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  • teokannan 1w


    "Routine is the chain with which they lock you permanently in the prison of 'good'."


  • parasdeepak 4w

    There's no time to overthink
    when you figure out a routine.

    - ©parasdeepak

  • shadesofsad 6w


    Suddenly, mid-laugh I realize
    this is not me,
    this laughing, this talking,
    being happy, as if it defines who I am.
    As if I am trying to keep up a facade,
    but can't stop it, how much ever I try,
    I can't bring this curtain down or I will lose this moment, too.
    So I smile and laugh and walk back to my room, quietly
    Only to feel miserable about the lies I have lived once more,
    To peel that layer off
    And be who I really am, behind closed doors
    And call it a day.


  • sethiffied 6w

    The Irony of Existing.

    #irony #routine

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    I sleep like I'd be able to wake up tomorrow.
    I wake up like I'd be able to rest the tiredness away and sleep.


  • giridhar1529 7w

    I still remember the ways,she changed my routine...


  • smartsam 8w

    Our Lovely Routine!

    I wake up love
    swish push the curtain!
    Your memory 1st
    my life routine!

    My eyes blink &
    as I water plants in garden!
    I smile unknowingly
    your love my life pattern!

    Yesterday night & again
    excited the thrill!
    My newness amour
    & again heavenly your drill!

    Night is on
    & it's all love rule regime!
    Unceasing for hours
    lustful our kissing!

    Every day & night
    we love hot certain!
    Love our prefixed & is random!
    yet every move & touch exquisite!

    I sleep daily 'btwn
    your softest my choicest!
    Love, lust our play exited
    Even word routine now darl
    has transmuted into best!


  • mahtobpensdown 8w


    Aroma of scintillating breakfast
    wakes me up from my slumber
    Weekend Sunday Funday
    Something yum yum lays
    There's a hunger monster in my tummy
    Scrumptious smell, obviously tasty
    cooked by my mummy
    I want to savour its taste,
    Why brushing time feels waste
    Out I pop of my bed, the home is filled
    with a delightful smell
    My nose trying to sniff and guess
    What lays on the table without a cess
    Oh my favourites on the corner
    Sweet delicacy at end waiting my tongue
    Typical South Indian heavy Breakfast
    and a sweet dish
    What more food I need now
    What more do I wish?
    Come lets tuck in and eat to heart's content
    For that's what Sunday's are to be meant !!

  • preetkanwal 8w

    Morning feeds me cornflakes sunlight with the warm milky smile of day.
    Aroma of multiple chores start brewing in my cup of coffee
    to burn calories stale….


  • anthonyhanible 8w

    My Family Routine

    Up way before the sun
    Slowly getting out of the bed
    Not trying to wake up the house
    Not before I wash up
    Brush my teeth
    Breakfast is always planned
    Check the calendar
    Smiles on my family face
    While they're getting dressed
    Car warming
    One after one
    Out the door we go
    School first
    Then work
    Hugs and kisses
    From everyone
    Count down
    Until school
    Untill work
    Is all done
    Dinner is always planned
    Just check the calendar
    In bed on time
    We're at it the same way in the morning
    It's our

  • larvenum 8w

    Hustle to Time

    In all the hustle, all the bustle, there is no hush in the streets.

    No time to sit down no time to take seat, no time to talk no time to meet.

    Hurry away they do go shuffle, all the noise seems to be a big muffle.

    No time is a waiting on what's to be done, faster we go for choices to be won.

    Lost in the crowd just like the rest, all thinking their doing what is the best.

    Looks on their faces seems to be of worry but no time to think, it's off in a flurry.

    Just on time they make the mark, like everyday finding room to park.

    Then it settles down for a while, then off again in the same style.

    Rush over there and over here, pushing and shoving to try to stay clear.

    When the days over and all becomes still, sleep till tomorrow, where again streets fill."


  • ericajean 8w

    #routine #wod

    Here we go songs of birds
    Tweet Tweet Tweet
    Here we go email check
    Click click click
    Here we go green tea
    Sip sip sip
    As the cases come through
    As the bosses direct
    Then Fall Back Sun slides down
    Darkening my window. Darkening
    My room-
    As I clock out.
    I Feed my rabbit again
    Read a book again
    Do it all again tomorrow
    Dream dream dream

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    Here We Go


  • lilysreekutty 8w


    Chasms of lonesome hours
    Spent at night
    Anticipating a glorious morn
    Without din and bustle
    Hot tea at my table,
    Sat gazing across the grassland
    A frenzied mom, a nurse, a tutor,a cook
    Toward a tumultuous schedule
    Dashed throughout the day
    From cook house to school
    From market to medicals
    To end up at a stilly starless night
    Wearied, drained out and rejuvenated
    By the morning light

  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    Untitle 91 ~

    I've been running on the treadmill.
    Dieting? No. I doesn't skip a meal.

    How long is the distance? A mile?
    Sweaty and thirsty. But, I smile.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • cherrypauper 8w

    Restless Routine

    Wake up at 9am, maybe later if you decide not to be a person again

    Get up and brush your teeth. Or don't, its not like you smile much anyway.

    Wash your face of salt and grime, you get red so easily even you don't remember seeing any tear lines

    Walk to the door.

    Unlock the door only to relock it. Falling back to bed yet wide awake. They can wait. You can't.

    Wake up again at 11am, the pit grows as you wonder if they'll notice.

    Get up and brush your teeth. You forget in a split second when you almost step in dog shit. Its already in your brain so its needless to also stain your socks.

    Go to work. Or don't. Depends on if they'll 3ven want you.

    Come home. Lay down. You cry into your Nana's fraying blankets. The only think of hers you have that feel like her still. You swear you can still hear her. Humming you as her sunshine and telling her to shut up. She'd just laugh at that and the clouds would part. You never really understood what was so funny.

    You need to brush your teeth. You haven't all day, and you can taste the salt stinging your chewed up lips.

    Its 10pm. You need to sleep. You need to eat.
    Its 1am before you do either.

  • apasserby_writer 8w


    Daily work for a limited period of time


  • juanogando 8w

    The Sun Rises, Again

    Rising predictably the sun
    And I greet at the back door.
    Illumining the early morning sky
    Half revealed at the shore.
    Peaking over the horizon
    Casting its reflection to me.
    I say my morning thank you’s
    The radiance fills my esteem.
    The gurgling ends lewdly
    In my favorite morning mug.
    Sipping quietly alone
    Before I give a morning hug
    To the woman of the house
    And our beautiful daughter
    Laughter and kisses prevail
    For her nutty playful father.
    I serve breakfast to them both
    As we all mentally prepare
    For tests, challenges and deadlines
    Soothing anxiety and despair.
    Before going out into the world
    Adding merit to our worth.
    Remaining upbeat in the struggle
    Milking the moments of mirth.
    Depleting our vigor and drive
    While the sun now descends.
    Meeting back home at the table
    Planning the weekend with friends.
    While the meal is garnished
    And placed on the plate,
    Our daughter finishes homework
    Before it gets too late.
    Then it’s time for her shower
    And evening wind down.
    She settles into bed
    Ridding stress to sleep sound.
    My partner in life and I
    Settle down on the couch.
    Watching predictable reruns
    While talking nonstop.
    The late hour strikes
    For us now to retire.
    Quieting this useful mind
    For powers much higher.
    The darkness welcomes
    Me to the bursting hues.
    Energy flows and swirls
    Offering celestial views.
    Dreams of shiny ones
    Offer eternal lessons.
    Sleep is to awaken
    To Divine intercession.
    Until once again
    The sun is at the back door.
    Illumining the early morning sky
    Half revealed at the shore.


  • liepa_malijauskaite 8w

    Daily routine

    Dark outside, I'm getting ready,
    Sun when shines I'm working hard,
    When it's down, I'm doing homework,
    As night comes, I'm finally awake.

    When I'm awake, I write,
    When I write, I listen,
    What I listen is my heart,
    Of what I wish or bury deeply.

    But that is only a glimpse of life,
    With not all feeling being out,
    As they are sometimes hard to write,
    Or words seem blurry to a mind.


  • pallavi4 8w


    I may not be domesticated
    But I don’t mean to petrify
    Although I beat the odds everyday
    I don’t mean to terrify
    Or cause any harm

    I am a hustler, making
    Things work or die trying
    So starved I am that
    I keep eyeing
    Food or scraps that I can eat

    In my lost eyes you can see
    The world hell bent on hating
    Strays like me who spend
    Their lives hustling
    Just to survive and see the next day

    Without any judgement or prejudice,
    When you stroke my head gently
    It melts my heart and reminds me why
    They say there is still humanity
    Left in a few humans.

    I may be man’s best friend but
    To me all are not so friendly
    Your touch provides me comfort
    After the pains of living so precariously
    And facing storms daily

    Seeing me frightens some
    Maybe because they think I’m rabid
    My ragged appearance scares them off
    They rush past me in very rapid
    Hurried footsteps

    Some folk do not like my being alive
    And pelt me with stones
    But then there are also some kind souls
    Who treat me like their own
    And feed hungry strays like me

    If I could keep them by my side
    I wouldn’t have to struggle to stay alive
    And I would be able to mirror
    The affection I see in their eyes
    And everyday wouldn’t be a such a fight

    I see other pets out on walks
    With their humans lovingly alongside
    Their brushed coats make me ashamed
    Of my shaggy appearance and filthy hide
    And aware that I have no one to call my own

    If only I could be more than what I am
    Then people would see that I too can be friendly
    Other than an object of scorn and hate
    And maybe find me a home permanently
    And the right to a decent life


    20th of November, 2021

    This poem has been written to describe a normal day in a stray animal’s life (a dog) in hopes of throwing light on the fact that we can be and should be kinder to those who are both voiceless and friendless.

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Whippet sitting pastel sketch 2

    #wod #routine #stray #animals #stray_animals @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • inking_rubatosis 8w


    I.S.T. - 21:15
    Date - 20 Nov. 2021

    "KaraAgre Vasate Lakshmi, Kara-Madhye Saraswati
    Kara-Moole Sthitaa Govindaa, Prabhate Kara-Darshanam" - shlok meaning :
    On our Palm, Goddess Lakshmi resides at the top,
    Goddess Saraswati in the middle and
    Lord Govinda at the base.
    One should look at the palm of one's hand and pray in the morning.

    "Samudra-vasane devi, parvata-stana-mandite,
    Vishnu-patni namastubhyam, pada-sparsham kshamasva me" - shlok meaning :
    o ocean-draped, o adorned with mountain breasts |
    o consort of viShNu, forgive me for stepping on you

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    Routine - leading me nowhere but to stupor and oblivion ?

    My morning begins
    when half of the population gone to the work,
    and besides my bed there stand my mummy
    holding cup of tea and the newspaper.

    I open my eyes together with rubbing my hands
    Join the palm and look along with praying -
    "Karagre Vaste Lakshmi
    Karmadhye Saraswati
    Karmule Tu Govindah
    Prabhate kardarshanam".

    Then I took cup of tea and newspaper from my mummy's hand
    and place it on messy table by making space over it.

    After that I touch the concrete roof of my room
    Firstly with my hand and pray -
    "Samudra-vasane devi, parvata-stana-mandite
    vishnu-patni namastubhyam, pada-sparsham kshamasva me,
    and then put my right leg onto it".

    Though it's already winter, with shivering body
    I just run to switch of the fan
    (if my daddi haven't entered my room yet, as she scold me for turning on the fan in winter and then she switch off the fan)
    on the light, take the newspaper, sip the chai,
    Slowly slowly after turning the pages of world's happening
    I dive into it for an hour, roam the world by sitting only in my room

    Then, I finally walk out of the room
    Someday I start it by combing my hair or simply just toothbrush in hand, and do all the daily routine.
    Walk back to my room, hold mobile in my hand
    Scroll mirakee , see the topic of the day
    Discover discover, like posts , sometimes comment and repost.
    Tragedy happens when I pass almost two and half hour,
    then I promise myself firstly I'll study, in my leisure time I'll scroll mirakee,
    this is what I everyday do, waste time, make promise and broke !

    After that, if uninvited anxiety already welcomed in my inner home,
    I just open my lapi, close my eyes listen 'arziyaan' song
    in the hope my almighty will help me to conquer over it.
    Otherwise open my portal, do class ,make notes
    if sir/ma'am makes jokes, laugh loud.
    In between my mummy, dadi shout aloud -
    do take your breakfast or your lunch
    Untill I finally go and eat.

    This is second time I walk out of my room
    Do the lunch, again open mirakee, same thing happens
    waste time, make promise and broke every single day.

    After that again do class, make notes,
    If I felt like even if not, my mind says it's time to take nap
    Nap of 2-3 hours, nap, seriously?
    for not to feel bad I use the word nap.

    In evening, I woke up, go to kitchen make a coffee but mostly chai
    In between peddle with my two little Dickens,
    Come back to room,
    hold the mobile, open mirakee waste half an hour,
    then open the lapi, do the class, laugh a little, peevish a more
    in between again I scroll mirakee.

    Although I am at my home still everyday
    My babba make a phone call, to ask me whether I had my dinner or not.

    Then, there comes anxiety,
    now this uninvited guest start ruling over my head
    All of sudden I start breathe heavily
    the one who is holding off - my poor tear drops
    starts flowing so much that to make it stop
    I beg in the form of crying, to me and to the God
    I beg so much, that I start feel pity of myself.
    When I realise now I am gone, now I won't be alive
    I hold my phone, tears drop onto the screen,
    make a call to my friend and my sister
    besides consoling me, they make me laugh,
    laugh so much that my smile forgot I cried few minutes ago.
    After over and enough 2 hours of talk I put end to the call.

    Back to the class, continue the lecture
    and there comes again the sign of anxiety,
    and this time I say , no not any more, I've to complete this lecture before the 5 am.
    But still anxiety is stubborn, I guess it has my gene, lol,
    Now is the time I just totally ignore it,
    Such that someone darling to me ignored me.

    When I feel again I am unable to hold
    I open the mirakee one last time from my 24 hours,
    in the hope there will be already the newly two favourites are active
    and so here's my hope becomes true (sometimes not),
    to make me laugh so much that anxiety get to know
    that now is the time to bid me bye and say me hey on the next day.

    After hours of laugh more than talk,
    We all three musketeers say good night to us all,
    I put the mobile onto my notes, off the light, on the fan
    Jump on the bed, throw the pillow at right place
    drape the quilt so fast such that I can't feel the cold air of the fan
    Take out my head out of the quilt, close eyes
    in the darkness, with the horrific meloncholy thoughts
    I fall asleep,
    In the hope that tomorrow will be something different

    ~ and this circle is going on and on since last week//


  • msushil 8w

    Books I read,
    Articles I write,
    Insomniac become
    the eyes of ignorance,
    Bright become
    the eyes of knowledge,
    And confident become
    My eyes
    To welcome
    The morning zephyr
    That closes the door
    Of window
    To bring sleep.