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  • varunasopa_ 4d

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    Rules matlab rules
    Follow na kare te fools
    Fools go back to school
    School must remains cool
    Cool shall not make us fool
    Fools will remain fool

  • iamsatyajitrout 1w

    I see more than myself...
    Did not learn anything...
    To cover my pain...
    I did not make scars...
    Like hell...
    I bloomed in the hell...
    I see more than myself...
    Did not see my pain...

  • roel_gonz 1w

    I broke the rules for
    the sake of my love for
    In the end you broke my heart for
    the sake of rules...

  • sujmamchat 7w


    I remember the first time, I took my son to school.
    I made him learn all the P's and Q's and also the rules.
    Holding my finger, the little one walked
    Not knowing what was in store for him as we talked.

    I told him of the playmates he would meet
    All teachers and the headmistress on the seat
    In the premises, a beautiful garden, a park
    Where he would, on his first journey, embark.

    Lovely fairies in colorful dresses (girls)
    Looking so innocent with their hair in tresses
    Tiny elves who would play around (boys)
    And loiter in the classes and in the ground.

    There would be colorful blocks and vibrant toys
    Available for all the girls and the boys
    A blackboard where the teacher would show
    Figures of numbers and alphabets kids know.

    Hearing all this the little one said
    "Mom I am not at all afraid,"
    "But tell me mom, will you be there ?"
    "To cuddle me when I need your care ?"

    To this, my silence was heavy with remorse
    "I am always there for you, for better or worse."
    "Just call me and I shall be by your side."
    "To love and care for you, I shall abide."

    We reached the school and I bid him adieu
    Handed him over to the security guard in blue
    He whimpered, as he was taken away,
    "Mumma, mumma, where are you today ?"

    My heart did cry and my soul did weep
    I knew he was hurt inside very deep
    He was searching for his mom, who wasn't there
    How would he receive her love and care ?

    What about my promise to be by his side ?
    When he called me, why did I hide ?
    Behind a tree, to avoid seeing the sight
    Calling his mumma to hug him tight.

    When this memory haunts me down the years
    My voice does break and my eyes have tears
    The first time when my son went to the school
    I taught him the P's and Q's and the rules.

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

  • yours_fortune 9w

    Well see it's so simple
    Follow the rules and get the unlimited love
    #loverelationship #rules #rulestofollow #zodiacfacts #zodiac #zodiacreality #zodiacmeme #gemini #pisces #libra

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    Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra and Sagittarius

    :- Stay faithful
    :- Make time
    :- Make them feel wanted
    :- Respect your partner
    :- Don't flirt with others
    :- Cook for them
    :- Compliment them often
    :- Gift them chocolate
    :- Write big text to them
    :- Give them forehead kisses and hug them often

  • sreeramvan 10w

    Stages of life, when one is looking for a partner set up by family... Ah the rules #stages #life #rules

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    Set by society,
    To live by,
    To achieve...
    I have,
    Many of it,
    My next...
    Many a suitors,
    Set up by family,
    Spoken to,
    Too many of them,
    In hopes,
    Would one of them be it?
    Ah the stage,
    I struggle to achieve,
    To many more to see,
    Who ever will it be,
    The one,
    To walk along with me,
    From here on,
    To every other stages
    Of life ...

  • titli_sp 13w

    লক্ষ্মী তুমি তখন, যখন থাকবে তারা মাথার'পর;
    ওদের স্বার্থে লাগলে ঘা, তবু তুমিই স্বার্থপর।
    তাই আজ চঞ্চলা হোক লক্ষ্মীমন্ত,
    আর জোরালো হোক গলার স্বর।

  • janaknandini 14w


    Having slithered through the earth all the while he finally got to drink from the ocean the vast expanse above it called out to him with such fervor that he soared into the air
    He was the king nobody could disobey yet he felt incomplete,something was missing,the see through trench on the left side of his chest looked normal but it didn't feel good,what was missing he often wondered..an Element?a Desire? A wonderment?
    He knew it the very moment he saw her.
    It was,
    The Fire!

  • jyoti66 17w


    हु एक अनचाहे से ख्याल में
    तुझे निकाल दू या रखु अभी कुछ और?
    क्या बाकी है तू मुझमें थोड़ा सा और?

    इसी उलझन में हू की हुआ क्या है मुझे?
    क्यों मैं सुलझ के भी,
    सुलझना नही चाहती ?
    क्यों मैं आज भी किसी और की होना नही चाहती ?

    कैसे भुला देती हु मै तेरा बरताव
    जो पैदा कर चुका था,
    हम दोनो में एक अलगाव
    क्यों मैं आज भी अकेले होकर,
    ये जताना नही चाहती ?

    एक कसक सी उठ ती है आज भी मन में,
    सोचती हूं,
    क्या तू भी मुझे भुलाने की,
    ये नाकाम कोशिश बार बार करता होगा?
    क्या आज भी बाइक चलाते वक्त,
    तू मुझे महसूस करता होगा ?

    ये खता किसकी थी?
    इश्क तो दोनो तरफ से था,
    यूं ही तो तेरी सुबह मुझसे नही होती थी,
    फिर इस नफरत का कारन क्या था?
    और जब मोहब्बत दोनो तरफा थी,
    तो सिर्फ दर्द मेरे हिस्से क्यों आया??
    दिन के हर पहर,
    ये बेखुदी मुझे जीने नही देती,
    निकलने नही देती इस कश्मकश से,
    सवाल करती है बार बार,
    याद रखूं तुझे या भुला दूं ,
    या बाकी है तू मुझमें थोड़ा सा और ????

    - ज्योति

  • rachanatiwari 18w

    4 Rules for life

    1. Work on yourself
    2. know your worth
    3. Keep Things simple
    4. get back to work


  • adeesha 18w

    Rule is

    And the rule is..
    If you don't cheat on them,
    They will definitely cheat on you..!!


  • palaki 19w

    Golden rules of my life

    Give me the good
    I'll be best with you
    Try to be bad with me
    I'll be worst to you♥️✌

  • katherinewasowicz 21w

    Throwing money at a problem doesn't always work.

  • hruchanilima 22w


    सोचा तो था की आज एक सच्ची कहानी लिखेंगे।
    लेकीन याद आया कि कहानी के अंत में "हॅप्पी एंडिंग" करने की रिवायत है।।
    ~ऋचा निलिमा

  • kingdomdelight 24w

    The one who rules the heart is King


  • eumoirous_me 26w

    Don't let anyone dictate you.. You are a warrior so fight your problems yourself.#life #rules #freeSoul #growAndGrow follow me on insta @eumoirous_me

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    A free soul

    She is a free soul who loves to fly
    Without setting the bar, high in the sky..
    But life is a course , hard to scale
    Only because of people who want her to fail.
    She Bid them a adieu with a middle finger pointing bye bye
    Because she knows for some she is an apple of their eye..!!


  • roshan_says 27w


    #thoughts #life #rules #mirakee

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    Life and rules

    We know the things we want,
    But in the end we get the things,
    We deserve by our deeds and works.

    Life is full of challenges and difficulties,
    We just need to face it and stand strong
    in front of it.

    Just do what is right
    not that,
    What you think is right.

  • love_unlimited 28w

    #Rules, #God and rules #manmakesrules #man can make and amend rules

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    The Rule of the rules

    "I make rules only with the support and consent to the decision." - I apologize for uttering the fact. This topic of the rules is very important. It is so cryptic that asking not any questions would be better. It is also difficult for many people to understand it in a better way. For many, the detailed understanding of the rules leads to progress in spirituality. Their understanding deepens. Their spiritual wisdom increases. By understanding this concept of rules, the concept of esoteric subject of God created by human beings takes a new form. Certainly, their understanding makes them shining. But of course, this is an important topic. We make the rules for the social system. It is good and necessary to make the rules. No one can deny of making the rules. No one, not even God Himself interferes in the man made rules. If we consider necessary, then we also remove or change the previous rules. Man is the maker of the rules and man is the one who changes the rules. Man is the one who also can break the rules. Man is the maker of the new rules. God is only the governor of the rules but he is not the maker of the worldly rules. In other sense, the power of God is naturally present in all the rules and laws of the creation in an invisible form and is working in a very inexplicable form.

    This subject of rules fits well up to some extent. But after some distance it becomes fragile. There are some subjects which are very delicate. This subject of rules is also very delicate. It is like a mimosa tree. Touch it a little, it instantly withers, that is, if you expand or explain this topic of rules, even a little detail, then it reaches somewhere to somewhere else, taking many delicate turns. Therefore, not to raise such a topic as much as possible. I think that one should remain quiet on such a subject and must experience deep silence.

  • whitestrok 28w


    Our life
    Our rules
    Never be change for anyone


  • _meee_ 28w

    Something ended
    but ,
    something started
    At the same time