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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 5

    (I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark
    And we stayed up for hours
    What a lie, what a lie, what a lie
    You clinged to my body like you wanted it forever
    What a lie, what a lie, what a lie
    For you and I
    What a lie, what a lie
    For you and I)

    Harry prepared a dark chocolate Marjolaine but instead of the pastry, he made it a cake. He made honey-lemon drizzle pastries along with it, raspberry dark chocolate sauce, lemon cheesecake mousse, lemon tarts and Madeleines. He put it on statis to keep it fresh but to not over freeze it when he heard the the door jingle. It was Ron and Hermione.

    Draco's and Harry's birthday were the only time they came to visit. They might have come for Teddy's birthday like twice, and never during the Hogwarts battle anniversary. Harry had started resenting them after they forced him away from Draco. Hermione was hell bent to have Harry go into Auror Corps with Ron while she studied law. When Harry had thought that his life literally can't be more shitty and miserable after losing Draco, the auror training proved him wrong. Six months after the training, after that pathetic life, he fled to France. Since then he left everything Britain. He didn't read the prophet, never knew what's happening there, that included what's happening with Draco.

    "Harry?" Hermione entered the kitchen.

    "I literally, really have no time for this. I have a special order and client who has birthday tonight. Please leave." Harry grit his teeth.

    "Tada!" Pansy squeaked as she removed the blindfold from Draco's eyes. She had said that she found a perfect place to celebrate Draco's birthday. It was Harry's bakery. Fuck!

    "We have to leave from here now!" Draco panicked.

    "What? Why?" Pansy asked.

    "Yes, Draco. Why? We thought you'd love this bakery. Jenna said that the baker was cute as well. Fits your type."

    "I know." Draco panicked. "The baker is Harry Potter."

    "What?" Blaise and Pansy squealed.

    "Please, lets leave." Draco said and turned.

    "Mr Malfoy! Please wait! Please listen to me once. Arry is very sorry about everything. He loves you Mr Malfoy, he's broken and regrets it very much. You don't know what appened zat night. You zont know what zey did to make Arry leave you. Give em a chance please. Just zoo ezplain emzelf." The counter girl begged.

    That's when they heard ear splitting yelling of Harry Potter.

    "Leave!" Harry said again, his teeth gritting.

    "I really don't understand, Harry. How could you do this to us for that fucking death-eater. He almost killed me!" Ron yelled.

    "And I almost killed him, in much more painful way. Yet he never complained once!" Harry yelled back.

    "We accepted you, Harry. I gave you my family! I gave you something you never had. If it wasn't for all the fucking sacrifices we made for you, you would've died in first year!"

    "I was supposed to die anyway. And I never asked you to come. I specifically told you not to, time and again. You came with me because you wanted to. You came because you were Harry Potter's so called best friend. Don't give me this bullshit, Ronald, just because you can't use my friendship anymore. I know the only reason you want me back in your life is because no one respects you two idiots who drove Britain's golden boy away." Harry replied furiously.

    "After everything he put us through, Harry? Hermione asked.


    "It's wrong, Harry. Wanting to be with him is wrong." Hermione said.

    "Oh, because wanting to be with Ron's gold digging whore of a sister was alright? Don't even try to deny it. She's made that reputation after I left. If I were to give in to her, she would've made me drop Teddy to an orphanage so that she could use all the money I would spend on my son."

    "He isn't your son. He's just another orphan you have to keep. Another responsibility added on you when you could have just lived your life freely." Ron said.

    "Fuck off, Ronald. Don't you dare say that about my son. And free life? Look at me! I'm miserable because of you both. I could've been living a happy life as I want with Draco but you ruined it for me! You wrecked my already shitty life. He and Teddy were the only thing good in my life, something to look forward to. You ruined it."

    That they did. That night, after the park when Harry came back to his dorm, Ron, Hermione and Ginny forced their views on him. Made him feel guilty about wanting to be with Draco. Blamed on Harry for Fred's death, blamed Draco as well. Blamed Hermione having to obliviate her parents for a war Harry was apparantly the cause of. And Harry, the boy with no self worth, drowned in guilt, finally relented. And broke Draco's heart as well as his own. It took him opening up to Andromeda to understand the way he had continuously been manipulated. By Dumbledore, by Snape, by Voldemort, by his best friends.

    "You don't understand, do you?" Harry asks quietly. "It's not that Draco is a Malfoy. It's that my whole life have been controlled by someone else. My whole life, I've had to sacrifice everything. I had to sacrifice my happiness, my childhood, my parents, my life, people I loved, all for those who took and took and never gave me anything back. You just lost Fred. I lost a lot, lot more. Being with Draco made me happy and you had to go and make me sacrifice my happiness once again for your selfish reasons. If it were you in my place, I'd happily support you if you wanted to be with Voldemort. I'd be upset at first but once I cooled down, I would support you. Because that is what best friends do. Because they are supposed to love you. Not your fame and fortune and all the good things they'll get by being with you."

    "Nothing makes it okay you wanting to be with that bastard of an arsehole who-"

    "Shut up!" Harry yelled so loud, it broke the silencing charms he always kept in the kitchen.

    "One more word about Draco and I promise you Ronald that you won't stay alive to make a sound let alone say another word. I have told you time and again and I'm repeating it now for the last time. Get the fuck out if my life, you selfish, fame digging arseholes. Get out! You made me leave Draco! Forced me to be with that slut sister of yours. Forced me to leave the man I'm still so madly in love with. You forced me into this miserable, painful life while I could have been happily married already with him. And now, I left you. I threw you all out of my life the way you made me throw him out. Get out!" Harry yelled so loud. "OUT!"

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    #drarry #drarry fanfiction #draco malfoy #harry Potter #draco malfoy and harry potter #enemies to lovers #potterhead #ginny Weasley bashing #ron weasley bashing #hermione Granger bashing #fanfiction #fanfic #lgbt #lgbt pride

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 3

    (I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark
    And we stayed up for hours
    What a time, what a time, what a time
    You clinged to my body like you wanted it forever
    What a time, what a time, what a time
    For you and I
    What a time, what a time
    For you and I)

    Draco's presentation was a success. He walked out of the La Rosita hospital with a sprint on his steps. Draco had worked too damn hard for where he was today. He remembers how he was forced to do community service making potions for St Mungos. Where he learnt so much, experimented so much. He managed to make and modify some potions. He managed to modify Skellegrow in chocolate flavour which was extremely difficult because anything could easily ruin that potion. He made cosmetic potions that could colour your hair without slightest bit of damage. He remembers that St Mungos wanted to take all the credit but Draco stood on his feet. Didn't let anyone steal his credit. He was to work with St Mungos for two years and in two years, he made a name in potions so well that La Rosita contacted them. La Rosita was way more advanced and famous than St Mungos. Working in La Rosita was an honour. He remembers when he was quitting St Mungos for La Rosita, who were paying Draco heafty salary for his potions work, St Mungos tried to guilt him into staying for free after his community service for free was done, saying he had to stay here to make up for his mistakes and all the people he hurt. It almost worked until his Slytherin brain started to work and he refused. He had paid his dues. Now he'll live his life. He left for Fance four years ago.

    After another success and a salary raise, Draco decided to treat himself with desserts. He had seen this mint green bakery yesterday and wanted to try it out. He loved bakeries. He always tried to find bakeries wherever he went in the world. Today, he chose this one to celebrate. He wished he could celebrate it with Pansy and Blaise, but they were off on their honeymoon and wouldn't be back for another week. So Draco entered the bakery with a smile on his face, ordered lemon cheesecake with a frappe. He was working on the next steps of the potions, comparing notes when he saw the cake appear.

    "Merci." He thanked before he looked up and then his world shook."

    "Harry." Draco breathed.


    The party was going hard in the Leaky. Everyone was drunk except for Harry and Draco who were making fun of others and their drunk stupidity. It was the day of their last exams, it had just finished and they all were here to celebrate as they were all leaving for home tomorrow. Draco was sitting so close to Harry, their thighs touched, Draco could feel the warmth spread towards his groin and flutter in his chest. They were so close, looking at each other leaning so close, they could almost kiss. Draco clears his throat and leans back a bit, then he proceeds to tie up his long hair. Harry stops him, holding his hand.

    "Don't. I like it better open." Harry says.

    "You do?" Draco asks.

    "Yeah. You look beautiful like that." Harry smiles.

    Draco curses inside as he tries to hide his blush. He lets his hair fall on his cheeks.

    He watches as Weasley frowns at them and Weaslette makes her way towards them.

    "Do you wanna get out of here?" Harry asks as he watches Weaslette.

    "Yeah. Where?"

    "To a park maybe."


    "Yeah. I'm in a mood to swing."


    "Are you going to keep repeating words or can we leave?" Harry chuckles.

    "Yes, let's leave."

    "Good. Faster, she's almost here." Harry catches Draco's hand and leads him out of the Leaky and apparates them to muggle London. Thank merlin, Draco wasn't wearing any robes, just plain shirt and trousers. They walk in silence, hands holding still. Draco bites his lip. They reach a park and with an Alohamora, the gates open. They walk in the park and close the gates, Harry leads them to the swings. Harry leaves his hand to sit on one of the swings. Draco goes on to sit on the one beside him.

    "I don't think I've been on any swing since I was five." Draco says.

    "Really? Why?"

    "Swings are for children, ect."

    "You were a child."

    "Not for father, I wasn't. Mother used to love taking me to the swings set in the manor. He forced her not to." Draco said. "Mother used to laugh while she pushed me on the swing. She did it by hand instead of magic."

    He always told Harry stuff. He was as Harry got down of the swing and walked behind Draco. Draco laughed as Harry started pushing Draco's swing, playing with it as he pushed it in different directions, causing it to jerk. Draco got off the swing to playfully push Potter but ended up slipping and pulling down Harry with him, landing on top of him. He looked at Harry below him, chuckling, and then looking at him with his vibrant green eyes. He tucked Draco's hair behind him. Draco leans down, he couldn't help himself, he kisses Harry. And Harry, he kisses Draco back. Their kiss is like them, fierce, full of fire, desperate, burning and passionate. And right now, Draco doesn't care that they're rolling in dirt, Draco doesn't care about anything but Harry. And Harry's touches. And kisses. He moans as Harry pins him down on the ground, kissing him, his neck, his throat. Draco can't help the tears when Harry says words like Beautiful. You're so beautiful, Draco. Want you so much. Wanted you always. You're mine.

    Draco can't help the I Love You that leaves his throat, can't help the sob that escapes when Harry says it back as they lay there on the park ground, holding each other, clinging to each other as if the other would vanish if they let go, grinding their bulges together as they cum. He can't help the smile on his face as they go back to his dorm and Harry comes to drop him, hand in hand. He smiles as he kisses Harry goodnight.

    Draco remembers the next day, as he walked down to the common room with Pansy and Blaise, looking at Harry, smiling at him. He remembers as he was about to take a step towards him, the Weaslette ran towards him, grinning, hugging him, holding him close. He can feel the tears in his eyes as he watches Draco while he holds her back, doesn't push her away as she kisses his throat at the spot that Draco had marked him last night. Harry had healed the bites. Draco clears his throat, and walks out of the common room with as much dignity as he could muster. He refuses to talk to Pansy or Blaise about it. After telling them about last night, he feels too humiliated, to vulnerable. He can see that Blaise and Pansy are furious at Har- Potter. Once the train stop and he gets down, he can hear Potter calling him but he doesn't turn. He apparates to the manor.

    Draco maintains his shield for two seconds but as soon as he's behind the manor's closed door, he can't help it. He lets out a wretched sob. He sits down on the floor, hugging his knees close to his chest and he cries. He cries so loud with heavy sobs, cries like he hasn't in a while. He feels someone near him, sitting beside him, pulling him close. He smells his mother's perfume as she holds him close, comforting him, runing her hands on his back. He cries.

    End Flashback

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    #drarry #drarry fanfiction #fanfiction #fanfic #draco malfoy and harry potter #hermione granger bashing #ron weasley bashing #ginny weasley bashing #potterhead #baker harry potter #potioneer draco malfoy

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 2:

    (Even though I know it's not so distant,
    Oh, no, I still wanna reminisce it.)


    The night was dark. Harry walked towards the astronomy tower in his invisibility cloak. He needed to get away, the nightmares were getting from bad to worst. Once again he wondered if coming to Hogwarts to finish his education was a mistake. He entered the astronomy tower for some peace and quiet, only to see a mop of white blond hair. Malfoy hadn't been very interactive this year. He often ignored Harry and was always seen with Parkinson and Zanini. He still talked, spent time with Luna, took part in activities but avoided Harry. Harry still didn't know what fo feel about it. After having Malfoy as a constant in life for ao long, just to be left alone now. Harry went and sat besides him, startling the blond.

    Harry smiled as Draco laughed on his ridiculous pun. Draco loved puns. He always laughed genuinely while no one else would. Hermione would always look at him deadpanned, Ron would make a face. Ginny would always fake a giggle that he supposed was her trying to be sexy. Which didn't really make her sexy. Or it did but Harry was too busy watching Draco laugh with his eyes glittering silver. He kept looking at Draco, feeling flutter in his chest as he made Draco laugh while Ginny kept trying to get his attention, annoying Harry.

    Harry felt a shiver running down his spine as he felt Draco's fingers touch his as they walked near the black lake as Draco tried to explain potions to him. Draco always said Harry would remember it better if he taught Harry potions like they're having a conversation instead of having to sit in the library like a lecture. Draco used his hands a lot while talking but Harry couldn't help notice that his right hand wasn't much in use today because the back of that hand was touching Harry's. Harry could see the frown on Hermione and Ron. They didn't approve of Harry being friends with Malfoy even though he apologized, sincerely. In fact, Ron didn't like seeing Harry with anyone who isn't Ginny, Ron or Hermione. And Harry had clearly stated that he didn't want to be with Ginny. That it didn't feel right, being with a girl. Their breakup didn't sit well with the Weasleys. Although Molly understood, Ron didn't. Plus Ginny hated the fact that Harry wanted to adopt Teddy as soon as he left Hogwarts. Said that they should live their lives enjoying the luxury instead of raising a child. But Draco, he said as long as Harry was sure and happy with the decision, he'll support it. And Ginny, she didn't have luxury, she meant the luxury Harry will spend on her with his vaults filled with gold. Close. They were so close. So close that just a lean and their lips would touch. And Harry wanted that. Wanted that so much. So much.

    Harry almost lost his balance as he felt someone shake him. But he didn't seem to care. He just couldn't let his eyes leave Draco, sitting there biting his lip as his hair shone in the sun.

    "It's him, isn't it? Ze one you were forced to leave and push away." Eveta asked.

    Harry nodded.

    "Draco Malfoy? He zeems your type. Good on the eyes az well. Go talk to him, 'Arry." Eveta pushed.

    "I broke his heart, Eve. Broke both our hearts. I made a choice then, even though forced, I did."

    "I know you ziz, 'Arry. But what's the point in putting yourself en eem in so much pain when you've left Ron and Hemione? I mean, zhey still do try-"

    "Try because they need my help and name." Harry interfered.

    "Well, yes, buz you've anyways made a choice en then you made a choize again when you distanced yourself with zhem. Zhey're not in your life anymore, 'Arry. Not really. Not even though they keep trying so much. Give zhis a chance, Harry. Don't let it go."

    "You don't mind that he's a death-eater?" Harry asked.

    "Ex zeath-eater. And no. You can marry Voldemort himself and I'll support you. Go now. Take this lemon cheesecake." Eveta said.

    Harry took the small plate from her hand, added a bit of brownie crumbs beside the cake and few choco-chips. He took a deep breath as Eveta grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Harry went out the door, straighten his shirt and placed the plate on Draco's table.

    "Merci." Draco smiled and looked up at Harry.

    As soon as he looked up at Harry, his eyes got wide. Harry could see the emotions flicking through Draco's face. The hurt, the betrayal, the heartbreak, and it pains Harry's heart.

    "Draco." Harry gives a rueful smile, he's sure that his face is showing the pain in his heart.

    "Harry." Draco breathes.

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    We have grown up hearing stories such as the Arabian Nights, Aeshop's Fables and Panchatantra which we shall always remember as a sweet memory. But, what about Harry Potter? We have grown along with it.
    #harrypotter #harry #draco #Ron #Hermoine #voldemort #Tom ##Dumbledore #Snape #stories #series #mirakee #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #quote #quotes #quotestagram #quoteoftheday #quotefortheday #love #magic #spells #potions #like #friendship

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    To Harry Potter ,

    So here is to you Harry,
    the boy who won all the battles and hearts...
    The boy who lived and will live forever in our hearts.

    You showed me Harry , how situations are never permanent.
    How life turns from sleeping under the stairs , to managing all mischiefs in the far away magical land
    From having nobody to not wanting all of them to die for you...
    From getting bullied under Dudley's elbow to making lifetime of friends...
    From Mr Dursely's old pants to scarlet yellow scarf and Mrs Wesley's jumper...
    From broom in the hand sweeping , to the broom in the sky , seeking!
    From having magic unknown to creating magic by your hands...
    From being no one to the chosen one...

    The way you chose Gryffindor , Harry , though the sorting hat kept hinting Slytherin ,makes us believe that yes .. it's the choices that matter...

    You told us Harry ,that it's okay to get into trouble , and it's not always what it looks like , there always a way out...And that however lonely you feel , be there hundred dementors around, when no one else is there , you got to stand up and cast your own silver stag... Thanks for teaching me how to fight back the dementors of depression , sucking our happiness ...

    Perhaps we all are the chosen ones in our own lives , battling with our own Voldemort. Thanks for telling me , to keep fighting however hard it gets .
    Having sane friends like Luna and dobby and Hagrid , thanks for teaching us Harry ,that weirdest of souls can have kindest of hearts.

    Thanks for showing me , what true friendship means...
    You've taught me that the real felix felicis is our own will power and confidence...

    And how big your heart is , the way you forgave and let go Peter- the betrayer of your mum and dad... Thanks for telling us... it's worth to sacrifice your lives for your loved ones..

    Thanks for taking us to Hogwarts along with you ,from cheering at your snitch to crying with you at all the demises , Thanks for making us dream.

    Again Harry , it's not your fault. People die in wars. But thanks Harry for making us believe that we can't save everyone , but we can always love them..
    The way you denied the elder wand, dropping the resurrection stone and leaving all the power behind embracing your abilities. You always showed modesty despite of such a fame...

    After all this time , Harry , your thought still keeps me waiting for my owl and Hogwarts letter...

    Yours muggle fan.

    #hp #harrypotter
    #love #hogwarts
    #hermoine #ron
    #jkrowling #life #thoughts #poetry #friendship #diary

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    To Harry Potter ,

    Perhaps we all are the chosen ones in our own lives , battling with our own Voldemort. Thanks for telling me Harry , to keep fighting however hard it gets .

    {Read the caption}

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    I wish, I could know the same wizard spell as like Harry knows
    And could really go back in time,
    sort out the mishappenings that has occured between many..,
    and live in the memories for which I crave since long..

    I wish, I could have the same cloak as like Harry has to treasure the memories for life long..

    I wish, I could really apply the same wizard spell "Wingardium Leviosa" in my real life as like Hermione does
    to rise the controversies and take everything lightly;
    and forget each little misdoings I have done for which I cry since long..

    I wish, I could use the spell "Avadra Kedavra" in reality as like Lord Voldemort does
    to kill each little subject that is worrying me since long..

  • breaklandia 138w

    Be extremely happy

    Love you ...life is not a game.
    And so your heart.
    Ron ron
    I like ...yes...you.
    You are free...
    This is my will to be...all yours...
    I need ...a coffee.
    True feelings?
    Or feather...?
    Blowing my mind this last question.
    My last words... Once in my godfathers house I had a computer...playing a game with who?
    Ron ron? (Cats l@nguage)

  • aspa__ 143w

    I was waiting for RON
    until I realized I'm not HERMIONE.


  • faridanargis_ 161w

    Ron and Hermione


  • aditi_aggarwal 186w

    Harry potter

    Raising hands for every question
    Hermoine's spirit came to me
    Best friend meant
    Harry potter sitting next to me
    My harry potter became Ron
    But it was not love for me
    And our friendship became
    Snape's sacrifice
    And how albus died!


  • sakshamarora1705 196w


    You bring happiness to my life
    You bring positivity in me
    You are a blessing in disguise
    You are the Hermione to my Ron
    You have become a vital part of my soul
    And a horcrux I never wanted to create
    I live
    As long as you stay with me.

    Saksham Arora

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    #Harrypotter #Potterhead #firstlove#jkrowling #book #bday #Ron #Hermione #fantasy #world #magic
    ......a��nd it's my favorite character, my first love's bday. Happy birthday Harry Potter .... thank you So much for all the wonderful adventures and lessons you taught me. I love you infinitely..... my life would have been nothing without these books.... I learnt so much from them....thank u J.K Rowling for everything����

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    The Boy Who Lived

    There was a time in my life when Harry Potter was real and my parents were not.
    A time when I Belived in the books
    More than anything else.

    "When the evening shadows and the stars appear
    And there is no one to dry your tears,
    I could hold you for a million years
    To make you feel my love"

    It's Hermione Granger who taught me
    "Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure"
    She taught me the lessons of wisdom and insight.

    It's Ron Weasley
    Who taught the greater lesson of friendship
    "Don't let the muggles let you down"
    That's what he said, and I am sure to follow it.

    The boy who lived defeated the Dark Lord
    And i have been following him since the beginning of the first book
    He was a Gryffindor
    Where dwell the brave at heart

    Harry potter was brave and so he taught me
    To be brave
    To be strong enough to fight
    For what I believe was right.

    To the Harry Potter books,
    I owe my life
    Because the boy who lived taught me to live.


  • rish__ 209w

    That moment when whole class
    Is silent
    u & ur friend are
    The only 2 idiot talking.


  • misshri 218w


    "How can I prove my love for you? "
    he said
    "HOLD MY HAND on the busy streets
    Just the way my MOTHER DID"
    she replied.....

  • misshri 218w


    In this OCEAN of hopelessness
    YOU are my single drop of HOPE

  • melomaniac10 222w


    He was the chosen one
    James and Lily potter's son
    Who had the quidditch fun

    He knew Ron and Hermoine well
    He knew the patronus spell
    In him innocence and kindness dwelled

    Snape's nobility and bravery will always be remembered
    And how dumbeldore never surrendered
    Harry's triumph over voldermort will always be honoured

  • depression 227w

    Harry Potter

    Brave - ambitous
    The boy who lived
    Half blood.

  • trust_takers 234w

    Some characters are not
    Only characters
    They become
    Part of our life


  • scribbled_with_love 251w

    As far as I know,
    She can be my Phoebe Buffay
    if not Luna Lovegood.

    ©scribbled_with_love | SmritiKurup

  • thewritingtooth 267w

    #ILoveYou ��
    #CR7 ��

    If Soccer is Love ❤
    Cristiano Ronaldo is Bae ��

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