sun or the breeze or the wine
    Under the skeletal tree
    Of my barren grounds

    I dream of the maple leaf
    That followed the breeze
    From a distant land
    A messenger of love
    Lonely soul who dreams of love
    Eternal —Happily ever after
    Two positive paradox of reality
    An unpredictable time loop

    Awaiting the nexus
    I dream of the Maple leaf


  • sproutedseeds 28w


    @writersnetwork thank you for the like ❤️
    Thank you for the editor's choice ❤️

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    Standing tall dark and handsome
    Oh my dear like the mountains!!!
    your smile captures the beauty
    of the Brooks flowing down
    through your rough body
    silently kissing and giggling
    hiding their crush over you.

    I adore you from way below
    clinging on to a hill
    yearning for a hug from you.
    Though you see me daily
    it's unfortunate for you to reach me.

    I am an orphan,
    but bold like the wildflower
    having a crush on you.

    When you sent
    the wind, it was unbelievable,
    fortune ROARED
    loudly, swiftly and happily
    carried me on its back to
    make the climb easier,
    helped me reach you finally
    together we look a pair
    "Made for each other".

    I heard a loud applause from the trees
    and the birds singing and suddenly
    day was about to wind up
    bidding goodbye to the sun.

    I never realised until the moon
    took over the sky glittering with stars.
    The moon light stealed through
    the window and whispered
    " GOOD and HAPPY NIGHT."

  • hiddenwords_of_heart 28w


    Sometimes lion's roar is enough to make everything better than the lion itself

  • deep13gk 28w

    Finding the things lost
    In War of people
    Wondering in bloody
    Finding the home
    That I lost long ago
    Finding family
    Whom I miss everyday
    Finding love given by them

    Finding place where
    Used to play whole day
    Finding place where
    We met and go to school
    Finding those neighborhood
    Buddy's who support me
    In any condition

    Finding the small building
    Where we run to sit in Class
    Finding the big ground
    Where we play and eat
    In lunch time

    Finding that bunch
    Of mango and jamun trees
    Where we used to sit
    After school
    And climb on them
    To eat mango
    Or jamun

    Finding the market
    In neighborhood
    Where we used To go
    Daily to buy candies
    Finding Sweet uncle
    Whom gave us
    Unconditional love

    Finding faces that I saw
    Last Time when
    I going out of nation
    Finding tears of
    My family that
    They shed when
    They missing me

    #imagery #wod #Miraquill #mirakee #love #writersnetwork #writers #poem #comment
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writerstolli @childauthor_345 @writersnetwark #writers #readers #community #ceesreposts #War #sad #love_gone_sour #poetrylover #world #pod #tod @im_the_star_of_my_life2 #readersunit #roarc

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    Finding the things lost
    In War of people

  • cruisey 28w


    Lives deep inside, a roar.
    Born from nothing yet everything
    That didn't get soul, like ghost.
    Feeds on nothing, but host.
    Wanders like mute, a roar.

    Seldom clamours yet unseen.
    Shakes storm yet oblivious.
    Never unleashed, time comes.
    Consumes whole shelterer, a roar.

    Now host, a soulful body.
    Now shelter, a helpful host.
    Once a person, now slave.
    A skeleton, now shattered.
    Bones strewn like flowers.
    Buried deep inside, a roar.


  • paradoxicalpenman 28w


    Did you give up on living?
    Or life has finally abandoned you,

    My pulse is still running,
    I think you are going cuckoo,

    If your life is a prison,
    Wouldn't death be a sweet release?

    I hear it all day from my loved ones,
    You don't try to preach me, please...

    I know that I am a burden,
    But committing suicide in our religion, a sin,

    Isn't mercy killing a kindness,
    You can't move your face, yet I see the grin,

    Why am I debating myself anyway,
    I have already given that right to my kin,

    Stuck between life and death,
    I think this is what people call purgatory,

    Where is the road to my perdition,
    Or is heaven contemplating to grant me entry,

    Waiting for that white light which people dread,
    Nightmare for them has become my ultimate fantasy...


    #writersnetwork #miraquill #imagery #wod #roarc #writersbay

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    Comatose her is content,
    All set for the next journey,
    What's all the uproar about morality,
    When all of us are fading for her into obscurity..
    Why do you cage and torment her then,
    For your selfish love, what you are doing to her is nothing short of cruelty..