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  • bittenlips 19h

    Mazhai nindra iravu athu - nan
    Mayakam mutra velai ithu...

    Kulir kaatru thegam engum - en
    Kural mara seythai ingum

    Irul soozhntha pothum kooda-Un
    Idhazh sootil nindren aada

    Vetkam ponathu karangal theenda
    Velicham ponathu vizhigal theda

    Anaithu kolven analum kooda
    Aadai thavirthen ne anbudan naada

    Urakam ketathu nagangal keera
    Ulgam marainthathu nadhiyum theera


  • sinjanb93 3d

    Perplexed to go

    Soon just like a dream it will be gone, and I will again rest upon a cloud.

    For when my world bursts, there will be nothing but a drought.

    If I ever struggle against the tempest, be sure to serve me some shelter.

    It was the sand in my eye, that lead me astray and caused my reality to alter.

  • ankesh_s26 1w

    God doesn't give you the people you want,
    He gives you the people you need.
    To help you, to hurt you, to leave you,
    to love you and
    to make you the person you were meant to be.

  • esoteric_rbc 1w

    The Tacit Dream

    Dusk and the street;
    Cycling in a ponderous speed.
    Confronted a lady with a golden ponytail Swinging long.
    With a boon companion along.

    Face was beguiling, with a sheeny appraisal.
    Just like a divine being for real.
    Crossing mildly ofcourse for real.

    To make her turn was the pipe dream.
    My mind filled up with liniment.
    Swiftly passed the time.

    Neither she turned nor hope gratified.
    But affinity remains remnant.


  • ezylavenyl 2w


    He is that kind of love that is clung to the core and consumes the soul.
    That terrific when half he smile,
    Elating when it is whole.
    He is a rare sight for me to see,
    A lifetime of a struggle for
    a perfect goal.


  • diparg 2w

    A Dream

    I asked 'never'?
    'Never, ever I let you go.' he said
    We were floating in a river,
    We never drown there.
    The river was made of love and hope..
    Stars were glittering above us,
    The breeze was smooth..

    But then...
    I knew I was dreaming,
    It was too good to be real,
    It would be all gone like all dreams did.

    He whispered 'But part of us always would be with you. And it always would find us in dreams.'

    I whispered back 'It more than that, I would find you every rain and song we used to share. And in all good things in life would feel like you, reflect like you....'

  • abhijitupasani 2w

    she is...

    pink cold, i want to see you anew,
    you took color from her cheeks, it's true,
    blossoms, i find you peeping in her window,
    waiting for her to blush, to steal her red hue.

    because she's a spring to every season,
    she's l-o-v-e to every unloved,
    because she's like those trillions of stars,
    she's away, but she is a beautiful view.

    been told, violins eavesdrop on her voice,
    piano keys would dance along rejoiced,
    oh koel bird, i see you humming too indeed,
    with her melody the whole vicinity enjoys.

    because she's a scent of lavender,
    she wards off gloom around, no wonder,
    because she's nature in herself,
    she's in us, me and you.

  • _desaiagraja 2w

    Any #yjhd fan here???
    Kabir thapar what a handsome, ambitious, dreamy character.....

    I loved him too much
    But are they really happy??
    What if Kabir feels caged in the same house for even a week and naina is busy saving other people's lives
    Or may be Kabir still goes on the tour around the world and be back with naina in the occasion of festivals

    Now thinking this I just can't digest the movie end
    I really want to know what next......

    I'm already going through tachycardia while I think of their life's����
    Hopelessly romantic bollywood and I'm still so in love with all the Ranbir's character����

    A clerihew is a poem about a specific person. It can be a person you know, a famous person, or even a character. It is made up of 4 lines. The first line should be the name the person and the end of the second line should rhyme with the name. Then the third and fourth lines rhyme.

    #clerihew #pod #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #bollywood #romantic #hopelessly #live #love #life #ranbirkapoor #forever @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Mr. Kabir thapar

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    The man of dream & desires,
    Soaked in the sun of passion,
    Dreaming out of my imagination.

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    Or let's say, Mr. Handsome charmer,
    I still can't stop to wander,
    How Naina manages to keep you indoor.

    Hello, Mr. Kabir thapar,
    I really loved your attire,
    Dressed perfectly like a ambitious child,
    Is that child in you still alive??

  • go4sandeep 3w


    कौन कहता है कि......पहले नज़र
    का इश्क़ एक धोखा है।
    वो आशिक़ ही क्या....जो तुझे देख ,
    खुद को इश्क़ करने से रोका है ।।


  • go4sandeep 3w


    तुझको पाना , अपना बनाना... ही अब मेरा जुनून है
    तुझको गले लगाकर ही मेरे इस दिल को सुकून है।


  • mira_xx 3w

    Old romantics

    Oh my heavens, what more could I ask for
    To the creator of everything that is seen and unseen than to return me to the soul I once called mine.
    I weep to the sustainer of all that is in existence
    To give me back the love that gave meaning to the meaningless.
    To the one who guides the wrong to the right, guide my soul back home to where I belong.
    Let me taste the sweetness of happiness again before the bitterness of night crawls back in where tears are my only companion.

  • smily_sn 4w



    Tum kuch nahi the fr bhi thiii

    Tere sone k bad hi soti thiii

    Tere hasne p main hasti thiii

    Tere dard se main roti thiii

    Tujhe pass rkaha mere sath rakha

    Deddar tera mayassar nhai

    Fr bhi teri surat ko maine sbse khass rakha

    Tere sab armaan mujhse phle the

    Maine meri zaruratoon ko
    Tere baad rakha..

    Tu phle tha fr baki sb
    Maine tujhe sb se khas rakha

    Dil mujhko bura ab kehta hai
    Maine kyun tujhse koi ass rakha

    Tere liye mera hasna tha
    Aaasu bhi tere naam rakhe

    tere liye main sajti thi
    Mendhi pe tera naam likha

    Maine har sajde main
    Bas tujhko hi manga tha

    Tujhse zarurri kuch bhi nhi tha

    Tere calls mine tab bhi uthye
    jab hathon me mere niwala tha

    Vo din bhi yaad h mujhko
    Bas teri khatir pura class bunk kr dala tha

    Tere naam pe mine
    Kisse likhe

    Tere naam se kudh ko
    Sawara thaaa

    Tujhse zarurri kuch bhi nhi

    Tu mujhko sbse se pyra tha

  • deepakgill 5w


    सुन भी ले ना अब बात..
    बड़ी बैचैनी से "तुम्हें ही तो" ढूंढ रही है, दिसम्बर की ये सर्द रात..
    कैसे बताऊं "गिल का" कितना.. "दिल" जलाती है,
    ये तुम्हारे जिस्म से निकलती आग..


  • rafeaz 5w

    Don't hold her shopping bags
    Hold her hand
    #shopping #hands #romantic #penniless #lovestory

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    A penniless lovestory

    Our hands remained empty except, for the times
    When we were holding hands

  • go4sandeep 6w


    प्यार में डूबकर ही , हमने प्यार करना जाना ,
    तुम्हारे लिए खुद का....इश्क़ पहचाना ।


  • marishavage 6w



    "I love the cosmos. It reminds me how we are all made of the same stardust.
    There's much of my heart in yours as there's yours in mine...
    Our hearts have been one since the beginning of it all, and will be so till the death of this cosmos"

  • steffy2110 6w

    My Stardust Muse

    From the depths of the shadows,
    I sense your warm embrace engulfing
    Holding me against the heaves of your chest
    fuzzy like a bear hug, floating like sailing on the cloud
    Keeping me safe from the wild, your hold tightens around me
    Each of your shallow breathes in the slumber, gently stirs the strands around my nape, cooling the skin under, giving me the tiny flutters
    That everytime draws a sweet curve across my cheeks
    And I can't help but caress your heart with my sweet touch of lips
    I want to stay just like this, safe and loved in your arms
    Wish we could lay on this neverland, gazing at the sparkling stars,
    making more wishes to the wishing star
    To cease and drink it all, until the spell breaks
    But I fear, you retracting to stardust, and back into the shadows, if I raise the curtains of my gaze!


  • go4sandeep 6w


    तुम्हारी यादें एक कविता है
    जो मेरे ज़हन में कुछ इस कदर समाई है
    तेरी यादों ने जब-जब करवट ली
    वो शब्द बनकर कागज पे उतर आई हैं ।


  • go4sandeep 6w


    जरूरी नहीं कि एक दूसरे का हो जाना ही मोहब्बत है ।
    किसी को जी भर के महसूस करना भी मोहब्बत है।
    किसी के ख्यालों में बस जाना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    किसी को बेहिसाब , बेवजह याद करना भी मोहब्बत है।
    सपनों में मिलना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    किसी की तस्वीर निहारना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    उनको याद कर रातों में जागना भी मोहब्बत है।
    दिल में उनकी तस्वीर बसा लेना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    खुद को आईने में देख शर्माना और मुस्कुराना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    उनको याद कर खो जाना ....भी मोहब्बत है ।
    उनकी दुआओं में शामिल होना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    उनका रूठना , और उनसे रूठना भी मोहब्बत है ।
    हम अगर जिंदा भी है तो वजह बस तेरी मोहब्बत है ।


  • go4sandeep 6w


    तुमसे जब मोहब्बत हुई , तब हमने माना
    ख़ुदा की मुझपे इनायत हुईं ।
    मुझे जो.... तुम मिल गये दिलबर
    जैसे दुआओं की मुझ पर बारिश हुई ।