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  • sneha_singh_rajput 129w

    What You Think??

    You are not what you think you are,
    But what you think, you are.

  • atiqakhan 134w

    10 Rules For Leaving

    1. Appreciate the one who loves you
    2. Avoid lying
    3. Don't share your secrets with other
    4. Stick to your word
    5. Be careful
    6. Don't run behind the money
    7. Speak for your own right
    8. Failure is step to success
    9. Don't overthink your desires for anyone
    10. Like & follow me

  • elusive_me 134w

    10 rules for living

    1. Love and let others love you.
    2. Be patient
    3. Accept things as they come
    4. Failure is step to success
    5. Be kind
    6. Be wise money wise
    7. Never let emotions over power you.
    8. If you think you did wrong. Accept it.
    9. Be thankful
    10. Follow me������

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  • nocturnal_muse_ 134w

    If you see, I have not aligned them. Well, I believe numbers are important for a living but should not be a way to live. Our priorities are a personal choice.
    And for me each point has its own meaning and own level. I could not arrange them.

    And honestly, the list should be made by you and for you. It's one life! You can use reference but do not make a copy of other.

    Read mine and prepare a list of your own #rulesforliving

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    3. Drink more water than 8 glasses.

    This may sound like the most cliche advice but trust me it's most important. If you don't find time to even drink enough water or if you care yourself so less that water is literally an elixir(that u can't afford to have), isn't your day more of a useless? It's important to work and struggle through the chores, it's more important to care for yourself.
    *Drink enough water* and such things should come more of natural than being fed through as advice.

    4.Vent out

    In the darkest of nights when things are too numb and you cannot differentiate between peace and silence, make sure you break the bleak and cry your heart out. Submit yourself not to the darkness but to that hope of sunrise. Write, paint, call a friend and make him awake, do whatever but be sure to break yourself up and destroy those demons. Next morning use the crumbles to form the most exquisite picture
    Forgive yourself; if possible and affordable forgive them as well.

    9. Adapt and adopt and read a hell lot.

    There is no point being a hard nut. Life is much stronger to crake you open. Be mellow.
    If you sense your values are not helping you, absorb new ones! Try new cuisines, learn varied history and traditions. Having a holistic approach is always better.
    And read, always read. Read people, read books, read minds.

    1. Make a to-do list

    In this list, involve "destruction" of all the things which ruin your day, maybe your habit of rereading the messages of those who left you, not eating your breakfast but just chewing it up, not allowing to get photographed, being lazy and daydreaming about the gym exercises, adoring the cobwebs in your room etc.
    And "construction" of all the things that can make your life, like learning new ways to save money and people (yourself included), learning to cook food you love to eat, smiling at strangers, exploring places instead of wondering, trying to work on things that you are bad at as (dancing/singing/talking with people) a leisure pursuit etc.

    2. Dream and work for it.

    Life is going to grill you till your end days, so as long (or short) you are there in this mundane world make sure you grill for something worth, something you will be proud and satisfied for. Have a direction, search for what makes you feel good and plan your journey towards it. And when you feel low, remind yourself that this drill is worth for that end show! So, when you will have that final flashback, your movie should be entertaining and of course the glimpses worth taking back with you (you don't know how boring heaven/hell might be). Also, those who will stay back on this quotidian place should have episodes they would be gratified for.

    10. Make mistakes and laugh.

    Don't be afraid of heartbreaks, they hurt but they show you, your own better version if you allow it. Kiss him/her in million ways, touch their soul and feel all the magic they have talked about and never talked about in books.
    There are many ways you can lead your way, being afraid should never be one of them.
    Be brave, make mistakes and stupid decisions. Learn and laugh on all that roller coaster ride you made yourself to go through.

    6. Think about the box.

    Out of the box is too much, first should be what is the box all about. Those why's and what's and how's of pre-teens were not ridiculous, try to get back that invigorating brains that you lost while trying to be more "sane". Questions are important but they should be exhilarating and not exhausting.

    7. Love is the answer.

    If you have people who call you and force you to go on trips, call you home, ask if you had food, remember your birthday and make it a celebration, be there for you next to your hospital bed, then you lived a life.
    It's a blessing to have people who care for you without you asking them to. Value them, don't let them.go away, be grateful and learn to keep them.
    Not all are blessed in the same way, but all are definitely blessed in one way or other.
    Nothing else matters, but love, love does.

    5. Remind yourself poetry is beautiful and life is a poem and the world its the page you write that on.

    The sky is pink, Mondays are blue, greys are not bad and so is you. Life is beautiful, melancholy is dramatic, the pepper required by the salt. All the colours and all the metaphors we have derived is just from nature. Nature of the planet or its creation. It's my duty to adorn my poetry and preserve its beauty. It's my duty to not destroy my world, my life by my foolish deeds.
    Stop others who do mistake and destroy your planet, stop yourself too.

    8. Appreciate especially the kids and elders.

    If you have kids, build them, build them with lovely words full of encouragement. They don't need to taste heartbreaks as of yet.
    The ones who are going towards their death bed too need to hear positive words about themselves. Life must have already given them too many bad phrases and phases. Be kind.


  • iraperiyavallur_indiravmd 134w

    10 Rules

    Honesty with profession and family,
    Maintain dignity with the society,
    For every action, take responsibility,
    Sleep like a dog,
    Eat like a sparrow,
    Keep temptations for the morrow.
    Be resolute in the resolve
    Competing with self,
    Empathize with others,
    However, their matters.... Are not my cup of tea.

  • renunair 134w

    Love yourself.
    Be true.
    Follow Honesty.
    Imbibe integrity.
    Practice kindness.
    Respect all living things.
    Share and care.
    Travel wide and far.
    Stay grounded.
    Eat healthy.

  • thesunshineloves 134w

    Select a "simple you"
    Meet the "imperfect you"
    Love the "determined you"
    Carry the "happy you"
    Depend on a "brave you"
    Leave the "broken you"
    Enjoy the "kind you"
    Live with a "stronger you"
    Believe in a "better you"
    You are the only thing you need.

  • always_nothing 134w

    Having rules for living,
    Is just like a steps of achieving,
    Achieving your goals and a better learning.

  • rebeltease 134w

    10 rules for living

    10 rules for living

    #1 be true to yourself never let others dictate what's right for you!

    #2 always be kind; you never know what another is going through in life so a kind word can make a beautiful difference

    #3 take care of yourself first; if you don't then you will never be able to help another if your not good!

    #4 stay truthful at all times; unless you are going to hurt someone then break it gently but try not to lie!

    #5 raise your kids with love; most kids learn hate from home it's easy to just fall into a relationship and stay for the benefit for the kids! The kids cannot thrive in an environment like that they pick up on things you never thought they would

    #6 eat right and get enough exercise and rest; it refreshes the mind as well as the body!

    #7 find the one love you can not live without and let them know how special they truly are!

    #8 be kind to animals they can be loyal too and deserve their chance at a happy life too!

    #9 remember family is important but it does not take family to be family! I have friends who are as important to me as family and some who are more!

    #10 love yourself; if you cannot love yourself then how can another love you? You are the most important person in your life remember that!


  • a_novice_speaks 134w


    Be just and happy, that's it, Sadguru very rightly said the most important thing in life is life itself,
    Set no boundaries, work to your fullest potential, but don't forget life, relax and enjoy the life sensitively, work on yourself more than the job.
    All material things are good to enjoy, but remember they are just frills to your dress called life, don't be so stressed for frill that you forget the golden dress.
    serendipity happens not as miracles but as a way of life.

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    Follow just one rule, Don't follow any rule, you're different and so am I, Looking at others to tell you how to live well, tell me Why?

  • xxn_zixi 134w

    Humans need to grow,
    As life brings in more challenges.
    Rules for living can really show,
    The self-growth someone has truly reached.

    One, don't worry too much,
    Life has more in store for us.
    Two, take your chances,
    We might never receive it again.

    Three, watch your mouth,
    Dangerous words are to be used correctly.
    Four, don't be lazy,
    Time surely waits for no one.

    Five, six, seven, Shakespeare was right,
    Trust a few, love all, do wrong to none.
    Eight, do what you truly love,
    Passion is what defines us as individuals.

    Nine, always be happy and smile,
    Everything in life is just a test for you.
    And finally, love and accept yourself,
    You are special and God's creation.

    Ten rules for living, what a handful,
    But from it, I opened my eyes.
    The world was worth more than it showed,
    And I found its true meaning.


    "I've learnt a lot in these few years, now I've become a better person, and truly happier. Comparing me to a few years back, nobody would assume we're the same person."

    27th October, 2019

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  • emilylove1818 134w

    My 10 rules

    1. You are most important in life, when things come and go you are still here. You will always have you.

    2. Find peace within chaos, then you will hold to your happiness and sanity.

    3. Never judge people on looks or rumors, only personal experience with someone can tell you who they are

    4. Always take opportunities, whether they turn out good or bad doesn't matter, what's most important is that you'll know instead of guessing what could have been.

    5. Don't worry about if people like you, because odds are they're too worried about if people like them.

    6. Don't fear change, because anything can come from it

    7. Put in the effort to learn more about yourself

    8. Be charitable and help people, the strong and the weak

    9. Have fun

    10. Be true, honest, and genuine.

  • sarawiser 134w

    Rules for living

    1. Do your best
    2. Have objectives
    3. Try to achieve the best version of you you can
    4. Teach others and share
    5. Sorround yourself with positive people
    6. Get away from anything that would make you weaker, be it a negative situation, person or even a thought
    7. Find true soul companionship
    8. Always believe in yourself
    9. Keep yourself healthy
    10. Remember you have your own unique path; don't look to the sides too much and just follow your dreams.


  • john_solomon 134w

    Absolutely loving this Challenge from mirakee, I know it's 10 rules for living, but a few of these are just TRUTH that I have learned in my half century of life on this beautiful blue gem we call Earth ����.


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    My 10

    1. After some thought, if you figure out that you are wrong in any situation, OWN IT!!! Admit that you were wrong, learn whatever you can from it, apologize if necessary, and move on.

    2. Forgiving. If you can't do it for the other person, do it for yourself. Forgiveness is absolutely Paramount for your own State of Mind!

    3. Money. These fancy pieces of paper are worthless for anything that is truly important in this life except for charity.

    4. The things that are absolutely priceless in this life are all free. Family, special moments we share with other human beings, making a child smile, helping someone and feeling so good about it. Embrace them all!

    5. Listening to the opinion of others. Everyone has a different perception of reality, when you find out how another person feels about any situation, it broadens your perspective.

    6. Knowledge. On the list of intangibles that you can never have enough of, this would be right up there with love and kindness!

    7. Find the positive inside the negative. Trust me my friends, there is something very positive hiding inside almost every negative, learn how to find it.

    8. This one couldn't be any more simple... BE KIND!!! It's actually quite selfish to be kind, nothing makes you feel better then being kind.
    ( I especially like being kind to mean people, it really bothers them )

    9. This is an extension of number 8, there is being kind, and then there is being taken advantage of, learn to know the difference.

    10. What makes your life a special and unique journey just for you? ... Is your flaws! Yes that's right, it is your flaws and how you work on them throughout your entire life to become the best human being that you can possibly be.


  • aktivis7 134w

    Life (no order)

    1) Express yourself
    2) Have an open mind
    3) Try lots of different food
    4) Learn empathy
    5) Be appreciative of everything
    6) Smile
    7) Be as easy to listen as you are to speak
    8) Love yourself
    9) Don't stress on what you cannot change
    10) If a situation is not working, maybe you cannot change it, so then change your behavior/investment

  • robwjeter 134w

    #rulesforliving #ceesreposts
    Sickly today but the pen still writes!!

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    My Truths for Living

    1. To be myself.
    2. To learn from mistakes.
    3. To be a good friend.
    4. To always be willing to learn.
    5. To embrace my beliefs.
    6. To take that occasional risk.
    7. To love with everything that I have.
    8. To be happy, but never satisfied.
    9. To have a sense of humor.
    10. To refuse to get old.

  • rightcalling 134w

    I have been silent for so long to cooperate with higher vibrations. 12


    The sense gets in itself dense when we stop learning around from every disturbance. 14

    You aren't responsible to compensate the bills which you didn't order to consume, be appropriate. 15

    I prefer to stay in silence so long to make a collaboration with a higher vibration. 16

    When thinking gesture quieter for a long impression, we belong to acquire a support from greater vibration. 17

    If confidence needs a condition to rise, all their independence comes from others praise. ��⚙️

    My confidence always gets double in itself, whenever someone tries to bring me down, I knew I was born with a crown. ��

    I wish the same to all, be always happy & fall in love with yourself at all, let's enjoy life together & take care more about each other ��☯️ shortfall, if it's not yet possible, then don't blame on advanced civilization, still we love to live with our faults.

    All deepest sympathy always turns into sharpest ��⚙️ workmanship - Happy brightest Diwali Ever! ��°��°��️
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    #pointofview #review #surface #facilities #recovery ��

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  • phoenix_angel 134w

    1. Start accepting yourself.
    2. Love may not be always true.
    3. Don't hurt.
    4. Forget the Grieves.
    5. Go out alone sometimes.
    6. Explore the other part.
    7. Don't give up for any f***.
    8. Happiness is giving.
    9. Live your dream completely.
    10. Be the best of yourself

  • yangvie 134w

    Anger, frowns, weep, frustration, etc...
    So many emotions.
    The best for life is smile.
    You never know when it will take over all other emotions.
    #rulesforliving #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    10.if you forget, go back to 1.

  • pacifierpunch 134w

    Live the possible.
    Love the impossible.
    Laugh over bygones.

    Embrace the dreadful.
    Erase the doubtful.
    Ease out the dilemmas.

    Stand by the unexpected.
    Savor the expected.
    Stitch the colons and commas.

    Strive, Earn and Lead !

    There is one Life,
    Make your living worthwhile
    Let your ever second
    be counted
    and rewarded!