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  • tarah1625 9w

    •́ ‿ ,•̀

    They say they have trusted their loved ones blindly and shared.

    But that loved one never broke their trust, it was just the negative vibe which came up.

    Because people never have time to prove.


  • tarah1625 9w


    Rumours are just like those dirt stuck on you.
    You believe it you crib about it.
    You don't believe it, good for you.


  • sheetanjli 17w

    ऐसी वाणी बोलिए मन का आप खोये

    सुनने वाला सात दिनों तक सिसक सिसक के रोए

  • sheetanjli 18w

    Dear girls

    शादी अपने मेहबूब से हो या
    दूसरे के मेहबूब से हो

    धोने तो आपको बर्तन ही है


  • anveet 38w


    बुराई की दुनिया में
    मुझे बुरा ही रहने दो
    अच्छा बन्ने का ना शौंक हैं और ना हिम्मत
    चाहे कितना भी अच्छा बने रहो
    लोग एक गलती निकालकर ऐसा गिरा देते हैं
    जो कहते थे हमेशा साथ रहेंगे
    वो भी साथ छोड़ देते हैं
    मैं बुरा हुं
    पर मेरी गलती क्या हैं?
    एक की कहीं बातों पे भरोसा सबको हैं
    पर जिसके बारे में बात हैं उससे पूछो तो सही
    जो सुना है वह सही हैं भी या नहीं
    एक बात जानलो तुम
    सूनी हैं कई बातें मैंने भी
    कहां हैं तुम्हारे बारे में कहियों ने मुझे भी
    पर ध्यान देता नहीं मैं इन बातों पे
    सुनकर भी अनसुना कर देता हुं इन्हे
    यही ज़िंदगी का दस्तूर हैं मेरे दोस्तों
    अच्छा बोलने वाले मिलते है कम
    बुराई करने के लिए आते है सब।

  • myownideals111 84w

    There is always another side to a
    Like you hear rumours and you
    believe them without even asking
    what the real matter is.
    Just you have the relief that everyone
    is gossiping about that and hence it
    is only thing you know is right.
    You can know what the most
    popular rumour is going on.
    But i can tell you what the
    least popular one is.
    It is the truth.
    We know that the other side of
    story is still unheard but who
    wants to hear it??? No one.
    No one wants to know it. Everyone
    wants a story with lots and lots of spices.
    It doesn't matter if that is ruining
    someone's life or reputation or
    maybe crushing their last will
    to remain alive.
    Everything affects everything.
    You don't know what you do is
    going to affect someone's life and how.
    After a rumour is in the weightless
    air around us, the more the people
    hear it, puts more and more weight on it.
    And at last, when it reaches to
    the person it is about,
    It crashes down to the ground
    showing her reputation and trust
    has been crushed by the fun of people.
    Stop spreading rumours....
    Stop ruining lives....
    One thing or one rumour about
    even a small portion of someone's
    life can make the person break
    into a billion pieces.
    Stop this inhumane act....
    Think it about yourself and feel it....
    If you can't imagine having a
    false rumour around you that
    is all slowly eroding you away,
    then how can you do that to someone else.
    Think and act accordingly....

    #Stop #rumours #justice #life

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    You can never
    know rumours.
    You can hear rumours.
    You can't know them.

    -Jay Asher

  • bhavti 86w


    Oh! They spread like sooty smoke,
    Even when there is no fire.
    For they are nothing but,
    A foe's defaming desire.
    Rises and dies out,
    Never mind that dust.
    But bothers when it blurs,
    A friend's sight of trust.
    No blames to the crips,
    They always have something new.
    Weeds far from my garden,
    No issues if they grew.

    But the flowers of my garden,
    I wish they knew their worth.
    No stupid weeds, no rumour storms,
    Nothing , can replace them, on Earth.

  • raj_4_lyf 96w

    This World measures success by money
    Don't buy it
    This world measures beauty by looks
    Don't buy it
    This world measures character by rumours
    Don't buy it
    This world measures life by achievements
    Don't buy it

    Don't let this filthy world measure you
    By it's own units of measurements.


  • lifeistooochota 98w

    चुप रह के बहुत कुछ सुना है मेने
    दुसरो से
    खुद के बारे मे !!


  • khush_4 101w

    Latest Talks

    Stop focusing on what media barks and start focusing on real talent.
    Stop blaming and start thinking yourself.
    Stop judging and don't believe in rumours.

  • lifeistooochota 103w

    Social media - within One second things go viral whether it's rumour or truth !!

    Everyone knows the incident of pregnant elephant died in Kerala,ALMOST everyone blamed, showed their anger on Kerala literate people(which is Kerala known for)
    and the very next day people are keeping status story of sorry(because they got to know the TRUTH)
    somewhere the half misinformation and people make the whole story..

    The pineapple was kept for wild boars because they come and destroy the crops and they infect the other animals !!

    Kerala government gave permission to kill them(wild boars) because of this incident !!

    But aren't the people who made up their only story(without knowing the whole truth) and rumours they are also the culprit ?

    Who gave you right to judge Kerala people or spread wrong information ?

    Before making anything on social media be sure you know the whole truth !!


  • raindropsoncacti 106w


    If only people thought to protect us
    from their words;
    Remembering the power they posses
    to turn "laughter" to "slaughter".
    It's a know fact, in small towns,
    that rumours rain down,
    and voices travel farther than you'd think
    over water...


  • hiranyapreetha 107w

    Friendship is friendship and cannot turn into nothing else.
    #onlyfriendship #rumours

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    Courage less she was,
    In the past.
    Friendship cannot turn into something terrible,
    Was her only thought
    Rumours about her friendship,
    Spread life forest fire.
    Attacking her soul,
    Every minute.
    Depressed and stressed,
    Also courage less,
    To face people who were never a part of her life.

  • __me_by_the_way 111w

    Don't believe what you hear about someone.
    Rumours are dangerous and we being a part of this Indian society must not believe in them. And most of the time these rumours are based on a women's life. Why? Only because the girl of today's world is rising, she is able to do things which once upon a time only men were chosen to do. This is disgusting and disturbing. Just think about that girl, a rumour which she doesn't even know about is molding the attitude of the people around her. Alot of mental pressure, alot��. Huge respect to all the girls and womens who have been through this and are still in this. You all are strong and i respect you all.����

    #rumours #mirakee #thought #life #thoughts

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    How to identify a rumour?
    Everyone must be talking about it.

  • writing_myself 112w

    What should Peter do now? Tell me in the comments
    Should spidy propose Zendaya? What will happen now!?
    #weirdo_story_weave1 #weird_story1
    #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #marvel #fun #story #rumours

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    Peter Parker going to propose Zendaya???

    Peter Parker and Zendaya complete their schooling together. They are in thier final year of college.
    Peter Parker to Ned : man I am sweating. I can't propose her to marry me. Do you really think it's the right time?
    Ned : don't worry just go.
    May :hey! Boys what's going onn (looking at Peter) oh Peter I wanted to say you something. You need to face the media now!
    Peter : what!?!
    Ned : no Peter you can't go. You have a golden opportunity. Don't miss it.
    Happy joins in
    They take Peter
    Ned : nooooooooo!
    Media ask several question
    Spidy answers them all. Spidy hurries
    Zendaya was leaving. Ned jumped right in..
    Ned : you need to go and propose Zendaya right now! Her father is looking for a groom.
    (Uhoh Ned spoke in the mic)

  • catastrophist_1512 115w


    It started through something,
    Ended up living,
    Waited to establish,
    It's borderline winning,

    Eating up the majority,
    It survived on weak immunity,
    Feeding on old,
    Killing, leaving curiosity

    Science tried,
    So does prayers,
    Resilient yet failed,

    The outbreak,
    The panic,
    The shutdown,
    The rumors,
    The stories and the scare,
    Spreading like wildfire,
    Humans are drained,
    Unable to go out,
    Feeling miserable,
    Sick and quarantined,

    Asked to work from home,
    Trying to be sane,
    Wishing for normal mundane,
    The extra hours,
    The stretched efforts,
    Tired eyes,
    Blinking screens,
    Forcefully saw the sunrise
    Feeling annoyed,
    no vehicle sound,
    Ignored the blessings,
    and stressed,
    Continued Working,

    Looked around
    Nothing to do,
    Watered the plants,
    Had pancakes and cereal,
    Fried an omelette,
    Read a novel,
    Wrapped up in a blanket,
    Saw the roads freeze,

    Ignoring the routine,
    Welcoming the change,
    Sometimes nature,
    Punishes our sin,
    Kneeled down,
    Accepting fate,
    Obeyed the condition,
    Without whining,
    Soak up the sunshine,
    Woke up to dreams,
    Called loved ones,
    Heard my mom,
    Realising their worth,
    Exchanged the warmth,
    In the eye of a storm,

    Took heavy breath,
    Asked is it a jinx or God's way to fix,
    No panic,
    Felt peaceful at last,
    Listening to music,
    Humming the lyrics,
    Had some blast,
    Let us spend sometime,
    With love and loved ones,
    It's earth calling,
    Humiliate me no more,
    It's a Gods way to say,
    he is bigger,
    We are the fools
    because we aren't immortals,
    Be kind,
    We aren't the killers,
    Kneel down,
    Have faith,
    We aren't Messengers,
    Respect the creator,
    Because he is the only protector !


  • untold_diaries_story 125w

    लोगों ने तो यूँ ही बदनाम कर रखा हैं
    आज तक उनसे आँखें भी नहीं लड़ी हैं
    और कहते हैं कि हमने उनसे प्यार कर रखा हैं

  • rumours 127w


    Ugliest form of cruelty,
    With yourself.


  • rumours 127w


    United by Humanity,
    Divided by Religion.
    United by World,
    Divided by Countries.
    United by Compassion,
    Divided by Ego.


  • saheriz 139w

    #plagiarism#rumours# mirakee @mirakee_assistant For those who think I copied thier ideas...and reported my post....i think its your misunderstanding..coz i had not done this ,i had not copied someone ideas ...hope so it can also was just a coincidence of ideas...but sorry..its a request to all those who like my post ...if you have any of prblm with my post dp first discuss it to me and that do what you want.....but i am not a cheater or a copied someone ideas.....if have any questions or prblm do talk to me...! �� .....its a request to one who had report my post can you show me my post that you had thought that i copied?? if really it is real?

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