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  • chaos2art_and_backagain 31w


    I find it interesting how there is an unspoken understanding about the mental safe place of rooftops. 

    Maybe it is that we feel closer to heaven here, or that we just don't have to perform since no one tends to look up here, we are hidden.

    For me it is the serenity, the absolute calm that allows me to refocus. 

    From here I can take in the beauty of you reflected in your creation. 

    Here it is secluded enough for me to be vulnerable to you, showing you my heart exposed, oh Lord. 

    Here it is quiet enough for everything to stop, for me to be still so I can truly know you. 

    It is here I can let my thoughts and wants go for it is here I meet with you. 

    I sit at your feet in awe, taking in all I can. 

    You fill me with your love and grace, smiling on me with a gentle kindness like no other.

    You meet me here where you found me, searching rooftops for answers only you could give. 

    Oh how gracious you are to me. 


  • moodnight 35w


    The days and weather are changing. And so are we. The temperature outside is still in the hundreds but is expected to be around the 70s in a week or two.

    It's around mid-noon that we were both on top of the rooftop overlooking the city. You were leaning against the balcony, a straw to your lips. An Iced caramel Latte flowing into you mouth.

    It was a bit colder than usual. It was too cold for September. 71° degrees. Unusual. A small breeze came causing me to shiver. I glanced at you as your recently cut hair was flowing in the wind.

    Your jacket too. You turned and give me a small smirk. I looked away knowing that you caught me in the moment. I hear you set down your drink and the sound of your boots thudding as you make your way towards me with every step.

    You come up from behind and wrap your arms around me. You nuzzle your face into the back of my neck.

    "I can practically hear your heart rate picking up, darling~" You say.

    I grunt.

    "Easy, I don't bite." You whispered in my ear.

    "Unless I'm told to that is~"

    I groan and I look down cover my face with my hands.

    Missing the warmth of your body as you pull away.

    "Aww! Did I get you flustered green-eyes?"
    You laugh.

    I turn around and see you cross armed with a huge smile on your face. I can't be mad at you. Not even for a second. I look down and scratch the back of my neck. "Yeah. Just a bit." I mumble.

    You walk towards me and gently cup my face. I close my eyes and relax as I feel you fingers stroking my face. You gently lower my face to your height and place your forehead against mine. Your next words bring a soft smile against my lips.

    "God you're adorable when your a mess"


  • king_lyrics7 132w


    Take me to the rooftops 
    Show me the lights of the city
    How they look so pretty 
    How the lights shine like stars 
    Were the breeze sounds like a classical guitar 
    To see people walking by with different stories 
    And past glories 

    Take me to the rooftops 
    with no fear of falling over
    Were I am as unique as a black Clover
    To feel my thoughts drift away 
    And to have this moment on replay 
    To hope it continues on and on everyday 

    Take me to rooftops 
    Let me lose sight of time
    To be in my own pattern like a rhyme
    How exhilarating it is to feel this complete 
    To make me feel like I accomplished a great feat
    Meanwhile I am just staring down at the streets 

    As I look down my heart never drops
    Never seizes never stops
    My mind is a 24/7 open shop
    The moment I set foot
    On this rooftop 

  • belcha 139w

    the rooftop

    And when you are there, three inches from the sky, take a sip of your soju, make that paper plane fly far, and wish me luck .

  • the_wise_rookie 174w

    My heart

    If I were to follow my heart
    It would lead to the smell of coffee
    Flipping through pages hints of must
    It would take me to tan leather couches
    And small chit chats with laughter that rise
    It would show me aged brick walls
    And views over amber rooftops
    If I were to follow my heart
    This is where it goes

  • nisvela 185w


    I have always been fascinated by rooftops - the haphazard assortment of chimneys, birds nesting in their makeshift homes, weather vanes of all shapes and sizes - all seemingly connected to form an endless, enigmatic and mostly uninhabited landscape .... ready to be explored ....ready to take me to the other side of the world.

  • shaiawayphantom 190w

    Who would've known dear Rooftop,
    That despite your steel's protection,
    I shall die a different death,
    Brought about by adulation
    Of a hope that's innocent.

    Like a song looped in my head,
    I go back to you a hundred times more.
    Like the strength of the broken
    Who moves forward in full ardour.

    Together we see the ascent of the moon
    And the fast dive of the stars.
    You were the ground I rest my tired soul on to,
    One that has seen me heal and earn some scars.

    I shall keep all the beautiful sights in mind,
    While I spend my remaining days,
    Admiring the pinkish glow the sun has left the sky
    Keeping me grounded and sane.

    17th of July 2018

    I wrote this out of sadness with the thought of leaving my flat. Good thing things turned out pretty well. 2 months after, I am still here enjoying the peace it gives to silence my anxieties. It is my happy place and my fortress, a place where I bask under the moon's intoxicating glow.
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